Top Drum Heads For Church, Jazz & Metal Genres

Very few things last forever, and drum heads are no exception. It’s probably no surprise that you have to replace them once in a while. But how can you find out what the best drum heads are? It can be ...
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The 10 Best Drum Thrones

Most people would say that it’s only kings and queens that sit on thrones, but you as a drummer obviously know better! Many drummers know that what you sit on actually is really important, but some may be surprised to ...
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Double Bass Pedal

10 Best Double Bass Pedals of 2022

In this ultimate guide to the best double bass pedals in the world, we are going to take a look at the 10 best double bass pedals of 2022, so you can have a serious think about kicking your kick ...
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Drum Kit

8 Best Drum Kits of 2022

Today we look at a selection of what we feel are top contenders for the eight best drum kits of 2022. Seasoned drummers probably have a dream kit in their minds, and we would be willing to bet it results ...
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Alesis Strike Pro

Alesis Strike Pro Review

The Alesis Strike Pro is the upgraded 11-piece edition of its highly popular Alesis Strike progenitor drum-kit which includes an extra dual-zone tom pad as well as 3 extra dual-zone crash cymbals all with choke functionality. Its aesthetic qualities are ...
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Alesis Surge Mesh Kit

Alesis Surge Mesh Kit Review

Alesis is a ground-breaking company that was established in 1980. It has an excellent reputation for making electronic instruments and music equipment, such as synthesizers, mixing consoles, and studio monitors. But it is electronic drum kits that Alesis is most ...
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Sonor AQ2 Martini

Sonor AQ2 Martini Review

Sonor has an amazing heritage when it comes to creating percussion instruments. It has been around since 1875 and Sonor has become the drum kit of choice for a lot of talented, famous drummers, such as Phil Rudd, Samantha Maloney, ...
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Roland TD-11K

Roland TD-11K Review

Roland is a Japanese company that was founded in 1972. In the 47 years since its creation, it has come to be renowned for its high-quality electronic musical instruments. Perhaps the most famous range that Roland produce is its V-Drums ...
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Gretsch Drums Catalina CM1-E605-DCB 5

Gretsch Catalina Maple Review

Gretsch has a tremendous reputation that has developed thanks to more than 135 years of high-quality musical instrument production. Musicians of all types love Gretsch, whether they are an electric guitarist, a banjo player, or a mandolin player. But drummers ...
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Best Electronic Drum Set

10 Best Electronic Drum Sets of 2022

Every budding or seasoned musician needs the best electronic drum set they can afford. Whether it's a Roland or a Yamaha, it's important to know the key details of each product before you decide on a final purchase. The greatest ...
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Best Drum Sets for Kids / Juniors

10 Best Kids/Junior Drum Sets of 2022

Below is the list of arguably the best beginner drum sets available on the market today, their unique qualities will not only help your child to properly learn the drums, but also he or she will learn to play it ...
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Best Drum Sets under $500

10 Best Electronic Drum Sets Under $500

We have scoured the options and come up with the 10 best electronic drum sets under $500 – perfect for anyone looking to practice their craft without guilt, or for any beginner entering into the discipline. When buying a new ...
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Best Drum Machine Beat Maker

Best Drum Machine Beat Makers of 2022

When choosing which drum machine to buy, there are various factors to consider. Many variables factor into picking the best product for your needs. Some of these include 24-bit, stereo, electronic, classic, modern, a professional beat production station or an ...
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The Best Rated Snare Drum of 2022 Review

Few drums are as distinctive and regularly used as the snare, which is why so many drummers hunt for the very best snare drum they can find. Whether they’re looking for something warm and resonant, or something that’ll replicate a ...
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The Best Drum Sticks for All Genres in 2022

Percussion is the best. It can enhance music in so many different ways and it's a family of instruments that is very versatile. We're hoping that you will be able to find the best drum sticks, and would also recommend ...
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Best Drum Practice Pads in 2022

Finding the best drum practice pad for your needs is important so that you can practice without worrying about what other people will say. Let's face it, acoustic drums are loud! And even though we as drummers don't have a ...
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Pearl Roadshow RS525SCC706

Pearl Roadshow RS525SCC706

If you are on the lookout for an out of the box ready to play 5-piece drum-kit, you really can't go far wrong with the Pearl roadshow model. They come in four slightly different gig-ready set-ups; the Jazz, the Rock, ...
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Roland TD-25K-S

Roland TD-25K-S Review

The Roland TD 30 is unfortunately not available at this time, so we've reviewed an alternative, below. The Roland TD-25K-S is a beautiful electronic drum-kit, modeled on the highly sought after Roland TD-30. It features some tremendous integrated additions from ...
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Pearl Drum

Pearl Export EXX725S/C 5 Review

If you asked a non-musician to name a drum manufacturer, then Pearl is the most likely answer they would give you. It is undoubtedly one of the most famous drum makers in the world. And the reason it is so ...
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Best Gifts for Drummers in 2022

Are you looking for gifts for drummers? There are some great options out there for you to buy for the drummer in your life. Of course, sticks are the most obvious choice, but there are also a lot of other ...
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Roland TD-25KV

Roland TD-25KV Review

The V-Line series from Roland has a venerated reputation in the drumming community. The high-quality mesh heads, combined with the rubber V-cymbals, offers drummers an electric drum kit that feels as close to an acoustic set as you can get ...
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Alesis Crimson 2

Alesis Crimson II 5-Piece Electronic Drum Kit

The Alesis Crimson II is a next-gen 5-piece model from Alesis' mid-range. Unlike some of the cheaper entry-level kits, Alesis offers the crimson benefits from some of the most popular features from their higher-end products that improve the playability of ...
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Alesis Drum Nitro

Alesis DM6 & Nitro Mesh Kit Comparison

The Alesis DM6 kit was one of the best electric drum kits on the market that came at a very low price. It was incredibly popular because of its low price point, as well as offering drummers a module that ...
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Alesis DM10 MKII

Alesis DM10X & DM10 MKII Review

The Alesis DM10X kit was an outstanding, studio kit that had over 1,000 sounds to choose from, as well as using Dynamic Articulation – Alesis’s proprietary technology – to give drummers a realistic-sounding kit. The Alesis DM10X was also a ...
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Person playing drums

The Best Low Volume Cymbals in 2022

This week, for the sake of mastering our skills at neighbor-friendly and non-damaging levels, we have researched some of the best low volume cymbals on the market to find a practice set that won't leave a ringing in your ears ...
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