9 Best Sound-Canceling Headphones in 2021

If you work in a loud office, have an annoying roommate, or frequently travel, then you understand the importance of sound-canceling headphones. The right pair can keep you in distraction-free bliss for hours on end without discomfort.

To help you find the right pair for you with the right budget, comfort, and features, we put together a list of the best options on the market. Here they are!

1. Bose QuietComfort 35

Bose QuietComfort 35

The Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones are some of the best in their class for the price range. Bose is known for producing some of the highest quality audio equipment in the world, and they use their stellar technology with this model.

These Bose noise cancelling headphones are a little cheaper than what you may expect to pay for Bose, but the Bose QuietComfort 35 model offers excellent sound cancellation, comfort, battery life, and sound quality.

They have been engineered to provide some of the best quality noise cancelations on the market. Whether you're out in public, or even on a train or plane, you won't be distracted or annoyed by ay outside noises. You can listen in wireless mode for up to 20 hours without a charge. Also, if you want to give yourself a bit more time, you can use the included wire for less battery usage.

The Bose noise cancelling headphones are lightweight and comfortable, allowing you to wear them for extended periods without discomfort. And one of the coolest features is the volume optimized EQ, which ensures your music sounds great at every volume.

+ 20 hours of battery life
+ Exceptionally comfortable
+ Noise-canceling
+ Wireless
+ Volume optimized EQ

Why We Liked It - With these Bose noise cancelling headphones, you get Bose quality with a lower price point. The sounds are terrific; they have a comfortable fit and a decent battery life. They are one of the best bose noise-canceling headphones.

2. Plantronics BackBeat

Plantronics BackBeat

Plantronics BackBeat headphones are another excellent choice for wireless noise cancelling headphones. They are engineered to provide high-resolution sound quality with clear highs and mids with deep enough bass to rumble your eardrums.

They use active noise cancellation technology to provide the best possible sound isolation. However, some users have said that the noise cancellation doesn't work as well as they had hoped. However, for a budget pair, they work well and offer some decent sound cancellation.

They are a bit on the bulky side, but they have excellent battery life. You get 24 hours of wireless music listening when you connect the wire or charge them for future use. Touch controls on the outside allow you to control your music and calls easily. The design is also fairly minimalist and attractive. They may not be the best portable option for headphones, but if you're using them around the house for music and movies, they may be the best way to go.

+ Active noise cancellation
+ 24-hour battery life
+ True wireless
+ Good bass response
+ Good sound quality

Why We Liked It - They are a little more on the affordable side and are a decent pair of wireless noise-canceling headphones. They are an excellent stay-at-home model for budget seekers who don't need an active pair of cans.

3. Mpow H5 Bluetooth

Mpow H5 Bluetooth

The Mpow H5 Bluetooth headphones may offer some of the best value. They, like the other best sound cancelling headphones on this list, use active noise cancellation to block out all exterior noises.

They have 40mm drivers to bring the noise directly to your ears in an immersive and explosive fashion. The protein memory ear cups offer additional comfort, while the headphones are also lightweight and adjustable.

30 hours worth of battery life on a single charge is nothing to scoff at. That'll give you enough charge for any flight, train ride, or commute without needing to juice them up. They are also wireless, so there are no dangling cables to worry about.

Hands-free calls are possible with the touch controls, and the microphone is of decent quality. One thing users have said about the Mpow H5 headphones is that they are not crazily durable, and you may need to replace them within a year.

+ 30-hour battery life
+ Active noise cancellation
+ Wireless
+ Great audio quality
+ Comfortable fit

Why We Liked It - The budget is one of the greatest points about these headphones. After all, there are a ton of models that can do what the Mpow H5's can. However, for the price, they will give you a decent listening experience, with a good level of comfort, and long-lasting battery life.

4. COWIN E7 Pro


Compared to other models on our list, the COWIN E7 Pros are right in the middle in terms of price range. However, they may outperform many of the more reputable brands in sound quality, durability, and comfort.

They offer some of the best noise cancellations on the list. Even in passive mode, the isolation is fairly impressive. Anyone who works in a busy office will be able to drown out the sound of Karen complaining to Bob about TPS reports.

With 30 hours of wireless playback time, you can go on any flight without needing to charge them. Also, the sound is great, with extra-large drivers offering a full spectrum range of sound. Durability and comfort aren't compromised with these headphones. They can be worn for hours without pain or irritation, and they will stand up to bumps and nudges in lineups all around the globe.

