Roland TD-11K Review

Roland is a Japanese company that was founded in 1972. In the 47 years since its creation, it has come to be renowned for its high-quality electronic musical instruments. Perhaps the most famous range that Roland produce is its V-Drums series. The V-Drums series is composed of numerous electronic drum kits that are available for a range of purposes and prices.

The Roland TD-11K is a compact, electronic drum kit. The quality of this kit means that it appeals to drummers of all experience levels, with expert drummers enjoying its feel and sound quality, while novice drummers will find it a breeze to learn and improve on. Added features like the COACH function are directly aimed at beginner drummers. But the intuitive, mesh-head snare will be especially appreciated by experienced drummers.

This impressive electronic drum kit is also highly portable, with the drum stand being designed to be easily taken down. It has been created to be the ideal drum kit for home practice.

Therefore, there are a number of added features, such as the Quick Record function, that will help you improve your playing, or just keep your playing sharp. As with every electronic drum kit, then you gain the benefit of not creating a lot of noise each time you play, so you can, therefore, practice much more often.

Roland TD-11K

Roland TD-11K

Key Features

The Roland TD-11K is an excellent, high-quality electric drum kit, and it includes the following key features:

SuperNATURAL Enhanced Sound Engine: This sound engine creates extremely natural sounds, allowing you to express yourself as if you were playing an acoustic set.

3 x PD-8A Tom Pads: This rubber tom pad unit has been specially designed for the TD-11K.

Mesh-head V-Pad Snare: Mesh-heads allow for intuitive, natural drumming, and gives the same rebound as an acoustic drum.

LCD User Interface: This icon-driven interface is easy to use.

Compact Drum Stand: The lightweight, compact drum stand makes this set portable and won’t take up much space in your practice room.

USB Connectivity: Connect to any device thanks to the USB connection, which lets you back your data up, and for playing MP3s.

COACH Function: A great function for learners, or for drummers seeking some tips to improve their playing.

Onboard Backing Songs: The library of sounds offers a lot of diversity in genre, so fans of all types of music will enjoy playing along with the professionally recorded backing songs.

Natural Feeling Kick Pad: This allows for natural, smooth kick drum triggering.


+ The tactile feedback of this electronic drum kit is hard to beat. The mesh-head snare offers an incredible depth of tone and responds extremely well to even light touches from your stick.

+ The versatility of this kit, as well as the COACH function, means that this kit is well-suited to players of all levels. Beginner drummers can continue to grow with this kit as their playing improves.

+ The stand is perfect for players who want to set-up and take-down the kit frequently. This makes it a very portable electronic drum kit.

+ Roland’s SuperNATURAL sound means that you get dynamic and authentic sound that is superior in comparison to other electronic drum kits on the market.


- Some drummers have raised concerns about issues of distortion when the drum kit is connected to a music player via the AUX line. The reason for this is because of fluctuations in the AC to DC adapter. The problem can be easily fixed with a replacement power supply, and most sellers will give you this replacement if your raise alarm about this problem.

Who Is It Suitable For?

The beauty of the Roland TD-11TK is that it is an electronic drum kit that is suitable for drummers of all levels. Experts will love the enhanced sound and the tactile nature of the drum kit, especially the mesh-head snare. While beginners will enjoy learning on it and will find the COACH function really useful in improving their drumming.

Why We Like It

Roland always produces excellent products. Their SuperNATURAL sound has a fantastic reputation because anyone who uses an electronic instrument with this technology can tell how great it is. This electronic drum kit doesn’t just sound good. It is easy to set up and take down. It is compact. And the tactility of it makes it a highly recommended electronic drum kit.

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