Best Drum Practice Pads in 2023

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Evans 2Sided RealFeel

  • 6 or 12 inch pad
  • Double sided with neoprene and gum rubber
  • High-quality

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Premium Quality

Drumeo P4

  • 6 or 12 inch pad
  • Double sided with neoprene and gum rubber
  • High-quality

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Great value

Remo Tunable RT-0008-00

  • 6 or 12 inch pad
  • Double sided with neoprene and gum rubber
  • High-quality

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Finding the best drum practice pad for your needs is important so that you can practice without worrying about what other people will say.

Let's face it, acoustic drums are loud! And even though we as drummers don't have a problem with loud drums, our neighbors, parents, and spouses are not always thrilled to hear us practice.

Perhaps you found this article in search of a way to silence someone else's drums a bit? Drum practice pads are great gifts for drummers in need of one!

Even if the practice pads seem to be one-trick ponies we've managed to find ten different drum kit practice pads that we think you should take a closer look at. While reading our reviews you will notice that even though they are pretty much the same product there are probably some features that will make it possible for you to select one that best suits your needs.
So without further ado- here are the different drum music practice pads available on the market... Drumroll.

What is the Best Drum Pad for Practicing?

1. Evans 2Sided RealFeel

Evans 2Sided Realfeel

Our first practice pad is available in 6 inch pad and 12 inch pad. The smaller drum pads are great for either a small kid just starting out or for somebody who wants to have a really small pad that is easy to bring when travelling. The 12" is the best size in many ways, since it fits inside a standard snare drum basket. Of course you can put it the pads on flat surface, like a table, but if you are practicing at home it's generally better to play on your practice pad as if it was a real drum with a real feel, getting the right angle and posture every time you go for a practice session, so that you don't develop any bad habits.

These double sided practice pads have neoprene on one side and gum rubber on the other. The neoprene surface is hard and is good if you're looking to get a proper workout without getting evicted and the soft rubber side gives you the best rebound.

+ 6 or 12 inch pad
+ Double sided with neoprene and gum rubber
+ High-quality

Why We Liked It - The Evans 2sided practice pad is everything you need in a drum practice pad, everything else others might have is just something extra that you don't actually need.

With two different sizes to choose from you can have two pads, one that you can easily bring with you in your bag and a larger one that resembles a snare drum better. The two sides let you either get a tough workout or just practice normally.

Practice Pads - Drum practice pads are one of the best places to practice foundational technique. While you won't get a lot of interplay between more than one rhythm source since these are singular tools, these pads help you check-in on your foundational basics and stick technique improving your overall playing style.

Kate Brunotts


2. Drumeo P4


Ready for something special? We thought so. That's why we've included this Drumeo P4 practice pad in our list. Drumeo themselves actually claim that it's the best practice pad on the planet! We're not sure why they don't go ahead and call it best in the universe, since we doubt there are any in space, anyway it's an extremely nice pad that does stand out from the others.

The Drumeo P4 practice pad has four playing surfaces on three skill level options and the idea is that having them all on one side allows you to move around as you would on a real drum set, just way smaller and quieter.

Just like the other pads the purpose of this one is to help you with your speed and control, but the different surfaces are meant to boost your creativity as well, which doesn't really happen much when you use the traditional pads. The top surface is pretty cool and reminds us of a ride cymbal, while the other does replicate the feel of a snare drum, a hi-tom and a floor tom.

+ Best practice pad in the world - although many other great pads available!
+ 12 inch pad
+ Snare drum surface, Hi-tom surface, Floor tom surface, and Ride cymbal surface

Why We Liked It - Let's put it this way; there's a reason they call it the best pad on the planet. They have really thought outside the box for this one and the result is amazing! The more we think about it, the more sense it makes that this is the best way to practice, since drumming is about so much more than just beating a single practice drum. However, we know that practice makes perfect!

3. Remo Tunable RT-0008-00


If you don't feel like spending too much on drum practice pads this remo tunable practice pad might be the best for you. The pad is available in three different sizes, 6", 8" and 10".

It is tunable so that you can get exactly the bounce you want, and the bottom is gum rubber surface coated so that it doesn't slip or scratch the surface underneath it.

This remo practice pad is a good option for kids and beginners that just want something that works and don't really care about fancy materials and features. It's actually good that there are simple products like this one, because not everybody feels like spending a fortune on something that nobody else will ever hear be played.

+ Available in 6", 8" or 10"
+ Tunable
+ Anti-slip/scratch rubber bottom

Why We Liked It - The Remo Tunable pad is a good budget option when you want to get a drum practice pad but at the same time don't feel like spending too much money on it. Choose which size you need depending on how often you will use it and if you need to bring it with you. The rubber bottom makes sure that you don't scratch any tables and it doesn't slip away when you're playing.

Start a Routine - In order to get the most out of your practice pad, start a routine. You can start out once a week, and gradually increase the frequency of your practice sessions – The important thing is that you stick to it. Without consistent practice, mastering the drums will be nearly impossible.

