Yamaha DTX450K Electronic Drum Kit

You may find it difficult to find an electronic drum set that meets your needs. Many kits don't offer you the customization that you want but that all changes with the DTX450K by Yamaha. This drum kit has a lot of features for those just starting to learn to drum or for players who need help with their practicing.

Yamaha DTX450K

Yamaha DTX450K

Key Features

Beginner Friendly

For those just getting into electronic drumming, they will find it this kid is very easy to use. It has LED lights so operation and navigation through the kit is a breeze. You can use your iOS device any included free apps to control your drum kit. It also comes complete with built-in songs so you can jam along with them.

The kit is built for comfort as you can set the angle and the height of the drums so it can accommodate the needs of any player. The 10-inch cymbals that come with the kit are comfortable to play. This kit is also easy to set up right out of the box. It’s also easy to store out of the way when you’re not using it.

Learn to Drum with Ease

You can use the 10 drum training exercises to help you learn to drum. Many of the exercises will help you learn how to keep in time which is essential for any drummer. Use the midi feature to import songs MIDI to help you with your practice sessions. The kits can be hooked up to your computer audio interface via USB. When you purchase, you get 25 free MIDI songs to help you with your practice sessions.

This drum kit combines with iOS applications that make jamming to songs or learning to drum easy. You 10 customizable kits as well as 297 high-quality sounds. The kits you get can cover various styles from rock to jazz so you can play different types of music. It comes complete with a 10-inch hi-hat cymbal, crash cymbals, and a 10-inch ride cymbal.

Express Your Creativity

The snare drum before this kit is 3-zone so it's perfect for creating different sounds such as rim shots or cross-stick. to help you express yourself and create music with more feeling, it has an advanced hi-hat control pedal. The drum pads on this kit have been newly designed and the symbols are large at 10 in. It's a comfortable kit to play, durable and you'll be able to depend on this kit for a long time to come. You can also add one additional pad or cymbal to the kit to give you additional sound variety.

Great Mobile Apps

+View video drum lessons and start playing right away
+Customize the 10 kits for more sound options
+Learn MIDI songs and get new songs
+Use drum training exercises

What’s Included

Drum Module

+Drum Module (DTX400)
+Three-zone snare pad
+3 tom pads (single-zone)
+2 Cymbal pads
+1 hi-hat pad
++All necessary cables
1-year warranty


+ Beginner friendly and an easy kit to start playing right away
+ Contains helpful iOS applications with free MIDI songs
+ Customizable kits and different sounds


- A bit expensive for beginners
- Preset kits a bit limited

Who Is It Suitable For?

This is an excellent kit for anyone at that is just getting into drumming or wants to start using electronic drums. It comes with plenty of solid features and everything you need to get started with this type of drumming.

It's also perfect for anyone that wants to do some recording because you can plug the drum straight into a computer and create your own drum tracks. This is also the perfect kit for anyone that wants to do drum practicing but doesn't want to practice using their full drum kit.

Why We Like It

The DTX450K by Yamaha is a solid electronic drum kit. It has all the features you need to get started with electronic drumming. It contains excellent features to help you learn to drum and it works well with your Apple smartphone and contains helpful applications which teach you how to drum and gives you the tools you need to practice drumming. the sound included are all great and you’ll get an authentic drumming experience with this kit and plenty of sound options.

Other related product

Yamaha DTX452K

The Yamaha DTX452K features stereo drum sound that is sampled from real cymbals and acoustic drums. There is a training module built right into the drumkit and the drum is easy to adjust. It’s perfect for beginners and those that need to practice their drumming The DTX 452K provides better sound when compared with the 450K which was popular.

This new model expands upon that popularity. This kit has a sturdier construction, the drums are more natural feeling and the cymbals also feel better. You can also position it better so it’s more comfortable.

There are 10 built-in drum kits, and 415 drum sounds which is more than the 297 featured on the 450K kit. It comes with 10 training functions so you can practice and learn how to drum with ease. Use the included Android and Apple apps to help you practice or record. This kit makes a great alternative to the older 450K and has a lot more sounds that you can use in your own drumming.

Yamaha DTX452K

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