Roland TD-1KV Electronic Drum Kit Review

Roland is a top-quality musical instrument producer and they have several electronic drum kits for you to choose from. The Roland TD-1KV is an excellent drum kit for both beginners as well as seasoned players that are looking for an electronic drum kit. It has plenty of advanced features that make this a standout product.

Roland TD-1KV

Roland TD-1KV

Key Features

Perfect for Beginners or Practicing

This kit is perfect for beginners and drummers that have some experience. It has an advanced sound engine which makes this a top choice for anyone looking to learn to drum. You get plenty of expressive drum kit sounds to help you mold and shape your sound. The kit is simple to set up so you can begin drumming right away.

Create Your Own Sound

The interface of the kit is easy to customize so you can swap your cymbals and drums in your kit. It comes with snare/tom single zone pads, high hat pad, dual zone crash, and ride cymbals. The pedals are stand alone so you can place these where you prefer to accommodate different playing styles.

There is both a beater-less kick and snare drum pedal. The pedals are responsive and both sound great. The frame is sturdy and will take a lot of abuse as you drum. The cymbals are adjustable and you can choke your ride and crash cymbal.

The ride cymbal gives a nice bell sound when played. The toms and mesh snare all respond to your drumming touch and will produce more sound when hit harder and less when with a lighter touch.

Learn to Drum

This kit features onboard training with the V-drums tutor which is your built-in drumming coach. You can play various drum styles with the kit sound module as it comes with 15 expressive drum kits. Use the recorder and metronome as you practice. The time setting allows you to practice your timing and helps you keep the beat. This is an excellent feature for drumming students who need to practice.


You can use the built-in USB and midi interface. Use the USB cable to communicate with your music software. You can use Roland v-drums which is a free application. This has practice features, jam tracks, and you can even compete with other drummers across the world. If you want to do some simple recording with your drum kit, this is the ideal choice.

What’s Included

+ Drum rack that is simple to adjust
+ PDX-8 V pad
+ Hi-hat pedal (beater-less)
+ Kick pedal (beater-less)
+ Tom: Poor Tom, Rack, 1 and 2
+ Drum set sound module
+ Audio cables
+ Drumsticks
+ Drum polishing cloth
+ 30 pounds weight


+ The kit is sturdy and won’t take up much space
+ Easy to learn to drum with the caching feature
+ Has authentic drum kit sounds
+ Easy kit to play


- Foot pedals might not be ideal for more advanced drummers
- Mesh snare won’t allow you to use brushes

Who Is It Suitable For?

This drum kit is best suited for beginners or those that want to do some quality practicing. It has everything in the kit that you require to get started with drumming. There is a wide variety of sounds that you'll be able to get out of this kit.

It might not be the ideal choice for advanced drummers but it is still suitable for practice work or doing a little bit of recording. It’s an easy kit to use and it doesn't require a lot of setups.

Why We Like It

The Roland TD-1KV Is the ideal electronic drum kit for both beginners and those that are an intermediate level. The drum kit sound included with this kit all sound great and the drum kit itself is very easy to customize. It comes with good training features so you can learn to drum and keep time which is important for any drummer to master.

The drum kit will increase or decrease volume as you drum depending upon your touch which gives it an authentic feel. We also like the fact that the kit is very durable and compact which will fit in smaller spaces. For anyone looking for a high-quality drum kit to help them practice or take them to the next level, this is the kit you want to buy.

Alternative Product

Roland TD-11K

Roland TD-11K

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