10 Best Wireless In Ear Headphones in 2020

In today's article, we are exclusively going to examine some of the better wireless models on the market to help highlight what to look for; we have sifted through the sets to find the ten best wireless in-ear headphones in 2020 which we have selected based on a variety of criteria.

We are often asked about the model in the murkier ends of the market as they can often be the most confusing to figure out. Sure they are priced appealingly but will they last long enough to warrant any investment, and will the audio to your favorite tunes any justice at all?

It is tough to navigate the lower priced region, and while we haven't limited today's article with any specific budget allocation, we have included many cheap wireless headphones which we feel provide a safe-bet solution for your wireless audio needs. As ever we have included buyers guide to give a bit of useful information before you part with your hard-earned cash.

1. Phaiser BHS-530 Bluetooth Headphones

Phaiser BHS-530 Bluetooth Headphones

These wireless in-ear headphones from Phaiser have Bluetooth 4.1 technology integrated into them, which allows for an easy pairing with your device. You get 11 hours of playtime from a single charge. They come with a range of ear tips to choose from so that you can get a comfortable fit.

The behind-the-head design also offers a combination of comfort, as well as a secure fit, so that they can be worn during exercise. That’s even more possible because of a nano-coating that means they are sweatproof. They sound great, with a frequency range of 20Hz to 22kHz meaning you’ll get the most from your music.

+ Sweatproof
+ Wide frequency range
+ Comfortable fit
+ Bluetooth 4.1 technology
+ 11 hours of playtime

Why We Liked It - They are fantastic wireless in-ear headphones that are comfy, secure, sound great, and have a substantial amount of playtime from a single charge.

2. ELECDER D12 True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones in Ear

ELECDER D12 True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones in Ear

The best wireless in-ear headphones must be lightweight, secure, and comfortable to wear, and there’s no doubt that the Elecder D12s offer all these attributes. The earbuds fit so snugly inside your ears that they will block out a significant amount of external noise.

Playtime is substantial, as you can get six hours from a single charge, and when you use the charging case, then you can recharge the earbuds sixteen more times for ninety-six hours of playtime. They are easy to operate thanks to the operation key. And joggers will love the IPX5 waterproofing that will protect them from rain and sweat.

+ IPX5 waterproofing
+ Six hours playtime from one charge
+ Includes charging case
+ Stable Bluetooth 5.0 connection
+ Easy to use

Why We Liked It - The wireless in-ear headphones provide you with a secure, comfy fit, and give you a significant amount of playtime from a single charge, all at a very affordable price.

3. Samsung Galaxy Buds, Bluetooth True Wireless Earbuds

Samsung Galaxy Buds, Bluetooth True Wireless Earbuds

Next, we have a true wireless option which provides a loss-less seamless Bluetooth connection and serves up the premium sound.

This Bluetooth-equipped earbud set is made exceptionally well and provides a very durable, true wireless choice. They come with three adjustable ear tips and wing-tip sizes to choose from which keep them comfortably within your ears and allow for a better range of motion. They are flexible and coated to keep them water-resistant.

The drivers are constructed from top-quality components which work very effectively to reproduce very authentic audio. They are optimized at each end of the spectrum and tuned by AKG to a proprietary guide that ensures their response is very accurate.

The bass is substantial in the mix with good headroom as it is backed by the assistance of a volume driver giving the low frequencies a bit of a bass boost. The treble end is bright and helps to provide much-needed clarity to provide the crisp audio.

They have intelligent noise cancellation, which allows the users to control how much decibel reduction goes on via their Ambient Aware mode, which will enable users to hear their surrounding environment. This is safer in built-up areas and ensures you won't miss a train announcement as well.

They work for 6 hours and their carry case stores an additional 7 hours of power.

+ True wireless option.
+ Charge on the go.
+ Exceptional drivers.
+ Premium audio.
+ Ambient Aware mode.

Why We Liked It - They may be priced far higher, but it is a true reflection of their advanced engineering and fantastic features.

