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Oops...Oh My

from: Southern Hummingbird
released: 04.02.02


translating the hits for the masses
by: the munk

Ahhh... songs about masturbation.... There really aren't enough of them, are there? Sure, Semisonic had that "Get a Grip" song, and there's always "Turning Japanese" by The Vapours - or the classic "I Touch Myself" by The Divinyls. R&B starlet, Tweet, has decided to join the ranks of the sexually, umm... in touch... with her single "Oops...Oh My."

Original Lyrics
Tell you what I did last night
I came home, say, around a quater to three
Still so high
In a trance
From the start it, so butter and brown and tantalizing
You woulda thought I needed help from this feeling that I felt
So shook I had to catch my breath

Oops, there goes my shirt up over my head
Oh my
Oops, there goes my skirt droppin' to my feet
Oh my
Ooh, some kinda touch careesing my face
Oh my
Ooh I'm turning red
Who could this be?

I tried and I tried to avoid
but this thing was happening
Swallow my pride
Let it ride and party
But this body felt just like mines
I got worried
I looked over to the left
A reflection of myself
That's why I couldn't catch my breath

[Repeat Chorus]

Uh, yeah, yeah, Desert storm, yeah
Fabolous, yeah, Tweet, yeah

Shorty I strickly wanna spank you
The most I gotta do is spell my name to get your
Vickies to your ankles
I'm serious mami
You're f--kin wit the kid
aka William H period Bonnie
You know I'm the type
that be Crushin and merkin
Havin ladies touchin the herk
And blushin and smirkin
Early in the morning rushin for workin
Screaming Ooh My F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S
Each night I'm freakin
Ma, you ain't gonna talk me to death
cause you got free nights and weekends
Ghetto Fab's all over the place
Oops there goes my kids all over you face
Ooh My!

(I looked over to the left)
Umm I was looking so good I couldn't reject myself
(I looked over to the left)
Umm I was feeling so good I had to touch myself
(I looked over to the left)
Umm I was eyein my thighs butter pecan brown
(I looked over to the left)
Umm comin outta my shirt and then the skirt came down

Repeat Chorus

It was almost 3:00 a.m. when I strolled through the front door
I still had a good buzz going from partying all night
I was so intoxicated I couldn't really focus
Or concentrate on anything
I felt so sexy
I was so sexually aroused I didn't think I would be able to control myself
I had to stop to get a hold of my emotions

I think that I should take off my sexy little top
Giggle giggle
And then I think I will let my skirt drop to the floor
Oh, my skin is so soft. I just can't help myself
Oh my!
I'm sooo turned on right now.
Who could be making me feel this way?

I wanted to resist giving in to lust
But I couldn't resist
So I decided not to hold back
And just go with the flow'
But then I started to realize that I was touching skin that was too soft to be a guys
And I started to get kinda nervous
I glanced to the side
And saw myself masturbating
I was taken so off guard that I couldn't breathe

[Repeat Chorus]

Baby, to be honest all I want to do is get in your pants
Really all I have to do to get there is tell you my name and I can get your Victoria Secret panties down to your ankles
For real!
You have no idea who you are messing with
My name’s William H. Bonnie
I’m the kind of guy
Always looking to pick up ladies
They can’t keep their hands off of me.
I make them smile and giggle
They ask me to have sexual relations with them in the morning before they leave for work
And they call out my name
There isn’t a night that goes by that I am not spending time with a different woman
Don’t be expecting me to spend a ton of time talking to you over the phone
Just because you have surplus time available to call me
I have people to meet and places to be.
Now please shut up while I ejaculate all over your face

I glance over to the side
And I was looking so attractive that I couldn’t resist myself
I glanced over to the side
As sexually excited as I was I couldn’t help but touch myself
I looked myself up and down and I became more excited looking at my sexy dark-toned legs
I looked so sexy I took all of my clothes off.

Repeat Chorus

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