10 Best Affordable Headphones in 2020

This time we are setting out to find high-quality headphones that won’t burn a large and angry hole in your wallet. There are times when we find ourselves on a budget; when we can’t spend as much as we would have wanted, or where we simply don’t want to spend a fortune on a pair of reliable headphones.

Some people believe that a high price and quality are synonyms, but this is not necessarily the case, and we are going to have a look at some of the best value headphones available, to help you find the best quality headphones according to your budget.

Budget headphones come in all shapes, colors and with all kinds of features, so we have done our best to include a variety of products to make it easier for you to find one that lives up to your expectations and that fulfills your unique needs and requirements.

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1. Mpow 059

Mpow 059

There has been a significant update to this popular product, and it can now offer you a total of 20 hours of battery time before the headphones need to be recharged. These high-quality headphones have passive noise cancellation with their closed-back design and will keep most noise out to offer a pleasant listening experience, a 10-minute charge will give you two extra hours of listening time.

The 40mm driver along with the CSR chip provides immaculate sound and the memory protein ear cushions adapt to your head to make sure these remain comfortable also after hours of use. The headband is foldable to make them easy to store and to save you space when you take them with you for a trip.

+ Passive noise cancellation
+ Closed-back design
+ CSR chip and 40mm driver
+ 20 hours of battery time

Why We Like It - While these don’t have ANC (Active Noise Cancellation), the construction is enough to keep most noise out so that you can get a spectacular sound experience for an affordable price.

2. Panasonic ErgoFit

Panasonic ErgoFit

If you want the best budget in-ear headphones, you are going to love these small and lightweight earphones! They adapt instantly to your ear, which provides a comfortable experience also when you use them for hours at a time, and they have a wider frequency response that contributes to a highly pleasant listening experience.

The frequency response is an impressive 5-24 000 Hz and Impedance 16 ohms, they have a thin 3.6 ft cord and they come in two presentations - one with mic and one without, depending on what you plan to use them for.

When it comes to the best budget earphones it does not get much cheaper than this, and you can choose between over 10 colors and match it with whatever device you are using them with.

+ Adapts instantly to the shape of your ear
+ Wider and improved frequency response
+ Soft ErgoFit in-ear earbuds
+ Over 10 colors to choose from

Why We Like It - These are simple in both design and function, but they have a surprisingly great sound thanks to the improved frequency response.

3. Mpow Flame

Mpow Flame

Your search for the best budget earbuds may have to lead you here, and you won’t be sorry! These are ideal for running, gym sessions, long walks, yoga, hiking and more, as they are designed to stay on your ear also as you move around. Cheap wireless headphones can sometimes have a bit of a bad reputation, but these high-quality buds are here to change your perception!

They can be fully charged in only two hours, and it will give you 7-8 hours of uninterrupted listening time, which means you can take them along also for that long hike you’ve been planning. A build-in CVC 6.0 microphone filters out any unwanted environmental noise and offers a clear and crisp voice calls something that is beneficial for someone who wishes to use these as a handsfree or who needs to take important calls while working out.

+ CVC 6.0 built-in microphone
+ Quick and easy to charge
+ 7-8 hours of battery time
+ Ideal for sport and outdoor adventures

Why We Like It - These come with silicone buds in four different sizes, to make sure they fit your ear perfectly instead of causing pain and discomfort.

4. OneOdio


Forget having to use an adapter when plugging in the best inexpensive over-ear headphones, as these come with a cord that is long enough to reach across a room. The ear cushions are padded to provide comfort during hours of use, which makes them ideal for gamers and for those who work with audio or anything else that requires long hours of headphone use.

The 90-degree swiveling earcups adjust automatically to the shape of your head, and they are easy to store and take with you thanks to this handy feature. The sound coming from these headphones will surprise you, with powerful bass and an overall impressive hi-fi sound.

+ 50 mm speaker unit drivers
+ Adjustable headband
+ Two detachable plugs
+ Crisp high-tones and powerful bass

Why We Like It - These qualify among the best low-cost headphones thanks to the sound, the price, and comfort they provide.

5. KSINGO In-ear Headphones

KSINGO In-ear Headphones

The sound quality is superior to what you would expect to find in even the best cheap earbuds, and you can feel the bass and the almost studio-like sound while listening to your favorite music.

These will also stay in place thanks to the innovative design and the carefully adjusted shape, the ear tips are ergonomic and pleasant to have in your ear (also for extended periods of time), they have an ear-canal design that enhances sound and are compatible with all types of laptops, stationary computers, cellphones, tablets and more.

