Esoteric Makes History by Launching the Grandioso T1 Turntable

The high-end Japanese brand, Esoteric, has released its first turntable: The Grandiso T1. Esoteric is well-known for its first-class amplifiers (including the Grandioso C1X, the Grandioso M1, and the Grandioso F1), providing exquisite sound, effortless style, and ultimate versatility with every single product.

Esoteric has released The Grandioso T1 to celebrate its 35th Anniversary. This is the first ever turntable in the company's long and trusted history, making such a release a hugely significant moment for the brand.

We know you're probably dying to get your hands on it and try out all the new turntable's amazing features. Having been released in October 2023, the wait is finally over, and Music Critic has the low-down on everything you need to know about The Grandioso T1 by Esoteric.


Combining Style and Technology

Grandioso T1 from top

Sophisticated, silver, and sleek, the Grandioso T1 exhibits the stunning style Esoteric is known for. But it's not all about the looks; with cutting-edge electronic and mechanical technology, the Grandioso T1 is a hi-tech dream, and we'd expect nothing less when it comes to Esoteric.

The Grandioso T1 comes with a vibration-free platter, offering a precise platter rotation, ensuring it's free from any irregularities of speed and making for a smoother listening experience.

The system is easy to use. There is a Micrometer knob on the front panel of the T1. With this, you can adjust the strength of the magnetic force from the magnetic driver to the platter, allowing you to fine-tune the capability of sonic characteristics.

Mechanical contacts have been eliminated. Unlike with alternative turntables, there's no need to replace belts or other parts of the T1. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your music.

The Groundbreaking Esoteric MagneDrive System

The Grandioso t1 both units
The Grandioso T1 is made up of three separate units: the main unit, the motor unit, and the power supply unit.

The T1 features Esoteric's patented contact-free drive system, otherwise known as the "Esoteric MagneDrive System." Thanks to the Magne-float platter, the platter's effective mass is reduced from 19kg down to approximately 4k, which, in turn, means the spindle friction is greatly reduced as well.

The Grandioso T1 also features a high-quality VCXO motor driver, which, according to Esoteric, establishes precise platter rotation, ensuring you get the amazing sound you deserve. In addition, the T1 also offers up smooth platter rotation, which is all down to the inverted bearing system.


Listen vibration-free, thanks to the triple-layer chassis. It absorbs vibration, allowing for a smoother and more complete listening experience. The mid-chassis features a piano lacquer, which ensures the clarity remains strong and beautiful.

The special damping mechanism on the isolation feet eliminates external vibration. So no matter where you choose to set up your new turntable, you can listen vibration-free.

Other Features

Grandioso T1 power supply unitThe Grandioso T1 comes with a TA-9D dynamic balance tonearm configuration – or without tonearm configuration, depending on your preferences. Additionally, it features an arm-board that will give you the option of adding up to three tonearms if you so choose.

It also has a 10MHz clock sync capability to regulate its motor drive unit.


There's no doubt that Esoteric is a brand you can trust. The Grandioso T1, Grandioso M1X, and S-05 have all been awarded the "Audio Excellence Award 2023".


The dimensions of the Grandioso T1 are as follows:

Overall dimensions (W×H×D): 497 × 215 × 436mm / 19.6" × 8.5" × 17.2" (Including protrusions)
Weight: 17kg / 37.5 lb.

Available Now

Newly released, the Grandioso T1 is available now. Experience all the unique design philosophy and cutting-edge technology that Esoteric has to offer.