8 Best Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones in 2023

We're back on the lookout for wireless options that provide the clearest communication lines for our busy modern lives. Take a gander at our compilation of the eight best noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones in 2023.

We have delved into the world of ANC (active noise cancellation) before, but the models are always evolving. Recent chip developments bring in products that are constantly raising the bar. In an effort to provide solutions for all walks of life, we have tried to feature a good selection in terms of affordability to provide you with realistic headphones for casual use.

We've also gathered up some relative info for our buyers guide to give you a push in the direction and help narrow down the set, which suits your life best. There's a lot of competing models to muddle through, but let's review some top candidates together.

At a glance: Our top 3 picks

Our team's top 3 recommendations
Best Overall

Bose QuietComfort 35

  • Triple-level ANC.
  • Instant access assistant.
  • Augmented Audio Reality.
  • Great sound quality.

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Premium Quality

Plantronics BackBeat

  • Triple-level ANC.
  • Instant access assistant.
  • Augmented Audio Reality.
  • Great sound quality.

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Great value

Mpow H5 Bluetooth

  • Triple-level ANC.
  • Instant access assistant.
  • Augmented Audio Reality.
  • Great sound quality.

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View The Best Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones Below

1. Bose QuietComfort 35

Up first is the Bose QuietComfort 35.

Like the original set, these Bose noise cancelling headphones offer the company's acclaimed triple-level noise cancellation to provide an optimal listening experience; this is some of the best noise cancelling technology you can get your hands on.

These headphones are fitted with a noise rejecting microphone that works dually to keep lines impeccably clear in both directions. Their comfortably cushioned cups and their circumaural design provide a passively canceling seal as well.

The world-class noise reduction tech featured in the Bose QuietComfort 35 is unmatched and rated at 20.8 decibels. They have a multi-function button built into the cup for easy access. A direct assistant button gives you instant access to Siri, and they are also Alexa-enabled for voice commanding.

These Bose noise cancelling headphones benefit from the company's innovative augmented reality platform. It combines the capabilities of their top-notch dynamic drivers with a mobile app. They pair easily and provide 20 hours to 30 hours of battery life.

+ Triple-level ANC.
+ Instant access assistant.
+ Augmented Audio Reality.
+ Great sound quality.

Why We Liked It:

These Bose noise cancelling headphones are literally on another level; they're one of the best headphone with noise cancellation you can get. No other headphones match the QuietComfort 35 noise cancellation as well.

2. Plantronics BackBeat

The best noise cancelling headphones should be comfortable on each ear. This next wireless set is a best-selling option from the team at Plantronics. The BackBeat model offers plush comfort levels, fully-immersive audio. They're one of the best headphones with noise cancellation (ANC).

The speaker drivers on these over-ear headphones are very well-balanced and serve-up powerful sound quality with high-resolution. They're beautifully contained in a luxurious set of earcups that are formed with breathable fabrics, in a sophisticated black and tan color theme. They are very well-designed for comfort, with a flexible but strong headband and cups which swivel flat, allowing them to tuck into their travel sleeve.

The active noise cancelling technology does a very effective job of minimizing the environmental ambiance without coloring the audio you're listening to. These headphones are switchable, so it won't drain the battery while it's inactive. That makes them some of the best wireless, noise cancelling headphones for commuters.

This allows the high-capacity batteries to deliver up to 24 hours of streaming over a reliable Bluetooth connection. They work from an extended distance and recharge in an acceptable time-frame.

+ Luxury cups.
+ Switchable ANC.
+ 24 hour battery
+ Stable connectivity.

Why We Liked It:

These wireless, noise cancelling headphones are well-made. The audio has great natural mid-tones and the sound is powerfully delivered. The fact that the noise cancellation can be deactivated gives the battery plenty of respite. If you're worried about the battery running out, these could be the best noise cancelling headphones for you.

