10 Best Wireless Headphones for Working Out in 2020

If you're on the lookout for a set of wireless headphones that won't wobble their way out and slip as you sweat, you're in luck. Today's article will showcase the 10 best wireless headphones for working out in 2020.

Without a shadow of a doubt, supplementing your workout routine with the rhythm of your favorite tunes aids your pace. Music is motivating and can even increase your overall stamina as you can time sets to the music. Not to mention, listening to something you enjoy can distract you as you drill. For that, you will need workout headphones that sound great and look good, so you can sweat in style.

In the past, your average set of headphones couldn't keep up with high levels of endurance. They'd slide around as you sweated, eventually succumbing to residue build-up and burning out on you. Thankfully, today's cutting edge waterproofing, and wireless integration means that manufacturers have some innovative solutions for the perfect workout wear. We're going to take you through a range of solutions alongside a trusty buyers guide.

1. TREBLAB J1 - Bluetooth Earbuds w/Apt-X

TREBLAB J1 - Bluetooth Earbuds w/aptX

We begin our reviews with a tremendous entry from TREBLAB. They are a super compact wireless earbud option. They feature ergonomically designed grips, which are miniature fin-shaped flexible curves. The grips help them stay inside the ears and can also be clipped together via a complimentary neck–cord, which features built-in controls, and a mic for hands-free functions. They are also noise-canceling, which helps to keep the line of communication clear and free of outside interference.

These in-ear headphones are beautifully made and can be carried in a pocket when not in use, making them very portable. Their wireless nature means there are no tangling wires so nothing will get caught or pull as you jog, cycle or dance. They are IPX6 certified, which protects them against perspiration. You don't have to worry about working up a sweat with these workout headphones.

These buds feature high-quality beryllium drivers which work very capably to provide well-balanced audio from their tiny 10mm composite cones. In other words, they sound great. They are equipped with the acclaimed Apt-X technology, which we have seen in similar models, giving the frequency response more balance and providing high definition stereo sound quality with distinguishable equalization.

They are equipped with stable Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity, making for a secure wireless workout without any skipping. You get 8 hours of battery life from around 2 hours charge. These buds come with a carrying case. You can get them in a range of different styles with interchangeable tips.

+ Competitively priced.
+ Super portable.
+ IPX6 certified.
+ 8 hours battery life.

Why We Liked It - We love these buds' compact nature. They are even less cumbersome than over-ear headphones. They have a variety of ear-tips and the sound quality is top-notch.

2. Otium Audio Bluetooth Headphones

Otium Audio Bluetooth Headphones

The second set we are looking at is also today's cheapest wireless headphone choice, retailing just under the $20 mark.

This pair of over-ears from Otium perform at a high output for around 8 hours at a time. They are a perfectly capable model - although there are newer versions available. The upgraded set only sees the Bluetooth brought up a notch from 4.1 to 4.2, along with a bit of a face-lift. If you are on a tight budget, it's pretty much a no-brainer that these are the best buy, despite being a bit older.

These sport headphones have been designed for richer bass frequencies. The circuitry has been optimized to enhance the low ends, and the tiny composite diaphragms double up the bass. They are capable of extended low-frequency response.

These workout buds have comfortable non-slip antiperspirant over-ear headphones hooks to help keep the buds in place. They also come with multiple ear-tip options. They pair easily (in just one step) and have a good transmission radius.

+ IPX7 waterproofed.
+ Great quality bass.
+ Low price.

Why We Liked It - These in-ear headphnes are great value for money. The bass is definitely richer than other similarly priced sets, giving you the best wireless workout you can get.

3. SENSO Bluetooth Headphones, Best Wireless Sports

SENSO Bluetooth Headphones, Best Wireless Sports

These SENSO headphones are definitely one of the best options for a wireless workout. They are a full hook-styled over-ear headphones set that allows for more freedom of movement than some earbud options.

The hooks are made from a flexible rubber composite; they're comfortable to wear, and they're lightweight. The earbuds are anti-slip, forming a seal to keep them within the mouth of your ear canal.

The driver array has a high performance and delivers diverse dynamics with great overall balance. The internal electronics are well-engineered and encased in a nano-coating, scoring them an IPX7 certification and rendering them watertight.

