Alesis DM10X & DM10 MKII Review

The Alesis DM10X kit was an outstanding, studio kit that had over 1,000 sounds to choose from, as well as using Dynamic Articulation – Alesis’s proprietary technology – to give drummers a realistic-sounding kit.

The Alesis DM10X was also a very durable drumkit, which had a chrome rack, so you didn’t need to be careful when playing it, and could really let yourself go. It also was a remarkable kit because of the value-for-money that it offered too. But, unfortunately, Alesis discontinued the DM10X.

The Alesis DM10 MKII is a great alternative to the Alesis DM10X kit. It has high-level mesh drumheads that are almost silent to those around you but are very intuitive and natural feeling to play too. The drums themselves are also a decent size.

They are slightly bigger than what you got with the Alesis DM10 studio kit. Just like the DM10X, the DM10 MKII is very sturdy and allows you to play with the same power as you like to on your acoustic kit.

Alesis DM10 MKII

Alesis DM10 MKII

Key Features

Here are the key features of the Alesis DM10 MKII electric drumkit:

Tightly Woven Mesh Drumheads: These mesh drumheads are some of the finest you’ll find on an electric drumkit, and they’re an improvement on what you got on the Alesis DM10X.

Nine Piece Configuration: This is made up of five pads (3 x toms, 1 x snare, and 1 x kick) and four cymbals (1 x hi-hat, 2 x crash, and 1 x ride).

54 Preset Drumkits: A huge choice of amazing sounding kits, meaning that you’ll find something to suit you without needing to fiddle around.

671 Instrument Sounds: This is a breathtaking selection of instruments, giving you complete freedom to create the sound you want.

DM10 MKII Sound Module: This is an improvement on the Alesis DM10 module.


+ The tightly woven mesh drumheads are incredible. They give you a very good response, even from the lightest hit, and the rebound feels just like your acoustic kit. The quality of an electric drumkit depends on the quality of the drumheads, and the Alesis DM10 MKII offers you some of the best mesh drumheads on the market.

+ The nine-piece configuration of the Alesis DM10 MKII is a huge plus. A lot of electric drumkits don’t offer drummers so much choice. And the larger set-up is great. Especially as the pads are quite large, giving you more surface area to hit.

+ The module loads up very quickly, so there’s no waiting around, and it works perfectly too. The Alesis DM10X also was renowned for its amazing Alesis DM10 module, but the new Alesis DM10 MK11 module is an improvement on this previous version.

+ The four-legged frame makes it easier for you to play. It gives the kit the same sort of size as an acoustic kit, which makes it better for you to keep your natural arm-movement and rhythm. Because of its size, it wouldn’t look out of place on a stage either, which isn’t the case with some of the smaller electronic drumkits on the market.


- The Alesis DM10X was a flawless kit, whereas there is one slight downside to the Alesis DM10 MKII, which that the bass drum can sometimes sound louder than the other pads.

Who Is It Suitable For?

This is a high-level, studio, electric drumkit, which will appeal to anyone who also loved the DM10X mesh kit. There are no limits to your sound. And the mesh drumheads are truly amazing. If you’ve got the money to invest in the Alesis DM10 MKII, then you won’t regret the purchase, regardless of what level of drummer you are.

Why We Like It

It offers an improvement on the Alesis DM10x, which was an excellent electric drumkit in itself. The Alesis DM10 MKII is sturdy, with nice big drums, and it has a huge selection of preset kits, as well as a wide range of instrument sounds too.

It’s also a big kit, with its nine-piece configuration, meaning that you aren’t restricted in the slightest, and can play as you would your acoustic kit. The Alesis DM10 MKII is an excellent electronic drumkit that fans of the Alesis DM10X will love too.

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