4. Bose SoundSport

Bose SoundSport

Another choice which provides a high-quality audio experience is the critically acclaimed Bose SoundSport wireless model which we have previously highlighted in past articles.

Their exclusive 'Stay Here' tips are ergonomically designed to stay within the ear locking in place with their flexible fins, allowing for rigorous motion.

They dangle freely about the neck between listening via a linking cord. They have a high water-resistant certification because all internal electronics are sealed to keep them protected against moisture.

They feature premium well-engineered drivers outperform which provide a detailed dynamic sound that stays consistently balanced aided by their active equalization.

They have a well-integrated microphone and utilize active noise cancellation techniques to keep communication lines clear. They provide 6 hours of listening between charges.

+ StayHere tips.
+ Premium audio.
+ Well-engineered.
+ Active EQ.

Why We Liked It - They are exceptionally well-made and serve up the superior sound.

5. Dkaile Magnetic Wireless in-Ear Earphones

Dkaile Magnetic Wireless in-Ear Earphones

Another set which has the same magnetic catchment system in place to give them a convenient travel method is this wireless pair from Dkaile. Their Patented 'Anti-drop' tips

They are exceptionally low-priced and still manage to provide an excellent basic set of headphones, idyllic for when you find a set have broken on you at an inconvenient time when cash in short supply.

They are reasonably well-made in our opinion the manufacturing isn't notably any different to pairs priced far higher. The components used within their construction are good quality, and importantly, their Patented 'Anti-drop' tips are sufficiently comfortable with an ergonomically angled design.

They are supported by auricular wings which help keep them in place during motion, making them an excellent cheap sports option too.

They feature easy to use in-line controls and serve up audio with good response, fair range, and decent balance. They pair easily, they have a mini-USB charging port and provide active noise cancellation as well.

+ Anti-drop sports wings.
+ Good quality.
+ Rock-bottom price.

Why We Liked It - They are a very low-priced set which unbelievably, manage to offer fair audio reproduction, with ergonomic sport-friendly design - in a durable little package.

6. True Wireless Earbuds Headphones

True Wireless Earbuds Headphones

Next up, we have a true wireless option under $100 from UpperFit, which seems to be the way of the world these days and conveniently slips into even the busiest of lifestyles providing a good travel option.

It is a reasonably up-to-date model, which boasts Bluetooth version 5.0 connectivity with a generous transmission-distance. They are simple to pair in just 3-seconds, they have broad compatibility connecting universally, and the mic is pretty good quality for hands-free calls.

They serve up around 18 hours total playtime thanks to the stored charges within their carry case-come docking station.

They have snug-fitting earbud tips which are supported by miniature ear-hook caps; this keeps them in position and is flexible enough not to chafe.

They are donned with durably built dual drivers which serve-up some smooth stereo audio, with excellent balance but plenty of detailed definition in the mix.

They are IPX-4 certified so they will survive light rain and sweaty ears without a problem.

+ Competitively priced True Wireless option.
+ Current Bluetooth.
+ Good drivers.
+ Decent battery life.

Why We Liked It - They provide some fab mod-cons in an affordable package they outperform other cheap true wireless sets and makes for a portable choice which can give you a little longer listening away from power outlets.

7. Mpow Flame [Upgraded] Wireless Headphones

Mpow Flame [Upgraded] Bluetooth Headphones

Here we have a recently upgraded version of the fantastically received Flame model from the folks at Mpow.
The circuit board has seen an overhaul with signal optimization for enhanced audio reproduction; the sound is well-balanced with good depth. It has also been remodeled to be moisture resistant and then now come with an IPX certification of 7, which is very high, rendering them safe for a wider variety of uses.

They have a new CVC chip to help cancel background noise and provide a more immersive listening experience.

Their earbud tips are formed from skin-friendly softened silicone, and three different sizes are provided to choose between, giving the user a secure fit which is comfortable for more extended periods. The wing-tip design ensures they stay in place and makes them ideal for workouts and jogging.