These buds provide 8 hours of battery life between charges, so you can enjoy your workout without any interruptions. They also feature sophisticated noise canceling to ensure that voice calls sound great.

+ Secure over ear hooks.
+ Noise canceling.
+ High performance.
+ 8 hours battery life.

Why We Liked It - They outperform many Bluetooth headphone models on the market. We're impressed by a lot of SENSO's products; these are waterproofed to the same extent as a high end model, making them - great for sports.

4. All-New 2020 Bluetooth Headphones

All-New 2020 Bluetooth Headphones w/ 12+ Hours Battery

The over-ear hooks on this pair give the buds some added stability. They are a newly upgraded model, decked with the latest Bluetooth technology. This gives them a faster and more stable connection than before, ensuring they will sound great and clear. This model also benefits from a bit of a re-design as far as materials are concerned in an effort to provide next-level comfort.

They are also Apt-X fitted, optimizing their miniature drivers and circuitry to deliver better audio balance and definition. The sound quality is on par with all of the other pairs we have examined so far, but they outperform the maximum run-time of the rest, dishing out a dozen hours of listening - that's over 10 hours of battery life.

These wireless headphones retail around the same price as the first pair we browsed but are IPX7 certified rather than 6. They also offer up 4 extra hours of running time, though the battery life takes slightly longer to recharge between uses. They feature CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology for calls. They also come with a nice resistant carry case to keep them in.

+ Recently upgraded.
+ Full over ear hooks.
+ IPX7 certified.
+ Noise canceling.
+ Competitive price.

Why We Liked It - These wireless headphones are equipped some of the latest technological codecs and advancements available at this price level.

5. Soundwhiz Wireless Earphones

Pink Headphones, Wireless Earphones Bluetooth

This superb set from Soundwhizz retails just a little lower than other sets with similar specs. They are donned with matching 10mm drivers, which is also Apt-x tech-driven for high performance and higher fidelity audio.

Despite their tiny size, these wireless headphones are very robustly built, yet lightweight for comfort. They feature intuitive onboard controls easily located on the earphone itself. They also feature a built-in mic for calls and voice commands. They are noise canceling and capably bestowed with a 4.1 connection. They provide a stable transmission. They pair easily and work for around 8 hours maximum.

They come with a range of ear tips with different bass flanges - you can decide your favorite fit. They are created with a composite that is non-slip and very flexible. This means they can be comfortably worn with sunglasses, caps, hats, and sweatbands. They also carry an IPX7 certification, rendering the rain harmless to their sound.

They are available in a range of colors, from shocking pink with sparkling silver to black and red, or gunmetal. These are some of the best headphones to workout with in style.

+ Undercuts competitors prices.
+ IPX7 waterproof.
+ Flexible materials.
+ Good battery life.

Why We Liked It - They essentially match the specs of others for around 20% less of an investment. They're are stylish and we like that they have been well thought out.

6. TREBLAB XR800 Bluetooth Headphones

TREBLAB XR800 Bluetooth Headphones

If you liked the capabilities of our opening model from TREBLAB but weren't sold on the in-ear hook, then you might consider this over-ear styled set suitable for your needs. The XR800 set is one of the last year's best-sellers.

They serve up the same onboard features as their in-ear counterparts with their up-to-date Bluetooth, Apt-X codec, dynamic balance, high-performing beryllium drivers, and IPX rating. The only real genuine difference is how they are worn, catering to preference alone.

So for a recap of their finest features, in addition to those already mentioned:

They provide high-output, high-definition sound, have built-in noise-canceling capabilities, around 8 hours of battery life, and come with a range of interchangeable ear tips.

+ High fidelity audio.
+ Over-ear hooks to maintain positioning.
+ Reasonable price.
+ Noise cancellation.
+ Decent battery life.

Why We Liked It - These are some of the best working out headphones. They provide great sound and cater to a variety of wearers' needs. They feature decent water-resistant technology and are reliably built.

7. Beats Powerbeats Pro

It's no secret that Beats is one of the best in the business, and the Beats Powerbeats Pro just reinforces that fact. If you're looking for a pair of sweat-resistant, durable buds that sound great, then these might be the best for you.

