Best 12 String Guitars, Electric and Acoustic

The best 12-string guitar is just a click away! These instruments have churned out some of the great tunes over the years. Ranging from David Bowie's Space Oddity to James Butler's Ocean all these songs have shown how a 12-string guitar can be put to good use. Some people, used to a 6-string guitar might think they know it all but this article will seek to show them that they have barely scratched the surface.

Although there are similarities between a 6-string and 12-string guitar, there is a deeper experience that only a 12-string guitar player can know. We also intend to give you some great recommendations to help you land your dream 12-string guitar.

Keep playing your 12-string in time with the help of a metronome - click here for top 10.

1. Epiphone DR-212 Dreadnought 12-String Guitar

The DR-212 is a genuinely well-made guitar as you might expect of any other Epiphone product. The DR-212 is not just any other dreadnought guitar that comes with 6 strings.It has an excellent construction that supports the increased tension of 12 strings. The DR-212 also has a right balance, cutting, and attention that gives you the kind of tone that you expect from a 12 string guitar.

Now wonder, the DR-212 is widely thought of as the ultimate go-to guitar for rock, folk, blues and country and everything in between. The select spruce top helps it to breath. What is more? It gets better with age, and the more you play it. The mahogany-made body has enough size to adequately support and handle the extra tension of the 12 strings so that the guitar stays in tune.

Most people have grown accustomed to an‘Ok'sound out fear that trying out something new like a 12-string may wreck their guitar experiences. But the DR-212 is unrestrained by such concerns becomes it is unglued and has a distinctive tone that only a 12-string acoustic guitar can give you.

Most 12 string guitars go out of tune quickly because of the extra force put between nut and bridge and rosewood, but this one doesn't have any of these problems. The DR-212 holds on very well and stays in tune.If you have always wanted to have a 12 string then grab a DR-212; you won't find a better deal at such a price.

+ Go-to for Rock, Folk, Blues & Country
+ Spruce Top for Breathability
+ Mahogany Body

Why We Liked It - A great 12 stringed guitar at such a price is an incredible bargain. We loved its quality and playability. It has a beautiful tone and bright sound. Besides, it has a great look suitable for one that should go for a much higher price.

2. Takamine GJ72CE-12NAT 12-String Acoustic Guitar

The GJ72CE-12 string guitar is made for the big occasions. It is a powerful guitar that boasts of a slim mahogany neck and the rosewood fingerboard that makes it easy to play. The guitar is the most sensitive to touch that you can even use bare fingers to strum it and get some great music. The GJ72CE-12 has flame maple back and a solid spruce top that gives it a great feel.

The maple sides give this guitar a great tone and projection. It is the ultimate go-to guitar for those who love a sound that cuts through the noise of all other instruments. What's more? Those who find the sound too bright can make adjustments to get their taste. Tone and playability are the most important aspects when looking for a good guitar and the GJ72CE-12 string guitar ticks all those boxes.

A good physical impression is also an issue for some people. This is a charming guitar because of the attractive gloss finish that you just want to pick up and take photos to show off to your friends. The blond neck and gold tuners make this an excellent guitar not just to play but to look at as well.

Those who may have had issues playing a 6-string guitar will be pleasantly surprised by the GJ72CE-12 because it is so easy on the fingers and amazingly easy to play. There is an inbuilt tuner that makes it well-tuned, fantastic for a 12 string guitar considering all the tension that comes such some great guitar strings.

+ Rosewood Fingerboard
+ Solid Spruce Top
+ Great tone from Maple Sides

Why We Liked It -We liked the fact that it is well-built to perform with a solid body, beautiful and bright tone. It is clearly a top notch guitar. The price is fantastic for such a high-quality guitar. You don't need to break the bank to acquire it because it is within a reachable price range.

3. Yamaha FG820-12-String Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha made a significant statement when it introduced the FG guitar to the market in 1966. It proved that a real guitar doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. The FG180 was acclaimed for its excellent musical tone, incredible playability, and well-built quality. 50 years on the new range FG acoustic guitars has the same great playability; best tone on FG guitar and admirable quality that has made it the choice of millions of guitar lovers.

