10 Best Bone Conduction Headphones in 2023

Bone conduction headphones allow you to listen to music through the bones in your skull instead of through your eardrums. This is a fantastic technology for people with hearing loss who are able to listen to music for the first time in a long time. For anyone who is looking to preserve their hearing, or for anyone who wears hearing aids, bone-conduction-headphones are also a wonderful innovation.

This is not a new technology - it's the same way Beethoven found his way through his masterpieces. It can be a little strange for people the first time they listen through bone conduction headphones.

Being able to hear the crunch of gravel beneath your feet while listening to your favorite new album is an odd sensation. The best bone conduction headphones allow you to be privy to your surroundings while listening. Anyone who works out in public, works in a busy office, or has kids running around that they need to keep an eye on, will love bone conduction headphones.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably curious about what the best options are for the best bone conduction headphones. What are some of the key features involved that makes them the best bone conduction headphones? Let’s take a look at our ten best picks of bone conduction headphones in 2023.

At a glance: Our top 3 picks

Our team's top 3 recommendations
Best Overall

1. Aftershoks AS650SG-BR

  • Comfortable
  • Reflective band
  • 6 hour battery life
  • 20% lighter

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Premium Quality

Aftershoks AS650MB

  • Comfortable
  • Reflective band
  • 6 hour battery life
  • 20% lighter

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Great value

Bonein BN-702

  • Comfortable
  • Reflective band
  • 6 hour battery life
  • 20% lighter

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1. 1. Aftershoks AS650SG-BR

Aftershoks AS650SG-BR

These Aftershokz Air bone conduction headphones are perfect for anyone who's looking for a little extra night time safety but also wants great sound quality. They have a reflective strip on the back to alert drivers behind you. They can be seen up to 500+ ft away at night and blend nicely during the day. They are 20% lighter than their counterparts Aftershokz Treks Titanium, and you can wear them long term with a 6 hour battery life.

Aftershokz Air are compatible with IOS and Android devices and have wire-free connectivity with Bluetooth v4.2. Non-bone conduction headphones can be annoying and uncomfortable in your ear while running. These ones stay right in place and offer a world of difference in terms of workout comfort. The sound is also great for a pair of headphones that allow outside noise to creep in.

If you're after more quality bone conduction headphones, Aftershokz also has other products in this range. Although not all of these are mentioned in the list, you can pick up a pair of Aftershokz Trekz Titanium, as mentioned above, the Aftershokz Trekz Air, or the Aftershokz Aeropex. When it comes to bone conduction headphones, Aftershokz is one of the best brands you can go for. Pick yourself up a pair of these Aftershokz headphones!


+ Comfortable
+ Reflective band
+ 6 hour battery life
+ 20% lighter

Why We Liked It - Aftershokz Air offers exceptional comfort and peace of mind while you’re running. The inconvenience of having headphones fall out or disturb the ear canal are eliminated. You know people behind you are alerted to your presence if running at night. They're great for safety and hearing loss. You can keep them on all day and not feel like you need to take a break. That's why when it comes to the best bone conduction headphones, Aftershokz doesn't disappoint.

2. Aftershoks AS650MB

Aftershoks AS650MB

Coming in at a slightly lower price point than the number one pair on our list, the Aftershokz Air AS650MB’s are comparable to their relatives. These Aftershokz headphones offer the same Bluetooth v4.2 connectivity, 6 hour battery life, and they are 20% lighter than most other bone conduction headphones. Compared to other bone conduction headphones of this style, these Aftershokz headphones have a great sound quality and will allow you to listen to outside noise and music at the same time.

They are exceptionally comfortable for long term use. If you’re a runner, you’ll love hearing the pound of the pavement beneath your feet. Wearing these means you'll be aware of your surroundings. These Aftershokz headphones also have one-touch button control on the bone conduction headphones, so you don’t need to reach for your phone to navigate calls and music. The voice and music clarity is pleasing, as well. As mentioned above, when it comes to bone conduction headphones, Aftershokz is setting the standard!


