10 Best Wireless Earbuds for iPhone in 2023

Do you want to know what the ten best wireless earbuds for iPhone in 2023 are? There are some exceptional earbuds for iPhone on the market. The best ones offer incredible sound quality, as well as a broad frequency range so that you can hear every detail in a song.

They will also have a microphone so that you can make high-quality calls on your iPhone, where the person on the other end of the line will be able to hear your voice clearly, rather than the background noise around you. Then, waterproofing will allow you to wear your earbuds while exercising without your sweat shorting them.

This list of the ten best wireless earbuds for iPhone in 2023 will aid you in choosing the very best earbuds for you, and the buyer's guide and breakdown afterward will also point out the most important features that you should be looking out for.

At a glance: Our top 3 picks

Our team's top 3 recommendations
Best Overall

Apple EarPods

  • Made specifically for iPhone and other Apple products
  • Comfortable fit
  • Built-in microphone
  • High-quality sound
  • Classic, white Apple look

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Premium Quality

PALOVUE Earflow in-Ear

  • Made specifically for iPhone and other Apple products
  • Comfortable fit
  • Built-in microphone
  • High-quality sound
  • Classic, white Apple look

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Great value

Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud

  • Made specifically for iPhone and other Apple products
  • Comfortable fit
  • Built-in microphone
  • High-quality sound
  • Classic, white Apple look

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1. Apple EarPods

When you’re looking for iPhone earbuds, then Apple is a good place to start, as the iPhone manufacturer should be best placed to create earbuds specifically for iPhone. Apple EarPods connect to your iPhone via a lightning cable.

Unlike standard earbuds, the EarPods have a non-traditional shape that is especially well-suited to the shape of the ear, meaning they are some of the most comfortable earbuds for iPhone on the market. Beyond comfort, they also offer high-quality sound and offer no sound loss either. These earbuds for iPhone also include a built-in microphone.

+ Made specifically for iPhone and other Apple products
+ Comfortable fit
+ Built-in microphone
+ High-quality sound
+ Classic, white Apple look

Why We Liked It - For iPhone earbuds, it’s best to go to the company who make the iPhone, which is why these earbuds are perfect for iPhone users.

2. PALOVUE Earflow in-Ear

PALOVUE Earflow in-Ear

The dynamic driver that has been built into these wireless in-ear headphones for iPhone offers an outstanding sound response, meaning that not only is the bass powerful, but the high and mid tones are sparklingly clear too. For iPhone earbuds, you need a lightning cable, as it is the standard connection, and these earbuds from Palovue have one.

They also have an anti-tangle cable, which means you don’t have to spend ages untangling them when you take them out of the carry case they come with. They have also been designed to reduce any ambient noise, so you can truly enjoy your music without distraction.

+ Dynamic driver offers excellent sound
+ Anti-tangle cable
+ Lightning cable for iPhone connectivity
+ Lightweight
+ In-line control

Why We Liked It - For iPhone users who value sound quality, then these are some of the best earbuds on the market, and the anti-tangle cable is highly convenient too.

3. Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud

Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud

It’s extremely important to find earbuds for iPhone that are comfortable, as well as great sounding, and these earbuds have been ergonomically designed specifically to offer that comfort. Not only does this ergonomic design give better comfort, but the snugger fit means that less external noise will filter through the music.

With fifteen colors for iPhone users to choose from, then you’re able to find one that suits your personality. The cord is 3.6ft long too. The 9mm drivers help to pump out high-quality sound that gives you a remarkable frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz.

+ Ergonomic earbuds
+ Long cord
+ Wide frequency range
+ 15 colors to choose from
+ Affordable price

Why We Liked It - The soft, ergonomic earbuds sit perfectly inside the ear, meaning you can comfortably listen to your music or podcasts, and this makes them some of the best earbuds for iPhone in 2023.

4. PANASONIC ErgoFit Earbud

PANASONIC ErgoFit Earbud

These earbuds for iPhone are very similar to the last pair on this list of the best earbuds for iPhone in 2023. Like the previous pair, they have an excellent 9mm driver, which gives you a huge tonal range and a lot of power too.

They also have a very long, 3.6ft cable. And the earbuds themselves have also been ergonomically designed for iPhone users to gain supreme comfort while listening to their favorite songs. The biggest difference, however, is that these earbuds include a built-in microphone, which can be controlled via the remote on the cord.

+ Built-in microphone
+ Snug, comfy fit
+ Very long cable
+ Great sound
+ Remote on the cord

Why We Liked It - The built-in microphone is great for iPhone users who want earbuds that they can use to make and receive calls, which can be operated via the remote on the earbuds cord.

5. NoiseHush NX80 Earphones

NoiseHush NX80 Earphones

The best earbuds for iPhone should include a quality microphone, and the NoiseHush NX80 certainly has an excellent microphone. In fact, these earbuds have a microphone that filters out unwanted, background sounds while you speak through it, meaning that the person on the other end can hear you as clearly as if you were stood next to them.

