Best Gifts for Drummers in 2021

Are you looking for gifts for drummers? There are some great options out there for you to buy for the drummer in your life. Of course, sticks are the most obvious choice, but there are also a lot of other functional or fun gifts for drummers out there too.

A drummer’s kit is more than just sticks, a stool, and drums, it should include a towel, a drum rug, tools for fixing the drums, earmuffs to protect the drummers hearing, especially during long-practice sessions, and a drum cover is important for making sure that the drumkit doesn’t get ruined because of debris, dust, water or sunlight. Then there are objects like drum gels that can really enhance the sound of the drums, especially for live performances or for inside the recording studio.

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To give you some ideas of what the best gifts for drummers on the market are, then have a look at this varied list, as well as the buyer’s guide and breakdown that comes after it, so that you can make sure to buy a gift that the drummer in your life will be very pleased with.

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1. Pearl TechTool MultiTool Key

Pearl TechTool MultiTool Key

Although this multi-tool is made by Pearl, it is not just compatible with Pearl kits, as will also work for any drum kit that doesn’t use metric sizes. It’s a brilliant little tool that will easily fit inside a drummer’s stick bag or even their pocket.

It has thirteen tools as part of it, including six hex keys and five screwdrivers, two of which are slotted, while the other three are Philips. It also has a handy drum key as part of it. And it has a bottle opener so that the drummer in your life can crack open a cold one after practicing, rehearsing, or playing a gig.

+ Thirteen, useful tools for drummers
+ Fits inside a stick bag or pocket
+ Suitable for a variety of drum kits
+ Designed by Pearl
+ Affordable price

Why We Liked It - A Pearl TechTool is one of the most functional gifts for drummers you can buy, and one that every drummer will very quickly come to rely on.

2. AVic Firth American Classic 5A Drum Sticks

Vic Firth American Classic 5A Drum Sticks

If you’re looking for gifts for drummers, then you can’t go wrong with a set of Vic Firth drum sticks. Keith Moon used to play with Vic Firth sticks, and nowadays countless other world-famous drummers, like Questlove and Vinnie Paul are big fans too. This set feature the classic Vic Firth design.

They have a teardrop, wooden tip, which means that you get really rich cymbal sounds while using them. The 5A size makes them ideal for quick, light playing, or for drummers with average and small-sized hands. If weight balance is important to the drummer, then they’ll be pleased with the consistency offered by American Classic sticks.

+ Teardrop tip
+ Great price
+ Very durable
+ Perfect weight balance
+ Ideal for quick or light drumming

Why We Liked It - Vic Firth sticks are always a great choice when looking for gifts for drummers because every drummer knows and respects the Vic Firth name and won’t be disappointed when drumming with them in their hands.

3. DECIBEL DEFENSE Professional Safety Ear Muffs

DECIBEL DEFENSE Professional Safety Ear Muffs

Safety earmuffs are a great choice when it comes to gifts for drummers. It is important, of course, for drummers to think about their hearing. One way to make sure that a drummer doesn’t damage their ears is by wearing earmuffs. This pair offer protection up to 37dB. They are also very comfortable to wear.

That’s because they have a very comfy, soft headband, which features a padded cell design. They only weigh 11.2 ounces, which is much lighter than a lot of other safety earmuffs that are on the market, so they shouldn’t distract a drummer while playing.

+ Padded, cell design headband
+ 37 dB protection
+ Lightweight
+ Soft earpads
+ Very sturdy

Why We Liked It - These are excellent earmuffs that will help protect the drummer in your life’s ears while remaining comfortable for them to wear while playing, so that makes them one of the top choices for gifts for drummers.

4. SUCK UK Drumstick Pencils

SUCK UK Drumstick Pencils

If you know a drummer, then you’ll be aware that they love to constantly tap out beats wherever they are and whatever they are doing. That might mean tapping their hands against a desk, or their pens or pencils against pads of paper.

The pencils that are shaped like drumsticks are a good choice when looking for gifts for drummers because they are functioning pencils that can be used as drumsticks too. They’re made from sustainable wood, which makes them environmentally friendly, and the pencils are HB. If you know a drummer who uses pencils for work or at school, then they will absolutely love these drumstick pencils.

+ Made from sustainable wood
+ HB pencils
+ Ideal for spontaneous drumming sessions at school or work
+ A fun gift
+ Low price

Why We Liked It - They’re fun and every drummer will love to tap use them to release the internal rhythm that they hear all the time, regardless of where they are.