+ Bluetooth 4.2
+ 6-hour battery life
+ Comfortable
+ Lower price point

Why We Liked It - We like Aftershockz Air bone conduction headphones because of their simplicity and versatility. They are best suited for workouts because of their “stay in place” design, which means they wrap around the head, but if you prefer to listen at home then they are suitable for this as well. You’ll be as happy with these headphones as we are.

3. Bonein BN-702

Bonein BN-702

Most people who use bone conduction headphones will want supreme comfort, high quality sound, and a bit of style mixed in. Bonein gives you all of that and more with the BN-702’s. They are also equipped with technology that stops sound leakage from your headphones outward. That means you can turn them up a little louder and not worry about people around you being disturbed by the music.

An 11 hour battery life is really convenient. It's also the highest on this list, which makes these bone conduction headphones the best when it comes to battery life. They have the necessary one-touch button control, and a sweat and waterproof nanocoating to protect your bone conduction headphones when facing the elements. If you’re looking for a reliable, comfortable pair of headphones with bone conduction, that are great for navigating the outside world, these will do the trick.


+ 11-hour battery life
+ Fantastic comfort
+ High-quality sound
+ Wireless connectivity

Why We Liked It - They have perfect connectivity, great sound quality, and blissful comfort. These bone conduction headphones are perfect for anyone who wants to keep awareness of the surroundings while taking care of business. Your signal won’t cut out for up to 30ft, offering a little extra convenience.

4. Vidonn Bone Conduction Headphones

Like the others on this list, Vindonn uses bone conduction technology, which makes these great for people who suffer hearing loss, wear hearing aids, or just want to know what's going on around them when they're out and about. They also have a lightweight design, which means they won’t weigh down your head when you’re wearing them, making for a comfortable fit.

However, the lightweight design doesn’t mean they’re not secure. On the contrary, they wrap around the head, boasting a secure fit, which makes them ideal for sports, dancing, or any other physical activity - not just for hearing loss. Each bone conduction headphone is also sweatproof, which a rating of IP55. This type of rating is great for a workout where you’re sweating, or if you happen to get caught in light rain.

Due to the bone conduction technology, Vindonn bone conduction headphones have an open-ear design. This means that the earbuds don't block the inner ear. Unlike noise cancellation technology, which can be dangerous for that very reason, this design means you can enjoy your music when out and about, but still need to hear what’s going on around you. That makes these bone conduction headphones a great option for drivers, bikers, or even when you want to be safe on your commute, as you'll always be aware of your surroundings.

These wireless bone conduction headphones also feature a microphone, which is great when you need to take calls – you don’t need to stop your day to do it.

If you’re wondering about the battery life of these headphones, they boast a full 6 hours; this length of time is great for when you’re listening to music, an audiobook, a podcast, or if you’re taking calls.


+ Incudes a microphone
+ 6 hours of battery life
+ A sweatproof rating of IP55
+ Great bone conduction sound quality

Why We Liked It - There’s a lot to love about these bone conduction headphones, from the included microphone, to the sweatproof rating. They’re great if you just need an alternative to sports headphones!

5. VJJB Headphones

These bone conduction headphones have been made with Bluetooth V5.0. This means they support multipoint pairing for all your devices, from Apple devices (such as the iPhone and Mac) to Android devices, and Windows. Not only that, but the connection range runs all the way to 30 feet. How's that for bone conduction technology?

These bone conduction headphones include both a multi-function button and a physical button. The multi-function button allows you to play and pause music, as well as answer and end calls. So whether you’re using your headphones to listen to music, or make those important calls, you can do it all at a touch of a button. The Physical button makes it easy to turn the device on and off. You’ll also find the USB charging point there, too.

Speaking of charging, these bone conduction headphones feature a long battery life at six hours, not unlike some of the other options on this list. This battery life is excellent for long listening sessions, or super long phone calls – you never have to worry about running out of charge.

Like the above option, these bone conduction headphones are specifically designed for sport. This means they’re durable, sweatproof, and secure. Whatever the sport – whether that’s running, hiking, or a fitness session at the gym – you know your bone conduction headphones will last.

In terms of design, the VJJB bone conduction headphones feature a flexible, titanium design, meaning every bone conduction headphone can bend 360 degrees.


