The Best Ukulele Strings on the Market

Whether you’ve just bought a new ukulele and want to choose a set of the best ukulele strings to go along with it, or your ukulele strings have broken, and you now need to purchase replacement strings, then you've come to the right place. We've found ten of the best sets of ukulele strings currently around, and you're certain to find one that suits your needs.

The ukulele has become an increasingly popular instrument over recent years. Whether you're a novice or a long-time ukulele player, it’s only natural that you want to supply your prized possession with the best type of strings. The type you choose will not only depend on the appearance of the ukulele strings but also the sound and tone that they produce. The material of the strings will be the key feature for both these visual and aural characteristics. Looking for something bigger? See our review on the best acoustic guitars here. Perhaps you want strings that are specifically for classical guitars.

In terms of sound, your main choice will be between a warm or a cold tone. You should consider which one suits your style the best before spending your dollars on your next set of ukulele strings.

To help you navigate through the sometimes confusing world of strings (click here for acoustic strings), we have compiled a series of reviews of the best ukulele strings on the market now. We've also answered a few frequently asked questions to satisfy your curiosity.

1. D'Addario EJ53C Pro-Arté Strings

D'Addario EJ53C Pro-Arté

D’Addario is one of the most popular brands when it comes to strings for musical instruments. They have spent a long time earning a great reputation for themselves, especially when it comes to ukulele strings. Whichever kind of ukulele strings you may desire, you can be sure that D'Addario has a set available.

Available at the standard GCEA tuning, these strings are versatile and will suit a wide range of ukulele playing. Thanks to the nylon surrounding the string, you will be able to make play with great accuracy and without any unwanted alternations. These strings are designed to give you a warm and long-lasting tone.

They are suitable for home and concert use. They cost just $9. They come in excellent packaging, which is typical for D'Addario.

+ Warm and long-lasting sound
+ Standard GCEA tuning
+ Nylon-coated strings

Why We Liked It - D’Addario is one of the leading brands when it comes to ukulele strings. They make it their goal to help you reach new heights with your ukulele practice sessions. These ukulele strings will give you a warm and long-lasting tone. They are well-priced and an easy top pick.

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2. D'Addario EJ87S Titanium Ukulele Strings

D'Addario EJ87S Titanium

These titanium ukulele strings not only boast 5-star reviews from countless satisfied customers, but they offer a huge amount of variety when it comes to tone too.

They come in a variety of sizes. The sizes available are: baritone, soprano, concert, Hawaiian-concert- Hawaiian-tenor, and tenor. This will allow you to find something that fits your instrument and your style of playing.

This set of strings also offer a variety of choice when it comes to material. They are available in nylon, Nyltech, titanium, and pro-are. Whichever size and style you prefer, you can mix and match all these options to find strings that are ideal for your practice and concert sessions.

They're made to be used with a GCEA tuning, and you can adjust these strings to a variety of styles, as a result.

+ Huge variety of mix and match options
+ modern and warm sounding strings
+ projecting, appealing design

Why We Liked It - Once more, D’Addario doesn’t cease to surprise with a fantastic and original set of ukulele strings that are made to both look and sound good. If you are searching for a good-looking and modern sounding set of strings, D’Addario has you covered here!

3. Mudder Nylon Soprano Strings

Mudder Nylon Soprano

Now we move onto another brand of ukulele strings. Mudder is another highly respected name that have produced an excellent set of strings here. They have been praised with 5-star reviews by countless ukulele players and reviewers. Let's see why they are so sought after.

These strings are crafted specifically for soprano ukuleles and therefore come pre-made with the key of C instilled within them. They come in a pack of 4 and are labeled for easy recognition upon arrival.

These GCEA strings are made from nylon. You will also get a small set of instructions that will help you install the strings onto your ukulele without much trouble. Many people can testify to the great sound of these strings. They are also praised for being a durable set of ukulele strings that won’t need to be replaced anytime soon.

It’s also important to mention that Mudder’s ukulele strings also owns a proud spot on the best 3 of Amazon’s ukulele strings!

+ Strong and durable
+ Nylon strings
+ Labeled ukulele strings for easy recognition

Why We Liked It - Mudder is a great choice when it comes to choosing ukulele strings. Not only are they sturdy and won’t break easily, but they have the warm tone of the key C which is well-sought after when it comes to ukulele tone. One thing is sure, these strings didn’t make it to the top of the Amazon list for no reason! They are truly some of the best.

4. Aquila Soprano Regular Ukulele Strings

Aquila Soprano Regular

Aquila’s ukulele strings are impressive without even being taken out of their pocket envelope. They come in a vintage-style pocket that features an eagle soaring over snow-capped mountains. Noticing this and the 5-star reviews right next to it, it’s easy to see that Aquila are not only here to impress with their sound, but with the thought that they put into their packaging too.