The FG180 is a great companion to have on your musical journey, and you can't get off on a wrong foot. The FG180 is an outstanding quality guitar that is made with pure traditional looks but without overpricing it to keep it out of reach of many guitar lovers. The new scalloped bracing design ensures that the sound is well balanced and robust.

Besides, the mahogany back and sides give a warmer and stronger sound that is smoother and mellower. The FG820 is the best for beginners because it is much easier to fingerpick and isolate the notes.

You can't get it wrong with a Yamaha because of their long and well-crafted reputation of super quality products. Where else can you get a guitar that has great sound plugged or unplugged on a budget like the FG180? It is also a breath-taking guitar to have, and it is made to be the lifelong partner in your musical journey.

+ Great Value
+ Pure Traditional looks
+ Scalloped Bracing design for well balanced sound

Why We Liked It - We like it because it is solid and well-made that allows you to slide up and down the neck without any trouble.It is also much easier to play especially for beginners because it is easy to finger pick and isolate the notes. Lastly, it is a bargain to acquire such a fine tuned guitar at a low cost. Trust me; you will be hard-pressed to get a better one in the $300-$500 price range.

4. Danelectro 12SDC 12-string Electric Guitar

The 12-string Danelectro is a very real electric guitar that brings back the jangly sound of the 60s. Danelectro 12SDC is as good as any Danelectro guitar with all the desirable traits; lipstick pickups, light build, right neck minus the ugly (cheesy bridge).

It is an improvement of the famous 59dc used by Jimmy page. The Danelectro 12SDC is a well thought out piece of art that has long headstock to accommodate extra strings. The bridge has been well designed to anchor the extra string load that comes with 12 strings.

The flawless rosewood fretboard has a nice feel about it.Particularly around the neck where it has no rough edges. No wonder, many people love it for its beauty as well. That is the reason why you don't want to put it down.

The wide neck makes it very playable even for beginners. The saddle and the bridge are very much adjustable. What's more? It stays in tune, which is not easy for any 12 string guitar. The setup is pretty good, and there is no need to mess with the wires because they play just fine out of the box. The sound is great, but it is even better when unplugged.

For those who find the neck heavy; there is a traditional acoustic strap that you can tie around the nut to solve that problem. Besides, the nut adds a unique tone to the guitar. The Danno 12SDC is exactly what you expect from a 12 strings guitar, and it is worth every penny.

+ Longer headstock for extra strings
+ Wide neck for easier playability
+ Unique tone

Why We Liked It - We like it because it is easy and fun to play, solid makeup, good feel, great sound, powerful tone and easy pickup. Few guitars can be considered real keepers and this is certainly one of them. It would be hard to get a better deal at such a price.

5. Seagull Coastline S12 Cedar Guitar

This is an ideal guitar for those that are looking for perfection with their instruments. Seagull as a whole have some top gear guitars that are playable and stay in tune. Undoubtedly, the Seagull S12 is rich and full of sound as you would expect from any quality 12-string guitar.

The seagull coastline S12 cedar guitar is made with incredible craftsmanship and comes with all great S12 Dreadnought traits such as an eco-friendly wide back, ultra-thin semi-gloss finish and a tried and tested solid cedar top. The wild cherry wood produces a beautiful sound that falls between the bright sound of maple and the mellow tone of mahogany. However, note that the cedar top guitar does not produce super and bright sound like maple of spruce. The choice of wood, wild cherry that is grown locally, is also eco-friendly.

This guitar has a great sound and full volume, whether you choose to pick or strum. It is easy on your fingers, and you may not need to adjust. Buying Seagull S12 is a smart move because you are assured of having it for a long time. It will gracefully age with you and get even better with age. The fit and finish are excellent, a beauty to behold, and a key consideration for those who demand perfection.

Seagull guitars boast some of the best-handcrafted guitars that go way back to early 1980s. Every guitar churned out on the market carries the history, stories and the rich heritage of La Patrie, Quebec, where the first Seagull guitar was manufactured. The Seagull neck is designed to offer extra stability to deal with the added tension that is exerted on the neck by the 12 strings.