+ Sweatproof and secure
+ Six hours of battery life!
+ Includes a multi-function button
+ Connects to a wide range of devices

Why We Liked It - We love that multi-function button in particular. Whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, you can switch between calls and music without disrupting your day. Even if you don't suffer from hearing loss, have hearing aids, or exercise, get this pair of bone conduction headphones just for the convenience.

6. Tayogo Headphones

These bone conduction headphones from Tayogo come with a built-in HD microphone so you can answer calls no matter what you’re doing, whether that’s working out at the gym, making your way to work, or just chilling with an audiobook. You don’t have to interrupt your day.

The battery life is excellent, at a full 6 hours – 7 hours when calling. But that’s not all! Each bone conduction headphone has a standby time of a whole 7 days, which means you don’t have to bother with charging your headphones every day.

These are another pair of fitness bone conduction headphones, which means they’re secure and sweatproof. It’s one last thing you need to worry about when you’re living your best life.

It’s time to get technical now. These bone conduction headphones come with 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity, which makes for an excellent connection. They are Android and iOS compatible, so you can listen to these bone conduction headphones, whatever device you have.

Not unlike traditional headphones, the sound is excellent, with great bass and a dynamic range, so you’ll get the best sound quality with these bone conduction headphones.


+ 7 day standby time
+ Great microphone for HD sound
+ 5.0 Bluetooth

Why We Liked It - The best feature of these Tayogo headphones is the 7 day standby time. So even if you haven’t used them all week, they’ll still keep the charge. You don’t have to plug these bone conduction headphones in; just get up and go.

7. Aftershoks AS600PK-BR Treks Titanium

Aftershoks AS600PK-BR Treks Titanium

Bone conduction headphones keep your eardrums free from damage while listening to music, preventing hearing loss that traditional headphones can cause. They keep you aware of your surroundings and what's going on around you at all times. These particular bone conduction headphones have a reflective strip on the back to alert drivers and other road-dwellers to your presence while out at night.

The 6-hour battery life keeps you going on multiple workouts without a charge. Bluetooth 4.1 offers great connectivity and sound quality. Exceptional comfort makes these bone conduction headphones great for long-term wear. Sweat-proof nanocoating will preserve the quality of your bone conduction headphones for a longer period of time. Choose from three different color schemes to fit your particular style.


+ 6-hour battery life
+ Bright and colorful design
+ Good sound quality
+ Reflective safety band
+ Bluetooth 4.1

Why We Liked It - They offer some peace of mind when going out at night. It’s nice to know that people around you can see you from up to 500 feet away - pick up a pair of bone conduction headphones like these if you're often out and about at night. As with every bone conduction headphone, they’ll stay right in place. They are lightweight, rest comfortably on the ear, and have good quality sound.

8. Monodeal Open Ear

These Bluetooth bone conduction headphones are comfortable and convenient. They’re designed especially to be light and soft, giving you the utmost comfort when you listen to your music. This is especially great for the sports enthusiasts out there, as well as people who suffer from hearing loss or wear hearing aids. They have touch control, which makes it easy to play and pause music and audiobooks, as well as answer and end calls.

Although bone conduction headphones can't quite match the superior sound of traditional headphones, the sound quality of these is crisp and clear, which makes for a great listening experience.

The silicone will wrap around the back of your head, meaning the bone conduction headphones won’t slip down your head when you’re wearing them. So whether you’re working out, running, or doing household chores, they’ll stay firmly in place.

The 6 hour battery life means you can partake in lengthy calls and long music sessions without running out of charge. This is standard for most bone conduction headphones, which makes this another excellent choice.

Every bone conduction headphone comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can be sure of the quality of the product!


+ Easy to use
+ 6 Hour battery life
+ A lifetime warranty!

Why We Liked It - We love how secure these bone conduction headphones feel, which makes them one of the best headphones on this list. The price isn’t too high, but if you’re concerned, Monodeal also offers a lifetime warranty, so you can buy your bone conduction headphones safe in the knowledge that you have nothing to lose.