They capably provide between 7 and 9 hours of use when fully charged and have a quick full recharge which takes around an hour and a half.

+ Upgraded model with better circuitry.
+ IPX-7 certified.
+ Comfortable silicone tips with supportive wings.
+ Enhanced audio.

Why We Liked It - They have had a significant revamp, and they provide a reliable wireless signal with good noise canceling abilities for a reasonable price.

8. TangDirect A6 Bluetooth Headset, In-Ear Sports Waterproof Headset

TangDirect A6 Bluetooth Headset, In-Ear Sports Waterproof Headset

Another earbud set which is well-manufactured with an affordable retail price is the A6 set form TangDirect.

They harbor supportive inner-ear fins which are ergonomically designed to sit comfortably tucked under your auricle. This helps to keep the audio directed to the listener no matter how much they move around.

They have a high-definition microphone which transmits vocals thanks to their up to date CSR chip. The onboard Bluetooth connectivity is 4.1, which again is an older version but still capable.

The audio has a right stereo mix with good definition; they provide an excellent dynamic response.

They charge quickly via USB and can provide around 8 hours playback. They carry a waterproof rating of IPX-5, making them suitable for outdoor activities and running.

+ Well-made.
+ Sports fin.
+ IPX-5 certified.

Why We Liked It - They match many of the others we have highlighted in terms of specs and manage to shave a fraction of the price off.

9. TECTOKA Wireless Headphones IPX5 Level Bluetooth 4.1

TECTOKA Bluetooth Headphones IPX5 Level Bluetooth 4.1

We have chosen another older model for our penultimate spot, which helps save a little cash. The Tectoka model is another well-made option that features the same magnetic necklace-like design, which makes them a convenient choice for those who like to listen to music on the go.

They feature silicone earbud tips with wings to help maintain their positioning. They provide secure fit within the ear and the materials ensure a protective earbud coating which is skin-friendly and non-abrasive to your ear canals.

The material also means they are more moisture resistant; they carry an IPX certification of 5, which means they are ideal for combating sweating and can survive light rain too.

The drivers provide decent audio reproduction, the response is relatively wide, giving good spacial depth to the sound, the mids are audibly defined, though the bass could be better as it distorts a little at max volumes.

The Bluetooth on board has excellent stability and transmission distance. They can function for around 8 hours streaming non-stop, and they recharge back to full in under 2 hours via a USB connection.

+ Sports wings.
+ Magnetic necklace design.
+ IPX-5 certification.

Why We Liked It - It is another good contender, which is accessibly priced.

10. Picun Wireless Headphones 10 Hrs Playback Sport Bluetooth Headphones

Picun Wireless Headphones 10 Hrs Playback Sport Bluetooth Headphones

We are ending with another ergonomically comfortable in-ear offering which is very beautifully presented with an iridescent finish.

They have a shallow-fit tip design; they are made with softened silicone, which is super-flexible and offers better comfort.

They are well-manufactured and also feature a magnetic system allowing them to be worn as a necklace when they are not in use.

They harbor much more significant than average drivers which measure 13mm but are still incredibly lightweight and ideal for running. The extra space provided within the drivers gives them the edge over competitive models as they are better equipped to respond more accurately, giving a better overall audio reproduction.

The sound is high fidelity and has well-distinguished dynamics, the bass has better performance, and they operate with a loss-less signal.

Their battery has a great capacity, capably providing up to 10 hours of playback between charges, recharging quickly. They operate efficiently via their one-touch music and call controls and have a high-quality in-line microphone.

They are rated IPX-5 so are pretty water-resist material, thanks to their high-tech nano-coating.

+ Larger drivers (13mm).
+ Loss-less signal.
+ Shallow ear tips.
+ 10-hour battery life.

Why We Liked It - They are an excellent example of what is available on the current market, and we like their color options, the rose gold is beautiful.

Wireless In-Ear Headphones Buyers Guide

Why Choose In-Ear Headphones?