+ Rich and full of sound
+ Incredible craftsmanship
+ Ultra-thin semi-gloss finish

Why We Liked It - We like it because it is easy and fun to play, solid makeup, good feel, great sound, powerful tone and easy pickup. Few guitars can be considered real keepers and this is certainly one of them. It would be hard to get a better deal at such a price.

6. Fender CD-100 12-String Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

This is a 2011 improved version. It has a full and lush sound that is expected of a 12 string guitar. It is also well built with a mahogany back and sides, natural finish and solid spruce top. The design and construction are of super quality. It is without a doubt, a production line item. What pleased me most was that it was well tuned and it maintains the tune throughout so that there is no need for adjusting.

It looks like one that was hand adjusted by someone who put a lot of thought into it. However, some users might enjoy the quality of string below their satisfaction, but that shouldn't worry because you can restring with better strings. The Fender CD-100 12-string guitar is an ideal for those who want to play for fun and to sharpen their skills.

But you may have to dig deeper in your pocket if you want something to use for professional purposes such as performing or recording. But that doesn't mean this guitar doesn't have a great sound. What is more? We shouldn't take anything away from this amazing guitar, it an absolute bargain at this price range.

This a classic acoustic guitar so don't expect any electronic or pickups of any kind. The guitar is well made and has a great Fender feel about it that will make you relax as you play in your house. It is easy and fun to play for a 12 string guitar. It is also simple but quietly effective that offers full sound and stays in tune.

+ Improved version
+ Mahogany back and sides
+ Bragain price

Why We Liked It - We liked it because it has a simple set up. That makes it the best rated 12 string guitar for those who want to try out such types of guitars. It is an excellent guitar with a beautiful sound and a price that you can't beat. I would recommend this guitar to anyone who wants something to have fun without breaking the bank.

7. Ovation Elite T 2058TX 12-string Acoustic-electric Guitar

Ovation Elite TX 12-string acoustic electric guitar has a contour bowl composite body that is designed to give you comfort as you play and produce maximum acoustic sound. The high-strength bracing and the solid spruce top making it a powerful sonic guitar. It has a beautiful black finish that allows it to produce a full sound and resonate freely.

The hard rock maple neck is one of the most outstanding features of this guitar that gives a superior sustain. It has a low-frequency projection due to the presence of sound ports on the bass string side. This guitar has become many people's favourite because it is smooth and light weight guitar.

The preamp helps to give an incredible plugged-in performance. It has a potent blend of a well-built and guitarist-friendly traits that will be a delight even to the hardest to please guitarist. It has a good feel about it, great sounding and beautiful playing acoustic electric guitar - click for our top 10.

The guitar produces so much sound that you would be mistaken to think that many instruments being played when you walk into a room. This is your kind of guitar if you are looking for orchestra sounding music. It makes going back to six strings sound so dull. It is like backpedaling or taking a step back in the wrong direction.

However, there is one little thing is that should be looked into; the bowls are deep, and the holes at the top affect the tone projection. But I need to add that it is not an issue if you play through the amp because it takes care of that. The built-in tuner also makes it easier to make adjustment, whichever way you want.

+ superior sustain
+ low-frequency projection
+ smooth and lightweight

Why We Liked It - We liked it because there is so much sound to this guitar. That would make you think multiple instruments are being played at the same time. The black top, contour bowl composite body and the high-strength bracing all make it a sturdy and attractive guitar to have. Elite TX 12-string guitar gives you the ideal experience of a 12 string guitar. It is well worth your money.

8. Dean Boca 12-String Semi-Hollow

The dean BOCA has the jangly sound of the 60s. It is designed for maximum projection due to the semi-hollow body dual humbuckers and arched top. I have read reviews where some people say it is wide but I didn't find that at all; I found it very playable. But I must say that it also depends on personal preferences. The guitar has a massive neck but a very light body which makes it easy to carry on your back. It has an adjustable bridge and 12 piece saddle that helps in fine tuning.

