Fender Blues Deluxe Review

For those that want to play classic rock or blues-style music, a Fender amplifier is a great choice. The Fender Blues Deluxe is an excellent amplifier for this purpose. This amp gives you a warm bluesy tone that you're going to love. It’s a vintage looking amplifier that will remind you of the old-style Fender guitar amps. It has plenty to offer the player so let's have a look at its features.

Fender Blues Deluxe

Fender Blues Deluxe

Key Features

Two Channels

This amplifier features two channels which give you excellent sound. One channel called the vintage channel gives you excellent clean tones and you also have a bright switch that you can use for your lead playing and clean tones.

When you want to add some overdrive, you can use the drive channel and the two 12AX7 preamp tubes to give you that warm sounding overdrive distortion that we all love. You have gain and master controls for the drive channel so you can customize your sound to your individual preferences.

40-Watts of Power

If you're in the market for a great sounding amplifier for small clubs and gigs. The Fender Blues Deluxe is a good choice because it offers you 40 watts of power which is planning for many smaller venues. It comes with an eminence 1 x 12 speaker which is specially designed.

It has enhanced mid-range so you get plenty of sound out of this speaker which fills the room where you are playing. It's driven with two 6L6 output tubes so you get an excellent tone. the speaker sounds great whether it is low or it is been cranked up. It will also provide you excellent sounds for recording. You get a lot of power and versatility with this amplifier.

Tube Powered

The amplifier is powered by tubes. There are two 6L6 power output tubes and there are 3 x 12AX7 preamp tubes. Tube amplifiers give you a warm and vintage sound and are sought after by many blues guitar players. The Fender Blues Deluxe offers you excellent sound which you’re going to love.

Classic Look

Another plus to this amplifier is it gives you a classic look. You have vintage tweed styling and control knobs. The cloth tweed covering looks excellent and this amplifier reminds you of the old-style Fender amplifiers. Everything on this amplifier simply looks great.

Ready for Effects

It's easy to hook up effects to your amplifier it because it has an effects loop. It also comes with the classic Fender reverb which helps you shape your sound. The amplifier also comes with a footswitch so you can switch channels with ease while you play.


This amplifier comes with plenty of controls to help you sculpt your sound the way you want. Use the master in the volume switch to increase the loudness of your amplifier. The treble bass, presence, and middle switches allow you to equalize the sound of just the way you want it.

Used to bright switch to improve the clean tones of your amplifier. The drive selector switch enhances the overdrive sound of the amplifier. The standby switch allows you to power down the sound of your amplifier without actually turning it off. This is ideal when you want to have a break at a gig.

Controls Included:

+ Presence
+ Reverb
+ Master
+ Middle
+ Bass
+ Treble
+ Drive Select Switch
+ Drive
+ Volume
+ Bright Switch
+ Standby Switch


+ Vintage and classic look
+ Two channels for more sound versatility
+ Excellent Fender clean tones
+ 40 Watts gives you enough power for small gigs


- Lacks the overdrive needed for hard rock style sounds
- You need to change tubes when they wear out

Who Is It Suitable For?

This amplifier is suited to anyone who wants to play classic rock or blues-style music but it will cover most styles of music. It is best suited for those that have been playing guitar for a little while and understand the basic features of amplifiers.

It is also well suited for those that are advanced in there playing and looking for a solid 40-watt guitar amplifier for small venues or clubs. Beginners can still use this amplifier but might have a little bit more trouble since they're not as familiar with the many controls that this amplifier possesses.

Why We Like It

We like this amplifier because it is powered with tubes. When you purchase a tube amplifier you get an excellent sound of the tubes that can't be matched by most other amplifiers. You get classic Fender clean tones out of this amplifier, a footswitch for changing channels, and the tone overall is excellent from this Fender Blues Deluxe.

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