10 Best Guitar Humidifiers 2020

Even the most expertly crafted guitars are susceptible to weathering damage. The more prized your instrument is the more pressing the need to put some measures into place to help ensure its longevity, humidifiers are one way of combating climactic wear and tear. To exemplify their abilities we are going to have a good look at your options as we review the top 10 best guitar humidifiers on the market.

Now for some, humidifiers may sound like a non essential item or maybe a completely new concept especially if you are a hobby player or novice, but our buyers guide with its informative facts should prove very eye-opening.

If you live in an especially dry area the humble humidifier will be a must-have item, luckily there are many companies on the market providing sensible solutions that help maintain moisture levels for your pride and joy. They work in similar ways but each use a variety of components so we have tried to ascertain what makes each an asset and why in our acoustic and electric guitar humidifier reviews below.

1. Music Nomad MN300 Humitar

Music Nomad MN300 Humitar

Music Nomad stock a range of innovative care solutions for keeping your guitar in the idyllic conditions required for optimum use. They are safe and extremely easy to use. The Music Nomad MN300 Humitar acoustic guitar humidifier is a reasonably priced answer to keeping the tonewoods of your acoustic guitar in the best possible hands.

The Music Nomad MN300 Humitar acoustic guitar humidifier has been carefully designed to provide a no-mess low maintenance way of prolonging the integrity of all constructive wood combinations

The Music Nomad the Humitar safely releases sufficient moisture in a balanced manner to help protect against warping, shrinking, and cracking. The humid-i-bar sponge holds 10x its weight in water and has anti-drip properties so you can rest assured there will be no accidents.

The Music Nomad MN300 Humitar acoustic guitar humidifier is designed to hang from your acoustic or electric guitar strings to release water inside the sound hole.

This Music Nomad MN300 Humitar acoustic guitar humidifier couldn't be simpler to use just soak the sponge in distilled water and place it inside. To check the condition simply pop the top and give it a poke if it is dry to the touch, then it is time to re-hydrate again.

+ Convenient flip top for quick easy mess free monitoring.
+ Long lasting and low maintenance.
+ Innovative materials used.
+ Won't break the bank.

Why We Liked It -

This Music Nomad MN300 Humitar acoustic guitar humidifier slides effortlessly into place without the need for any hooks, clips or other attachments the sponge is easily accessible and simple to refill it also retains a lot of water.

2. Oasis OH-1

Oasis OH-1

This stand for microphones from

The Oasis humidifier is once again a simple solution for acoustic humidifying.

The Oasis OH-1 guitar humidifier has been expertly designed with all variables considered the sponge is made of a cutting-edge composite, the crystals soak the water in to form a gel-like consistency that will not leak due to overfilling. In fact, the Oasis OH-1 guitar humidifier has 2 built-in levels of leak protection.

The Oasis OH-1 guitar humidifier is long lasting and of a skinny cylindrical shaped design. It hangs from the strings of your acoustic or electric guitar ideally when cased, It has been stabilized to never touch the guitar body. Its streamlined stature means it can slide between the 3rd and 4th guitar strings suspended in an optimized central position. The Oasis OH-1 guitar humidifier sits fairly deep inside of the sound hole and provides wide-spread even moisture distribution.

The Oasis OH-1 guitar humidifier comes with a syringe to assist in re-soaking and you can see the level clearly so you will always be able to tell when it is time to refill.

+ Easy to see when it needs refilling.
+ 3.5/8” depth
+ Anti-leaking measure in place (x2)
+ Fits perfectly inside the guitar - inside their cases.

Why We Liked It - We like the crystal and rubber membrane composition and easy install design of this one it is a top-selling product but the quality components do have a shelf life of their own so may need replacing after a while.

3. Oasis Plus+

Oasis Plus+


The Oasis Plus+ is their maximum strength humidifier. It has been extra specially calibrated to cope in areas that are significantly more arid, such a desert area. It is the same size and compact shape as the original blue model but the humidification parts are composed of a different substance which is capable of providing around 50% more humidity output than the regular model.

It features the same convenient properties as the other version with its visible levels to assist monitoring for a refill, and it's 2 different anti-leak design measures which prevent spillage. It needs refilling more often than the first because it disperses moisture in a larger amount.

Oasis also make a pretty decent hydrometer to give accurate information and indication of what your instrument needs.

+ Greater moisture dispersion for dryer areas.
+ Compact design.
+ Easy to monitor.
+ Crystals form an anti-leak gel.

Why We Liked It - We like that the company have gone one step beyond to provide a heavy duty defense for desert dwelling guitarists.

