AirPods Flashing Orange? Here’s How to Fix It

Picture this: You're ready for your morning jog or commute to work, you grab your AirPods, and suddenly you notice that dreaded orange light. That's right - your AirPods are flashing orange, and you're left wondering what's going on.

Fear not! Here at Music Critic, we're here to help you understand the meaning behind that flashing orange light and show you how to fix it.

Why Are My AirPods Flashing Orange?

The blinking orange light you see on your AirPods case is essentially a distress signal. The indicator light suggests there's an issue with the charging case or the AirPods themselves. Several factors can cause the amber light to flash, such as a connectivity issue, charging problems, or even debris blocking the charging contacts. But don't worry! We'll dive into possible solutions to get your AirPods back to normal in no time.

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How to Fix Airpods Flashing Orange: Solutions

From resetting your AirPods to other more technical solutions, we've got you covered.

Solution 1: Reset and Reconnect Your AirPods

Sometimes, the orange flashing light could be due to a connectivity issue between your AirPods and the device they're paired with. Resetting your AirPods might just be the fix you need. Make sure to click "Forget this Device" in your Bluetooth settings before you get started.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Place both AirPods in their charging case and close the lid. Wait for 30 seconds.
  2. Open the lid, ensuring the flashing light is visible.
  3. Press and hold the button at the back of the charging case until the LED light blinks orange/amber, then continue pressing until it starts blinking white.
  4. With the lid open, place your case next to your iPhone or iPad.
  5. A pop-up will appear on your device, prompting you to connect. Tap "Connect" and follow the instructions.

If the above fix doesn't work and the flashing light persists, move on to the next solution. You can also try turning your iPhone off via the power button.

iPhone with AirPods connect pop-up on the screen

Solution 2: Recharge the AirPods and the Case

An orange light might indicate that either your AirPods or their charging case needs a recharge. So, ensure both the AirPods and the case have sufficient battery life. If you're unsure how long it takes for the case to charge, check out this article for more information.

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Solution 3: Clean Your AirPods and the Case

Debris or dirt on your AirPods or in your Airpods charging case can obstruct the charging contacts, leading to a flashing light. Carefully inspect your AirPods and their charging case, then clean them using a soft, lint-free cloth. Be gentle when cleaning the charging contacts to avoid damaging them.

Cleaning AirPods with a soft cloth

Solution 4: Update AirPods' Firmware Version

Airpods blinking orange? Outdated firmware might be the cause. To update your AirPods' current firmware version, connect them to your iPhone or iPad and make sure both devices are connected to Wi-Fi. The firmware update will occur automatically in the background. Make sure to restart your iPhone when finished.

Solution 5: Seek Support from Apple

If you've tried all the above solutions and the light continues to flash orange, it's time to seek help from Apple. Visit the Apple support website or take your AirPods to an Apple Store or authorized service center for further assistance. They will diagnose the issue and, if necessary, arrange for a repair or replacement.

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What if I See Other Colors?

You might come across other colors on your AirPods case's LED light. Here's a quick rundown of what they mean:

  • Solid Green Light: If you have a solid green light, this indicates that your AirPods are fully charged and ready for use.
  • Flashing Green Light: This means your AirPods are currently charging.
  • Solid Orange Light: If you're charging your AirPods, and you see a solid orange light on your case, it means your AirPods are not yet fully charged, but they're still in the charging process.
  • Amber Light: An amber/orange light reveals your battery status. If your case is closed, a solid amber color means your case has less than one full charge remaining. If your case is open and the status light flashes amber, this means your AirPods need charging.
  • Flashing White Light: If your case has a flashing white light, this indicates your device has entered pairing mode.

AirPods Flashing Orange: Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we'll address some common questions that AirPods users may have about LED lights, connectivity, and charging time. Whether you're sick of your airpods flashing orange, or you're facing another issue, we've got you covered.

Why is the orange light on my AirPod case not changing?