I think it is up there with some of the top 12 string guitars. Due to the beautiful sounds, it produces right out of the box, even though it was meant to be played through an amp. You can use your tone controls and effects to get a sound that fits your bill. The tuners work just fine but what is more interesting about this BOCA guitar is that it stays in tune.

It will give you more tone variety if you are a kind of person that ventures into different sounds more than any another hollowed out 1-string electric guitar. However, it isn't a Ric; not many guitars come that close. But it sounds terrific, it is solid, hauntingly beautiful and the only limitations that you may get are the usual ones that come with all 12 string guitars.  This guitar opens a world of music possibilities especially because of the humbuckers that make it distorted sounding, rare feet for a 12 strings guitar.

+ Sound of the 60's
+ Semi-hollow body
+ Very playable

Why We Liked It - We liked it because of the impressive and intoxicating sound of the guitar that makes you play for hours without finding an excuse to put it down. It sounds great by itself without adding any effects. The good looks and the pocket-friendly price gives it away, and it is no brainer for most people. Furthermore, it is also easy to play even for beginners.

9. Oscar Schmidt OD312CEB 12-Strings

The OD312CEB is one of the easiest 12 string guitars to play due to its action. That makes it good enough for seasoned players and beginners to a 12 strings guitar. It is well built, has a great feeling and a beautiful paint finish that gives it an elegant look. The bridge is well fixed, and the nut also sits there precisely. The brand nut and saddle that gives the guitar an incredible intonation and helps it to stay in tune.

The OD312CEB has great tuners in place so that you don't need to adjust or mess with during the tuning of the guitar. The strings are low and good enough for hard strumming to produce bright and jangly sounds. It has a spruce top with mahogany sides and back that helps to create a great sound.  The OD312CEB sounds much better plugged in, but you can choose to play straight out of the box because it still sounds great.

The tuner/met-A07 helps to bring out the full sound of all 12 strings either through an amp or PA.  It a well-crafted guitar with a high-gloss finish that makes it one of the most beautiful guitars that you can get. The action is nice and low, and the sound stays full in tune so that you can play non-stop for hours. The out of the box action, resonant sound with a high volume that leans towards the mellow makes is well worth the money.

Why We Liked It - We liked it because it looks as great as it sounds at a very affordable price. The exotic wood and high gloss finish give it a beautiful look that belies its price. The out-of-the-box action is something that also greatly impressed us about the OD312CEB.

+ Easy to play
+ Beautiful paint finish
+ Incredible intonation

10. Oscar Schmidt OD312CE 12-Strings

Oscar Schmidt guitars had crafted a good reputation since 1986 when their first line of acoustic guitars was introduced. This guitar has a beautiful headstock bridge and pickguard designs which give it a professional look. The Oscar Schmidt OG312CE has a select spruce top, mahogany back and sides that provide a full sound.

They have good tuning pegs that are very adjustable to give you the tune that you want. The OG312CE has an expensive marquetry Rosette that adds to the good looks of the guitar. This would make it a first 12 strings to have because it has a superb blend of beautiful looks and a great tone.

The other great seller of this guitar is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. The beauty of this guitar comes with other features such as the wood ingrained with exquisite aesthetics. The action is quite good by its standards. The OD312CE is impressive and fun to play. Without a doubt, anyone who has seen and used this guitar would tell you how great the sound is and the excellent spalted maple.

It has a beautiful neck with a right width that is exactly what most people want when buying a 12 string guitar. The only thing may not be everyone's cup of tea is the sound which is a bit too bright when you are playing without the amplifier.
But that can be solved by using an amp because this guitar was meant to be played that way. The c shaped neck is nice to hold and play even for people that have conditions such as arthritis. What is more? You can order a left handed model if you are interested in that sort of thing.

+ Professional Headstock bridge and Pick-guard designs
+ Solid spruce top
+ Has an expensive marquetry Rosette

Why We Liked It -We liked it because it looks good, sounds beautiful, great voice. The wood grain finish holds your attention first when you see it, but there is more to it than meets the eye. Stays in tune and it can hold up for months if you take good care of it. We believe this guitar is twice the amount it worth.

