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The 6 Best Electric Guitars For Small Hands

If you have small hands you know the struggle some guitar chords give you. You try to reach and it just feels like an impossibility. We wanted to address this issue and create an article that will help you find the best electric guitar for small hands. After all, if there are musical instruments that will make it easier to play with small hands, why try to fit in with a guitar that makes your hands cramp?

We have read a lot of reviews from guitar players with small hands, and have managed to narrow the selection down to six guitars that we think you should take a closer look at. We also know that simply reading about an instrument doesn’t really help too much, so we’ve linked to good YouTube videos so that you can both see and hear the guitar in its right element.

When you read through our reviews, try to make your own list of the guitars you like. It’s easy to forget and mix them up when you read about ten different ones. After you’ve read all the reviews, you can read the answer to a few common questions about electric guitars for small hands, which will hopefully be helpful in your search!

Let’s have a look at our eight top electric guitars for guitar players with small hands! We’re positive you’ll find at least one that is perfect for your needs! If you are really looking for something tiny - check out our review on the top ukuleles of 2022! Fancy sticking with electric? We've reviewed our favorite electric Ukuleles!

At a glance: Our top 3 picks
Our team's top 3 recommendations
Squier Classic Vibe 50's Stratocaster Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar NOS Ibanez GRGM21BKN 3/4 Size Mikro

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  • 9,5 radius neck
  • C-shaped neck
  • Classic electric guitar
  • Alder body shape
  • Great for Rock N' Roll playing style
  • C-shaped neck
  • 24 scale length
  • Authentic Nirvana sound
  • High-quality
  • 3/4 guitar
  • Available in many colors
  • Cheap electric guitar
  • Good for kids and adults with small hands.

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Check Out The Best Electric Guitars for Smaller Hands Below:

1. Squier Classic Vibe 50's Stratocaster

Squier By Fender Classic Vibe 50's Stratocaster

We’ll start off this list with a real classic, Squier by Fender. This Squier Classic Vibe 50's Stratocaster is a great guitar if you are after electric guitars that have slim necks, however this is not the kind of guitar that has a shorter scale length, so you’ll still have to stretch your fingers a bit. The neck has a radius of 9,5” and the neck is C-shaped.


The Squier Classic Vibe 50's Stratocaster has the sort of design that everybody thinks of as soon as they hear the word “electric guitar”. It has an alder body shape with gloss polyester finish and has a classic design that will never go out of fashion.


This Classic Vibe 50's Strat guitar for smaller hands has a cool vintage style synchronized tremolo. It has 3 custom vintage style single-coil strat pickups that are great. See more guitar pickups in this review.

If you want to find out more about this guitar, check this demo out where you can hear it and learn more from a guy that works in a music shop.

Squier Classic Vibe '50s Sunburst Strat Demo at PMTVUK

+ 9,5” radius neck
+ C-shaped neck
+ Classic electric guitar
+ Alder body shape
+ Great for Rock N' Roll playing style

Why We Liked It - There is no doubt that this is a good guitar, the question is if it’s a good guitar for you. If you’re interested in the playing style of great rock n’ roll, you’ll love this perfect guitar. It’s good for small hands in the aspect that it has a small neck, but the distance between the frets is the same as other guitars. The neck is C-shaped, which many with small hands prefer.

Sound wise there is not much to say, more than that it’s one of Fender’s guitars, and therefore we expect a certain build and sound quality, and it doesn’t disappoint, as you know if you’ve checked it out on YouTube. If you still haven’t done that, we strongly recommend it!

What is Scale Length? Technically, it's the maximum vibrating length of the strings, measured as the distance between the nut and the bridge. A shorter scale length results in smaller frets, meaning a fretboard that's easier to stretch across. As a bonus, the strings are less tensioned, so barre chords and string bends become easier.

Miles Forman


2. Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar NOS

Fender Kurt Cobain Sunburst Solid Body

If you are a guitar player with small hands that like Nirvana, you’re in luck! Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar NOS is the guitar for you! It has a modern c-shaped neck and a 24” scale length, so it’s really easy to play even for people with small hands. If you happen to be left-handed, that’s even better, since it’s available as a left-handed version as well.

