10 Best Beginner Guitars in 2023

Playing the guitar is a huge goal for so many people, but it’s an intimidating hobby to take on. There’s so much to learn, even just about the guitar in general. With all the chords, strings, special names, etc. how are you supposed to get a grasp on all this stuff? Paired with the different guitar brands and types of guitars, it can be overwhelming.

As musicians ourselves, we knew there had to be a way to make new guitar players a little bit more comfortable with the selection process. After all, you’re in a foreign area of life with this stuff, right? All musicians have been there, which is why we want to make it a little bit easier for you.

Instead of leaving you with just the names of good brands and styles, we decided to find the top 10 best guitars for beginners to narrow down the selection and help you find the best guitar for you. Some people prefer certain types of electric or acoustic guitar brands, some prefer others. Other people look for certain body styles or materials, such as a small body or solid spruce. You get the point.

We searched all over the internet, through blogs, reviews, and so on to find the best electric and acoustic guitars for beginners. Instead of throwing a dart in the dark, we wanted to give you a better set of options. Why? Because music is a beautiful art, and the more musicians there are, the better place this world is!

At a glance: Our top 3 picks

Our team's top 3 recommendations
Best Overall

Fender FA-100

  • A perfect kit that includes everything you need to get started and strumming as soon as possible
  • Laminated spruce top that not only looks amazing but performs beautifully, as well
  • Dreadnought body style for maximum sound output and a deep, resonating tone

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Premium Quality

Yamaha FG830

  • A perfect kit that includes everything you need to get started and strumming as soon as possible
  • Laminated spruce top that not only looks amazing but performs beautifully, as well
  • Dreadnought body style for maximum sound output and a deep, resonating tone

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Great value

Donner DAG-1C

  • A perfect kit that includes everything you need to get started and strumming as soon as possible
  • Laminated spruce top that not only looks amazing but performs beautifully, as well
  • Dreadnought body style for maximum sound output and a deep, resonating tone

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1. Fender FA-100

Fender FA-100

If you’re looking for the best beginner guitar kit, then this one is definitely worth checking out. The Fender FA-100 is a beautiful classic looking guitar with everything included to get you started on your musical journey. Instead of wasting extra money by buying everything you need separately, you can get everything in one bundle - including the best acoustic guitar for beginners.

Dreadnought Body Style

Dreadnought acoustic guitars are one of the best and most sought-after styles because they’re large enough to put out a deep, yet high volume sound. Many other styles aren’t loud enough to play in front of an audience, but dreadnought guitars have always resonated in a non-obnoxious and beautiful way.

Spruce Wood

If you’re new to the guitar industry, then you probably don’t know the importance of wood choices. Getting the right wood on your acoustic guitar can really change the pitch, tune, and much more of the sound output. This laminated solid spruce top produces a beautiful rich tone while remaining incredibly durable. That's thanks to the natural strength of spruce wood. This makes it one of the best beginner acoustic guitars.


+ A perfect kit that includes everything you need to get started and strumming as soon as possible
+ Laminated spruce top that not only looks amazing but performs beautifully, as well
+ Dreadnought body style for maximum sound output and a deep, resonating tone

Why We Liked It - We love any classic looking acoustic guitar that can hold its own like this Fender. This acoustic guitar for beginners truly brings together the natural beauty of spruce with the generational efficiency of dreadnought guitars.

2. Yamaha FG830

Yamaha FG830

If you see yourself as a future performer, then the Yamaha FG830 is the best acoustic option for you. It has the plug-in capability that allows you to connect to an amplifier and get a much louder sound. Even the best beginner guitar doesn't often do this. The FG830 doesn’t produce a horribly obnoxious sound either, like other acoustic guitars for beginners. That's usually the result of the brand cutting corners when applying the amplifier capability.

Sitka Spruce and Rosewood

Again, the importance of choosing the right wood can’t be understated. Sitka spruce is always a very common and reliable option due to its durability. Rosewood is an incredibly beautiful wood that also allows for a lot of pure, clean sound output from the body. The best beginner guitar will usually be crafted from spruce.

Variety of Body Style

The Yamaha FG830 allows you to choose from two different body styles: dreadnought and concert. Dreadnought is the largest style of guitar, and it produces much more volume at a deeper sound. Concert guitars are easier to handle while producing a slightly crisper sound than a dreadnought. The choice is up to you! This is the best acoustic guitar for beginners and for trained musicians. This means you won't have to upgrade to a new guitar.


