Jaybird Vista True Wireless Earbuds Review

Review of the Jaybird Vista True Wireless Earphones

Jaybird is a company that’s gained lots of plaudits over the last fifteen years since it was founded by Judd Thompson. His original aim was to produce headphones and activity trackers that could be used for sport and other activities. And that’s exactly what the company does to this day.

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The Vista model is a perfect example of what Jaybird does best. These Bluetooth earphones are loaded with high-grade features that make them ideal for anyone who wants a solid combination of functionality and good sound quality.

Waterproof Rating

These premium earphones are completely waterproof and have an IPX7 rating. That means that they can be worn for a jog in the rain without any need to worry about them breaking. They’re also more than capable of dealing with any sweat that you might produce during a workout. They’re built to withstand being dropped too, which is another handy feature when wearing them for exercise.


A rugged construction isn’t important if earphones don’t deliver in terms of sound quality. Fortunately, these Jaybird true wireless earbuds tick the right boxes in this area too. They’ve got compact, 6mm drivers inside them that produce crystal clear playback. You can adjust the sound via the Jaybird app, which allows you to equalize the playback to your needs. That means that you can boost the low-end if you’re a fan of throbbing basslines while you’re exercising. These earphones include an integrated microphone so you can make or receive phone calls while you’re on the go too. 

Design & Fit

The earbuds are designed to fit snugly inside your ear canals so that they stay secure while you’re exercising. Of course, this means that they’re small, and there’s the risk of losing them when you’re not wearing them. Jaybird has considered this risk, however, and includes a carry case that will also charge the earbuds when they’re inside it. To further reduce the possibility of you losing this product, you can use the Jaybird app to locate the earbuds if you happen to mislay them.

The fact that they fit inside your ear canals has added benefits than them staying put during exercise. It also contributes to passive noise cancelation, which means that external noises are much quieter if not entirely silenced. This is ideal if you want to be able to focus entirely on music or an audiobook while you’re exercising. It can also be a good feature for anyone who works in a noisy environment and wants to be able to make hands-free calls without being interrupted by external noises. 

Battery Life

Battery life should always be a consideration when it comes to Bluetooth earphones. Jaybird Vista earbuds will perform for six hours from a single charge. The carry case can also be used for a further ten hours of playtime. That’s more than enough for daily use, we think. If you use a single earbud at a time – which is possible thanks to the ‘single earbud mode’ – then you double your playtime from a single charge. That means that you get thirty-two hours of playtime if you use just one of the buds and take advantage of the charging carry case.

These earbuds are all-rounders that are available for a very affordable price tag. If you’re looking for Bluetooth earbuds that will stay in place during exercise while also offering substantial playtime from a single charge and good sound quality, then this product is a safe investment. 


These Jaybird Bluetooth earbuds are designed for active use. They offer a durable construction as well as IPX7 water resistance. As they’re exercise earphones, they fit securely inside your ear canal, and they come with three different sizes of ear gels so that you can find a fit that suits you. 

The snug fit contributes to passive noise cancelation, which allows you to focus on the superb sound quality that’s delivered by 6mm drivers. The cutting-edge Bluetooth technology ensures that the playback is without lagging, meaning that these earbuds can be used for gaming or watching movies.

Other key features include six hours of battery life from a single charge and a carry case that can be used for a further ten hours of charge time. They work seamlessly with the Jaybird app, which offers such functions as an adjustable EQ and a ‘Find My Buds’ mode. You can also use the app to check how much battery life you have left. 


+ They stay in place during exercise

+ Durable construction with IPX7 water resistance

+ Good sound quality thanks to 6mm drivers

+ Very reasonable price tag

+ Jaybird app has EQ options and a ‘Find My Buds’ mode

+ Substantial battery life

+ Lag-free Bluetooth connectivity

+ Lightweight


- The Jaybird app doesn’t tell you how much battery life the charging case has left


These Jaybird Vista earbuds deliver premium quality for an affordable price tag. We were very impressed by the secure and comfortable fit that they offer, which makes them perfect for vigorous exercise sessions. This product is highly recommended to anyone who wants a solid combination of good sound quality, durability, and functionality. 

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