Pearl Export EXX725S/C 5 Review

If you asked a non-musician to name a drum manufacturer, then Pearl is the most likely answer they would give you. It is undoubtedly one of the most famous drum makers in the world. And the reason it is so well known is simply that it knows how to produce world-class drums. That’s why drummers like Ian Paice, Ray Luzier, and Eric Singer are such big Pearl fans.

And they aren’t the only ones. The Pearl Export series of drum kits is the best-selling in the world. This is a 5-piece version of the kit, which is comprised of three tom-toms, a bass drum, and a snare.

The kit doesn’t include cymbals, but it does come with the stands for them, so it can easily incorporate them into your set-up. As with all Pearl kits, this one is constructed out of high-grade materials, and the shells use Superior Shell Technology, which basically gives you 800% more contact area than kits using run-of-the-mill butt joints.

The shells are made from poplar with a mahogany liner, and both materials have been selected by hand to ensure the highest quality.

Pearl Export EXX725S/C 5

Pearl Export EXX725S/C 5

Key Features

Here are the key features of the Pearl Export EXX725S/C 5-piece drum kit:

Superior Shell Technology: This offers drummers added durability, as well as an improvement of tone, and extra contact area.

Opti-Loc Suspension System: This system has been designed so that the drums offer you enhanced sustain and resonance.

Chain Drive Bass Drum Pedal: This pedal allows a drummer to have more control so that you can make sure your power is as precise as you desire.

Double Braced Stands: These stands not only offer increased stability, but they also ensure that your sound is not ruined by a sub-standard stand.

22” x 18” Bass Drum: An excellent large kick drum.

14” x 5.5” Snare Drum: A stand for the snare is also included as part of the kit.

10” x 7”, 12” x 10”, and 16” x 16” Tom Toms: Like all the other drums in the kit, they have Remo stock heads.


+ The Opti-Loc Suspension System is an outstanding feature of this drum kit. Basically, it utilizes a three-way tom-tom mount. This means that you get no wobble at all. The stability that it offers, therefore, gives you even better sustain and resonance than with a normal suspension system.

+ The shells are outstanding quality. And the Superior Shell Technology puts this set of drums in a league of its own considering its price. You get such powerful volume from the kit, as well as booming low-end tone, that has to be heard to be believed.

+ They offer excellent value for money. There aren’t a lot of kits than can compete with this kit in the price range. That’s why the Pearl Export series is the best-selling drum kit in the world.

+ The kit also comes with a lifetime guarantee, which is an insurance that gives every drummer peace of mind that they’re investing in a kit for life.


- The only downside of this kit is that it doesn’t include cymbals. It does, however, come with a cymbal stand. So all you need to do is purchase some high-quality cymbals, attach them to your Pearl Export EXX725S/C 5-piece kit and you’re ready to rock-n-roll.

Who Is It Suitable For?

This kit is targeted at intermediate level drummers, but beginners will certainly appreciate the quality of the kit, and it would, therefore, make it a good kit to learn on, and to grow with, knowing that you won’t need to invest in a new kit once you’re of a higher standard.

In fact, unless you’re looking for a kit for the recording studio, then this kit will do the job, and advanced drummers will love the tone and volume they can get out of it.

Why We Like It

It is an outstanding kit that comes at a remarkably fair price. It offers outstanding sustain and resonance, as well as loud volume, and beautiful low-end tone, and that’s all thanks to Pearl’s famous build quality. The Opti-Loc Suspension System and the Superior Shell Technology are really amazing features and contribute to the great sound.

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