Fender Player Series Stratocaster Review

Leo Fender invented the famed Stratocaster back in 1954. It has been touted as one of the most versatile electric guitars that sounds stunning across a wide range of genres. The Player Series Stratocaster combines the vintage history of the Stratocaster with modern innovation, delivering a level of playability, beauty, and tone that few guitars could match.

For many guitar players having a Strat in the music, the room is an absolute must. Playing a Stratocaster takes you back in time in the most beautiful way possible. You can play heavy metal, rock, country, pop, and blues on a Stratocaster and nobody would question it. Here is our breakdown of the Fender Player Series Stratocaster.

Fender Player Stratocaster

Fender Player Stratocaster

The Player Series Stratocaster is built with the smooth curvy edges of the 1950's style Strats. It has a very sleek design that is a pleasure to pick up. The body is built out of Alder wood which has a comfort-contoured design. The majority of the time, the finish is done with a polyester gloss that shimmers in the stage lights.

It comes with a 3-ply pickguard made of parchment material, the modern c-shape neck is made of maple and has a radius of 9.5". The sound is picked-up through the 3 Player Series Alnico 5 Strat pickups. One on the neck, one for the bridge, and a middle pickup.

The Player Series Stratocaster was one of the first to be able to combine both the neck and the middle pickups with a "quack" that Strats have been emitting for decades. This is thanks to the 5-position blade switch that allows you to combine both the neck/middle and the bridge/middle. It was the first guitar style to do this. It comes with a single master volume with two master tone knobs to dictate the subtle tone differences for the neck and the bridge pickups.

It comes with 22 medium jumbo frets to give players an extra note for high solos. The neck is finished with a fast polyurethane finish which your hand slides comfortably over the top of. The bolt-on neck is one of the slickest and fasted playing neck that has ever been created. It is a true pleasure to play.

The bridge has been made with a smoother traveler which results in less friction from the strings. This means that the guitar has more sustain and also stays in tune really well. The bridge allows players to tremolo when the song calls for it, and lets you get some serious squeal out of the pickups.

All of the hardware is chrome, offering durability, a stylish look, and ease of maintenance.

Key Features

  •  Maple Neck
  • 22 Jumbo Medium Frets
  • Alder Body
  • Chrome Hardware
  • 6-String
  • 3 Single Coil Pickups
  • 5-Way Blade Switch
  • Tremolo Bridge


+ Beautiful vintage design
+ Fast playing, smooth Neck
+ Versatile tone capabilities
+ Extra sustain on the newly designed bridge


- Doesn't play heavy metal as well
- Easy to accidentally switch pickups

Who Is It Suitable For?

The Fender Player Series Stratocaster is a guitar that fits in the hands of beginners and professionals. It is incredibly easy and fun to play, making it one of the best guitars to practice your chops on. It also has a high level of character that will allow any highly skilled guitarist to let their soul speak through the strings. Anyone who is looking for a vintage style guitar with modern components that upgrade the playability to the current standards will love this guitar. If you're a beginner, Fender have their own online learning platform called Fender Play.

Why We Like It

The Player Series Strat is a true pleasure to play. Anyone who has ever picked up a well-built Stratocaster will tell you how much of a joy they are. It is one o the most versatile guitars ever created. You can play across a wide range of genres and still get the tones that you are craving. The neck is so beautifully smooth that you'll want to play it for hours.

The smooth body edges make it extremely comfortable to play whether you're sitting or standing. Being able to switch between the neck middle and bridge middle pickups adds a little bit of extra tone that many guitars can't emulate. The Fender Player Series is simply one of the best guitars ever made.

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