Touch controls allow you to call without pulling your phone out as well. They may be one of the best pair of noise canceling headphones for this price.

+ 30-hour battery life
+ Lightweight and comfortable
+ Wireless
+ Active noise cancellation
+ Great sound

Why We Liked It - Excellent price and audio quality with comfort and durability. There is basically nothing wrong you can say about the COWIN E7 Pro headphones. In direct comparison to Bose and Sony models that are more expensive, these are a natural choice.

5. COWIN E7 Active Noise

COWIN E7 Active Noise

Now we have the predecessor of the COWIN E7 Pro headphones. This model is simply the one that came before; active noise cancellation all started with COWIN. They are almost indistinguishable from the Pro version and offer the same features.

Active noise cancellation is excellent. So is the battery life at 30 hours, and the audio quality is excellent. They are true wireless, so you don't have to worry about any wires in the way. Also, users have praised COWIN for providing some amazingly comfortable headphones that are easily adjustable and storable so that you can take them anywhere with you, and you won't have to worry about them breaking.

It's almost completely unnecessary to pay any more than you would for a pair of headphones because the CWIN E7's provide all of the quality, comfort, and durability you would need.

+ Long battery life
+ Noise-cancelling headphones
+ Best value
+ Wireless
+ Great sound

Why We Liked It - As far as the affordability, sound, comfort, and durability go, it's hard to beat either of the COWIN headphones. They compare to more expensive options in every way, except they save you a few bucks along the way.

6. Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones

Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones

The Mpow 059 headphones have everything you need in a high-quality pair. Mpow is known for being a highly reputable brand in terms of quality while offering relatively low price points on their products.

The incredibly immersive stereo sound will leave you flabbergasted and thrilled. It is fully immersive with excellent bass and treble to round out the mixes perfectly. The over-ear cushion design is quite comfortable and sits comfortably on top of your ears. They are also adjustable and lightweight. A foldable design allows you to stuff them into your bag and take them anywhere.

The wireless connection is good for up to 33ft from your adapter, and the battery life is about 20 hours when unplugged. But that's only because many of the competitors have much longer batteries. However, you really can't go wrong with this pair of headphones.

+ Lightweight and adjustable
+ 33ft wireless range
+ Excellent sound quality
+ 20-hour battery life
+ Budget-friendly

Why We Liked It - They are slightly more affordable than some of the more prominent name brands but offer the same level of quality and comfort. Foldable design makes them easily portable as well.

7. Bose QuietComfort 25

Bose QuietComfort 25

Bose knows how to deliver the rhythm and flows. The QuietComfort 25 model is highly comparable to the Bose QC35 in basically every way except for the price. The 35's are quite a bit more expensive. While you would get a bit better sound quality, the noise cancellation technology is the same.

The QuietComfort 25's are a fantastic option for sound cancellation. They block out basically everything you don't want to hear and allow you to zero in on what's important. They are super durable and comfortable and should be suitable for long term wear.

The come with google assistant and wireless connectivity. The sound quality isn't as good as some of the competing headphones, but it is still worth the price drop if that isn't the most important thing to you.

+ Super comfortable and durable
+ Excellent noise reduction
+ Over-ear headphones
+ Google assistant
+ Wireless headphones

Why We Liked It - They offer the same level of quality as the qc35's without the price jump. You wouldn't be disappointed with these headphones based on the noise reduction alone.

8. Sony MDRZX110NC


Sony, being one of the most reputable brands in the sound world, offers a noise isolating pair of over-ear headphones for an affordable price. They are classically designed without a ton of weight and extra features involved, but they'll do what you need them to.

Sony offers comfort, portability, and style with the MDRZX110NC headphones. They are not active noise-cancelling headphones, but they do an excellent job of keeping the noise out. Even though they are not wireless headphones, they are still reasonably portable.

Sony MDRZX110NC has 80 hours of playback battery life for you to listen on. Also, on the headphones, you get a voice assistant for calls and commands. Voice assistant cuts down on the need to use your hands when you're in motion.

+ 80-hour battery life
+ Lightweight and comfortable
+ Sony quality
+ Classic design
+ Noise-cancelling headphones

Why We Liked It - Sony knows audio, and they know noise-cancelling headphones. With voice assistant, you get a little more convenience, and of course, the sound is excellent with this pair, without the noise.

9. TaoTronics Active Noise

TaoTronics Active Noise

To round out our list of no noise headphones, we have the TaoTronics Active noise model. This model has an impressive bass response and clarity on the high end for blissful listening pleasure. Active noise-cancelling headphones usually cost a little more than these do, which makes them one of the best options you'll find.