4. D'Addario Planet Waves

D’Addario Humidipak

The Planet Waves Two-Way Humidification system from D'Addario is a novel, next level device which makes for a superb solution against seasonal changes, geographical location, and fluctuating temperatures. It offers complete control because it tackles the problem from both sides. The Humidipack has been carefully designed to provide 2-way humidity control that maintains a safe and constant 45%-50% level of humidity within your case eliminating all humidity and temperature concerns in an absolute manner.

The Planet Waves Two-Way Humidification system is maintenance free it comes with two pouches one for the sound hole and one for your headstock, which is often neglected by other guitar humidifying products. To use the humidifier you simply place 2 Humidipaks into the sound hole pouch and the D'Addario Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar hangs between the G and D strings freely. Then place the third Humidipak inside the guitar headstock pouch and place it in the case under your guitar headstock. Each last around 2-4 months dependent on the given conditions it is dealing with.

+ No water, no drips, no mess!
+ Releases and absorbs water.
+ Expertly designed by classical guitar specialists and suitable for ukes and dulcimers as well.

Why We Liked It - The Planet Waves Two-Way Humidification system adds and depletes moisture to keep an optimal balanced level of humidity and temperature as necessary, you don't need to worry about a thing.

5. Herco HE360

Herco HE360

Next up is a great low budget guitar humidifier. Herco advertises a complete care system and that is exactly what this nifty product essentially is. It utilizes a natural clay blend to help provide vital humidity and prevent your guitars from drying out and cracking.

They also couldn't be easier to use you simply soak the product for around 5 minutes once or twice a month depending on the demands put on the humidifier due to your location geographically and other factors that can affect its use.

They have a really long life as long as you keep a tab on them and re-soak them regularly enough. It is convenient and will fit in most gig bags. They are so low priced it is a good idea to buy 2 or 3 to place strategically and better protect your instrument it isn't just the body woods that are susceptible to drying out.

+ Natural safe product.
+ Less than 5 buck each.
+ Easy to use.

Why We Liked It - It is a super affordable product that provides a good cheap way of defending against dry acclimatization.

6. Planet Waves D'Addario Acoustic

D'Addario Acoustic

This guitar humidifier from D'Addario follows a more typical container and sponge design concept similar to many of the more typical competitive humidification systems out there. It does not boast the amazing two-way capabilities as their fantastic Humidipack system but it makes for a much more affordable price on par if not better than similarly priced options only it comes from a top brand Planet Waves D'addario (part of the D'Addario family.) Who has the benefit of an extensive history in guitar craft and a tonne of knowledge to boot?

It features an exclusive non-drip design and it dangles inside the guitar sound hole without clips or any other attachment so it won't spoil your guitars finish as it never touches the guitar body.

It releases moisture slowly and evenly and retains a deceptive amount so doesn't need constant refilling unless the dry climate is particularly harsh where you are.

Refilling couldn't be easier simply remove, re-moisten, and re-install.

+ User friendly.
+ Budget option from knowledgeable brand.
+ Multiple uses for a long shelf life

Why We Liked It - It really does make for an easy and safe way to humid your guitar with very little outlay or effort required on your part.

7. Soarun Acoustic

Soarun Acoustic

Again this guitar humidifier by Soarun is compact and of a very similar design to most other standard acoustic guitar humidifiers on the market its competitive price range.

The sponge is made of a dense composition and retains a good amount of liquid it Is seemingly effortless to refill simply pour into the top or leave submerged in a bowl of water to soak. The dampness can be monitored by touch without the risk of spills because of its un-removable design. The sponge cannot be removed from its container this provides a much less messy method than some of the other similarly priced humidification systems available o the market. It is recommended to re-hydrate the inside on roughly a monthly basis, though more arid areas may need topping up a little more frequently.

Again, this one hangs suspended between your 2 middle strings of your guitar inside of your instruments sound-hole without touching or damaging the body of your instrument. It has a drip-free design that allows for even moisture release which will effectively help keep your guitar in ideal condition as far as it's wood is concerned.

+ Low price.
+ Easy to use.
+ Spill free, un-removable sponge design.

Why We Liked It - It is another low cost option that provides a self-contained solution which is as mess free as can be.

8. Oasis OH-6 Case

Oasis OH-6 Case

The OH-6 is a follow-up product brought about after the huge success of the original blue Oasis soundhole humidifier. This Oasis instrument humidifier has been expertly re-designed to provide the humidification for other stringed instruments and specifically tailored for this purpose after public demand and an influx of inquiries on the back of the original models' success.

