How the Music Critic Scores work

How the Music Critic Scores work

How the Music Critic Scores work

Ever wonder how we take reviews from many of the world's best critics and turn them into our simple Music Critic Scores?

The Music Critic Scores are based on reviews from carefully selected websites and internationally acknowledged music experts.

1) A Band releases a New Album

2) The Album is reviewed by newspapers, magazines, music periodicals and websites.

3) Many of these reviewers give the album a score

4) We read the reviews from a very carefully selected group of these sources, and compile them.

5) We take all the scores and ratings and turn them into a single, easy to understand score out of 100. This is based on an average of the scores each album has been awarded, giving you a quick and easy look at critical opinion of the album.

Three things we never do:

1) We never put words into a reviewers mouth - if they didn't give a score, we don't assign one.
2) We don't feature reviews that we can't show in their original context.
3) We don't use print magazines and newspapers unless they also have an online version we can link to.

We will sometimes feature a portion of a review where the author didn't give it a score, but will simply say whether we think it was positive or negative, rather than attempt to give it a number.

The result is the Music Critic Score

Easy to read, Simple to understand, Clear and concise