5. Zildjian Drummer's Survival Kit

Zildjian Drummer's Survival Kit

Zildjian is one of the most well-respected and well-known cymbal manufacturers in the world. It’s a company that understands drummers and what they need. That’s why it makes this very handy survival kit which one of the best gifts for drummers who perform live. It includes everything a drummer might need in an emergency situation.

Inside the kit you’ll find six cymbals felts, two hi-hat clutch felts, one hi-hat cup felt, three 8mm wing nuts, four tension rods for floor toms, four tension rods for snare drums, twelve nylon washers, a drum key, and two snare wire cords.

+ Ideal for emergency situations
+ Excellent drum key
+ Zildjian’s high-quality
+ Handy hi-hat cup felt
+ Six cymbal felts

Why We Liked It - This kit has everything a drummer needs to get themselves out of a sticky situation during a gig or an intense rehearsal.

6. Pattern Pop Small Personalized Drum Set Towel

Pattern Pop Small Personalized Drum Set Towel

Playing the drums is a sweaty business, and that sweat can get everywhere, on the drumsticks, on the drums, let alone all over the drummer themselves. That’s why every drummer has to have a towel.

This one is ideal for drummers thanks to the lovely image of drums on it, as well as the ability to add your own personalized message to it, which makes it a great choice when thinking of gifts for drummers. It is 11” by 18” in size. And it is extremely soft too, as it is made from microfiber polyester.

+ 11” by 18” in size
+ Cool image
+ Can add a personalized message
+ Very soft
+ Washable

Why We Liked It - The best gifts for drummers are practical, fun, and look good, and this towel does all three things, and being able to add your own personalized message allows you the drummer to always remember you when they use it.

7. Makanu Drum Gel, 12 Pieces Clear Drum Dampener

Makanu Drum Gel, 12 Pieces Clear Drum Dampener

Drum gels are spread over drums or cymbals so that higher overtones are then diminished. This then gives the drummer more of a muffled or punchier sound, especially out of the toms. These drum gels are great gifts for drummers.

They are often used in recording studios or performing live because it allows the drummer to have more control over tone, sustain, and resonance. The gels are non-toxic. And they will also last for thirty days after they have been applied to clean drumheads or cymbals. There are twelve pieces in this kit, which will mean that most drummers will be able to coat their kit twice per pack.

+ Non-toxic gel
+ Twelve pieces per pack
+ Offer a punchier, more muffled sound
+ Give drummers more control over tone, sustain, and resonance
+ Used by drummers for live performances and studio recording

Why We Liked It - They give drummers a lot more control over their sound while they’re drumming, which makes them perfect for live performances or for use in recording studios.

8. On-Stage DrumFire Drum Set Dust Cover

On-Stage DrumFire Drum Set Dust Cover

No drummer wants their most prized possession to become damaged, which is why a drum set cover is something to consider when looking for gifts for drummers. This one offers the kit protection for debris and dust.

It is also water-resistant. And it will protect the drum kit from UV rays too. The corners are weighted so that the cover will stay firmly in place. It is 80” by 180” in size, and that means it will cover most drum kits. It is black. And it is made out of nylon. It is also machine washable too.

+ Water-resistant
+ Weighted corners
+ UV protection
+ Big enough for most kits
+ Machine washable

Why We Liked It - This cover is perfect for keeping a drumkit protected from everything, whether it’s the sun, rain, dust or debris.

9. Meinl Cymbals MDR-BK Drum Rug

Meinl Cymbals MDR-BK Drum Rug

A drum rug keeps a drummer’s kit in place while they are playing, which is especially important if they are drumming at a gig. This high-quality drum rug from Meinl offers a huge surface area, as it is 6 ½ feet in length, and it has a width of 5 ½ feet.

Of course, it has a non-slip bottom, which is made from non-slip rubber, which means that it will work on a variety of surfaces. It comes with a handy carry case. The top of the rug is made from a tightly woven, thick fabric, which is very hard-wearing and durable.

+ Non-slip rubber bottom
+ Large surface area
+ Includes a carry case
+ Suited to most surfaces
+ Durable, hard-wearing woven fabric

Why We Liked It - A drum rug of this high-standard is one of those gifts for drummers that will last a very long time, meaning that the drummer you buy it for will be thanking you for years to come.

