Alesis Strike Pro Review

The Alesis Strike Pro is the upgraded 11-piece edition of its highly popular Alesis Strike progenitor drum-kit which includes an extra dual-zone tom pad as well as 3 extra dual-zone crash cymbals all with choke functionality.

Its aesthetic qualities are actually modeled on a traditional acoustic drum-kit; from its familiar layout, right down to the inclusion of genuine wood shells and mock hardware.

Many modern electric kits can be very minimalist with very clinical looking drum pad hoops suspended in an unnatural way. Sure this gives them a desirable footprint but they tend to give a less realistic experience and can provide less flexibility because of the smaller dimensions of their pads.

The Alesis Strike Pro does benefit from a more compact stature like many other electric drum-kit models but it harbors electronic heads far larger in diameter than we see on average. This gives drummers a larger surface area to play with and a little edge over their competitors.

The cymbals are advertised as 'spectacularly realistic' but there has been a lot of mixed feedback as far as they are concerned. This is especially true with regards to the hi-hat which many have found problematic.

We think they look the part with their hammered appearance but that a hi-hat replacement could well be on the cards. They have a great deal of bounce which gives them a natural feel in direct comparison to a real cymbal. It is also important to note that in the size department once again they trump a number of modern electronic kits with their larger bell surface areas.

Alesis Strike Pro

Alesis Strike Pro

Key Features

Large diameter hoops with genuine wood shells including; 14” dual-zone snare drum pad, 8” dual-zone tom pad, 10” dual-zone tom pad,2” dual-zone tom pad, 14” dual-zone tom pad.

It also has a 14” bass drum, a hi-hat one 16” crash cymbal and 3 bouncy crash cymbals with hammered, large bell-surface areas to play with.

It comes with a premium 4-post chrome rack, along with all mounting hardware, stands, power supply and useful accessories, such as all an important pair of drumsticks.

Its best feature is the Strike Performance Module that runs the kit and harbors over 100 new drum-kit sounds which were created artificially from over 1600 multi-sampled instruments ideal for a wide variety of genres. It comes with proprietary software that gives access to essentially unlimited sample sounds.

It has a color LED screen to help visually aid its easy access settings and adjustments it also features an SD card reader for storage as well as USB and MIDI connectors for DAW recording.


+ Genuine wood shells.
+ More compact than a traditional acoustic drum-kit.
+ Fantastic onboard sampling facilities and a great free software editor.
+ USB/MIDI output for virtual instrument control.


- Disappointing high-hat.
- Not the most accurate response.

Who Is It Suitable For?

We would say this particular electric drum-kit is probably best suited to a novice as the drum-pad response can take a little getting used to, there is quicker and more sensitive kit out there which would be more idyllic for a seasoned drummer.

It makes for an ideal junior drum-kit as its smaller size makes it easier for younger drummers to navigate. If you are concerned that an 11-piece kit may be too complicated for little

It is an ideal solution for a kid who is begging for an acoustic kit as its electronic nature allows for it to be monitored via headphones whilst it plays on mute, so parents and neighbors don't have to be subjected to their thrashing.

Why We Like It

Its preset library is very extensive and offers a range of sampled sounds with unique timbres to create interesting, dynamic rhythms for a variety of musical genres. The onboard sampling and free software editor enables users to create custom kits via virtual instruments and actually boost the 110 kits into essentially infinite realms.

Other related product

Alesis Nitro Kit

Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit


Another set from the Alesis electric drum-kit range to consider Is the Nitro model, which features a more stereotypical, compact, modern electronic-kit design. If you aren't fussed about the genuine wood shells and authentic familiarity that the Strike Pro model has to offer It could be a cheaper alternative.

The Alesis Surge kit is also another contender.

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