They are also exceptionally comfortable and pretty slyish to boot. If you're on a flight or if you need to drown out the sound of the people you live with, the noise reduction is quite impressive, so you can enjoy the music you're trying to focus on.

They have a 45-hour battery life, which is exceptional in comparison even to the best in the business like Sony and Bose. They are over-ear headphones as well, but they are not too bulky and offer a reasonable degree of portability.

+ Excellent noise canceling
+ Affordable pair of headphones
+ Best value
+ Great audio quality
+ Comfortable and lightweight

Why We Liked It - For a pair of affordable over-ear headphones, they are quite powerful sound-wise. The noise canceling technology is impressive enough to block out everything you want. This model is definitely an excellent way to go.

Sound-Canceling Headphones Buyers Guide

What to look for in Sound Cancelling Headphones

Noise Cancelling

Of course, the most important thing you want to pay attention to on this list is the quality of the noise cancelling technology. After all, you're literally trying to block out unwanted noise.

Pretty much every model on our list uses active noise canceling technology and will work for the purposes you need. However, some models are better than others, and individual reviews should be taken into account when purchasing. You want to make sure you don't get noise-isolating headphones and that you actually get ANC (active noise cancellation).

That will ensure you get the peaceful rest you want on a long flight or when your kid's band starts practicing in the basement.


Comfort is a huge factor in what will make one pair of headphones the best over another. The best headphones will be easily cancelling the noise out will providing you a tremendous amount of comfort. I mean, a lack of discomfort. Most of the time, people want the best headphones for noise cancelling so that they can be worn for extended periods on flights, trains, buses, and around the house. You're going to want to be able to wear these headphones in extended sessions without taking them off.

Usually, the best noise cancelling headphones are going to be lightweight and easy on the skin. Memory protein cushions are always great because they are light and offer a pleasant feel on the skin. Also, ensure that your headphones are adjustable so you can fit them to your head correctly.

Sound Quality

Another critical factor that will affect your buying decision is the quality of the sound. After all, you're not just trying to block out unwanted noise, but you want to immerse yourself in above-average audio.

In most cases, the best options for audio quality are Bose and Sony. However, there are a few options like the COWIN models that match both Bose and Sony in terms of quality. Sometimes you would need to pay quite a bit more money for outstanding audio quality. However, that's not always necessary if you're willing to settle for slightly lower quality (which you might not even notice unless you're an audiophile). Then you could save some bucks along the way.

The more features a pair of headphones has like volume optimized EQ, larger drivers, and a CSR chip can make a big difference in the music enjoyment experience.


No matter what you're using your noise cancelling headphones for, you may want them to be portable. In fact, more often than not, you're going to be taking these bad boys out on the road with you. You'll want to have the option to stuff them into your bag for easy carrying when you're in transit.

Bulky noise cancelling headphones are a little harder to take with you many places. Unless you can fold them down and pack them away, you may get annoyed with the lack of compactness in the headphones. Generally, most brands like Sony, Mpow, Bose, and COWIN have created easily portable noise canceling options for you. However, it is something you should keep in mind.


Luckily, there are plenty of options for wireless noise-canceling headphones that are quite affordable. Even Sony has a pair that comes in around the budget-friendly options. However, keep in mind, you're looking for noise canceling headphones, so you're not going to be getting a pair for the price of a Macdouble.

If you're willing to spend a little bit more, you may enjoy the luxury of having a pair of headphones like Bose or something comparable. You will get a bit better features like durability, sound technology, and comfort when you pay for a better product.

Keep in mind that sometimes you're paying for a brand name when you could get a slightly cheaper option that offers essentially the same thing. Larger companies, however, tend to work with more robust warranties and better customer service due to their staffing abilities.


To ensure you're going to get a pair that will last a long time, or that you can replace easily and quickly, check on the warranty of the companies headphones you're buying. Brands like Bose and Sony are excellent options because they will usually be able to offer better customer support than some of the lower-end brands.

If you want to go with a brand that doesn't have the acumen that Sony has, then you may need to roll the dice a little bit with customer service. This could save you money upfront but ultimately could cost you in the long run if a good warranty doesn't cover your headphones. That will be noise that you don't want to have to deal with for sure.


So now you have all the information you need to book out all unwanted noise. Whether its Sony, Bose, COWIN, or any other brand, ensure that you're following the buyer's guide, so you don't leave any necessary criteria out, and you get the absolute best option for you. Happy listening!

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