This pair of headphones is true wireless, meaning they don't have any connecting wires. True wireless designs make great headphones for running, as they're lightweight. This pair uses an Apple H1 chip for excellent sound quality. They can be used with both iOS and Andriod; all you have to do is download the Beats app.

In terms of battery life, the Beats Powerbeats Pro comes with 9 hours of battery life. In a rush and don't have time to charge your headphones? Don't worry - just five minutes of charging will provide 1.5 hours of battery life. They also come with a charging case, which provides a total battery life of 24 hours - this is another plus when it comes to true wireless designs. Never step out of the with uncharged headphones again.

There's always the fear that even the best true wireless headphones will fall out mid-workout. But these buds are especially excellent for workouts. The adjustable ear hooks ensure that they will stay in place. So whether you're kickboxing, running, dancing, or playing a round of tennis, your headphones will stay safe and secure. They also come with different sized ear tips, so you can get a comfortable fit, no matter the shape and size of your ear.

Not only that, but each true wireless earbud has controls on them, so you can pause, play, and skip music, all without your device, and all at the touch of a fingertip. The Bluetooth connectivity is Class 1, so you can be sure that the connection is strong and secure. If you never want to lose sound when you workout, these in-ear headphones may be the best for you.

+ Secure and comfortable fit.
+ 9-hour battery life.
+ Apple H1 chip.
+ Effortless controls.

Why We Liked It - If the name Beats Powerbeats Pro isn't enough to get you on board, the great sound quality and secure fit of these true wireless buds will.

8. Bose Soundsport

Bose Soundsport headphones are designed especially for working out. They're sweat-resistant and water-resistent, which is perfect if you tend you go running outside. The Sport Tips ensure that the buds will stay in your ear at all times, no matter how intense your workout gets.

Do you often lose your buds? That's a common fear, especially if they're a true wireless design. But don't worry about losing these. These wireless headphones come with a Bose Connect app, which helps you to locate your buds if you ever lose them. Not only that, but the app makes switching between devices effortless.

You need amazing sound quality when you're working out to keep you motivated. Due to Bose active EQ, the audio is high quality, providing balanced sound.

These Bose Soundsport headphones feature 6 hours of battery life, which is more than enough for a good, long workout.

+ Comfortable and secure ear tips.
+ Great audio quality.
+ Durable build.
+ Bose Connect app.

Why We Liked It - These buds come with an app which will help you find them if you ever lose them.

9. Back Bay - Runner Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Back Bay - Runner Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Now for a set with a bit more audio sculpting scope. This awesome set of headphones for running and working out is designed with two core goals in mind: 1, to be running ready, and 2, to keep sound control in the hands of the user. The over-ear hook design has been comfort-coated. Security is paramount; they can be linked with a cord and come with three different ear-tips. The included carry case and a cord clip.

The drivers are superb quality with benefits from advanced engineering. This gives them a little advantage over the others. The multi-crossover nature allows for them to come loaded with five different equalization presets; each have been carefully selected and fine-tuned at their Boston headquarters. The five presets give the user five different listening modes, each suited to different listening experiences and situations, from a bass boost sound setting to one perfect for pristine podcast listening.

They feature quick charging, which gives an hour and a half of uninterrupted listening for just 15 minutes of battery top-up. These in-ear headphones have Bluetooth connectivity and are donned with an IPX 7 certification, making them rain and sweat-proof. Get yourself a pair if you're often caught running in the rain - you know your sound won't be compromised.

+ 5 different EQ modes.
+ IPX7 certification.
+ Quick charge feature.

Why We Liked It - The five provided presets make this set much more versatile because they deliver dynamically different setting and, ultimately, a better listening experience.

10. Jabra Elite 75t Earbuds

These true wireless earbuds make for great workout headphones. They are compact and lightweight; you'll hardly feel them when they're in. The fit is secure for every type of ear, so you don't have to worry about them falling out when you're in the middle of an intense workout.

The wireless Bluetooth connection is strong and secure - these true wireless buds won't skip or lose connection when you're listening to music or taking an important call.

The battery life on the Jabra Elite lasts up to 7.5 hours on a single charge. The buds also come with a charging case, which gives you an overall total of 28 hours of battery life. Take these true wireless headphones out with you all day and never lose charge again.

These buds also come with the Jabra Sound+ app! You can customize and change your settings, choose which voice assistant you want, and access widgets.