Fans of powerful bass will love these earbuds for iPhone too, as they feature the NX80 bass system, which offers thumping bass. The 8mm driver unit also gives out excellent clarity of tone, as well as loud, high-fidelity sound.

+ Excellent, noise filtering microphone
+ Bass system
+ High-fidelity sound
+ Noise isolation earbuds
+ Tangle-free, 3.9ft cable

Why We Liked It - The bass system on these earbuds for iPhone is spectacular, which makes them perfect for lovers of bass heavy music.

6. Sony MDRXB50AP Extra

Sony MDRXB50AP Extra

As you’d expect from Sony, these earbuds for iPhone offer excellent, high-quality sound, which is enhanced by the drivers that contain high-energy neodymium magnets. The bass offered is brilliant because they feature a “Bass Duct Design” so that you get more sound isolation and this converts to improved, extended bass response.

They have a remote on the cord that is perfect for iPhone users because you’re able to control calls and your audio playback via it. The earbuds are made from a hybrid silicone so that you get extra comfort and a secure fit.

+ Extra bass thanks to Bass Duct Design
+ Remote for iPhone control
+ Earbuds fit comfortably inside the ear
+ Lightweight
+ 12mm dome driver

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7. Multi Ted MX10 Bluetooth

Multi Ted MX10 Bluetooth

These wireless earbuds for iPhone are perfect for gym enthusiasts, as they have ear hooks for extra security and without a cable then you’re less restricted. They are also sweatproof and waterproof, so they won’t short during a sweaty workout or a jog in the rain. They have ten hours of playback time from a charge.

They feature an audio chip, which enhances the sound quality, and gives a complete, clear tone. For iPhone owners to pair with the earbuds, then the Bluetooth technology makes it a breeze. They come with a zip case that doubles as a keyring too, so you’ll never lose them.

+ Bluetooth technology for iPhone connectivity
+ Waterproof and sweatproof
+ Ear hooks for a secure fit
+ High-fidelity sound
+ Noise cancellation, built-in microphone

Why We Liked It - Everything about these wireless earbuds for iPhone is premium quality, and the IPX7 waterproof and sweatproof protection makes them perfect for wearing during a workout.

8. Bose SoundSport in-ear

Bose SoundSport in-ear

Bose has a world-class reputation for producing fabulous audio equipment, and these earbuds for iPhone are no exception. They feature Bose’s TriPort technology to ensure that every sound, whether high, middle, or low, is exceptionally crisp.

To make sure that they stay secure inside your ear, then there are Bose’s StayHear tips, which are also comfortable too. Water and sweat won’t harm them either, as they are weather and sweat resistant. They come in a range of color schemes, some of which are very eye-catching. They also have an inline microphone and remote for iPhone users to easily make and answer calls.

+ StayHear secure and comfy tips
+ Weather and Sweat resistant
+ TriPort technology for exceptional sound
+ Durable and long-lasting
+ Designed for iPhone and other Apple products

Why We Liked It - The sound that you get from Bose earbuds is hard to beat, and that’s why these are one of the best earbuds for iPhone on the market.

9. VOWSVOWS Earbuds, Microphone

VOWSVOWS Earbuds, Microphone

These earbuds for iPhone have ergonomic tips to offer the wearer improved comfort, a snug fit, and also the security that they won’t constantly fall out. They have a frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz which means that you should hear all the details of your favorite songs.

The sound is reproduced through a 13.5mm driver in each earbud, which is very powerful compared to other earbuds for iPhone in this price range. To enhance the sound quality, they have an air hole at the back of the tip, which preserves the high frequency.

+ Lightning cable
+ Big drivers
+ Air hole in the tip for high-frequency preservation
+ Ergonomic fit
+ Bluetooth connectivity

Why We Liked It - A combination of comfort and sound quality makes these earbuds by VOWSVOWS a great choice for iPhone users.

10. Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth

Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth

Sony has created these wireless earbuds for iPhone that can be easily paired with a single touch of a button thanks to the NFC technology. They offer iPhone users 8.5 hours of playback time after they have been fully charged.

They also have a wraparound headband which keeps them secure, but also frees up your arms completely, which is ideal for people who wear earbuds while working out. Voice calls are very clear for both you and the person on the other end of the line, and that’s because of the excellent built-in microphone.

+ Clear voice calls
+ Splash proof
+ 8.5 hours of wireless playtime
+ Wraparound headband
+ Easy to pair

Why We Liked It - For iPhone users who want to have the option to make clear voice calls, as well as listen to bass heavy music, then these are the best wireless earbuds for you.

Wireless Earbuds for iPhone Buyers Guide

There is a lot of choice for iPhone users looking for an amazing new set of earbuds that will enhance your listening experience, as well as offering you comfort, and the ability to make high-quality voice calls. To make sure that you pick the very best pair, then consider this buyers guide and breakdown, so that you know what to look out for before you invest your well-earned dollars.

Comfy and Secure Fit

Earbuds sit inside the entrance to the ear canal. If you choose the wrong earbuds for iPhone then you will very quickly find yourself becoming uncomfortable and will then want to remove the earbud. Of course, this is something that you want to avoid.