9. Somora Headphones

These bone conduction headphones boast as being suitable for an outdoor environment. That’s because you’ll be able to hear what’s going on around you when wearing these bone conduction headphones. If you want more awareness as you're exercising, for your own safety, then these are another great bone conduction choice.

This set comes with a 200mAh battery, which gives you a battery life of 5 hours and a standby time of 10 days. Each bone conduction headphone only takes about 2 hours to get your battery life to full charge, so you can rest assured you won’t need to charge your device all day.

Like the other bone conduction headphones on this list, the Somora ones are sweatproof and rainproof – as long as the shower’s light! This means you can participate in all your usual sports activities without worrying about compromising the device. Not only that, but you also don’t need to worry about your bone conduction headphones falling off – the ergonomic design makes sure of this. They’re also comfortable for you to wear, so you can keep them on the whole six hours if you need to.

The 5.0 Bluetooth technology provides a stable and clear connection up to 33ft, so you don’t need to worry about a lost connection.


+ 5 hours of battery life
+ Only 2 hour charging time
+ 5.0 Bluetooth technology
+ Sweatproof and find for light rain showers

Why We Liked It - The best thing about these headphones is that they only have a 2 hour charging time. Combine that with the 5 hours battery life, and this makes for a great pair of bone conduction headphones!

10. Genso 5.0

The best thing about bone conduction headphones is the open ear design, which means your inner ear doesn't get blocked with any headphones, which is great for people who wear hearing aids but still want to listen to music. It's also a safer way to listen to music, as you’ll be able to hear and notice your surroundings more clearly. This is great for people who like to get their exercise outside, such as cyclists and runners; it offers a safe way to listen to their music.

The unique design means you can fold them however you want to, and they’ll still go back to their original state after. This is great if you’re a commuter and need to stash them somewhere. Not only that, but they’re not bulky; they’re lightweight, and the elegant swan-like shape will make you look stylish wherever you go.

The headphones support Bluetooth 5.0, which means you’re getting a pair of headphones with great sound quality and an excellent connection. You can listen to music, audiobooks, podcasts, as well as make calls, all with the one-click multi-purpose button.


+ Stylish design
+ One click button
+ Comfortable design
+ Bluetooth 5.0
+ Great audio

Why We Liked It - We liked this pair of bone conduction headphones because of how stylish they are. The swan design is elegant and fits comfortably. However, don’t let that deceive you – these headphones also offer a secure fit.

Bone Conduction Headphones Buyers Guide

Sifting through all of the different products and their features can be a daunting and time-consuming task. It can be difficult to know what you should be paying attention to when buying something for the first time - in this case, bone conduction headphones. If you have no experience with a specific product, it's important to have a key set of characteristics you are looking for. That way you'll be able to narrow down your search quicker and with less buyer's remorse.

Many factors will come into play when picking out the best bone conduction headphones for you. You'll want to know that what you're going to purchase will have quality sound, comfort, durability, style, and top-of-the-market features.

We have decided to put together a guide that will help you make a decision on what the best bone conduction headphones are for you.

Sound Quality

You buy headphones for one reason; to listen to your favorite music, podcasts, or e-books. Whatever you are listening to, you want to have sound quality that will meet your expectations. With bone conduction headphones, you're already aware that ambient noises will be present, because of the nature of the headphones. This is because, unlike traditional headphones, bone conduction headphones don't block your ear canal. The sound quality will not match that of in ear or over ear headphones, as these will cancel out the noise and bring amazing bass. There also might be sound leakage, however, this will depend on the bone conduction headphones you purchase.

Bone conduction headphones are designed to keep the sound out of your ear canal and ear drums. They drive directly to your inner ear, not through the ear canal, but through your skull and jawbones. The sound quality can be a little bit different at first as you won’t be used to listening to music in this way. However, it works the same way that talking, or coughing does. If you're able to find a set of bone conduction headphones that fit well, look stylish and sound great, you’ll have a fantastic quality pair. One example of a fantastic pair of headphones that offer great sound quality and security is the Aftershokz. When it comes to bone conduction headphones, Aftershokz know what they're doing.

