What is Treble? Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to music, you'll often read about treble, as well as bass and middle, but do you know what treble actually is? We're going to find out exactly what treble is, as well as what bass and middle is too, so you know the differences between the three. Then you'll be free from the worry about what these terms mean. Let's get started.

Treble - What is it?

Treble knobTreble means a few different things, depending on how it's used. When it comes to music, then treble is the highest section of notes. These are frequencies which human beings can hear. It can be represented in music scripture as a treble clef. Treble notes can relate to lots of different instruments or voices in written music. For example, a treble note clef can be used to represent a soprano, or it could be used for a piccolo flute.

Treble is also used with equalizers on audio devices, such as a hi-fi system. You can turn up the treble on a hi-fi system. This won't exactly change the music that you're listening to, but it will emphasize the treble notes, which means that the high notes will be clearer. This means the sound you're listening to on an audio device will be airier.

This may suit certain genres, such as classical music, but it may make some songs sound weak, and lacking in power. It can also hurt your ears, as turning up the treble to its highest setting will make the high frequencies become piercing. That can take the enjoyment out of a song.

If, however, you're listening to spoken word or the radio, it can be a bit of a help to turn up the treble to a much higher level. That's because it tends to make the sound of voices much clearer. If you find yourself straining to hear a presenter's voice when you listen to your favorite radio show, then please have a look at the settings on your audio system and see what level the treble is set at. If it's too low or the bass is too high, then please try turning up the treble. It may help you hear the sound of the presenter's voice much more clearly.

Treble is the highest frequencies in the range of sounds that a human can hear. But sounds fall into three different areas. You'll see all three on an equalizer. Now we'll look at the other two, and you can see how they differ from each other.

In terms of number, treble relates to sounds that fall in between 6KHz and 20Khz. In theory, it might include notes that are above 20KHz, but human beings are unable to hear anything that's over this range unless they have particularly sensitive ears. The older you get, the less you're able to hear these high sounds too.

What is Bass?

Bass and treble are the opposite. On one end of the frequency range, you have treble, and at the other, you have bass. It's likely that simply reading the word bass will make you imagine the sound of a bassline. But bass isn't necessarily just the sound that a bass guitar or synthesized bass makes. Bass represents all low frequencies. You will find that pianos, keyboards, and the human voice are all capable of creating the right notes described as bass.

On an audio device, you'll see that there is also a bass option. If you turn up the bass, then you'll hear more sounds that come from the low end of the sound spectrum. This can be great for hip-hop or EDM fans, as it can cause your furniture to rattle. You may even feel the pounding bassline inside you. But please be careful if you turn up the bass too loud, as it can completely ruin the sound of a song.

Just being able to hear notes in the low range will remove some of the lovely sounds that you will hear if you have the treble turned up, too. For many people, the right way to set an equalizer is with bass, middle, and treble all in the middle. This setup means you'll be free to hear every sound on the spectrum. It's also likely that this is what the creator of the music wants you to hear, too.

Bass is usually anything that goes up to 150Hz.

What is Mid?

Middle knobOn every sound system, you'll find that the equalizer has another option besides bass and treble. Mid is the third knob on every equalizer. You might not need any help to guess what this represents. It's simply the middle notes. So, it's every note that falls between the high notes that are the trebles and the low notes that are the bass notes.

Turning up the mid knob on your audio system will enhance the notes that sit in the middle of the sound spectrum. These fall into the range between 200Hz and 5KHz. When it comes to the instruments and sounds that you'd associate with the middle of the sound spectrum, then you're probably thinking of guitars or the piano.

A lot of human voices, even when singing, will also fall into the middle territory. That's why it can also be a good option to turn up the mid knob on your audio system if you're finding it difficult to hear voices on the radio. Please, check the mid-levels if you're having issues with hearing voices clearly, and you've tried altering the treble and found that it doesn't help.

Is Treble the Highest Frequency?

Yes, out of bass, mid, and treble, then treble will take care of the highest sounds that you can hear.


Now you know what bass, mid, and treble mean, so you can be free to experiment with your home hi-fi system's equalizer and adjust the levels of each accordingly. Remember, if you've got the bass turned up too loud, it can cause other sounds to be obscured, and this ruins most songs.

And if you've got treble turned up too high, then it will turn free and airy music into something that is unlistenable because of how piercing all the high notes now are. Balance is always the best idea, so adjusting each knob slightly will create the best listening experience.

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