These ukulele strings are the number one best-seller on Amazon and have done a lot to earn themselves such a hefty reputation. Coming in the key of C once again, these GCEA strings are made specifically to accompany a soprano ukulele. They have a polished and smooth surface that won’t restrain your movements or have your fingers ache from the grit that some poorer quality ukulele strings tend to have.

These strings are specifically made to have a heightened resistance to daily wear and tear, compared to other ukulele strings. Earning themselves a place as the #1 bestselling set of ukulele strings on Amazon, it’s easy to see why they sell so well. They can stay in tune even after a week of regular use too!

+ Bestselling strings
+ Remain in tune with no problem
+ Highly resistant to wear and tear

Why We Liked It - Aquila has surpassed many of its rivals with this set of ukulele strings. Not only do they look appealing even in their packaging but outside of it too. They provide you with exceptional sound and have a high resistance to the tribulations they encounter during daily use. You won't regret purchasing these awesome ukulele strings!

5. GHS H-10 Hawaiian

GHS H-10 Hawaiian

GHS has gone a step further with these ukulele strings and decided to break away from the generic mold that other brands use. They don't come coated in the common translucent or metal material that is most prevalent with other strings. Instead, GHS has decided to go with a black coating that looks truly unique. If you want your ukulele to look a bit different, then these strings are a superb choice.

These ukulele strings will be best for a ukulele that has black tuners, as the black color of the strings will complement the instrument and bring out its character. They are suited to both a standard and concert ukulele, making them highly versatile. Many people praise them for not only looking good but sounding great too.

These ukulele strings also come in a standard C tuning, which will ensure you will have a crisp and mellow tone. These ukulele strings have a smooth, pristine finish, and they quickly adjust when you set them up. The tuning will remain stable once they've been set-up too.


+ Unique, black coated design
+ Mellow and crisp sound
+ Stay in tune

Why We Liked It - This is a set of good-looking, black ukulele strings that have a gorgeous, mellow and crisp tone. Whether you are looking for a concert or studio set of ukulele strings, these are a superb choice.

6. D'Addario EJ65TLG

D'Addario EJ65TLG

It should come to no surprise that we are not yet finished with reviewing D’Addario’s varied arsenal of ukulele strings. This set is of the highest quality once again, and they are available in 5 different styles: baritone, concert, soprano, tenor and tenor low-G.

These strings are specifically engineered to be of a low-G tuning that will encourage deep and melancholic sounds to emerge from your ukulele that you might not have heard before if you've not used such a low tuning. The nylon is modified to deliver highly accurate and sensitive treble strings. They are environment friendly and the packaging is crafted in a way to provide corrosion resistance. This ensures that you will always get a set of fresh, brand new strings that won’t have been diminished during storage or transit.

Since these D’Addario strings are made for a low G tuning, they are most suitable for tenor ukuleles. The strings in this set are laser measured to make sure you have a consistent performance and exceptional quality with each purchase.

+ Laser-measured strings
+ Warm, projecting tone
+ Non-ball end design to encourage universal use

Why We Liked It - If you are looking for a good and sturdy pair of ukulele strings to use for your tenor ukulele, these low G tuned strings will do a great job. They are made to encourage a high-accuracy sound, and they will give you a warm and deep tone that will help you produce gorgeous music, either on stage or in the studio.

7. Martin M600

Martin M600

Martin’s ukulele strings are known for delivering exceptional quality for an affordable price. You can get these strings for a mere $5. Many customers who are disappointed by the default strings that come with a standard ukulele set turn to Martin to get an upgrade, and rightly so. Martin is known for its fluorocarbon strings that can hold their tuning for a good amount of time.

These strings are known for a sound that is fuller and much louder than many other sets of strings on the market. This makes them a solid choice for ukulele players who are serious about sound but also want to bag a bargain.

The fluorocarbon material makes the strings rather thin and hard, which allows for easier plucking since there is more room to maneuver around. They are known to sound especially good when combined with a soprano ukulele.

+ Thin, sturdy strings
+ They hold tuning well
+ Mellow and sweet ukulele sound

Why We Liked It - Martin is one of the few brands out there that provide their customers not only with reliable strings that will give a good performance, but also at an affordable price. If you have a tight budget or if you are looking to try out Martin’s ukulele strings as a replacement for other strings, you will definitely enjoy the mellow and sweet sound that these ukulele strings deliver!

8. LaBella 200 Soprano

LaBella 200 Soprano

LaBella will attract anyone from the get-go with the floral and lively colored design that can be seen on the package. You can get this set of ukulele strings for 8$-10$ depending on the source, and it’s a sure thing that you will experience only the quality sounds with these. They are made with rectified nylon strings that ensure you will get only the best intonation.