Gifts for Drummers Buyer’s Guide

Searching for gifts for drummers doesn’t need to be difficult, as there are so many essential items that a drummer needs, as well as countless extras that can make a drummer’s life much easier. Then, there are fun items too, which drummers would enjoy to play around with when they’re not practicing or playing live.

To make sure that you have a good overview of what the best gifts for drummers are, then check out this buyer’s guide, which will tell you what the three categories of gifts for drummers are, and the sort of items that you will find in each category are too.

Drummer Essentials

A great choice when looking for gifts for drummers is to choose an essential item that no drummer can live without. Depending on your price range, this might include a new drumkit or a replacement component of the drumkit, for example, a new set of cymbals. Or you might even consider purchasing an electric drumkit, especially if you live with the drummer, and fancy getting a bit of silence while they practice all evening.

Another item that no drummer can live without, of course, is drumsticks. Choosing sticks from a respected brand like Vic Firth is always a good idea. Sticks like these have an excellent reputation. They are also durable, so won’t break after a particularly hard-hitting session.

A high-quality, kick drum pedal could also be an option, when considering the essentials of a drum setup that no drummer can play without.

You could also think of getting a new drum stool. There are a lot of options available when it comes to stools, so you can find one that is both comfortable and has an interesting, eye-catching design too.

Important Pieces of Kit for Drummers

This category of gifts for drummers is the most extensive. Once you go beyond a drummer’s kit and sticks, then there are so many other items that can be incorporated into a drummer’s setup that they will be extremely thankful for.

A drum rug is an extremely useful piece of kit. A non-slip material, like rubber, will be found at the bottom of the rug. And then a sort of weaved material will be on the top. The rug goes underneath the drumkit, and then the kit is secured so that nothing slips or moves during playing. It can be used at home, at a rehearsal space, or during live gigs. And the best drum rugs are very hard-wearing, so they last a long time.

A cool towel that is soft and machine washable is imperative for a drummer to own. Drumming is a workout, and the sweat gets everywhere. Having a towel to hand allows the drummer to wipe themselves down, as well as their sticks, drumheads, and cymbals. Choosing a personalized towel is one of those gifts for drummers that shows you care.

Drumhead pads can help soften the sound of the drums while practicing, and that makes them an excellent investment. Another option is to get drum gels. These spread over the drumheads to slightly dampen the sound, offering an improved sound that is often described as being “punchy”.

You also can’t go wrong with a drum cover, when looking for gifts for drummers. A dustproof, waterproof, cover can be effortlessly pulled over the drum kit, protecting it from debris or dirt, meaning that the most prized possession on your drummer’s life is kept clean and in perfect condition.

Every drummer requires certain tools to keep their kit in perfect working order. A multitool has everything a drummer needs for adjusting their kit, especially a drum key. Another addition to a multitool is important pieces of hardware that are incorporated into the kit.

An idea for gifts for drummers that include all these important things are survival kits, which will have felts for cymbals and hi-hats as part of them.

Fun Gifts for Drummers

Another option for gifts for drummers is to get them something like a novelty item. A piece of jewelry with a drumkit incorporated into it is one idea. Or a t-shirt with a famous drummer on it.

Another great option is to purchase a gift for drummers that takes an everyday item and converts it into drumsticks. We all know that whatever you give to a drummer, they turn into drumsticks anyway, whether it’s chopsticks, wooden spoons, or pens and pencils. It is possible to buy a drumstick version of all these items.

Are there any gifts for drummers that will protect a drummer’s ears?

You don’t want your favorite drummer to damage their ears while they’re practicing their beloved hobby. That’s why earmuffs or earplugs can also make great gifts for drummer too.

Expert Tip

Once a drummer is starting to get serious about their playing, then they’ll need to make sure that nothing can affect them mid-song. So choosing gifts for drummers that will keep their kit in perfect working order, as well as in a stable position, so that the tone is exactly what they want is a great option, fortunately, there are a lot of gifts for drummers that fit into this category.

Did you know?

Drumming is an incredible workout. A thirty-minute session with drumsticks in your hands burns more calories than cycling, hiking, and weightlifting in the same amount of time.


There are lots of amazing gifts for drummers around. What you will choose will depend on what level of drummer the person you’re buying for is, and also what they already have in their kit. Making sure they have all the essential items is important, as are all the other pieces of equipment that cover all the bases a drummer need. But there are also some great fun gifts for drummers too.

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