3. Mpow H5 Bluetooth

This next wireless noise cancelling headphone is priced in a more affordable every-day realm, Mpow does a good job at producing the best quality audio electronics with an economic price-tag. This includes the best noise cancelling headphones.

The H5 set is well-manufactured and is again of an over-ear (circumaural) design. The headband has a great deal of elasticity, which has been strength tested (10000+ bending test) to a high degree. The flexibility they provide allows them to give a comfortable fit, no matter the circumference or shape of your head.

The cups have been recently upgraded with this particular model. They are suitably cushioned and can swivel 90 degrees and even fold completely for convenient storage.

The audio drivers measure 40mm and are pretty capable. The frequency response is broad enough, and the opposite ends of the spectrum are well-balanced, providing good middle clarity.

They are equipped with a CVC 6.0 chip that aids their microphone in keeping communication clear during calls.

The Bluetooth connectivity is current, widely compatible, and stable to stream audio with. The built-in battery provides a generous 30 hours of use, even with the noise canceling (ANC) running.

+ Flexible, low-clamp headband.
+ Fold-away design.
+ Current Bluetooth.
+ Generous battery life.
+ ANC.

Why We Liked It:

They are the best solution for casual users. The audio is good-quality, the streaming is stable and the battery life is more than enough between charges. The noise cancellation isn't comparable to the higher-end models but that wouldn't be fair to look at side by side, given the low-price.

4. COWIN E7 Pro

Now for another best-selling model which has also recently been upgraded. They have a comfortable around-ear design with soft protein cushions that passively cancel the outside world. The cups are mounted to swivel 90 degrees, which reduces the clamping force and sound pressure levels.

The drivers are a little larger at 45mm, they are made with good-quality components and have a good frequency response with a crisp treble definition.

The microphone has been replaced with a better quality one that is better suited to deal with the active noise canceling. They give a good decibel reduction that compliments the audio reproduction and ensures that your communication lines are audible.

These noise cancelling headphones have an easy to pair Bluetooth connection, which streams reliably but can also be used with an optional direct cable. The noise cancellation works in wired and wireless modes - making it one of the best noise cancellation sets around. They have a high-capacity battery life and can function for up to 30 hours.

+ Large-aperture drivers.
+ Upgraded microphone.
+ Best battery life.

Why We Liked It:

The audio is great. The comfort levels are better than ever. While the noise cancellation isn't their best feature, it does provide a significant decibel reduction. We like that they can be used with an optional cable. That makes this one of the best noise cancelling headphones.

5. COWIN E7 Active Noise

If the price of the Pro model above is a bit of a stretch for you then you may want to set your sights on the E7 active noise canceling set from COWIN instead.

If the price of the Pro model above is a bit of a stretch for you, then you may want to set your sights on the E7 active noise cancelling set from COWIN instead.

They are well-made with a comfortable design concept that is constructed with durable materials to withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

The over-ear cups are cushioned with protein pads and are once again free to swivel, providing a comfier fit.

Their onboard ANC provides a good level of noise reduction, which like the pair above functions in both wired and wireless modes.

The large-aperture drivers are a little smaller at just 40mm, but they still present a sufficient surface area for accurate bass handling. They are dynamically balanced, and the audio has a good overall definition.

The built-in microphone is pretty decent and backed by the noise cancellation chip. It provides clear lines, making it one of the best options for hands-free calling.

Their 600 mAh battery is capable of dishing out 30 hours of battery life between charges.

+ Comfy cups.
+ Wired and wireless functionality.
+ Generous battery.

Why We Liked It:

These noise cancelling headphones are good and affordable. They have a durable build quality and has a decent microphone to handle the noise rejection elements required by the ANC chip.

6.Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones


We have reviewed the ever-popular Mpow 059 noise cancelling headphones on a handful of occasions. These are another circumaural set though we would stress they are on the smaller side and with their 40mm drivers they have more of an on-ear feel in our opinion.