The best earbuds for iPhone will have tips that have been ergonomically designed for comfort and security. This will take a few different forms. Firstly, the tips might be designed in an ergonomic shape, such as Apple’s EarPods, which have a shape that will perfectly fit inside your ear.

Another form of ergonomic earbuds relies upon the tips being made from a pliable and adaptable material, such as silicone, which will then mold to your ear’s shape. Earbuds of this type will usually have three size options – small, medium, and large – so that you can choose the right size.

For added security, there are a lot of earbuds for iPhone that will have soft hooks that will go around your ears. This adds an extra element of protection, and it is most common on earbuds that are made for exercising, as the vigorous movement heightens the risk of the earbuds falling out of your ears.

High-Quality Sound

It doesn’t matter if you intend to wear the earbuds for music, audiobooks, podcasts, or phone calls, it is imperative that you have outstanding sound quality. To ensure the earbuds have good quality sound, then you should first of all check what the frequency range of the earbuds are. 20Hz to 20hKz is standard for earbuds for iPhone, and it will certainly offer you enough range for your needs, but a slightly broader range will unlock new details in the music too.

You should also check what driver is used inside the earbuds. This is what produces the sound. The best earbuds for iPhone will include a dynamic driver that is at least 8mm in size.

Different manufacturers will also offer extra features when it comes to their earbuds, meaning that some earbuds are designed to give the listener a bass boost or more powerful bass. If you’re a fan of bass heavy music – which a lot of modern music is – then make sure to purchase earbuds that promise this bass boost.


A microphone is important for iPhone earbuds, simply because you can then make and answer phone calls directly through the earbuds themselves. To ensure that the microphone will make your voice clear and coherent to the person at the other end of the line, then choose earbuds that have an in-built microphone that promises to filter out unwanted external noises. This will mean that the microphone will pick up your voice more clearly, and noises or the sound of the wind – which can ruin a voice call – will be filtered out.


The best earbuds will also be easy to use. The first important element of usability is the ease of Bluetooth pairing. NFC technology allows you to pair with your iPhone with a single touch.

The second element of earbuds for iPhone that will enhance their usability is the way in which you will control them. Good earbuds will have buttons on the earbuds themselves – or the cord if they are corded – and this will then allow you to answer and end calls without needing to retrieve your iPhone. You will also be able to skip through songs as well.


Earbuds are a conspicuous piece of equipment, meaning that they are on show to the world around you. Some of the best wireless earbuds for iPhone look great. So, when choosing your next earbuds then make sure that you choose a pair that suit your own personal style, whether that is vibrant and outgoing or more subdued and understated.

If the earbuds are splash-proof, does it mean they are completely waterproof and sweatproof too?

No. If your earbuds are splash-proof, then they will be given a rating of IPX3 or IPX4. This means that a quick spray or splash against any of the enclosures shouldn’t short the earbuds. But they will not be able to withstand much more than this. For waterproof earbuds then you need to make sure that they have a rating of either IPX6 or IPX7.

Earbuds that have either of these ratings won’t become damaged if they get wet. This also means that they will also continue to work if sweat gets into them. If you're looking for iPhone earbuds that you can wear during exercise, then make sure to choose a pair that have one of these ratings, as they might break during a vigorous workout and your sweat gets into them.

Who should buy earbuds that have extra bass?

Anyone who loves bass, of course! The more important question is the opposite. Extra bass is perfect for fans of hip-hop, EDM, or another bass-heavy, modern music, but it is not well suited to classical music or a lot of rock music, where the middle and high notes are more important. The over-pronouncement of the bass can ruin some music, so make sure you choose earbuds that are well-suited to your favorite music genre.

How long should earbuds for iPhone last before they break?

The best wireless earbuds for the iPhone shouldn’t break anytime soon. But like with any product, it depends on the amount of usage that the earbuds have and how careful you are in handling them. You should always get at least a year out of your earbuds, but preferably they will last a lot longer than that.

Expert Tip

You use your iPhone for more than listening to music or podcasts, so when you are choosing your next earbuds for iPhone, then make sure that they include a high-quality microphone, which also has the ability to filter out unwanted noises.

This will not only help you get the most out of your earbuds, but it will also allow you to get more use out of your iPhone too. And make sure that you choose earbuds that have been designed for an iPhone, otherwise, you might find that you can’t use your in-built microphone to use Siri.

Did you know?

The original logo that Apple used wasn’t the one that we all know so well now. In fact, the first Apple symbol was actually a drawing of Sir Isaac Newton. It depicted the great scientist sat underneath a tree while reading from a manuscript. Above his head hung the famous apple that was to inspire Newton to come up with one of the most important scientific discoveries in history.


For iPhone users to choose their next earbuds, then there are a few things that they must consider. First is that the earbuds sit comfortably and securely inside the ear, possibly with soft hooks for extra security, if they plan to wear the earbuds for exercise.

Then the earbuds for iPhone should also offer outstanding sound quality. And they should also have a good, in-built microphone that filters out unwanted noises, so that phone calls are clear to people on both ends of the line. The earbuds should also look good, just like an iPhone does.

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