The packaging itself, beneath the already fascinating and enchanting design, you will find a MAP technology developed to ensure that your strings will not be tarnished or affected by corrosion. You will only be getting the fresh and ready-made strings that came right out of the producer and stayed that way. After years of serving Hawaii’s most renowned ukulele players, LaBella is ready to serve both the professional and beginner alike with their optimally developed strings.

Over the years, LaBella had a lot of time to craft the most suitable strings that satisfy even the fussiest of players. They will allow you to play all along the fretboard without losing tune; something that other sets of strings struggle with doing. This will open a new gate for you where you will not have to be scared anymore of attempting any types of solos you wanted to try before!

+ MAP technology to encourage untarnished strings
+ made with rectified nylon to ensure the best intonation
+ made for professionals and beginners alike

Why We Liked It - LaBella will grab your attention from the second you lay your eyes on the lively design that covers the front of the package. The craftsmanship of the strings is is one of the best and thanks to them retaining tune all along the fretboard, you won’t have to worry about having any restrictions whatsoever when it comes to playing your ukulele!

9. Aquila Soprano by Aurora

Aquila Soprano by Aurora

If you are looking to add a bit of a style flare to your ukulele and to exchange your old strings for something bold and engaging, Aquila has you covered on this one. Although the color variation of these ukulele strings knocks up the price to 11$ for a pack of 4, it’s easy to see why.

When you take a look at the customer images, you will be able to see how the originality seeps through by just adding a few exotic colors. In the pack of 4, you will get an orange, purple, green, and salmon color to help you customize your ukulele accordingly. These strings can hold their notes even after two days of constant playing, which makes them a reliable and durable piece of gear that you surely be able to depend on in time of need.

If you are a beginner and you have trouble remembering the strings' sound, the colors may also help you with associating the tone with the colors. These strings are of high-quality thanks to Aquila’s well-organized craftsmanship; they also have some of the most appealing sound qualities out there for your soprano ukulele. One thing is sure, you will be able to enjoy these strings for a long time thanks to the durability and reliable aspect of this brand!

+ multicolored variation of strings
+ fit for a soprano ukulele
+ holds tone for days

Why We Liked It - Aquila has been on the market for a long time, and they never cease to surprise their customers with a unique take and design on something that by all accounts should be a boring looking, simple ukulele strings that should do its job. Aquila makes sure that you both get only the best performance and a good modern appearance when playing these colorful, engaging and fun strings!

10. Aquila 115

Aquila 115

Aquila is making its way onto our list once more with their ukulele lava strings, which have a very attractive and well-designed packaging that is a black and white, vintage alternation of the eagle flying over the mountains. They come in a low G tuning that is best when combined with a tenor ukulele, and to add to that they are also made from Aquila’s signature supernylgut material. The color of the strings is a gray-black that was inspired by the volcanic rocks surrounding Hawaii.

For diversity, Aquila made the lowest G string coated in silver-plated copper, which best accompany the deep, low, and timber sound of the rich G tuning. They are a refreshing pack of strings that come in an uncommon color that undoubtedly well fits both the history and modern take of the ukulele and its Hawaiian surroundings. For the study on the ukulele in Hawaii - click here.

If you are looking for a unique and alternative take on ukulele strings, Aquila will provide you with such. Not only are they rich in their deep, powdery dark gray appearance but also their deep but also sweet and melancholic sound. If you are looking for a good set of strings to experiment with, this G tuned set will give you some of the most original sounds you can ask for!

+ deep, dark, lava gray color
+ strings made of supernylgut material
+ rich and sweet ukulele sound

Why We Liked It - Aquila has proven to be one of the most reliable brands that have a leading diversity in design when it comes to ukulele strings. The sound that they incorporate into their ukulele strings is simply phenomenal, and when we combine that with the overall design of the strings and the lava appeal, there is no reason you shouldn’t invest in these beautiful ukulele strings!

Ukulele Strings Buyers Guide

Top Pick- D’Addario’s Ukulele Strings

D'Addario EJ53C Pro-ArtéOur Top Pick has to go to one of D’Addario’s ukulele strings, the Pro-Arte rectified nylon strings. They are not only affordable and available to be picked up by anyone, beginner or professional, but they give you a way to enrich the sounds that come out of your ukulele. It’s widely appreciated that a good ukulele with bad strings just won’t do the job it’s supposed to do, and D’Addario knows this well. This brand acts on customer reviews to make their ukulele strings as good and as accessible as possible, this makes D’Addario one of the market’s leading brands.

