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How to Become a Music Critic

You don't need to be a musical genius to become a music critic, but a passion for music and in-depth knowledge of music artistry is essential. We'll have a look at what's involved in becoming a professional, paid music critic.

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Introduction to Music Publishing

Publishers have a vital role in the music industry, from scouting and developing new talent, protecting the owner's rights, exploiting it commercially to getting music out there to the public.

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Becoming a Music Producer

Everything you need to know about being a Music Producer

Being a producer is much more than putting tracks together and touching them up - a good music producer is involved in entire process from composition to release.

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Music Critic Staff Reviews

Music Reviews

Music Critic Staff Reviews

A look back at almost 20 years of reviews by the staff, contributing authors and friends of Music Critic. You just can't beat the classics.