In-ear models are today a popular go-to choice mainly because of the convenience they provide as they are far more portable than their over-ear counterparts.

Their pocket-sized nature gives them a clear advantage, and their compact nature makes them a little more discreet for private listening on the go.

When they have initially produced the benefits of their tiny size were immediately apparent, but the reality of tucking them away in a pocket brought with it a task more taxing than carrying an over-ear Bluetooth set in a backpack, so the pros didn't outweigh the cons.

The other thing which they didn't have quite right was the earbud design itself, sure they had managed to shrink the tech and component sizes down significantly, but the saucer-like buds had mesh speaker grilles and sat just at the mouth of the ear canal. They were often ill-fitting and uncomfortable, but today, the designs and tip separation from the unit has changed the way we wear them.

Some still consider an in-ear model less comfortable which is essentially just down to personal preference but now that they are sporting designs which keep them securely in place and are bestowed with Bluetooth connectivity, their convenience is as it was initially intended, and they are a common headphone choice for day to day personal listening.

Many models are equipped with an integrated microphone, as many of us tend to play our music from a mobile device. Having the mic allows us to answer calls at the touch of a button (or two) and also means we can operate our machines via voice commands as well.

What To Look For When Buying Wireless In-Ear Headphones?

In-ear models generally come with removable tips; they need to be able to conform to the particular ear canal shape to stay in place; this means they must be manufactured from flexible materials. If they aren't, then they can cause discomfort to the wearer. It is a delicate balance to strike as if they aren't rigid; they won't stay in place so quickly.

The majority of companies sell their model with a variety of sized tips to provide a range of fits and keep them tailored to the individual as one size simply does not fit all.

As the increased portability is one of their most important attributes the typical demographic for an in-ear Bluetooth headphone model tends to be athletically inclined which is hardly surprising as music really enhances a workout routine and helps keep the pace when you go out for a run.

This makes how well they stay within your ear a vital factor. Their many innovative design concepts to assist with the this, most commonly we see the fin and hook incorporation to help support the weight of the bud. Though obviously, it is a good idea to seek a very lightweight model in the first place anyway, many still need the reassuring back up of a support system, the most secure being a full over-ear hook, though they aren't the most comfortable and some just can't get along with the design at all.

As you will have seen from our selection, some models have innovative solutions such as magnetic tips which allow them to be worn as a necklace when they are not being used.

When it comes to the wireless capabilities, most models are kitted out with a new CSR chip, but some are more capable than others. You should always opt for a set with up to date connectivity as it will provide more stable signal transmission and be widely compatible. You can save yourself a few bucks with an older version but ensure this is 4.0 or higher for the best results.

The most important thing whatever your budget is the manufacturing quality and the audio produced.

In-ear models have naturally smaller drivers, but there are models on the market with bigger we suggest something a minimum of 9-10 mm. They need accurate tuning or optimization to reproduce better the frequencies they respond to, and the more full their response, the better mix of dynamics produced.


Getting your hands on a pair of capable Bluetooth in-ear headphones should be relatively easy and given that the market is flooded with competitive products, it doesn't have to cost an arm and leg either.

Of course, the better performing sets are typically priced higher and the premium models we have hidden in the mix wipe the floor with the cheaper ones, but the budget end of the market is pretty impressive for an average shopper with average needs.

Many of those we have reviewed today sit somewhat high-up the best-sellers ranking lists, or are critically acclaimed, some award-winning even and it is pretty plain to see why. They provide a fair few attributes, some of them at a very low-cost price and everyone wants a bargain. Whatever your budget, we hope today's reviews and buyers guide will get you headed in the right direction.

Expert Tip

If you are going to use your earbuds with a mobile device, you will need a microphone and may have to consider noise cancellation or isolation to keep your conversations clear.

Did you Know

We recently reviewed the 10 Best Noise Canceling Headphones Under $100, which has very in-depth buyers guide to explain how ANC works.

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