+ Multiple acoustic guitar body styles to choose from (dreadnought and concert)
+ Rosewood and solid Sitka spruce make a beautiful appearance
+ Plug-in capability for loud sound allows you to be a performer now or in the future when you’re trained up

Why We Liked It - We love plug-in acoustic guitars because they give the impression that you’re always ready to play in front of crowds. Even if you don’t want to now, it’s always nice to have the option later. If you'd like an alternative, try out the Yamaha FG800; the quality of both the Yamaha FG800 and F830 is matched.

3. Donner DAG-1C

Donner DAG-1C

The Donner DAG-1C is the best acoustic guitar for any musician looking for a larger model. At 41 inches, this dreadnought acoustic guitar is a beast! Due to the body shape, size, and perfectly crafted back and sides, it produces a beautifully resonating hum that’s sure to stick with your listeners for a long time. This acoustic guitar is one of the best for truly hearing the sound of your chords before hitting the stage.

The Kit

The best acoustic guitar for beginners will come with some sort of kit. The kit included with the Donner DAG-1C is definitely worth mentioning. It has a capo, some strings, a carrying bag, some picks, a tuner, and more! It’s always nice to buy your first guitar with a kit because you’re going to have to buy the rest of it anyway. Save yourself some money and try to find a good bundle like this one.

Cutaway Style

Cutaway style basically means that there’s a little dip in the top of the guitar. The main purpose of this dip isn’t for anything other than a nice appearance. It’s unique and breaks out of the ordinary - beginners can start playing in style.


+ Massive kit that includes everything you need without charging loads of extra money
+ Unique cutaway style to add some flair to your new guitar for beginners
+ The 41” long dreadnought body is perfect for musicians with longer arms and fingers

Why We Liked It - We enjoy sharing acoustic guitars of all sizes, because there’s nothing more upsetting than buying a new acoustic guitar just to find out that it’s too big or too small!

4. Yamaha JR1 FG

Yamaha JR1 FG

For beginner musicians who want a smaller guitar, the Yamaha JR1 FG is worth looking at. It’s the ultimate starter kit because you get a perfect size guitar for any musicians paired with the ultimate all-inclusive beginner setup. Nothing is missing in the kit, and there are actually a few surprises! This makes it the best acoustic guitar for beginners looking to start playing.

The Kit Includes…

While many of the best acoustic guitars are starting to come with kits, it’s always nice to see one that comes with a little bit extra. This kit includes the normal stuff, like picks, strings, and a tuner, but there are also a few extra surprises. It has a capo to let you adjust the key you’re playing in, as well as a peg winder. Peg winders make it a million times easier to tune your guitar and string it without manual labor.

Beautiful Wood Combination

Meranti and spruce wood line this guitar’s back and sides to make an incredibly unique and beautiful mix. Meranti isn’t very common in modern-day beginner acoustic guitars, but it provides a beautiful head-turning appearance and unmatched sound output. It's one of the best guitars for beginners if you want a unique look and feel.


+ All-inclusive kit with everything you need for a beginner to get started
+ Unique meranti and spruce wood combination on the back and sides that’s sure to attract your audience
+ Three-quarters of the size of a normal guitar; the small body is great for training purposes

Why We Liked It - It’s not every day that we come across a beginner acoustic guitar bundle that includes a capo and a peg winder. When we saw this kit including the small body shape, we knew it was one of the best guitars for beginners.

5. ZENY 39"

ZENY 39"

Electric guitars are a whole different game than acoustic guitars. They’re vibrant, wild, and they carry audio in a much more metallic way. This ZENY 39” electric guitar is a perfect beginner guitar because it shows you the ropes of how electric guitars work. It also includes a nice little starter bundle.

The Kit

The kit includes an amplifier, strings, a gig bag, some picks, and more, making it one of the best guitars for beginners. It’s everything you need to start practicing. Learn all of your favorite songs like any legendary electric guitar player!

Beautifully Designed

The best electric guitars are all about style, appearance, and beautiful designs. Each of these electric guitars is unique to the player, and thus the design is a huge part of your instrument. It’s almost like a guitar’s tattoo, so getting the right design is important. This beginner guitar has a beautiful blue center with a darker royal blue exterior.


+ Beautiful, unique design that's perfect for any guitar for beginners
+ The kit includes everything you need to start jamming the second it arrives
+ Full-size 39” electric guitar

Why We Liked It - Finding such a perfect beginner kit is rare, but these electric guitars are excellent. The low price range paired with the amazing design doesn’t hurt too much either!

6. Best Choice Products 41in

Best Choice Products 41in

Remember how we said that an electric guitar’s design is important? Nothing says rocking out like an orange and yellow sunburst design! The Best Choice Products 41” Sunburst Electric Guitar is a beautiful instrument that’s definitely not too shy. You will wow your friends and family with your performance after training with this beautiful guitar.