11. ESP LTL12NAT TL-12 Natural 12-String

The TL series is brand new that was introduced to the market as recently as 2014. It has the powerful and resonant acoustic sound of the old. The quality of string is also enhanced because you can pick from nylon string, steel string or any 12 string models that come with saddles, B-Band pickup technology, and Graphtech nuts. You are at the right place if you have been looking for a full-body acoustic tone to do a recording or performance.

Although the guitar boasts the rich, resonant tone of an acoustic guitar, it also has other qualities such as a fast and relaxed feel of an electric guitar. Take this guitar with you for your next performance if you don't want problems such as feedback that come with most acoustics.

This is a breath-taking guitar that is well-designed to be used as an electric guitar for an acoustic output. It is lightweight and thin about 3 inches wide that are good enough for most people. The thin body is meant to help you to hold it well especially if you are playing as you sing.

Don't make the mistake of playing the guitar unplugged because that is not what the manufacturers designed. It would sound hollow and uninspired, but it will immediately come to life when you plug it in. However, the sound is loud enough if you want to practice in a small room without any form of amplification.

Why We Liked It - We liked it because it is a thin, stylish guitar that is electric by nature but has an excellent acoustic sound. Thus, it can be used both in the studio and on stage. The thin neck and lightweight that makes it easy to carry and play, if you are singing at the same time.

+ Powerful and resonant acoustic sound
+ High quality Nylon strings
+ B-band pickup technology

12-String Guitar Buyers Guide

Twelve Strings, When Six Just Isn't Enough

A 12 string guitar is a novelty instrument. It is the holy grail of guitar, and that applies to both the acoustic and the electric. Those who have only played the 6-string will always be missing out on something great until they get their hands on a 12 string guitar. The advantage of using a 12 string guitar is that it doesn't have to be made from the best material to give a great sound.

A 12 string guitar produces much more sound, and the strumming of the guitar gives more wood resonance which is not always the case with a 6-string guitar. Most 6- string guitars use low-quality strings that make the wood too stiff or too thick to resonate. But almost all 12-strings guitars have the power to give you a viable and useable 12-string sound.

You only need to know that a 12-string guitar has a wider neck and a great variety than a 6-string instrument. So if you prefer a thin-necked guitar, a 6-stringed one might be what you are looking for because it is also much easier to play.

Besides, it is much harder to fret a 12 string guitar. Thus you need to expect that you fingers are going to hurt the more you play it especially if you are a beginner. That is why there is a danger of abandoning the instrument after playing for some time. You need to have a significant collection of songs to play and look up to some great 12-strings players such as Jimi Hendrix for inspiration.

There is a lot of mystery that is associated with a 12 string guitar, but if you can play a 6 string, there should be no problems playing this guitar. But you need to understand that playing an acoustic might be slightly different from playing an electric guitar. You need to have the right feel for a 12 string guitar to enjoy and get to understand why some household names in music such as Hendrix, Jimmy Page, and John Denver preferred this guitar to any other.

You need to always view every guitar or instrument for that matter as unique in its right. Meaning that every device you put your hands on can surprise you by what it is capable of and in most cases, it does better than you think or imagine. That is why when you got three acoustic guitars and three electric guitars and asked to play the same song, you will get different versions of the same song.

That just underlines that guitars are different in the music that they produce. I am going to help you to get some basic principles to help you understand your twelve-string guitar. We need to know that learning guitar can be daunting for anyone especially if you are learning using a twelve string. Hurting fingers, cramming chords, finding notes are just some the difficulties that people go through.

To a casual observer, there isn't much difference between a twelve-string and other guitars. But some differences should make you know that a 12-string guitar has slightly large headstock and a wider fretboard. These are some of the features that make this guitar to produce a full sound.

The 12 string is good for those who want to perform solo and even rhythm players, but if you are used to a 6 string, this might be a whole new experience for you. You need to fret two strings at once that might need a lot of practice to master. The wider neck might also give you some problems at first to play and sing if you want to do them both at the same time.

