Best Tuner Pedals Review

10 Best Tuner Pedals in 2019

A great tuner pedal is an essential and altogether under-rated tool your rig so we have sifted through the ten best tuner pedals on the market to help you narrow down the one for you. Clip-on instrument tuners don't always ...
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Best Pedal Power Supply Review

10 Best Pedal Power Supplies in 2019

Choosing a power supply for your effects pedals is a little more complex than you might think so with a little digging we have unearthed the 10 best guitar pedal power supplies to review. Now whilst shopping for a pedal ...
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Best Digital Delay Pedal Review

10 Best Digital Delay Pedals of 2019

Welcome to our 10 best digital delay pedals of all time review, which we hope will shed some light on the capabilities of the digital versions of one of the most popular guitar effects of all time. Since the introduction ...
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Analog Delay Pedals

10 Best Analog Delay Pedals of 2019

How to decide what makes for the best Analog Delay guitar pedal is a subject everyone seems to have an opinion on. This is hardly surprising with it being an overtly popular effect ever since it's appearance in the late ...
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Best Phaser Pedal Review

10 Best Phaser Pedals of 2019

Phaser pedals produce one of the most essential effects a guitar player can have, with a multitude manufactured it can be difficult to know what sets each of them apart and ultimately decide which is the best Phaser pedal to ...
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Best Tremolo Pedal Review

The Top 10 Best Tremolo Pedals

It can be tough to know what key features make for the best tremolo pedal. If you are looking to branch out and add throbbing waves, chops, purrs, linear rises or intense stutters to your box of tricks, then a ...
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Best Volume Pedal Review

The 9 Best Volume Pedals

So, you’ve decided to buy a volume pedal. Great decision, because they can really help you to easily make your music more interesting. But how can you know which is the best volume pedal? Don’t they all do basically the ...
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Best Vocal Processors review

The 10 Best Vocal Processors of 2019

Singing is fun, right? But you know what makes it even more fun? Using the best vocal processor, you’re able to get and unlocking lots of potential that was out of reach before. A vocal processor will allow you to ...
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Best Octave Pedal

The Top Rated Octave Pedal for Bass Sound

There are many different types of guitar pedals on the market today, and we've noticed that many guitarists are hesitant when it comes to buying a new one. For example, how can one know what the best octave pedal is? ...
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Best Compresssor Pedal

The 10 Top Rated Compressor Pedals 2019

First of all, before deciding on the best compressor pedal for you, what is a compressor pedal? To narrow it down: it’s a piece of gear that makes the sometimes unpleasant screeching loud sounds quieter, and quiet sounds, like that ...
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