That said, it doesn't affect the use at all. They are still pretty comfortable to wear as they're suitably padded with generous memory protein cushioning, and they keep the sound quality exactly where you want it.

The closed backs and pads create a seal that passively filters the world around you. While they are lacking an onboard noise cancellation chip, they do slightly drown out the decibel levels within your environment.

This pair of headphones is well-constructed and have a folding design that makes them convenient to store and far more portable. The headband harbors a durable stainless-steel slider and is softly padded to keep it comfortable to wear.

The drivers serve-up great sound quality, and they function in both a wired or wireless manner via their Bluetooth capabilities. That's a great plus on top of these noise cancelling headphones.

The battery life provides 20 hours of use, and they benefit from a quick recharge. Just 10 minutes can top them up for around 2 hours.

+ Folding design.
+ Wired/wireless.
+ Quick recharge.

Why We Liked It:

Though it is not an active noise cancelling set, the passive design elements do a good job of blocking out external sounds. They have multi-functionality, store away easily and we like the quick recharge feature.

7. TaoTronics Active Noise

Another good noise-cancelling set with a strong folding concept is this model from TaoTronics which has durable material choices and reinforced mechanical parts. They fold to store safely away in a carry-case which is thoughtfully included in the retail price.

They feature dual large-aperture drivers that have an extended frequency response for better bass efficiency. They provide audio with a good overall depth and nice clarity in the treble end.

They feature a noise cancellation switch will means that they won't tax your battery life. The ANC runs with a CVC 6.0 noise-canceling chip and a well-manufactured rejection microphone.

The noise cancellation works very effectively to reduce interfering sounds from your environment. This helps to keep calls idyllically clear for better communication.

The battery life is very impressive and can capably provide up-to 45 hours of streaming, thanks to the noise cancellation switching feature.

+ Fold-up design.
+ Powerful bass.
+ Impressive battery life.

Why We Liked It:

These noise cancelling headphones are well-designed and executed. The folding mechanics are strong conceptually. The drivers deliver bass-driven audio and the battery life is staggering - one of the best on this list.


8. Paww WaveSound 3 Bluetooth

Our last set of noise-cancelling headphones to consider is the WaveSound 3 model from Paww, which is very well equipped to deal with noisy environments. They feature cutting-edge, custom-engineered, dynamic drivers that utilize beryllium for accurate reproduction.

These noise cancelling headphones are finely tuned to deliver high-definition audio. They measure 40mm and have great balance throughout the spectrum.

The drivers are supported by Apt-X technology, which provides a codec for better Bluetooth audio streaming. It's very low-latency, ensuring that signals are completely lag-free lines are secure for calls.

The noise cancellation is advanced. It's been focused on the low-frequency sound, which is better at tackling ambiance. It can distinguish between human conversations, which means that call-handling is far more effective as it doesn't try to correct sounds that change frequency rapidly.

The build quality is great. These noise cancelling headphones provide great comfort levels for the user. They are currently one of the lightest sets of over-ear headphones available that offer on-board noise cancellation, active and not.

The design allows them to fold, increasing their portability, and making them a savvy solution. They have soft protein covered ear-cups, and their recent circuitry upgrades bring many convenient features to the table.

They have a sociable Share Me function which allows you to share your playlist without wires to a compatible set of headphones from one source. You can access assistants like Siri or Google easily, and the battery life is ample.

+ High definition audio.
+ Beryllium drivers.
+ Advanced ANC.
+ Good battery life.

Why We Liked It:

These noise cancelling headphones are an extremely well-engineered set which has some great features. The audio is hi-def and the ANC is comparable to much more expensive models. It's the best noise cancelling, over-ear set on a budget.


Noise-canceling Bluetooth Headphones Buyers Guide


What To Consider When Buying Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones?

There are essentially two ways to go when it comes to dealing with a busy environment around you. EAC can be decided upon depending on why you require the best nosie cancellation in the first place.

