MXR M108S Ten Band EQ Pedal Review

The MXR M107S Ten Band EQ Pedal is an excellent way for guitarists, keyboardists, and audio engineers to shape the scope of their sound effects. It helps you to accurately develop the tone of what you're trying to do.

Whether you need more bass, treble, mid frequencies, or you're looking for an overly muffled sound, the MXR ten band EQ pedal can help you find the correct frequencies to accent your playing.

It's a lightweight, compact pedal that works in unison with other effects pedals. With ten frequencies faders, you can hone in on the type of sound you're looking to create.


• 10-band EQ
• 12dB of cut/boost on each fader
• Volume and gain boosters
• True bypass switching
• Low-noise circuitry
• LED indicators
• Tough aluminum housing


Mxr M108S Ten Band Eq Pedal

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Not all pedals give you the exact tone you're looking for. When you want to find the perfect sound, you need to have the variability within specific frequencies to help find that balance. The MXR M108S is a ten band EQ pedal that offers a 12dB of cut or boost in either direction. That is enough to give you the amount of control you'll need to find the perfect mix.

It's useful for when you need to turn the high-frequencies up and stand out individually. You can also scoop the tone to give the sound a lot of bass and treble while cutting the mid-range frequencies out. Or, if you want to turn heads, keep the bass and treble low while allowing the mid-range sound to shine through.

The MXR M108S features true bypass circuitry, which helps you ensure that the signal isn't thinned out or impeded in any way whatsoever. Also, the Low noise circuitry doesn't add any unwanted ring or buzz to the sound, allowing your natural or distorted tone to come through the way you intend it.

LED indicators on the faders allow you to see what's happening quickly. Even when it is dark, you'll be able to tell exactly where all of your faders lie in a row, and you can see, as well as hear, the differences you're making in your adjustments. On dark stages, it can be tough to see exactly what's happening. The LED indicators shine a light on the situation, allowing you to make adjustments quickly and confidently.

The aluminum housing is used to keep all of the "guts" of the pedal safe is strong. Aluminum is also reasonably lightweight. The MXR Ten Band EQ pedal is not the smallest pedal you'll have on the board, but it may be one of the most useful. It works in conjunction with all of the other effects on the board.

It's battery and AC powered for portability and convenience. If you're at home, you can pug it into your outlet, and if you're on the road, the battery will be sufficient for performance. Always make sure you have backups, however.

This is an excellent pedal for finding the proper frequencies for your sound. It's suitable for any musician who's plugging into effects pedals, or who needs a bit of tweaking. It doesn't come with presents, so you do need to adjust the tweaks yourself on the go. However, once you've used the EQ a few times, it's quite easy to figure out where you need to make adjustments to give you the sound you need.


+ Ten-band EQ
+ Tough aluminum casing
+ 12dB Cut/boost
+ Fairly lightweight
+ Clean signal bypass


- Not super compact
- No presets

Why We Like It

The MXR M108S gives you the control you need when other pedals can't quite finish the tonal tweaking job. Having the freedom to find the high and low-level frequencies you need adds a ton of versatility to your tone and allows you to find the exact sound you're looking for.

The LED indicators make it easy to tell where things are in any environment and add a pleasing aesthetic to the pedal. When you pick it up, you'll find that it's quite sturdy and durable. However, it's not the type of pedal you want to be kicking the way you do with distortion or stomp pedals.

The MXR is quite affordable, which means it's the right way to go if you're looking for your first EQ pedal. It's not incredibly challenging to figure out and allows you to be precise, as well as versatile, with your sound. It's suitable for many types of instruments, or for channeling a mix that needs an overall overhaul.

Whether you're just starting on your music endeavor, or you're a seasoned vet, you could benefit from the precision and tonal versatility that the MXR Ten Band EQ pedal can give you.

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