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Music label: Maverick

released: 06.19.00

our score: 3.5 out of 5.0

 Do You Like to Boogie Woogie?

by: kriste matrisch


As an avid fan of Madonna's music, I (of course) had to get my own copy of her latest with same title! Music. I wasn't going to purchase my copy as soon as I did (probably a week after its release date) because of her gawd-awful version of "American Pie." (duncan's thoughts) However, the title cut of this album told me that she redeemed herself, taking her back to the dance songs like "Beautiful Stranger" and "Ray of Light."

With the first listening of the CD, I thought that it sounded good. This is a great CD to boogie woogie to. Fantastic. There's nothing wrong with that. Madonna is notorious for having her stuff mixed in the dance clubs! what's a few more songs for the DJs to stock on their shelves?

Musically, this album isn't as techno/electronica as her previous, Ray of Light.Thank goodness for that. It has a nice balance of her regular style of dancy music and ballads. "Amazing" sounds amazingly similar to "Beautiful Stranger." Other songs have either a techno sound or an acoustic sound. Madonna's voice is surprisingly delicate around the strums of an acoustic guitar.

Lyrically, well! it's not her best. Most of the songs relay the message that Madonna is seeking redemption from her previous relationships.

The style used in this album, for the most part, is very simplistic. You stumble onto her lyrics page for this album (which is featured here) and you can read them for yourself. The hidden gem on this album is her "What It Feels Like For a Girl" which almost sounds like she's taken a different appreciation for Lola, her first born. After all, watching a baby grow up into a beautiful young girl has to be tough. You want to hold on to that sweet innocence of a young girl and that is what Madonna beautifully writes in this song.

The one complaint of this album! where's the controversy? She doesn't really write about any sexual intimacies; she doesn't write any lyrics that would piss anyone off.

Could Madonna be turning soft? No, I think she just wants you to appreciate it for what it simply is! ear candy. Or, as she would say, "Music! for the people."