Included with this Fender modern guitar comes a black textured vinyl hard case for your new electric guitar, and a Fender Kurt Cobain guitar book that contains photos and an interview with Nirvana’s guitar tech Earnie Bailey. So it you consider yourself both a Nirvana and a guitar nerd, then you should really check out this guitar for smaller hands!


The Fender modern Jaguar NOS guitar looks very sophisticated and has a classic look with a modern twist.


If you have fifteen minutes to spare, check this video out. Besides from teaching you more about this perfect guitar, it’s also quite entertaining!

Fender Kurt Cobain Signature Jaguar

+ C-shaped neck
+ 24” scale length
+ Authentic Nirvana sound
+ High-quality

Why We Liked It - Do you like Nirvana? Do you like guitars? Do you have small hands? If the answer to these questions are yes, then you should buy this guitar for smaller hands!

3. Ibanez GRGM21BKN 3/4 Size Mikro

Ibanez GRGM21BKN Mikro Electric Guitar

If you’ve got a little aspiring rocker at home that wants to start to play the guitar, check out this cool ¾ sized one from Ibanez! It’s smaller than a body size than full size, which doesn’t just mean that it’s good for people with small hands, but for kids as well.


This cool little Ibanez GRGM21BKN Mikro electric guitar is available in black, blue, white metallic purple, vivid pink and walnut sunburst. Its pointy design makes it look enough rock n’ roll to make any kid practice the guitar more.


Want to know what’s behind this guitar’s sharp appearance? Head on over to YouTube and watch this video, and you’ll see what it’s all about!

Ibanez GRGM21M Spot Run Guitar Review

+ 3/4 guitar
+ Available in many colors
+ Cheap electric guitar
+ Good for kids and adults with small hands.

Why We Liked It - Let’s face it. Sometimes adults with small hands not only have small hands, but small bodies in general, and therefore it might be appropriate for them to buy a smaller body size than 4/4. This ¾ Ibanez GRGM21BKN Mikro electric guitar works well for short, small handed adults as well as children learning to play. The fact that this Mikro electric guitar for kids and adults is available in so many different colors just makes us like it even more!

Aaaaand...stretch - You'll never see an athlete do a cold start, they always stretch before their event. In the same way, gently stretching your fingers before playing will keep you nimble, meaning you can always reach the frets that are at the edge of your span. And, as with any exercise, repeated stretching will eventually lead to enhanced finger flexibility.

Miles Forman


4. Gibson SG Special

Gibson Special Electric Guitar in Cherry

Next up is an awesome, versatile guitar from Gibson that just completely rocks in our opinion. Gibson makes great guitars and this one is no exception. It has a 24 ¾ scale length, so it’s a little bit shorter than normal sized guitars, which is good if you have small hands.


We absolutely love the look of this Gibson SG Special guitar for smaller hands! It’s available in two colors, worn brown and satin cherry, and both look amazing!


We strongly recommend that you watch this YouTube video if you want to learn more about this Gibson SG Special guitar and listen to some of the sweet tunes it’s able to make!

Gibson 2016 SG Review

+ Really nice design
+ 24 ¾” scale length
+ High-quality

Why We Liked It - This SG Special is really the kind of instrument that sells itself. Many people feel as soon as they see and try it that this is the one. It looks great, it sounds wonderful and it’s good for small-handed people. What else could you ask for? You can check out the Epiphone SG special for a cheaper alternative to the Gibson SG Special. Please note, the build and sound quality is lesser than that of the Gibson.

5. Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special

Jaguar by Fender in 3 Vintage Tone Sunburst Finish

Number seven is a really nice travel guitar from Fender, Jaguar Special. We’ve come across many reviews that say that it’s the best guitar the reviewer has ever owned, and we’re not surprised! It’s a really good guitar that has lots of potential and versatility. We also like that they include a deluxe gig bag so that you can transport your guitar in style and also make sure that you store it correctly at home!

This guitar is appropriate for small hands and has a 9,5” fingerboard radius.


This guitar is a real beauty, no matter which color you pick. The colors you can choose from are Fiesta Red, Olympic White, 3 Vintage Tone Sunburst finish, Candy Apple Red and Metallic KO.


This electric travel guitar has a really nice, clear and crisp tone that is suitable for many genres and of course can be altered with different pedals. We recommend that you watch this YouTube video that will teach you more about it!