If you like these, you could also check out the Jabra Elite Active. Jabra is known for making excellent sport headphones, and the Jabra Elite Active is no exception. Both these products are a cheaper alternative to the Apple Airpods without skimping on quality.

+ High definition sound.
+ Lightweight and compact design.
+ Comes with a carry case.
+ 28 hours of total battery life.
+ Comes with the Jabra Sound+ app.

Why We Liked It - These are the best workout headphones if you're looking for something light and compact, that won't irritate you during an intense session. They're a great alternative to the Apple Airpods. Also check out the Jabra Elite Active for another great pair of workout headphones.

Wireless Headphones for Working Out Buyers Guide

Music and movement pretty much go hand in hand. Luckily, many manufacturers have noticed the niche in the market and audio electronics for athletics are well and truly catered to. There is an abundance of products available out there.

The digital age and the wireless ways of the world have created a demand for modern convenience. Thankfully, the invention of CSR chips has reduced production costs to a more accessible figure for the average buyer. You can have Bluetooth connectivity built into just about anything imaginable. This is great news for anyone who wants to keep fit with their playlist - wires really do get in the way of a workout.

If you want wireless audio to encourage your cardio, you have to consider some simple but key factors when it comes to the best headphones. Working out has never been so easy.

The best headphones for working out need a fairly up-to-date version of Bluetooth. If you want to be able to use your headphones to answer calls or speak to Siri, you're going to need a built-in mic and some noise-canceling capabilities.

It's common sense that they'll need to be sweat-resistant. But if you have a particularly rigorous routine or are outdoors often, you'll need them to be water-resistant too. You would be wise to go for a high waterproof certification. Sweat can actually be more damaging to unprotected components than water. If your buds are sweatproof, they will slip around a lot less, which is pretty imperative for any wireless workout.

The main qualifier other than your budget is actually your preferred headphone style.

Most sporty sorts agree that an in-ear headphone is the only way to go. An over-head or over-ear set could be too bulky. That's why we have stuck to earbud options in today's reviews, but that's not to say that there aren't many models out there trying to contest the general consensus.

In-ear models are known for falling out of ears if they're ill-fitting, which will obviously be exacerbated by energetic exercising. We have looked at a variety of design concepts with solutions to keep the buds in place. Some find that they favor one style over the other - this just boils down to the individual.

Consider the battery life, as this will be essential for what you need them for. If you want to take your wireless headphones out and about, or you're a commuter, look for a pair with a battery life of 8 hours and over. Often, true wireless earbuds come with a charging case that provides extra battery life. If you find a pair of headphones with a battery life of 10 hours and over, you're onto a winner.

The majority of earphones we've looked at today are in a similar price bracket and don't differ heavily from one another in terms of the driver designs and overall audio. If you want a better bass, look for a set that has been optimized to provide just what you're looking for. The Back Bay set has built-in EQ options, which is a useful tool and effectively a unique selling point. We typically don't see this sort of feature in the lower price region, so if you spot it, scoop 'em up.


With the criteria being less complex and many models matching each other's specs, we have awarded a few titles to a few of today's products, crowning them as best in their relative categories.

The best value headphone for working out goes to the Otium Audio model. It's priced marginally lower than its competitors but offers equal functionality.

The best over-ear wireless headphone for working out is awarded to the SENSO set, as they serve-up superb sound. They also stay in place and are sufficiently sweat-resistant and water-resistant too.

The best in-ear wireless headphone for working out is the TREBLAB. They stay in the ear even upside down, making them perfect for Yoga and even acrobatics.

If you're wondering about the best headphones for bass out of today's bunch, we would have to recommend the Back Bay set. The multiple EQ settings are an amazing feature. They are competitively priced and possibly even serve the best sound of the lot, thanks to the optimized fine-tuned superior settings.

We hope you find today's reviews of use before you buy your next set of wireless headphones for working out.

Expert Tip

If you have audiophile ears and money is less of a concern there are some amazing models on the market if you are able to part with around 5 x the average asking price of those we have chosen today.

Did you Know

Some of the best headphones carry high-level certifications to classify their water-resistance. This makes them ideal for athletic pursuits. But did you know some are designed so well you can swim in them? Check out our waterproof headphone reviews!

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