Ditto Looper

TC Electronic Ditto Looper Pedal Review

The TC Electronic Ditto Looper Pedal is incredibly useful and straightforward for looping guitar players. It has a surprisingly small footprint and will probably take up less space than anything else on your pedalboard. This single switch, single knob looper ...
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Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi Fuzz

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi Fuzz Pedal Review

The Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi Fuzz Pedal offers guitar players a ton of sustain and tone. It's not as much of a distortion pedal as it is a smooth and sustainable fuzz. It has a simple design. You have control ...
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Line 6 Hx Stomp

Line 6 HX Stomp Floor Processor Review

The Line 6 HX Stomp Multi-Effects Floor Processor is a powerful and extensive guitar effects pedal. It has up to 126 built-in presets that are commanding and powerful for gigging, as well as studio recording. This isn't just a pedal ...
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Boss Ds 1

Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal Review

Our Boss DS-1 Review The Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal is the best selling distortion pedal n the world. It is a staple on many guitar players' pedalboards and can be heard on some of the most iconic rock records of ...
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Mxr M108S

MXR M108S Ten Band EQ Pedal Review

The MXR M107S Ten Band EQ Pedal is an excellent way for guitarists, keyboardists, and audio engineers to shape the scope of their sound effects. It helps you to accurately develop the tone of what you're trying to do. Whether ...
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Tc Electronic Hall Of Fame 2

TC Electronic Hall Of Fame 2 Reverb Pedal Review

After the raging success of the previous flagship edition, the shiny red reverb pedal is back, packing a real punch. 'TC Electronics' has expanded the Toneprint slot from 1 to 3, a noticeable upgrade direction given that the Toneprint feature ...
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Line 6 Pod Hd500X Guitar Multi Effects

Line 6 Pod Hd500X Review

The Line 6 Pod HD500X is an impressively powerful floor processor for guitar effects. It has a new CPU, which is one of the most powerful ones that Line 6 has used to date. It uses amp modeling technology and ...
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Voodoo Lab Power Pedal

Voodoo Lab Power Pedal Supply 2 Plus (2022 Review)

The Voodoo Lab Power Pedal Supply 2 Plus, is an eight output power supply pedal for guitar pedalboards. It is designed to give guitar players with a lot of pedals on their board the necessary power to keep things alive ...
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Eventide H9 Harmonizer

Eventide H9 Harmonizer Multi Effects Pedal (Review)

The Eventide H9 Harmonizer Multi-effects pedal is a powerful tool that guitar players can use to replace their existing pedalboards. It comes with ver 99 time-based effects presets, all of the standard effects you need, and a simple user-interface that ...
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Line 6 Helix LT Multi Effects

Line 6 Helix LT Guitar Multi Effects Processor Review

If you want sonic flexibility at your feet, the Helix LT is undoubtedly worth a look. We've taken a good look at a range of multi-effects pedals in the past. For many guitarists, most of them don't hold a candle ...
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Preamp bass pedal

Best Bass Preamp Pedals in 2022

We are sifting through the top-choices here today which reflect some of the best bass preamp pedals for you. If you're looking to be able to switch up your sound mid-set or even mid-song, then a foot-operated option is the ...
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Man stepping on guitar pedal

10 Best Bass Pedals in 2022

Looking for a bass pedal can be a daunting task, especially if you are a beginner player or novice in the world of pedals. Adding effects to your bass line is vital to ensure better tone quality and definition. The ...
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Boss ME-80 Pedal

Boss Me-80 Review

With the Boss ME-80, you don't have to trade away your Boss Blues Driver for that Boss Heavy Metal you've always wanted, and you can keep them both in one of the most compact and ver-satile multi-effect units we've ever ...
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Bigsky Reverb Pedal

Strymon BigSky Multidimensional Reverb Pedal Review

The Strymon BigSky Multidimensional Reverb Pedal is widely advertised as the last reverb pedal you will ever need to buy. It houses a vast assortment of reverb settings and features that allow you to explore many possibilities. With just the ...
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Ibanez Ts9 Overdrive Pedal

Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer Overdrive Pedal Review

The Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer is one of the most imitated overdrive pedals in guitar history. It is a classic stompbox pedal that is simple and easy to use. It has gain, level, and tone knobs that allow you to ...
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Mxr M169

Mxr M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay Pedal Review

Having trouble finding a delay pedal that’s right for you? Looking for a more complete and comprehensive device that really pushes the boat out as to what features you have access to, what you’re able to achieve, and the kind ...
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Boss Gt 1000

Boss GT-1000 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal Review

The Boss GT-1000 Multi-effects Pedal is a powerhouse for guitar players and bassists. It houses all the effects you could want (up to 116) and has a ton of built-in technology to make it strong and sturdy. The pedal includes ...
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