If the orange LED on your AirPod case is not changing to a solid green color (which signifies a full charge), there could be several reasons:

  1. Debris or dirt is blocking the charging contacts on your AirPods or the case. Clean them gently with a soft, lint-free cloth.
  2. The charging cable or power source may be faulty. Try using a different cable or power source.
  3. The battery in the case or AirPods might be completely drained. Allow them to charge for a longer period.
  4. There might be an issue with the wireless charging case or the AirPods themselves. If the problem persists after trying the above solutions, contact Apple support. You may need to reset your airpods or try something else.

Why are my AirPods not connecting?

If your AirPods are not connecting to your Apple device, try the following steps for a quick fix:

  1. Make sure your device's Bluetooth is turned on and within range of the AirPods.
  2. Close any unused apps on your device that might interfere with Bluetooth connectivity.
  3. Reset your AirPods.
  4. Restart your paired device (iPhone, iPad, or other devices) and try connecting again.
  5. If the issue persists, reset your device's custom settings by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Keep in mind that this will erase all your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings, so you'll need to reconnect your devices afterward.

If none of these steps work, consider reaching out to Apple support for further assistance.

How long do AirPods take to charge from dead?

AirPods generally take about twenty minutes to charge up to 3 hours of listening time or about 2 hours of talk time. If your AirPods are completely dead, it might take about one hour to two hours to fully charge them. The charging case itself can take up to 2 hours to fully charge when connected to a power source.

For more information on AirPods charging times, you can refer to this article.

Remember, it's essential to use a compatible charging cable and power source for optimal charging. Regularly check for debris and dirt on your AirPods and charging case to ensure a proper connection.

Can the flashing orange light indicate a need for a firmware update?

Airpods flashing orange? While a light that's flashing orange typically indicates a charging or connectivity issue, outdated firmware can sometimes cause problems as well. To update your AirPods' firmware, connect them to your iPhone or iPad, and ensure both devices are connected to Wi-Fi. The firmware update will occur automatically in the background.

Keep in mind that the firmware update process might take some time, so be patient and avoid interrupting the process. Once the update is complete, check if the issue has been resolved.

What should I do if my AirPods case LED light is not working at all?

If the LED light on your case is not working at all, it could be due to a hardware issue or a drained battery. First, try charging the case for at least 20 minutes and then check if the LED light starts working. If it still doesn't work, consider contacting Apple support for further diagnosis and assistance.

Can I use third-party chargers for my AirPods and the charging case?

While it's possible to use third-party chargers with your AirPods and charging case, it's always best to use Apple-approved chargers to ensure optimal charging performance and avoid potential damage to your devices.

Using third-party chargers that do not meet Apple's quality standards can lead to charging issues and even damage your AirPods or the case. Look for chargers with the Apple logo.

Wrapping Up

While encountering flashing orange lights on your AirPods case can be frustrating, it's important to remain calm and try the solutions provided above. In most cases, you'll be able to stop your AirPods from flashing orange by following these steps. However, if none of these solutions work, don't hesitate to contact Apple support for further help.

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In conclusion, the flashing orange light on your AirPods case can be a cause for concern, but with the information provided in this article, you're well-equipped to address and resolve the issue. Remember, proper care and maintenance of your AirPodswill go a long way in preventing issues like the flashing orange light and ensuring that you enjoy a seamless listening experience.

So, the next time you spot that blinking orange light on your AirPods case, you can confidently tackle the problem with the knowledge you've gained from this article. With a little patience and persistence, you'll get your AirPods back to working order in no time.

Remember, technology isn't perfect, and occasional hiccups are bound to happen. However, understanding how to troubleshoot common issues can help you stay ahead of the curve and enjoy a smooth, uninterrupted experience with your AirPods.

Lastly, it's crucial to keep your AirPods clean and well-maintained to prevent any issues in the first place. Proper care will prolong their lifespan and ensure they provide the sound quality and performance you expect.

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Now, armed with this expert knowledge, you can confidently face any flashing orange light situation and continue to enjoy your AirPods to the fullest.

Go ahead and share this article with your friends and family members who might be experiencing the same flashing orange light on their AirPods case. You'll not only be helping them fix their issue but also educating them on the various LED light colors and what they signify.

Remember, if you ever encounter orange lights again, you've got this!