It has the beautiful 1960s jangly tone for if you manage to tame this grandiose beast and that might be worth any trouble that you come up against at the start of your experience. We understand that buying a good guitar is overwhelming for most people, so we are going to give you some pointers to ensure that whatever you buy is worth your money.
Manufacturers use a variety of hardware, designs, and woods so they may not help you to get a quality guitar. Keep reading to find out much about the type of guitar to purchase so that you are totally pleased with your 12-string beast.

Value for money

Buying a guitar like any other commodity must give you value for your money. To put it differently, you have to get value for what you are paying for, and that doesn't mean you have to break the bank. You need to remember that anything of high quality has a price tag attached. Which might be considered beyond the reach of many in some cases. Without a doubt, a good guitar has a price to match its desirable qualities.

But that doesn't mean you have to enter into debts or mortgage your home to purchase one. Price is one of the most decisive factors that many individuals consider before deciding to buy and the type of guitar to acquire from a music shop. It is quite a challenge when you are buying for a beginner because you don't want to blow your money on something that will be thrown away as soon as you receive it.

Remember that the good the guitar the more likely the beginner will stay with it for long and keep learning. A distorted guitar that doesn't stay in tune and is hard to play will discourage even the most upbeat of learners. Most people would want a good guitar, but that doesn't mean they are willing to plow all their hard earned cash into it.
We all love a bargain, don't we? Getting a gem on cheap is something most people cannot pass up. That is why we think that Epiphone DR-212 Dreadnought 12-string is the best there is that guarantees value for your money.

Epiphone was introduced by fate and sheer luck because the production of Fender's electric bass put the acoustic upright bass completely out of business. As a result, Gibson introduced the DR-212 on the market amid accusation that the company was moving away from their roots.

But that might be disputed by some because Gibson has been churning some great instruments in recent years as far as the price is concerned. Then is no better example of that that the production of DR-212, a great guitar at a great price that you can't find anywhere.

The most important feature about this guitar is that it's a very useable and viable instrument for a tremendously low price. Most guitars that fall in the price range of $200 to $300 are exclusively meant for beginners. But that is not the case for DR-212 because it sounds a lot better and can be played by both by veterans and beginners.

Don't let the low price fool you; it is has a very rich and full voice. The Epiphone DR-212 has full resonant tone. Some people find the thin guitar sounding, but this can solve by using heavier strings.

The DR-212 has plenty of volumes which makes it good to play with friends. There won't be any problem about being heard over other instruments, as long as you play with enough force. The full volume also makes this guitar a good one for open mics events, gigging and other live performances.

Editors Choice

If you are looking for an inexpensive 12-string guitar that produces a great sound, then you shouldn't look further than the Fender CD-100 12-string guitar. This guitar will surprise by the full and rich sound that it produces. We have tried out other comparable guitars, but this one beats all of them, hands down.It is the kind of guitar that you can mess with and have fun at the same time. You will feel the difference of the extra 6-strings, not always the case with all 12-string guitars.

Fenders CD-100 is an amazing guitar that is easy to play on all frets. What is more? The guitar should cost much more just for its amazing sound. This guitar is also our top pick because it is a lot of fun to play. In fact, it beats all others for the ‘fun factor,' and it is worth the money. No wonder, every person we have spoken considers it is the best guitar for the brand and price.

It is good looking due to the exceptional design; every aspect of the material is in good shape that will leave you enamored. You won't regret this purchase if you are looking for 12-string acoustic for acoustic-only guitar. It is a real Fender quality at a great price.

Highest Quality

Ovation Elite T 2058TX 12-string Acoustic-electric Guitar, Black

Most people would want the best 12-guitar for fun of playing, if not for anything else. You wouldn't want a guitar that will bore you and kill your enthusiasm because of weak strings or for constantly being out of tune. The Ovation Elite 2058 acoustic-electric guitar is finely tuned to give a great balance all through the fingerboard. It is designed for players that make use of the entire fingerboard.