There is also a 1 year- and 30-day money-back guarantee, which speaks for how confident the company is in their own product, and it is a great option for someone who wants cheap yet good earbuds.

+ Impressive ambient noise isolation
+ Compatible with most devices
+ Tight midst and driving bass
+ Comfortable in-ear design

Why We Like It - Not only are these earbuds comfortable and compatible with most electronic devices, but they also deliver quality sound with a strong bass you can feel.

6. Panasonic Headphones

Panasonic Headphones

This is a strong competitor or the title of the best cheap Bluetooth headphones thanks to the ultra light-weight design (these only weigh approximately 4.5 ounces), a built-in quality microphone, control buttons for the ultimate handsfree experience, great frequency response (5-50 000 Hz and Impedance 41 ohms), an acoustic bass control filter, powerful Bluetooth, 30mm neodymium drivers and much more.

You can get them in black or white, depending on what you think will go best with your personality, and they only cost a fraction of what some of the more expensive brands would charge you, despite offering much of the same. The ear cups are soft and padded and they swivel, to make it easier to take your affordable Bluetooth headphones with you when you go somewhere or when you travel.

+ Available in both black and white
+ 30mm neodymium drivers
+ Swiveling ear cups with soft padding
+ Acoustic bass control filter

Why We Like It - These have all the features a more expensive pair of Bluetooth headphones can be expected t have, and the acoustic bass control filter provides excellent and clear sound you would normally expect to pay more for.

7. Sony MDRZX110

Sony MDRZX110

There are so many great options for you when you choose this great option to budget Bluetooth headphones! You can choose to get them with a mic if you prefer, or without, if you want an even cheaper option that will still give you the same sound experience. This budget headphone is also available in more than one color - you can get it in black, white or rose, or why not - considering the low price - get more than one pair?

Full frequency response is obtained thanks to the 30mm drivers, they are extremely portable due to the practical swivel design and the Y-type cord is tangle-free and 1.2 meters (47 ¼ inch) long. The simplicity of this product is its greatest strength, and it offers comfort and good sound at a remarkably low price.

+ Tangle-free 1.2 meter cord
+ 30mm drivers for full frequency response
+ Three unique color options
+ Available with microphone

Why We Like It - If you feel you don’t need anything other than the basic, but if you still want that rich and crisp sound, then these may be the best affordable over-ear headphones for you.

8. Edifier H650

Edifier H650

Here we have the best cheap over-ear headphones for someone who doesn’t feel they need Bluetooth or any other additional features, and who just wants a pair of great headphones that will allow them to enjoy their favorite music or the sound of their favorite game. What is even better is that there is also a version with Bluetooth, meaning these are a crowd-pleaser no matter what your preferences are.

Foldable and lightweight design, reinforced and durable headband (stainless steel), ear-cups with soft leather and 8 colors to choose from. The headband can also be adjusted to make sure they provide the ultimate fit, and they are so comfortable that you will want to wear them all day.

+ Both wired and wireless available
+ Folds right down the half
+ Professional audio with large drivers
+ 12-month manufacturer warranty

Why We Like It - The fact that you can get these either wired or with Bluetooth offers the buyer options to customize the purchase to their individual needs.

9. iJoy Matte

iJoy Matte

Use the button controls to play music, to pause, to stop, to skip songs and more, answer phone calls and equalize the sound of what you are listening to - directly with your headphones! These cheap Bluetooth headphones seem anything but cheap, and they have a built-in radio receiver, SD card plug-in, multiple color options to choose from, extended frequency range, sound-isolating earcups, foldable design and so much more.

They are the best affordable Bluetooth headphones you can imagine, and you’ll be getting the best Headphones for the money you pay. A 6-month warranty guarantees customer satisfaction, which is great for anyone who is hesitant when making their purchase.

+ Extended frequency range
+ Built-in radio receiver
+ sound-isolating earcups
+ 6-month warranty

Why We Like It - The built-in radio receiver and extended frequency range makes sure that you always get the best sound out of these, just like you would from the best sound quality headphones.

10. Besiva in-Ear Earbuds

Besiva Wireless Earbuds

These are not just good cheap headphones, and they might actually be the best value wireless headphones for someone who wants to listen to music or take calls while working out. The IPX5 stands for water resistance so that you won’t have to worry about sweating or being caught in light rain when wearing these.

+ IPX5 for water resistance
+ Easily navigated button controls
+ Unique metallic exterior

Why We Like It  - With these, you can listen to your favorite music also when you go out for a run or when you are working out at the gym, and they stay in place thanks to the clever design.

