Fender Champion 100 Review

The Fender Champion 100 guitar amp is an excellent pick for anyone who wants a reliable, versatile, and well-modeled amp. It comes with a lot of different settings, effects, capabilities, and power. It is a great amp for beginners and pros alike and can be found on the stages of many respected musicians.

Fender is a trusted name in the music industry and has been for generations. Fender amps have actually been around longer than Fender guitars. Leo Fender began manufacturing guitar amps in 1946 around the beginning of the modern-day electric guitar revolution. Ever since they have been producing some of the most widely respected amp models on the market.

Fender Champion 100

Fender Champion 100

Key Features

The Fender Champion 100 blasts the tone through 2-12" speakers at 100 watts. The open-back design allows you easy access to the speakers if any maintenance needs to be performed. There are two channels, each with their own effect loops. The amp has its own built-in effects like reverb, echo, tremolo, chorus, and vibrato, and also has pre-amp in and out jacks for you to hook up your own pedalboard.

Each channel is able to connect separately to its own effect type. This means you can have reverb on one channel, and flanger on another if you so choose. It is one of the things that sets the Champion 100 apart. It also has a footswitch jack where you can hook in the included footswitch to easily bounce back and forth between the clean and distortion channels.

The Campion 100 comes with all of the necessary EQ capabilities that you could need. You are able to individually mix your channels to suit the specific style of music you are playing.

It also has an auxiliary input and a phone jack so you can pay your iPod music or listen to your own shreds without waking up the neighbors. This amp is suitable for pretty much any genre. From jazz to blues, to country and metal, you will be able to find the tones and power that you need to melt faces.

The amp measures 26x19x10.5", and weighs 40lbs.


+ Highly versatile
+ Independent effects capabilities
+ Durably built
+ Solid and varying tones
+ Durable construction


+ A little heavy
+ Not a flashy design

Who Is It Suitable For?

This amp is great for any guitar player. You would be hard-pressed to find a musician who wouldn't appreciate the tones and versatility that this amp is capable of. Whether you're just starting out with playing guitar, you're a session studio player, or you need a powerful lead guitar amp for the stage, the Fender Champion 100 can cover all of your bases.

It is powerful enough but also small enough to fit nicely into a beginners practice room. For beginners, it will be great to have the level of versatility available so you can play along with a wide variety of music genres.

Why We Like It

The Fender Champion 100 is almost a hands-down go-to for many musicians. It has everything you need from an array of effects, versatile capabilities, and amazing tone. It is built durable and strong enough to be taken on the road and get beat up a little bit.

The sound is precise enough to be used in the studio to give your tracks the professional sound you're after. Beginners will be able to learn and play along with any style of music with the level of tone differentiation available with this amp.

The effects loop and the preamp jacks let you really customize the sound you want a well. With 100 watts of power, you will have enough to keep up with even the loudest bands in town. This is one of the best amps you can get, and you will be able to for a very reasonable price.


No matter who you are, if you love precise, round tones, the Fender Champion 100 guitar amp will be right for you. It is especially great for people who love to play along with a variety of genres like pub band guitarists and music enthusiasts. If you're looking for one amp to rule them all where you will not need to replace it, possibly ever, the Fender Champion 100 is a very good option.

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