Fender Classic Player Jaguar Electric Guitar Demo

+ 9,5” fingerboard radius
+ Deluxe gig bag included
+ Many nice colors to choose from
+ High-quality

Why We Liked It - This is the kind of guitar that is hard to go wrong with. Many people are absolutely in love with it, and it just sounds so good and looks so nice that it’s impossible not to like. The 9,5” fingerboard radius makes it easier to play for the guitar player with small hands.

6. Squier by Fender Mini Strat

Mini Squier Fender Strat

We’re beginning to come to the end of the list but we still have three great guitars left, pour yourself another cup of coffee so that you can stay alert when we take a look at this cute little guitar for smaller hands! It’s a ¾ guitar with a 22,75” scale length, perfect for small hands! It also has a c-shaped neck, which is the most liked shape among small-handed people.


This guitar has a very classic Fender look that most people like. It’s available in red, black and pink.


Curious to find out more about this nice guitar? Watch this YouTube video and you’ll learn everything you need to know and more!

Squier Mini Strat | A Rockin' Mini Electric Guitar

+ ¾ electric guitar
+ Available in red, black and pink
+ 22,75” scale length
+ C-shaped neck
+ 1-year warranty

Why We Liked It - If the small hands you’re looking for a guitar for are attached to a kid, you should probably be looking for a smaller guitar than full-size, and this ¾ is a really great guitar for beginners. We like the cool colors and that the guitar comes with a 1-year warranty, in case anything should be wrong with it.

Drop D Tuning - If you're struggling to reach the bottom frets for E-string power chords, consider Drop D tuning. By dropping string 6 down a tone (from E to D), your index finger sits on the same fret as strings 4 and 5, avoiding stretching up two frets. A lot of rock is recorded using drop D, so it's a good technique to learn regardless of your hand size.

Miles Forman


Electric Guitar for Small Hands Buyers Guide

What to Look for When Buying an Electric Guitar for Small Hands?

Woman with small hands next to small electric guitarTo be honest, except for the body size of the fret board, and the comfort side of things, there’s nothing out of the ordinary that you should look for when buying an electric guitar for players with small hands. Just like when it comes to regular electric guitars, you’ll need to find one that sounds good and that looks good, if that’s important to you. If you are able to go to a music shop and try different guitars from our list out, that can be very helpful to determine which one is perfect for you.

The guitars we included in this list are either in it because they have a thin neck or a short scale length, so you could think about which one of these problems you want to solve.

Is a Mini Electric Guitar Good for Small Hands?

Yes, a mini electric guitar can indeed be a good idea if you feel like a normal sized guitar is too big for you.

Is a 3/4 Size Electric Guitar Made for Small Handed People?

No, a ¾ size electric guitar is made for children, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t buy one if you feel that it’s more comfortable to play than a full-sized guitar. Most adults can play full-sized musical instruments, though, especially electric guitars since they already have a thinner fingerboard than acoustic guitars.

Do I Need A Guitar with a Thin Neck for My Small Hands?

It’s certainly not something that you have to have in order to be able to play the guitar at all, but if you have very small hands it might be a good idea. Electric guitars already have thinner fingerboards than acoustic guitars, so just by playing guitar, you’ve made a good choice for your small hands.

In all honesty, most adults are able to play a full-sized guitar, but if you’ve already tried that and just feel like it would be better to get one that suits your needs better, take this list with you to a music shop and ask to test play the small sized guitars and see what it feels like. Some of the guitars made this list because they have slim necks, others because they have a short scale length, so they’re not all the same unfortunately.

Thin neck Ibanez electric guitar


You know what they say: Life is like a box of… guitars! We can conclude that there is really a guitar for everyone, no matter how small your hands or arms are. If you found a few ones that you liked from our list, but feel hesitant which one to go for, write them down and go to your closest music shop and ask to test play them. That usually makes things clearer. Because comfort is the most important thing apart from the sound of your guitar!

Expert Tip:

Electric guitars already have smaller fret boards than acoustic guitars, so electric guitars are generally better for people with small hands.

Did you know?:

Most often you can make up for your small hand by doing technique exercises that strengthen your hand.
Most often you can compensate for your small hands by doing technique exercises that build up your muscles! That way you’ll be able to press the electric guitar strings down even in awkward positions.

See how jazz guitarist Jane Miller compensates for her small hands with a thin neck guitar in her interview here.

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