 Affordable Headphones Buyers Guide

Now that we have listed some of the absolute best affordable headphones, including some of the best inexpensive Bluetooth headphones, the best value over-ear headphones, and the best cheap wireless earbuds, it is time to proceed to how you can figure out which product is best for you, and why one set of earphones may be more suitable than another.

You see, it isn’t just the price that differs, but also the construction of the product, the features it offers and how it is meant to be used, and while it may be tempting to just grab the cheapest product - this is unlikely to serve you well in the end.

This buyers guide is aimed at highlighting the differences, pinpoint what you should be looking for depending on your individual needs, and it is a guide for how to know if a pair of headphones is really worth its cost.

Active Noise Cancelling

When you are on a budget, and when you are hoping to find the best cheap headphones, you may want to stay clear of headphones with ANC (Active Noise Cancelling). This may seem like strange advice, as it is a pretty cool feature, but the truth is that most users don’t actually need ANC, as a pair of Closed-Back quality earphones may have a very similar effect.

You will always be paying a higher price for headphones with ANC, and when you are trying to keep the costs down, it seems rather unnecessary to look for a feature you probably won’t miss too much anyway. Instead, settle with a pair of noise-isolating closed-back earphones, unless you know for a fact that you absolutely need them to be Active Noise Cancelling (and if so, be prepared to pay a higher price).

Design & Headphone Type

In general, the design does not necessarily affect the price, and you can find all types of headphones in every price class. If you are a runner or an avid gym-goer, then the best cheap earphones for you will probably be an in-ear type construction, as these tend to stay on better when you are moving around. Make sure they are waterproof, to protect them from sweat and unexpected rain when you are outside working out.

If instead you just want to use your headphones for listening to music while studying or at work, you might instead want to go with a Closed-Back pair of headphones that capsulate the sound so that you won’t disturb those around you. For the music or gaming enthusiast who is unlikely to use their headphones in public, perhaps an Open-Back pair would be a better idea, as the sound is often believed to be more organic and authentic in these, almost as if you were outside watching a live concert.

These do generally have noise leakage, though, and are not ideal if you plan to use them when out and about. The design and headphone type matters, as it will help ensure that you are pleased with your purchase, which will save you money in the long-run.

Wireless Headphones

Have you considered whether you want wired headphones or if a set of the best budget wireless headphones would be a better fit for you? The benefit of wired headphones is that you don’t have to worry about battery time and that you can keep using them for as long as your device (such as a cellphone) has the battery and remains switched on.

These could be ideal for the gamer who doesn’t move far from their desk, and who wants to be able to focus 100% on the game instead of having to worry about the headphones running out of charge.

If you plan to do sport or move around, though, then wireless headphones are probably your best bet. These will usually have Bluetooth, to allow you to hook them up to your cellphone, computer or another electronic device without having to connect a physical cable.

Naturally, these allow for unrestricted movements in a whole different way, and it is important to check battery time on the product you plan to buy, as this can range from anything from 2-4 hours and up to 30 hours of uninterrupted usage. Wireless headphones can sometimes be more expensive than wired earphones, but this is not always the case.

Are the best inexpensive headphones live up to the standard of expensive headphones?

This is difficult, if not impossible, to answer, as it depends entirely on what you are looking for in a pair of headphones, and on which products you are comparing. There are definitely cheap headphones that can perform just as well as pricier products, and the best headphones on the market aren’t necessarily expensive.

If you are a gamer, it is likely that you sometimes play together with others, and that means you need a pair of Closed-Back earphones, as these capture the sound and prevents it from being heard by others (which could be perceived as annoying when having a company or being in a crowd). Also, make sure the product has a microphone.

Where can I find the best budget Bluetooth headphones?

Being on a budget will somewhat limit your options, and the smartest thing is to focus your search online, as this will make it easier to compare prices, features and more.


It is so easy to be lead to believe that to get a good sound out of a pair of headphones, you need to pay large sums of money, and this can be incredibly discouraging for a music lover or gaming enthusiast who finds themselves on a budget.

The good news is that the price isn’t the only thing that can indicate quality, and it is actually possible to find good cheap headphones. This list contains some of the best budget over-ear headphones and the best cheap in-ear headphones, and they are products that give you your money’s worth and more, even when you don’t have too much money to spend.

Expert Tip

When looking for the best budget headphones, make sure you have a look at the product specifications, as these will tell you more about a product than the price itself.

Did You Know

While it isn’t the price that determines the quality of a pair of headphones, you probably won’t find what you are looking for in a pair of in-ear earphones picked up at the gas station.

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