Kate Brunotts


4. Offworld Percussion Invader V3

The Offworld percussion Invader should be the first choice for any player who likes their products to be large and sturdy. The advanced polymer surface has been specially chosen to replicate a Kevlar-style feel, and the DarkMatter bottom surface makes sure that your practice pad won't slip when in use.

The Invader's rim creates a true simulation of snare practice, producing superior shots with excellent sound quality. Furthermore, Offworld has built their rim to be unbreakable, and yet gentle with your drum stick, meaning you don't have to worry about damage as you would with other practice pads. However, if you wish to play without a rim, the bottom surface can also double as a top surface. This practice pad will fit inside your 14-inch snare drum, or in a snare stand basket.

+ Advanced polymer surface.
+ Replicates real drum.
+ Can play without rim.
+ Rim is unbreakable yet gentle.

Why We Liked It - This is an excellent practice pad for those who want something that feels like a real drum. Offworld has made this product large and sturdy, with an unbreakable rim that's gentle on drum sticks.

5. ammoon 10 inch


This drum practice pad is 10" and gives you a good bounce feeling. It is tunable and comes with a plastic rim and anti-slip bottom so that you can play without worrying about the pad sliding away. You get a pair of drum sticks and a carrying bag with it as well, so that you're good to go and play wherever you wish. The sticks unfortunately don't fit inside the bag.
A good, standard practice pad that's best for drummers that just want something simple that does what it's supposed to do.

+ 10 inch pad
+ Affordable drum practice pad
+ Good for beginners
+ Anti-slip bottom

Why We Liked It - This feels like the classic, standard drum practice pad you probably had in mind when you started reading this list. There isn't anything special with it, but not anything bad either, it's just a simple drum practice pad, and sometimes that's all we need!

6. Tosnail Silent

Tosnail Silent

Next up is this drum practice pad from Tosnail. It's 12" and available in blue or grey. This is a one-sided drum practice pad with a sponge on the other side that will prevent slipping and also make the pad quieter - even for the heavy hitter! The rubber on the side you play on is environmental friendly and the best thing is that it's odorless.

A couple of 16" drum sticks are also included in size 5A, you can learn to improve your stick control! This is one of the top drum practice pads to buy if you want it to be as quiet as possible. It's pretty big and thick, so probably not the best if you're going to travel with it. However, that shouldn't be a problem if you're just going to practice at home.

+ 12 inch
+ Quiet tones
+ Available in blue or grey
+ 5A drum sticks included

Why We Liked It - A sturdy drum practice pad that no doubt can take thousands of beatings. It's available in blue or grey and is really quiet because of the sponge that sound proofs it. It's 12" which is the best size to fit into a standard snare basket. It's pretty cheap as well!

7. Movement Drum Co. Double Sided

This 12-inch double-sided practice pad is perfect for Concert and Marching drummers. It comes with four rimmed playing surfaces and two different inserts; one, laminated.

The 'Realistic Top Surface' is made from silicone rubber to replicate the response of a real snare drum. if you want something to absorb shock, the low-rebounding 'Conditioning Surface' is quiet for technical performances. The 'Dual Surface' is quieter still, and the softest of all the surfaces, perfect for beginners who want to increase muscle development or work quietly. With all these choices, drummers are sure to find a surface that suits their playing style.

Despite all the options, this practice pad isn't heavy, meaning you can take it with you wherever you go.

+ 4 different surfaces to choose from
+ 2 different inserts to choose from
+ Lightweight and portable
+ Good for both concert and marching drummers

Why We Liked It - We love the Movement Drum Co. because it comes with four different surfaces to choose from, which makes this practise pad perfect for any type of drummer.

8. Sabian QTM10

Sabian QTM10

Number 7 is a 10 inch drum practice pad from Sabian with specially developed mesh drum heads that really feel like a real snare, just much quieter. This is an excellent option if you don't want to compromise the real drum feeling, but don't want to disturb your neighbors either. You can almost replicate the feel of a real snare.

It's tunable so that you can change the tension in the head, and even though you might not hear a big difference in pitch (which frankly is quite irrelevant when using a practice pad) you will feel the difference in the bounce. It's lightweight, and it feels like really great quality.

+ 10 inch
+ Specially developed mesh
+ Very quiet
+ Tunable

Why We Liked It -This is the best choice for somebody who wants a simple practice pad that is high-quality and very quiet. It's tunable so that you can get the best tension for you and it feels much more like a real drum than most other drum practice pads.

9. Tromme Silicone

Tromme Silicone

Most of the practice pads for drummers we have looked at so far are made of rubber, so now it's time for something else. This pad is made with silicone instead of a gum rubber surface. The best things about the silicone is that it's non-toxic and it's very durable and quiet.

The drum practice pad is 12" so it fits inside a standard snare basket, meaning that you can practice at your drum set which is the best, but the dinner table works almost just as well. It's soft, bouncy and responsive, just like Tromme they describe it and it's available in grey and red. A carrying bag is included so that you can bring it with you.