The Oasis instrument humidifier is an in case model it works super effectively when paired with the sound-hole suspended OH-1 so that the 2 can work harmoniously together to provide the very best humidity control. It is very skinny and cylindrical in shape, its compact size means it can clip in any nook in your hard case it. The Oasis instrument humidifier features a belt style clip and the humidifier contains 2 neodymium magnets within the confines of its seams. The clip fits over the side of the case with an adhesive backing and provides a surface for the magnets to adhere to. It can be attached vertically or horizontally.

The 'outside of the instrument' approach of the product means that not only is it perfectly suited to headstock maintenance in cases but it also is suitable for a much more diverse range of wooden instruments that also require humidity control for a longer life.

This Oasis instrument humidifier comes with a syringe for easy control over filling and refilling, it holds around 32cc of water and takes 3+ syringes to fill initially. It is easy to see when the oasis is ready for a refill and it can be kept topped up with just one syringe.

+ Two levels of leak protection.
+ Long lasting humidification.
+ Easy to monitor, install, and refill.

Why We Liked It - This Oasis instrument humidifier has an over the side /clip in case design feature, which means it is a great solution for jazz guitars of other flat top cases which struggle to accommodate typical humidifier forms.

9. Kyser Lifeguard

Kyser Lifeguard

The Kyser Lifeguard acoustic guitar humidifiers are reasonably priced they come in 2 sizes to accommodate parlor guitars. They are a popular choice and are an affordable alternative to the very similar Onetek lifeguards.

They Kyser Lifeguard humidifier systems are very compact and they last for a long period when used correctly (inside of a case as opposed to on a stand).

Some people find that they are tricky to install inside the sound hole as you need to slip it under the strings each time, however for those who have managed to develop the knack find them to be nigh on an essential piece of kit. The Kyser Lifeguard humidifier systems are reusable and if maintained properly and used with the recommended distilled water they have a very long life.

+ Sit directly in the sound hole.
+ Easy to refill.
+ Affordable price.

Why We Liked It - They are a product that works extremely well there are instructional videos for their installation in various guitars available online to watch which might be useful as some people report spillage when they struggled with getting the placement correct.

10. Boveda 2-way

Boveda 2-way

Following in the footsteps of the ever popular D'Addario Humidipack 2 way protection system, Boveda has created this smart monitoring humidifier. It comes as a 10-pack and will last around 3 months so makes for a steady investment. Boveda is a trusted brand that musicians count on for their guitar maintenance needs.

This humidifier is capable of providing a 40-55% relative humidity level, it requires zero activation or maintenance, thus eliminating all the hassle that can come with other guitar humidifying products. The only real stipulation being that to get the longest life possible from each pack you need to keep it stored in a sealed environment (your case) even when your instrument is out.

Over humidifying is an impossibility with this one as its natural ingredients and advanced reverse osmosis membrane ensure that the purified water vapors which it emits are kept within a precise humidity range.

As they begin to expire they start to solidify so when to change them out is unmistakable.

+ 10 packets.
+ High tech semi-permeable product that works 2 ways via reverse osmosis.
+ Last 2-6 months (average of 3).
+ Can be placed anywhere within your case and you can use as many as you need at one time.

Why We Liked It - They are a clever product that works on the scientific principle that certain salts mixed with water will naturally regulate humidity levels. Boveda also sells a 60-gram version of these 8-gram packs.

Guitar Humidifier Buyers Guide

As you probably have gathered from our product reviews there are a number of factors that can contribute to a less than suitable environment for keeping your guitar in. Any wooden product will wear over time, but the build of a guitar and the constant tension under strings means that the care it requires is important to keep the woods resilient and at peak strength to deal with the pressure of being strung.

There is a lot to consider before you buy guitar humidifier. Most importantly your geographic locations because where you live and the changes each season brings with it will differ regionally in the most diverse sense. The summers in various places, as well as the winters, can each bring dryer or wetter weather so you need to have a good rough idea about your humidity requirements.

It is also key to remember that your case size design and material used will also have an impact on humidity permeability.

What Is A Guitar Humidifier?

A guitar humidifier is a device that evenly disperses water vapor inside of your guitar case, and in most instances actually inside of the guitar itself. They do this is a number of different ways but essentially they consist of something very porous which either come ready to install or need to be wet. Some guitar humidifiers employ a dampened sponge or other materials with a sponge-like consistency. Many are naturally made others man-made composites. Some use clay or salts and others use more advanced composites that have been lab designed to have properties specifically fit for function. These can be in the forms of jellies, crystals, or beads. Some are engineered with materials that have super absorbency and unbelievable water retention. The capabilities are really quite smart for something that seems so simple.