Kit with Everything

These beginner electric guitars come with everything you could ask for when starting out. The kit includes a gig bag, an amplifier, some strings, some picks, and a guitar strap to hang around your shoulders while you play standing up. Nothing’s better than having everything you need right when you first start a new hobby!

Made with Hardwood

The hardwood body of these electric guitars show in the size, and they sure is beautiful! Laminated hardwood covers the entire instrument and boasts a classic yet modern appearance. It’s a great way to say that you don’t want to cause too much noise - unless it’s the right kind of noise! This is the best beginner guitar for someone who has to be conscious of family or neighbors with their playing.


+ Laminated wood exterior for a beautifully classic and unique design
+ Perfect all-inclusive beginner’s kit with everything you could need to start playing
+ The best acoustic guitars will have a variety of colors and designs available - never go boring with a beginner guitar

Why We Liked It - It’s hard not to like the beautiful classic wood design this electric guitar has. Matched with the beginner’s kit, it’s definitely deserving of its place on our top 10 list.

7. Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic

The Epiphone DR-100 is the best acoustic guitar choice if you’re looking to start playing the guitar but want to do so in style. Who says you have to go with something super basic? The best acoustic beginner guitar will not only feel and sound great, but also look great too, and that’s exactly the type of quality that this guitar provides. This makes it one of the best acoustic guitars for beginners.

The Guitar Includes

This beginner guitar comes with a SlimTaper Neck Profile, which makes for easy playing. This type of style helps to reduce fatigue, which beginner guitar players suffer from when learning to play. Speed is key here – the more, and the faster you practice, the better you’ll become. The SlimTaper neck allows for this. Not only that, but the machine heads are of premium quality, so you know you’re learning with the best beginner acoustic guitars money can buy.

Dreadnought Body Style

The Dreadnought styled body makes for a great acoustic guitar for beginners, as this is a classic shape for any guitar. If you learn to play on this instrument, you’re pretty much set to play on any guitar. The body shape fits comfortably around the player, allowing you to strum for hours without becoming uncomfortable. This makes it easy to play. Combined with the gorgeous Vintage Sunburst style and a spruce top, you really can’t go wrong with this acoustic guitar for beginners.


+ The Dreadnought style shape offers comfort when playing
+ The SlimTaper Neck Profile helps to eliminate fatigue
+ The Sunburst style is gorgeous

Why We Liked It - Who says your first guitar has to be boring? We adore the Vintage Sunburst style of this beginner acoustic guitar. Learn with maximum comfort, and in style.

8. Yamaha C40 Classical

Yes, we know; this is our third Yamaha Guitar, but there’s a reason this company makes some of the best guitars you can get your hands on. They sound amazing, and they’re great guitars for beginners – Yamaha produces quality guitars that don’t come at an extortionate price, and that’s no different with this acoustic guitar model.

The sound of the C40 is clear and loud. This classic model is specially marketed at beginners and young learners, so you can rest assured that you’ll be starting out with a guitar that's easy to play and made especially for you.

The Style

The best acoustic guitar will probably come in the classic Dreadnought shape, and that's exactly what the C40 does. This means this instrument is comfortable for you to play. The rosewood fingerboard makes for a beautiful design. If you’re a beginner who finds beauty in simplicity, then this is one of the best beginner acoustic guitars for you. The natural finish on this guitar is sublime.

The Kit

The guitar package includes a padded gig bag, so if you choose to try your music out on the town, you can take it with you. There’s also a digital tuner, which takes the pain out of tuning your acoustic guitar when you're learning to play. You also get a DVD and – obviously – the acoustic guitar. This makes it one of the best beginner acoustic guitars.


+ The beautiful, classical style
+ The digital tuners make for easy tuning
+ Marketed as a guitar for beginners

Why We Liked It - The best thing about this guitar is the fact that it’s an instrument made especially for young learners. It makes those tough few years a little bit easier.

9. Bristol BD-16 Dreadnaught

This is another excellent guitar choice for a beginner. As mentioned earlier, the classic Dreadnought shape makes playing these acoustic guitars for beginners effortless.

The Style

We love the look and feel of this guitar, from the rosewood fretboard to the spruce mahogany body material – a material which gives off rich, beautiful tones. The mahogany neck is slim yet stable, which makes holding and playing the guitar easy. This is a must acoustic guitar for any beginner.

There’s nothing worse than an out of tune guitar, but the chrome-plated machine heads are die-cast, meaning they make tuning effortless.

Excellent Quality

All these gorgeous features come at an affordable price, so you don’t need to worry about paying out a lot of money for a starter guitar. However, Bristol does not skimp on quality, which can sometimes be a worry when purchasing cheaper guitars. Learn to play at an affordable price with the quality you need.