If you're looking to be able to enjoy your playlists on the go in a built-up area, you might not need to go to active noise cancellation lengths. Many passive over-ear headphones provide a decent enough physical barrier between your ears and the outside world, but if you need to make a phone call, this could be problematic.

Headphone microphones, unfortunately, tend to pick up on the surroundings. If a microphone is on a wired set, it can be better positioned and have a unidirectional polarity to focus on the users' voice, with a smaller pick-up field.

As we are discussing, generally, the microphone will be incorporated into the cups themselves, and as those are placed externally, they will inevitably need to be omnidirectional and will, therefore, pick-up any sounds within the vicinity.

If you need a clear communication line, then the best noise-cancellation techniques will need to be employed.

Wireless active noise-cancelling headphones will have a microphone that has a larger pick-up field. Sometimes it will be a dual-microphone that is built to pick-up you and your environment simultaneously but separately. Some noise cancelling headphones will have multiple microphones working in unison on the task at hand.

Once they have picked up the signals in your surroundings and identified them as separate from the desired wave signals, they will flip the wave inverting the peaks and troughs. This double signal with dual sets of peaks and troughs cancels itself out producing a low-level sound, similar to what we know as white noise.

Many ANC Bluetooth headphones on the market are installed with almost identical CVC 6.0 chips. How well the ANC works boils down to the capabilities of the drivers and the quality of the microphone combined.

Cheaper noise cancelling headphones won't typically be as finely tuned to recognize the different frequencies to such a degree of accuracy. If you opt for true wireless earbuds, then the sound quality won't be as good as over-ear headphones. This is simply because true wireless has smaller drivers. A true wireless pair also doesn't have any connecting wire at all. The noise cancelling ability on a true wireless pair of headphones also won't be as good as on an over-ear pair of headphones.

When 2 signals cancel one-another and produce a background sound, they can be heard nominally but the brain doesn't register it properly. The less refined the tuning, the noisier, and the more noticeable the sound created is.

This means some cheaper ANC headphone models have a messier feel with less audio clarity while the ANC is running. If you appreciate your audio, getting a set that has a noise cancellation activation switch is probably a good idea, so you can enjoy the audio when you aren't taking a call or surrounded by a cacophony of background sounds.

ANC can be quite demanding of a battery life, so switch activation is never a bad idea.

If you're going to be dealing with particularly loud environments, such as engine noise during a flight, you will want a more expensive set with higher resolution audio and a broadened fine-tuned response.

Lastly, with regards to Bluetooth connectivity, you need to look for a current chip so that you have good cross-device compatibility. As wireless signals can be less reliable for an audio stream, you should look for noise cancelling headphones that have an electronic codec to help keep them low-latency and efficient at providing a lag-free listening experience.



If you find yourself out and about with your playlists to keep you going, you'll want decent noise-cancelling headphones to make sure your calls are unimpeded by the chaos of your surroundings.

Going wireless is the modern way to go. It brings a modicum of convenience with it that can't be surpassed by a plug-in product. Bluetooth has its drawbacks when it comes to streaming clarity, and keeping your communication lines clear is imperative to avoid mishearing from either side. Noise cancelling technology is just the cherry on top. If you're a commuter, consider wireless, noise cancelling headphones to cut out all that background noise.

There are many capable noise cancelling headphones on the current market. Finding the best set that is suitable for your needs boils down to knowing your requirements. No-one knows what will fit around your lifestyle better than you, but we hope our guide and comparisons will have helped give you a good idea of where to start looking for the best noise cancelling headphones.


Expert Tip

If you value noise cancellation above all else, then it's wise to think about shopping in the higher budget regions for better wave cancellation technology.


Did you Know?

Circumaural headphones are typically much better at providing the idyllic noise-canceling you need as their passively canceling nature compliments their electronic countering, making them twice as effective.

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