Another thing to consider when it comes to sound quality is the Bluetooth connection. A good Bluetooth connection will ensure that you'll get the best sound. None of the headphones on this list have a Bluetooth connection that's lower than a 4 - really, you shouldn't go for a Bluetooth connection that's lower than what's mentioned on this list. The connection will be poor, and thus, the sound will be poor. Some products on this list have a 5.0 Bluetooth connection; this connection is great and will ensure excellent connection and sound quality. Get a pair with a 5.0 Bluetooth connection if you can!


Comfort is one of the main stand-out points of bone conduction headphones. They're designed to sit outside of the ears, comfortably on your head, and not in the ear canal. With many in-ear headphones, you suffer discomfort from having the small plastic bud in your inner ear. With bone conduction headphones, that's not an issue in most cases. Some variations of bone conduction headphones come with more comfortable designs than others. Get the design that's best for you.

You want your bone conduction headphones to stay where you want them while you're taking part in any activity. If you have a pair of bone conduction headphones that offer exceptional sound quality, a good battery life, and seamless connectivity, but you can only wear them for 30 minutes before taking them off, you won’t want to pick them up as much. Pay attention to what others are saying about the bone conduction headphones and how they have worked for them. If numerous people talk about how comfortable the headphones are, they will likely be for you as well. Get a pair that you know will have a nice fit.


Durability is important in terms of how much you will be able to “beat up” your bone conduction headphones and how much abuse they can take. Most of the time, people buy bone conduction headphones for outdoor activities and less for sound quality. With high-intensity comes high impact. Accidents can happen anytime, and you want to make sure that your music players will not go down easy. Picking bone conduction headphones with added strength and stability will save you headaches in the future as they won't break down when something happens. Get bone conduction headphones with a good sweatproof rating so that they won’t be ruined by moisture.


Imagine you’re running along the beach or on the path and everyone is giving you the eyes because of how good you look. That’s what the right style of bone conduction headphones will do for you. You’re trying to be a better, more fit version of yourself. You may as well look good in the process. There are a variety of styles of bone conduction headphones available out there for you to choose from.

You can get subtle and slick bone conduction headphones that don’t stand out much, and you can also get brightly colored neon style bone conduction headphones that may fit your vibrant workout attire. The style of your headphones will compliment your personal style and brand. Don’t be afraid to look your best while you’re working up a sweat.


If for some reason, something goes wrong and your bone conduction headphones show up in a different condition than you were hoping, you’ll want to have the protection of a good warranty to take care of any issues that may arise. Sometimes manufacturer defects cause issues with sound quality or durability in products.

If you have a solid warranty available, you won’t have to worry about resolving the issue. Keep in mind that using chargers and accessories may void the warranty of your bone conduction headphones. There are different rules for each product so have that in the back of your mind while picking out your bone conduction headphones.

Battery Life

Think about how you're going to be using your headphones. Longer battery life can add convenience. If you don’t need to be charging up your headphones all the time, you will save yourself some unnecessary headaches. Most headphones these days come with at least a 5-hour battery life, which is pretty good for a pair of headphones. If, however, you are trying to listen to e-books or binge-watch your favorite show, you may want something with a little longer battery life.

The best bone conduction headphones come with a standby time, too, so you don't have to charge them every time you want to use them.


Bone conduction headphones are a fantastic innovation. As they allow people with hearing damage to listen to music again, they're a real bright light in the lives of some. For others who are aware that regular ears buds can cause damage to the eardrum, Bluetooth wireless or not, bone conduction headphones are also a healthy alternative. There are some amazing options out there for all of us to enjoy. It’s up to you to find the pair of bone conduction headphones that fit your style and desire. We hope our top ten list guides you along the path to enjoyable listening.

Expert Tip:

Be sure to check the compatibility of your new bone conduction headphones with the device you're using. If they are compatible, there will be no problem setting everything up and going off to the races. If your bone conduction headphones are not compatible, you won’t have that ease. Avoid disappointment by pre-checking to make sure everything will work together.

Did you know?

The three smallest bones in the body are the malleus, incus, and stapes. These three bones work together to transmit sound vibrations to the brain. Breaking one of these bones can cause a common type of hearing loss called conductive hearing loss.

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