Roland TD-11KV Review

Roland TD-11KV is an electric drum kit that is part of Roland’s world-famous V-line series. One of the main reasons that these electric drum kits are so admired is because of the sound engine that is integrated into the system. superNATURAL is Roland’s system in the V-line series, and the extent of original sounds that it offers is breath-taking.

The drum module gives you a choice of 25 kits to play, which means that drummers of all different styles and genres will find a way to recreate their usual acoustic sound on this electronic drumkit.

There is a lot to love about the Roland TD-11KV drumkit. The mesh-head V-pads are incredibly responsive, allowing you to play with the same subtlety as you do with your acoustic kit. The V-cymbals are equally responsive and are a lot of fun to play.

The Roland TD-11KV is aimed at beginners and intermediate drummers, which makes it an excellent drumkit to build up your skills on. And – as with all electronic drumkits – you’re able to get a lot more practice out of it than an acoustic kit for the simple reason that you can plug in your headphone and play any time, day or night, and not disturb anyone at all.

Roland TD-11KV

Roland TD-11KV


Key Features

The Roland TD-11KV is a wonderful drumkit, which is loaded with lots of great features. Here are the most important:

Behavior Modelling: This provides you with the most lifelike drumming experience that you can get from an electric drumkit.

superNATURAL Sound Engine: Combined with the behavior modeling, this sound engine contributes to allowing you more freedom to express yourself on the kit.

Solid, Compact Drum Stand: This is a durable, compact stand that is also easy to transport.

25 Pre-set Kits: Whatever genre you play, you’ll be able to find something representative on the Roland TD-11KV.

COACH Function: Beginners will love this function, as it will help improve your playing without the need for lessons.

V-Cymbals: The V-cymbals that are part of this kit feel very natural to play, allowing you to tap them and get a good response like from acoustic cymbals.

Mesh-head Snare and Toms: Mesh-heads is the closest you can get to acoustic drums when it comes to an electric drumkit.

Large LCD Interface: This is very user-friendly, easy to operate, and makes your whole drumming experience more fluid.


+ The V-Cymbals and mesh-head V-Pads for the snares and tom-toms are incredibly responsive, meaning that a drummer doesn’t need to adapt their playing when they are used to playing acoustic drumkits.

+ There is an incredible amount of choice in terms of sound with the Roland TD-11KV kit. As with all electric drumkits that are part of the V-Line series, then the integrated sound engine and drum module allow you to recreate your ideal acoustic drumkit through electric means.

+ The COACH function is a great way for beginner or intermediate drummers to improve and perfect timing. Not only can it make sure that you’re constantly keeping in time, but there’s also an option to warm yourself up using the COACH function before you settle into a long session.


- The only drawback when it comes to the Roland TD-11KV electric drumkit is the price tag. If you consider, however, what you are purchasing for the money, how well regarded the kit is, and how it will transform your drumming in the long-term, then it is worth the investment.

Who Is It Suitable For?

The Roland TD-11KV is generally aimed at beginner and intermediate drummers. This makes it the perfect electric drumkit to learn on, as you can grow with it. There are a lot of great functions that allow you to learn on the kit, such as the COACH mode.

The supreme quality of the sound engine and drum module make this kit a possible choice for advanced drummers who want a practice e-kit.

Why We Like It

The Roland V-Line series is a leader when it comes to electric drumkits, and the Roland TD-11KV is a perfect example of why this series is so well-respected and loved by all drummers. It is a responsive kit that includes a sound engine and drum module that will allow you to express yourself freely. It’s a great investment for anyone looking for an electric drumkit.

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