Man playing acoustic guitar

Taylor 214CE Acoustic Guitar Review

[[TOP3 OFF]] The Taylor 214CE is an acoustic guitar that has six strings. It's possible to plug in this acoustic guitar to be amplified, thanks to the ES-2 amplification system. The Taylor 214CE has 20 frets, an ebony fingerboard, as ...
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Ec1000Blk Esp Ltd Ec

ESP LTD EC-1000 Guitar Review

[[TOP3 OFF]] The ESP LTD EC-1000 is a guitar that's built for massive-attacking guitar players. With a Mahogany body and neck, it is a slick and stylish guitar that features an incredible sustain. It includes EMG Humbucker pickups that deliver ...
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Md28 Martin D 28

Martin D-28 Natural Review

[[TOP3 OFF]] The Martin D-28 Natural dreadnought acoustic guitar has an impressively rich sound and an extensive history. It is a guitar that offers the level of projection and quality that makes it suitable for the stage as well as ...
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Epiphone Les Paul

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plustop Pro Review

[[TOP3 OFF]] The Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plustop Pro is a solid body electric guitar that comes with serious tonal versatility. It sounds as good as it looks, and is a smooth playing guitar that any axman would enjoy. It ...
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Guitar head with locking tuners

8 Best Locking Tuners in 2020

Something as small as your machine heads is often easy to forget in the grand scheme of things. Given that they have an essential job, we are taking a look at some of the best locking tuners on the market ...
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Electric Guitar Pickup

Best Electric Guitar Pickups in 2020

An easy way to transform your guitar is with a quick pick-up replacement, so in our usual round-up style we've trawled through the options to find the best electric guitar pickups on the market for the sound and tone you ...
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Man repairing electric guitar

10 Best DIY Guitar Kits in 2020

Playing guitar is an absolute joy in itself, but when you get to play on a guitar that you built yourself, it adds so much more to the experience. There are plenty of different DIY guitar kits out there, and ...
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Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster

Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster Review

[[TOP3 OFF]] The Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster is a guitar player's versatility dream. Entirely acoustic and yet fully electric, this guitar that holds the traditional Telecaster design with up to 10 distinct guitar tones. The top is made from Lutz spruce, ...
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Seagull Guitars S6

Seagull Guitars S6 Cedar Original Guitar Review

[[TOP3 OFF]] The Seagull Guitars S6 Cedar Original is a 6-string acoustic guitar with a dreadnought body shape. It has 21 frets and a solid cedar top. The back and sides are made from wild cherry wood. Seagull Guitars S6 ...
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Entpvsnh Epiphone Les Paul

Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus Vintage Sunburst Review

[[TOP3 OFF]] This Epiphone solid-body electric guitar is a tribute to the world-famous Les Paul. It has a vintage sunburst paint job reminiscent of the famous Les Pauls played by Slash, Jimmy Page, and Zakk Wilde. Epiphone Les Paul Tribute ...
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Gibson Acoustic J 45

Gibson Acoustic J-45 Review

[[TOP3 OFF]] The Gibson J-45 Standard acoustic guitar has been dubbed "The Workhorse" by those who have wielded it in the past. It's beautiful and rich sounding, with a round shoulder dreadnought design. The Stika top, Mahogany body and neck, ...
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Electric guitar parts

10 Best Telecaster Pickups in 2020

Telecaster pickups are renowned around the world for their tone. Telecaster guitars have been around for generations and have been featured on many of our favorite albums. The type of pickup your guitar has makes a huge difference to the ...
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Hard Guitar Case on the wall

7 Best Guitar Flight-Cases in 2020

If you fancy taking your guitar on an all-inclusive trip but can't justify the sky-high prices of industry-level flight cases, then you're in luck. Today, we're rifling through all the best guitar cases available on Amazon to determine the seven ...
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John Mayer

John Mayer Silver Sky Tungsten Review

[[TOP3 OFF]] In early 2018 PRS first introduced their John Mayer inspired Silver Sky model. On the surface, It may appear to be just another Strat remake, but under the hood offers a heck of a lot more. It is ...
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Man playing the guitar

5 Best Parlor Guitars in 2020

In the world of smaller guitars, you can't go wrong with a good parlor model. Many small-scale acoustics can be cheap, which, along with their size, is one of their main appeals - however, they can also be poorly made ...
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Martin D-18 Guitar Review

[[TOP3 OFF]] The Martin D-18 is a six-string acoustic guitar. It has a dreadnought body, 20 frets, and a natural color finish. The top is made from Sitka spruce, while the back and sides are constructed from solid mahogany. Martin ...
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Epiphone G-400

Epiphone SG-400 Pro SG (Cherry) Review

[[TOP3 OFF]] For any lover of rock, the SG model is an iconic guitar. Modeled after the Gibson SG, the Epiphone version is a clone of its forefather in style and performance. It delivers a fast and convincing tone that ...
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Epiphone Les Paul 100

Epiphone Les Paul 100 – Heritage Cherry Sunburst

[[TOP3 OFF]] The Epiphone Less Paul 100 is an affordable guitar that offers excellent tone and playability. It is made of mahogany, okoume, maple, and rosewood. It has a slimmer body, which makes it extra comfortable to play when sitting ...
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Blue Strat Guitar

The Best Strat Pickups In 2020

With its traditional triple single-coils in a neck middle bridge configuration, you might not know that there's a whole host of tone transforming options out there for your Stratocaster. So with our usual panache, we have picked out four to ...
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Person playing guitar with guitar slide

The Best Guitar Slides in 2020

If you have a desire to master the Delta blues or wish to add a woozy, bluesy glissando to your guitar technique then you are in luck, as we have gathered 6 of the best guitar slides to help you ...
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Guitar pickup and strings

10 Best P90 Pickups in 2020

A replacement set of pick-ups can revamp any guitar, in this article we are having a gawp at 6 different selections which make a good case for being the best P90 Pickups. A hubris that modern guitarists can fall prey ...
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Epiphone Casino Natural

Epiphone Casino Natural Review

[[TOP3 OFF]] The Epiphone Casino is a hollow-body, ‘thin-line’ archtop electric guitar that has a natural finish. Epiphone Casino Natural Check Sweetwater Price Summary Epiphone has been making this amazing hollow-body, archtop ever since 1961. It has been one of ...
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Man playing guitar

6 Best Blues Guitars in 2020

The blues is one of the most expressive and emotionally satisfying styles of music. Spawning straight from the hearts and souls of musicians done wrong, the blues tell a story of sorrow the way many other genres come short. For ...
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Acoustic guitar on the ground with strap

8 Best Acoustic Guitar Straps

It might come as a surprise but there is a little more substance to them than is sometimes factored in especially when it comes to acoustic guitars. On your behalf, we have rounded up the 8 best acoustic guitar straps ...
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Man playing 5 string bass guitar

5 Best 5-String Bass Guitars in 2020

Given that we are going to be focusing on five-string basses it seemed only fitting that we narrow our selections down to the top 5 and despite the wealth readily available we eventually managed to settle on the five best ...
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