Roland TD-25KV Review

The V-Line series from Roland has a venerated reputation in the drumming community. The high-quality mesh heads, combined with the rubber V-cymbals, offers drummers an electric drum kit that feels as close to an acoustic set as you can get.

The Roland V-line series is an example of Roland’s desire to constantly innovate, meaning that you will find features on its V-line series that you won’t find on other drum kits, even in the same price range.

The Roland TD-25KV electric drum kit is an exceptional kit for many reasons. First, though, it is simply the natural feel of the kit, with the cymbals swooping just like an acoustic cymbal does, meaning that drummers don’t need to adapt their style to suit the electric kit. Instead, Roland TD-25KV’s pliable, mesh pads will adapt to you.

Of course, an electric drum kit needs to offer more than just a natural touch. And the Roland TD-25KV offers a wide variety of dynamic sounds. There are a lot of options for creating your ideal sound, and you can even customize the in-built kits.

If you want to check how you sound when you’re not playing, then there’s a recording function inside the kit to do so. This is a fantastic electric kit that advanced drummers will love playing around with.

Roland TD-25KV

Roland TD-25KV

Key Features

The Roland TD-25KV is one of the best electric drum kits on the market, and it includes the following key features:

Advanced SuperNATURAL Sound Engine: First designed for the high-end TD-30 model, this sound engine is of the highest quality on the market.

PDX-100 10-inch Mesh-Head Snare Pad: The positional sensing means that cross-hand playing and rim shots will be accurately emulated.

LCD Display: This 64 x 128-pixel screen is also easy-to-use.

21 Multi-Effects: This allows you to create and customize the sound of the kit to suit you.

Quick Access Metronome: This has its own screen and controls for ease-of-use.

Two CY-12C 12-inch Crash Cymbals & One CY-13R Ride Cymbal: Unlike a lot of other electric kits, you get three natural-feeling cymbals with the TD-25KV.

VH-11 V-Hi-Hat: You can play this hi-hat with the same technique as you would on an acoustic kit.

Coach Function: Improve your skills and learn new techniques with this very useful function.


+ This kit can be played just like an acoustic kit, so you’re not hindered by the nature of the kit, and can instead play your normal style.

+ The range of dynamic sounds available on this kit is jaw-dropping. And the ability to easily customize the sound of the kit, so that you can create your own unique sound is a huge plus and something you don’t find on other electric kits.

+ The Roland TD-25KV is also very lightweight, meaning that it can easily be moved around, whether that’s at home or for performing live or at a rehearsal.

+ It’s easy to plug a USB stick or your smartphone to the kit so that you can then play along with your favorite tunes and channel your inner John Bonham, while also doing so without disturbing those around you because of the quiet nature of the electric kit.


- There is little to fault the Roland TD-25KV, but if you were forced to choose something, then the price tag is the only criticism. Then again, when you consider the quality of the product you get for it, then it is well worth it.

Who Is It Suitable For?

Anyone who is looking to invest in a high-quality electric drum kit will love the Roland TD-25KV, but it has been designed to accommodate advanced drummers. It can be used in the recording studio, and the sound is good enough for this, so professionals might want to consider investing in it.

Why We Like It

It has everything you want from an electric kit, with a wide range of sounds, numerous kits to choose from, and perfect emulation of acoustic drumming, so that you can play your natural style – cross-handed too – and feel as if you’re on your acoustic kit. Having three cymbals also is a big plus as it’s not something you find on a lot of similar quality electric kits.

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