The guitar has a contoured body with a solid spruce top, bridge, rosewood fretboard and multi-soundhole bass side rosette and scalloped X-bracing to pump out a powerful tonic sound. It was designed to please the most selective of guitar players. It has the Op preamp to ensure that there is a quality tonal control throughout when plugged-in. This guitar has a slim and hard-rock maple neck that helps to sustain the tune while you are playing

‘Elite TX' has an excellent neck that makes it easy to play low across all frets. It is also professionally set up that you won't need to fiddle with it after purchasing. Like all ovation guitars, it has a deep, resonant voice (thanks to a deep contour body) that comes outs powerfully when it is amplified.

‘Elite TX' is a 5-star guitar that stands outs for its sheer quality. The hard rock maple neck adds to its beauty and appeal; it is so awesome that some individuals have bought it just for that reason. It has a low action and easy to play even for beginners, a rare feat for 12-string guitar. The fast feel of electric guitars, and action of Ovation guitars is another reason to buy this 12 string to have an enjoyable experience.

It also has a fragile enamel black finish that allows free resonance of the soundboard.

Which Is The Best 12 String Guitar For Beginners?

Frankly speaking, it is overly ambitious to call any 12-string guitar suitable for a beginner. However, there are those who want to stand out in a crowd for being unique, nothing wrong with that. You may want to have a look at Epiphone. But before we go any further can we briefly highlight some of the factors to consider that might help you when making your decision. The first consideration is, are you a complete beginner to electric guitars?

Complete beginners need to start with easy to learn guitars that also tend to be easier on the fingers. I am talking about acoustics here. The second thing to bear in mind is your budget for the guitar. For instance, an acoustic guitar costs much less on average than an electric or semi-electric guitar. You should also note that most electric guitars don't come with amplifiers which will increase your costs.

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Having said that, Epiphone is the best 12-string guitar for beginners because it is slim and has a beautiful fretboard design that helps the player to get to all the 12 strings. It has a rich tone and full sound that you will fall in love with as you learn to play. At first, you might think it is tougher on your finger, but it is not. It is easier than any other than you will get on the market as a beginner. The other reason to buy Epiphone is that its strings are much cheaper should you need to replace. This is a beautiful sounding guitar with a full volume that will be heard over other instruments. Finally, the fact that it is cheap and the accessories are very much affordable should be the reason enough to choose this 12-string guitar above any other.

Top Songs To Play On Your 12 String Guitar

While we realize that it is not an easy task to name top songs played on a 12-string guitar because they have been some great hits over the years, we will attempt to give a list of what think are some of the great ones that graced our music ears. Tom Petty's ‘Somewhere Under Heaven' deserves a great mention because it was released as soon as 2015. This is an indicator that people are still churning hits using the wonderful 12-string guitar.

Another great from the past century is John Butler's ‘Ocean' produced in 1998. This is an incredible masterpiece has stood the test of time as a fantastic song played using a 12-string. Another great song is Bob Dylan's ‘Hurricane' Desire(1976) wouldn't have been what is without the magnificent Danelectro 12-string guitar.

David Bowie's Space Oddity is another illustration of how a 12-string can be put to good use. In the 1969 song, David himself is manning the 12-string guitar. The 2009 EP is even better because it separates tracks and there is a place where the 12-string acoustic guitar plays on its own which makes it easy to learn.

How To Tune A 12 String Guitar

To tune a 12 string guitar, you need to realize that it is divided into 6 pairs of 2 strings. The thicker string of the pair should be tuned to the same note and octave as you would do for a 6 string guitar. While the thinner string of the pair should be tried is tuned to the octave higher than its octave - see the pedals here.

The first and the second pairs should sound the same because the notes are the same octave. Alternatively, you can tune the thicker strings and ignore the smaller strings in the pair as you would when tuning a 6-string guitar. Then go back to the thinner string and tune it an octave higher than the one the thicker string is on. Do this for all the strings pairs apart from the first and the second pair because they are in the same octave.


We realized while writing this article that it isn't easy to rank 12-string guitars based on quality and the type of music that they produce or any other variable. For this reason, every guitar that made it to our list has some great and unique attributes worth every penny of your money. We hope this list can be a proper buying guide to help you land a better deal and possibly save some money in the process.

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