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The Music Critic Story

Launched in 1998 as a music review site, Music Critic grew to feature thousands of reviews of singles, albums and concerts, covering almost every musical genre in the English language. In 2006 the website was acquired by Infoactive Media who continued to publish reviews of both popular and emerging artists, sometimes so many were sent in for review it was difficult to find our desks!

2017 saw the relaunch of the website with a fresh, new look and a whole new content set to compliment the reviews written by our contributing editors. The new, aggregated reviews used a combined scoring system to ensure accuracy, and the Music Critic website now boasts over 13,000 of these. Shortly after the relaunch, the website’s domain was rebranded MusicCritic.com – it’s just sexier without the dash!

Fact Sheet

⚪ 1998 Music-Critic.com website is launched

⚪ 2006 Infoactive Media acquires the Music-Critic.com domain and website

⚪ 2007 Design facelift and new features launched

⚪ 2017 New website is launched to include a fresh, new look with aggregated reviews

⚪ 2017 Website’s domain is rebranded as MusicCritic.com

Who’s Who

Music Critic is owned and operated by Infoactive Media Ltd, a UK media company that specialises in bringing information to life. The Music Critic team (past and present) includes music critics and experienced musicians in the UK, USA and Australia who collectively contribute to the expert reviews and featured articles on the website.

Our combined scoring system works differently too. Scores are displayed in the popular format of stars, but also displayed out of 100 for those who like to be precise.

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