+ Affordable yet high-quality
+ The mahogany body gives off a beautiful, rich sound
+The chrome-plated machine heads make for easy tuning

Why We Liked It - We particularly love the rich, thrumming sound this guitar gives off. For a beginner acoustic guitar, this is certainly high quality.

10. LAGRIMA Blue


If you’re looking for an acoustic guitar bundle on a budget, the LAGRIMA Blue guitar kit is a great choice. It includes all of the necessary beginner items and even a training guitar to help you learn the ropes.

The Kit

The kit included in the LAGRIMA Blue package comes with a strap, strings, picks, a pitch pipe, and a gig bag. There’s nothing crazy in here, but it can also help declutter a little bit since you already have so much to learn with playing a new instrument. Sometimes having less in a kit makes it much easier for the musician.


Due to the price point, the LAGRIMA Blue acoustic guitar package has seen itself as a #1 Best Seller on Amazon multiple times. It’s very easy to get started with this beginner acoustic guitar without any knobs or special tuning required.


+ The kit comes with everything you need without providing too many fancy tools to confuse you
+ This is a very popular guitar selection by all kinds of beginner guitar players
+ 6 different color options

Why We Liked It - Finding a decent guitar for beginners that’s also cheap usually presents too many problems - the guitar is either in terrible shape or too expensive for the level of play. Luckily the LAGRIMA Blue didn’t have either of those issues!

Beginner Guitar Buyer’s Guide

What kind of guitar should I buy for a beginner?

It really depends on which instrument you enjoy the most. Electric guitars are great for people who enjoy rock music, whereas acoustic guitars are great for anyone who loves the low, rhythmic hum of folk music. Most people would say that the acoustic guitar is easier to learn, and then move onto the electric guitar. You can always check out acoustic-electric guitars.

What is the best electric guitar for a beginner?

The ZENY 39 is probably the best electric guitar to play for a beginner for a few reasons. It gives you everything you need to get started.

You could also opt for an acoustic-electric guitar. If you want to amplify your sound, an acoustic-electric guitar is a great choice. However, be aware that this option tends to be more expensive, which means it might not be the best beginner guitar option. If you're just looking for a normal guitar for beginners and still want great sound, then an acoustic guitar might be a better choice.

How much does a beginner guitar cost?

Beginner guitar costs range from around $50.00 to $300.00 depending on the quality you’re looking for. Obviously the more you spend, the better quality you’ll get. However, you want to make sure that you do yourself a favor and buy a beginner guitar kit, so you don’t have to buy everything else separately. That's a great bit of advice for beginners.

What is the best beginner acoustic guitar?

The best beginner acoustic guitar has got to be the Fender FA-100 because it’s made of spruce, the most sought-after kind of wood for acoustic guitars. It also includes a kit with all the beginner acoustic essentials. Buying a kit is always best when you're just starting out.

Pick the guitar that's best for you. If you're smaller, go for an acoustic guitar with a smaller body. A Dreadnought body is a classic guitar shape, and perhaps the best beginner acoustic guitar shape. The back and sides should fit comfortably underneath your arm. The best acoustic guitar for beginners will also have a solid top, steel strings, and also a solid body. Although they haven't been mentioned much in this article, guitar strings are as important as a solid top and good body.

What is the best beginner electric guitar package?

One of the best beginner electric guitar packages has to be the Jameson Guitars Starter Package - but it's not on our list. Jameson is well-known in the music industry not just for their amazing sound. They provide excellent kits for beginners to get up to speed and playing excellent in no time. So if you're looking for any guitars for beginners that are not included here, be sure to check that one out.

Expert Tip

If you’re trying to find out which types of guitar you should play first, try thinking about your favorite music style and sound. Another great method is to think about your surroundings, and how often you’ll be able to play your beginner guitar. Some people can’t play their electric guitar on an amplifier due to the loud sound it produces. Make sure you take these things into account when you decide which guitar you want to pick up first! Also, take into account the guitar strings - are they steel strings? - the back and sides, and the top. You'll need a guitar that's easier to play than normal, regardless of whether you're looking for the best acoustic guitar for beginners or the best electric. You'll sill want it to sound great. That way, you're sure to find one of the best guitars for beginners.

Did You Know?

The sound isn't the only important thing. Buying a guitar that comes with a kit can literally save you over $100! Picks, straps, guitar bags - all of these items add up to a hefty price. A guitar case can cost up to $75.00 alone! Do yourself a favor and buy a bundle if possible. They also might include items that will make the guitar easier to play and learn.

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