a woman hold a microphone

Best Karaoke Machines of 2023

As karaoke continues to be a favourite pastime for many, finding the perfect karaoke machine to meet your needs is a game-changer. This comprehensive guide will help you navigate the world of karaoke, examining the best karaoke machines available on ...
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Best Alto Saxophone Reviews

10 Best Alto Saxophones in 2023

Below we take a look at the Best Alto Saxophone. Finding the best Alto Saxophone, or Alto Sax as it is commonly referred to as being challenging. This is mainly because of the number of sax brands on the market ...
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Top 10 Best Electric Violins

For novices and professionals alike, it's important when choosing a new instrument that it ticks all the key boxes. There's no point in purchasing a sub-standard instrument. So, if you're wanting to buy the best electric violin, then it's important ...
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The Boss RC-505 Loop Station

Boss Rc 505 Loop Station Review

The Boss RC-505 is a full hands-on-deck looping station for any and every type of musician. It is an intuitively designed, easy-to-understand, looping station that offers more features for musicians than many other looper stations on the market. It contains ...
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The 10 Best Student Violins of 2023

Finding the best student violin can be tricky when you’re at school. School debts are increasing, but you still want to be able to follow your passion: the violin. There are plenty of violins available for purchase online, but sometimes ...
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Midas M32

Midas M32 Live Digital Mixer Review

The Midas M32 is a perfectly thought out digital mixer that is highly capable of a wide range of mixing applications. It is suitable for live touring rigs, small, medium, and large-sized venues, and a high-powered home studio. The impressive ...
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Top 10 Best Student Trumpets

If you are stumbling upon this article, you have probably already spent countless hours aimlessly searching for the best student trumpet. The shiny, attractive appeal of this instrument probably doesn’t help in choosing the best candidate; all of the trumpets ...
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Senior woman playing a trumpet

5 Best Plastic Trumpets in 2023

Plastic trumpets are excellent alternatives to standard, brass trumpets because they're much lighter, won't freeze when you're performing outdoors in winter, and cost a fraction of the price. The best plastic trumpets don't just offer all these advantages, but they ...
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Man playing harmonica

Top 10 Best Harmonicas

Have you ever dreamed of playing sweet, happy tunes or melancholic ballads on a harmonica? If so, then you have come to the right place. Harmonicas have been around since the early 19th century. The first official harmonicas were manufactured ...
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Top 10 Best Trumpet Brands

The trumpet is one of the oldest instruments that is still currently in use. It has, of course, altered a bit through the years, but it is still essentially the same. From classical music to jazz, it is an adaptable ...
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Classic collection shiny violin

10 Best Violin Cases in 2023

In this article, we are going to examine a host of cases which we think make great candidates for the best lightweight and professional violin cases. We are going to compare the contoured with their contrasting oblong models and explain ...
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Trumpet being played on stage

10 Best Jazz Trumpets in 2023

Miles Davies, Louis Armstrong, and Chet Baker are just three legendary jazz musicians who have played the trumpet. This instrument is integral to the genre, and it has been used on many classic recordings. It's a wonderfully expressive instrument that ...
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Diagonal violin bow

10 Best Violin Bows in 2023

Today we are looking at some of the best traditional, genuine Brazilian Pernambuco bows and their modern counterparts to help narrow down the best carbon fiber and Pernambuco Violin bows for sale online. With so many on the market choosing ...
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10 Best Kalimbas in 2023

Today we are hand-picking the 10 best kalimbas in 2023 for a nose at some of the western incarnations of the beautiful melodic sub-Saharan staple lamellophone. A kalimba is a remarkably simple instrument both in terms of its functionality and ...
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The Best Sequencers in 2023

The sequencer is an audio-interface which has seen many upgrades along the way, and changed how we control and create musical compositions. In this article we aim to shed light on some of the best sequencers in 2023. They are ...
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Woman playing Viollin

Best Violin Shoulder Rests in 2023

In this article, we are having a look at a range of comfortable solutions to aid you in your violin posture whilst you practice your craft. We have selected 10 models that make for the best violin shoulder rests around ...
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Blues Harmonicas

7 Best Blues Harmonicas in 2023

In this article, we're taking a nose at a great addition for the solo acoustic guitarist to shake up the dynamics of their one-man set, as we review the best blues harmonica. Though widely associated with the early blues, the ...
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Pocket Trumpet

10 Best Pocket Trumpets in 2023

In this article, we have drummed up some of the best pocket trumpets for a hobby horn-player. Though many consider them a bit of a gimmick. There are a few models from reputable instrument manufacturers that have a remarkable tone ...
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Best Trombone

10 Best Trombones in 2023

We are taking a gander at ten of the best trombones available online, for those of you who have mastered your craft and those starting. We have tried to strike a good balance between the two and have provided a ...
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Trumpet Player

10 Best Trumpet Mouthpieces in 2023

When it comes to choosing the best trumpet mouthpiece for you it boils down to preference eventually. While most of us learn on 7C, there are a variety of brands to pick from. Despite having matching dimensions, they can offer ...
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The Best Beginner Violin Of 2023 – Review

The violin is one of the most popular classical instruments in the entire world. The question is, which is the best violin for beginners? We have found ten different violins that could be what you’re looking for. We have specifically ...
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Audio Mixer

10 Best Audio Mixers in 2023

The world of audio mixing is a vast and fascinating subject. The best artists in the world need the best engineers and the best mixers at their disposal to create the best possible tracks. Whether you're using a mixer for ...
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