The porous component is then housed in a container which also varies from product to product to keep the water from contact with the instrument itself. Then it can safely create a properly humid environment inside of your guitar case. They do work on stands also but ideally, you want a sealed area and it is always recommended guitars have somewhere to be packed away as when left on stands there is always a small possibility it could be knocked over and damaged.

How To Use A Guitar Humidifier?

Though the manners in which they function and refill can vary from one humidifier to another, in general, guitar humidifiers are pretty straightforward to use. Those we have reviewed we have given a quick description for their set up and installation and how to monitor the levels to know when they need replacing or re-moistening.

As most customers will opt for something easy to use, most competitive brands have developed humidification systems that require very little effort for your convenience.

If the product isn't one that comes damp then this will be your first step, it is recommended you use distilled water to prevent against mold and another bacterial build-up inside the humidifier (which can spread to your guitar). This may be as simple as removing (if removable) the sponge to soak it in some water or as fiddly as needing a syringe to fill it via an access point. Once filled they need placing into their enclosure which is often a plastic pod or a breathable fabric pouch. They typically hang between the strings in the center of your sound hole because it is a prime position to give the fairest dispersion of moisture, however, some sit below or above the strings in the space left so as not to stretch the strings.

They take very little maintenance, it is generally easy to keep on top of refills if you pay attention.

Do I Need A Guitar Humidifier?

Unless you live an area with a constant suitable humidity level then the outright answer is yes.

Whilst we obviously can't control the weather or dry climate what we can do is educate ourselves about the environmental factors which can reduce the quality over time and build eventually into irreparable damage and do our best to counter them.

Without maintaining a sufficient non-dry environment for your guitar will inevitably be subject to warping, swelling, bending, cracking and joint or layer separation.

Guitar Humidifier Benefits

Without a shadow of a doubt they will keep your guitar in tip-top condition and help to extend its lifespan they tackle dry weather ruin head-on and prevent against cracking which is a major concern.

A lack of humidity is actually responsible for the majority of guitar repairs so it is a pretty safe bet to say that it is an essential step in maintaining your instrument.

Best Acoustic Guitar Humidifier?

The D'Addario Humidipak is incredibly tough to beat as far as performance is concerned. Primarily because they offer 2-way protection meaning no matter the natural humidity levels and however they may fluctuate it provides a consistent sweet spot for your instrument. In addition, they provide better coverage with the headstock being taken care of as well as the body from its inside. The Boveda humidification systems are also on par but we prefer the pouch system of the D'Addario to prevent against accidental breakage.

They make for an optimal product which was the first of its kind (though many others have gone on to 2-way protection in their own ways to compete) however they do need replacing rather than re-soaking so are in essence the pricier option. The oasis humidification systems are also a highly commendable range of reasonably priced re-usable humidifiers. If budget is of real concern to you then the Herco is our best cheap humidifier.

Best Guitar Case Humidifier?

Given the fact that a large number of hard guitar cases are constructed to uniquely fit the individual dimensions and shapes of each guitar being able to fit a humidifier can on occasion be a challenge.

The clear candidate for best guitar case in our eyes for best guitar case humidifier would be the Oasis OH-6 with its compact size and unique magnetic latch on attachment concept. It allows for more flexibility to cater to differences found from case to case.


Whilst many of the humidification systems to fulfill the same function some are more environmentally friendly than others. The main factor to consider is the value of the investment. The advantages of using a humidifier to help care for your guitar are evident but you need to think about whether you want a throwaway product or something re-usable. There are many refillable options for sale each have their own pros and cons. One of the key benefits of a refill humidifier is you shell out less money in the long run however how often they need to be refilled and how easy this is to observe are also points to factor in before you buy.

There are some great humidification systems available most of them for well under the $20 mark with budget options starting from around 4 dollars so the good news is keeping your wood in good nick won't set you back.

With the given costs being so low there really is no excuse not to give one a shot and give your guitar the environment it needs for keeping in peak condition.

As ever we trust our best humidifier reviews and jam-packed buying guide will prove useful to potential purchasers before they buy.

Expert Tip

If you want to keep a closer eye on things or aren't sure of your requirements geographically or seasonally it might be wise to invest in a hydrometer. There are many models on the market and some companies are making them even more accessible in terms of affordability. They provide a more detailed analysis of the moisture levels inside your case so you can count as you go. This is a superb solution for those who live in areas with dramatic shifts in temperature and humidity as well as those who regularly travel state to state performing.

Did You Know?

Relative humidity levels that reside above 55% can, unfortunately, begin to dismantle your precious instrument, it is also important to remember that ideal temperatures for storage should be between 70-75 Fahrenheit.

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