D’Addario ensures that you will have full control over your strings and crafts them in a way to let you appreciate both their sound and their craftsmanship. These ukulele strings are made to encourage precision when playing, and they allow you to have full control and power over what sounds you want to make. They are known for the way they are able to produce a warm and long-lasting sound; something that is very welcome in the world of ukulele players who usually go for a happy and melancholic type of music.

Premium Choice- D’Addario’s Ukulele Strings

D'Addario EJ87S TitaniumOur Premium Choice also has to go to one of D’Addario’s ukulele strings, this time the titanium ukulele strings take the spotlight. Although these are a bit more expensive than the previous pair, it will all depend on which features you pick to be included with your purchase.

These titanium ukulele strings have a superior variety when it comes to mixing and matching features to create the best kind of combination for a particular customer. This gives everyone a chance to be heard and to find something for themselves, D’Addario knows that making their customers feel heard is the sure-fire way to improve their ukulele strings both in sales and in quality.

These are specifically optimized to be used for soprano ukuleles and help with making a standard GCEA tuning stand out. They are a modern take on ukulele strings and have no problem projecting their sounds with great effectiveness, whether you are intending to impress the audience at a concert or trying to get just the right tones in a recording studio environment.

D’Addario strings earn their place as our Premium Choice thanks to the thought they put in their ukulele strings. They are not afraid to show that they know that variety and choices that allow a customer to mix and match their strings styling and sizes is the best way to have a happy market!

Great Value- Mudder’s Ukulele Strings

Mudder Nylon SopranoAs was probably predicted, our Great Value spot is taken by none other than Mudder’s ukulele strings. They are the best replacement for when you buy a ukulele set that includes bad, cheap, and out of tune strings or if you were unfortunate enough to have some of your beloved ukulele strings break. Pricing in at just below 5$, there is no way to go wrong with these strings. Even if you will just end up being them to test the waters on the ukulele strings itself or different ukulele strings in general, you can rest assured that your budget will be safe.

The strings are labeled for the ultimate convenience of when you try and install them onto your instrument; they are made specifically to be used with soprano ukulele’s and will perform at their best when put in such an environment. They are best for beginners that want to check the ropes or people who in general just want a good quality ukulele string for a reasonable amount of money.

Mudder is our Great Value choice thanks to the way they combined quality ukulele strings with an affordable price! You cannot go wrong with this leading brand and can rest assured that your ukulele will sound much better with these installed!

How Do You Change Your Ukulele Strings?

Any beginner that is just starting may come to encounter a lot of trouble regarding changing and tuning ukulele strings, especially if they have never done it before. Even though there are only four strings (as opposed to 12 string guitars) and four knobs it may be a very tricky business to try and make those match without tangling the strings together, having them break if you tune them too much, or even putting the ukulele strings in the wrong places; after all, they do mostly look alike.

Like with any endeavor, the best practices will make you perfect, and if you follow this small guide of tips carefully, you will certainly avoid common mistakes and won’t break your new replacements by stretching them too much!

Changing Ukulele Strings

First of all, unwind the already existing strings from the knobs if you haven’t already. Do this by gently turning the knobs in a way that you feel the strings loosening up and not tightening, this will ensure you’re not turning the wrong way. When you can see the string let go of the pressure, you can gently slide it through and outside of the bridge hole. As you undo the knot, you can put the string to the side and repeat this action with the remaining three strings.

If you are a bit more adventurous you can simply grab scissors or clippers and cut off the strings while it’s still attached to the bridge, though that may cause quite a lot of backlash and maybe even injuries due to the pressure the strings are sustained to.

Changing Ukulele Strings

Now, with all the old ukulele strings removed you are ready to grab your newly purchased ones and lay them out in order. In the package, you should have four thinner packages that are labeled with letters GCEA. If you take your ukulele and give it good luck, you can see each of the strings was attached to an accompanying knob. From the left to the right, the ukulele strings are G, C, E, and A. Now, try and imagine the head as a rectangle. The accompanying strings to the knobs are as follows: 

+ the G string goes to the tuning head near the lower-left corner
+ the C string goes above the G tuning head, which is the top left corner
+ the E string goes to the tuning head in the bottom right corner
+ the A string goes above the E tuning head, which is the top right corner

Knowing this, take the G string and attach it to the tuning head in the lower-left corner of the head by putting the string through the bridge hole. Now leave the longest part of the string hanging near the head, and not the bottom, since we will have to tie it. Take the end of the string near the head and wrap it around itself twice, like wrapping a piece of cloth around a cylinder. Now pull the long part of the string firmly to put the knot in place.

That’s all there is to it! It may sound a bit confusing at first, but with a few ghosting actions at first, you will surely get it right.

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