+ 12 inch
+ Available in grey and red
+ Silicone
+ Bag included

Why We Liked It - A silicone practice pad that is very quiet and the best quality. It's 12" and available in grey and red and feels really nice to practice quietly with. A bag is included, which is nice. The silicone it's made of is even more durable than a gum rubber pad that most others are made of, and this practice pad will definitely last you a long time.

10. SUNYIN Practice Drum Pad

This rounded, wooden practice drum pad by SUNYIN replicates a real snare drum feel with its soft and responsive pad. If you need to cart your drum pad around, the one is lightweight with a thickness of three cm, meaning you can practice anywhere. It has both low and high elasticities on different sides.

The pad makes for quiet playing, so you don't have to worry about noise when you need to practice.

The drum pad comes with two Hickory Drum sticks, but not a stand - you'd have to purchase that separately.

+ Replicates a real drum
+ Lightweight and portable
+ Double-sided
+ Quiet playing

Why We Liked It - The SUNYIN Practice Drum Pad is the perfect choice if you can only practice quietly, as the pad makes for soft playing.

Stick Control - One of the best things you can focus on while using your practice pad is stick control. If you don't have a book of rhythmic exercises, you can print out plenty of free material online. Be sure to experiment with different rhythms and tempos to sharpen up your skills quickly and efficiently.

Kate Brunotts


Drum Practice Pad Buyers Guide

Read below for our full buying guide on Portable Practice Pad tools for Drummers.

1. Top Pick: Evans realfeel 2Sided

Evans 2-SidedWhen we selected our Top Pick we wanted to choose a practice pad that any drummer could be satisfied with, and we decided to go for Evans realfeel 2sided practice pad. We think it's really good that they offer this product in two sizes, namely 6" and 12". No matter if you want a small drum pad that you can easily bring with you or a larger drum practice pad set to practice at home this is one of the best ones out there. No matter if you want to practice new rudiments or have a proper workout this pad is the best - almighty realistic feels.

The practice pad has neoprene that is hard single sided and soft gum rubber on the other side, that feels a little bit more like a real drum. This is a really good product that works for any drummer, whether you're a beginner or a professional. Even if you might not need the harder rubbers side as a beginner, one day you will need it, and then it's good that you already have a double-sided drum practice pad so that you don't have to go and buy another one.

This practice pad is really high-quality and is fortunately pretty affordable. Totally worthy of being our Top Pick!

2. Premium Choice: P4 by Drumeo

P4 by DrumeoIf you are a professional drummer (or desperately wants to become one), you might want to find the best premium choice that perhaps costs a little extra but is totally worth it.
What could be a better Premium Choice than the world's greatest drum practice pad? What is it that makes it the best?

It has four different surfaces with different qualities, resembling a snare drum, a hi-tom, a floor tom and a ride cymbal, it's like a miniature drum kit! This allows you not only to practice the same boring stuff over and over again but really helps you to be creative. It's 12", and is high-quality and really the only pad on the market (as far as we know) that offer so many different possibilities.

If you want to take your drumming to the next level, this is definitely the way to go! It's simply the best!

3. Great Value: Remo RT-0008-00

Remo Tunable RT-0008-00 It's time for something cheap yet good! Our Great Value is this little pad from Remo that comes in three different sizes, 6", 8" and 10". You can get the right bounce easily since it's tunable and it feels good to practice on. It has rubber underneath so that it doesn't slip away when you're playing or scratches the surface it's on.

This is a practice pad that does what is says on the box, and even though it might not be as good as our Top Pick or Premium Choice, the price makes us forget about that in an instant. We always love a good bargain and we feel like we've definitely found one!

What is a good Drum Practice Pad for Beginners?

Number 5 on our list from Ammoon was specifically designed for new drummers. We also believe that number 7 would be good for beginners since they can bring it with them at all times and therefore manage to squeeze in as much practice as possible. Our Top Pick, number 1 is probably the best for beginners, since the double-sided practice pad will be useful as you get more advanced.

What size Drum Practice Pad do you need?

The sizes available are 6", 8", 10" and 12". What size you need depends on how often you're going to bring it to school, work, travel, etc. What's good to keep in mind is that if you want to be able to fit it inside a snare stand basket and use it as if it was a real drum and not just keep it on a table, you will be best off with a 12".

Why use a Drum Practice Pad?

Using a Drum Practice PadSome might feel like this is a silly question, while others seriously wonder why they should spend money on a pretend instrument nobody will ever hear. So why use a drum practice pedal? The fact is that every drummer who is serious about making progress should have a practice pad for obvious reasons.

Nobody wants to hear a drummer practice for one or two hours every day, so unless you live alone in the countryside without any neighbors you will need one. They're really good to practice new stuff on, so that you can get good at it before you start making some serious noise on your acoustic or electronic drum sets - click here for the guide.

How to clean a Drum Practice Pad?

The easiest way to clean it is with a glass cleaner and a rag, it doesn't have to be harder than that! If the pad has a bottom that sticks to surfaces and it has become dusty or dirty you can wash it with water when it's dry the stickiness will come back. You can also clean your practice pad with water and dish soap. Make sure that you clean it regularly and it will be easier to clean.

For the study incorporating six drum pads interactively - click here.

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