Gibson Acoustic J-45 Review

The Gibson J-45 Standard acoustic guitar has been dubbed "The Workhorse" by those who have wielded it in the past. It's beautiful and rich sounding, with a round shoulder dreadnought design. The Stika top, Mahogany body and neck, and rosewood fingerboard give this classic acoustic guitar the resonance, presence, and playability that Gibson is known for.

With top-of-the-line electronics, it sounds incredible on stage when plugged in and played acoustically. The Vintage Sunburst finish is a retro-style look that will take you back in time as you coax the chords out of this classic beauty.


● Sitka spruce top
● Mahogany body and neck
● Rosewood fingerboard
● Hand scalloped X-bracing
● Round shoulder dreadnought
● Mother-of-pearl inlays
● 20 frets
● 24.75" scale

Gibson Acoustic J-45

Gibson Acoustic J 45 Standard Vintage S

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The Gibson J-45 acoustic guitar can handle a ton of touring and recording sessions. It manages to be both durable and tough, but with its rich bass and shimmering clarity, it also sounds like a dream. This guitar plays beautifully and smoothly, making it a joy to pick up every time.

The top is made from Sitka Spruce wood, which creates a brightness and presence that is sharp and distinct. The frequency pairs well with the deep and full bass - a sound that comes from the depths of the round-shouldered dreadnought body. The back and sides of the body are made from mahogany, creating a steady, resounding sound that's force will command an entire room, right to the very back.

The neck is also made out of mahogany. This long-lasting finish will stand up to use session after session. Gibson experts carefully inspect the rosewood fingerboard before the guitar even hits the factory floor, to ensure the perfection of make-up and performance. The edge of the fingerboard has been rolled and beveled, adding to the smooth playability of the fretboard.

The top-of-the-line electronics used in the J-45 make this one of the best sounding live performance guitars available. It houses an LR Bagg's VTR acoustic pickup located just under the saddle. It captures the natural sound of the mahogany, Sitka, and the transducer to create a match made in tonal heaven for live guitarists.

The sound is just as precise and beautiful plugged in as when you're playing acoustically. The guitar comes with a preamplifier and a convenient removable volume knob, providing the exact level of tone you need.

This 20 frets 6-string classical masterpiece is designed for ultimate performance and playability. It has the durability and longevity you need to keep this guitar for generations. It's not a cheap purchase, but this will be considered one of the most prized possessions in your studio.

Whether you're playing live, or need a reliable and trustworthy guitar for your recording sessions, this instrument has the quality and durability to handle everything that's thrown at it. It holds its tune correctly and will play like new, even after it has taken some wear from the road.


+ Sitka Spruce top, mahogany body
+ Rosewood fingerboard
+ LR Bagg's VTR Pickup system
+ Incredibly rich sound
+ Durable and long-lasting


- Not a cheap guitar
- No cutaway

Why We Like It

For the strummer in all of us, the J-45 may be one of the most coveted guitars available. It can do pretty much anything you need it to, all the while sounding great. The bass frequency emitted by this guitar is incredibly rich and deep, and the high-end chimes are shimmeringly clear. It holds very solid in the hands and works well, whether you're hitting those high notes, or hanging out on the chords for a while.

This is not your typical campfire guitar. It's the type of guitar that should stay in the studio; it adds a level of authenticity and depth to your recordings. The sound is uncompromising and pure. It sounds just as good when it's plugged in as it does when you're playing without any amplification.

The playability is so smooth and enjoyable that it's hard to put this guitar back down. The beveled and rounded edge of the fretboard adds so much comfortability to this guitar that it resembles some of the most natural playing guitars in history. With this level of quality built-in to the J-45 by Gibson, you really can't go wrong.

It has one of the truest and most authentic sounds you will ever experience from an acoustic guitar. The round-shouldered dreadnought shape is comfortable to play. It's sturdy, durable, and tight, making it useful for tours and multiple locations. If you want an instrument that can capture the essence of your passion for music, the Gibson J-45 Standard Acoustic may be the only way to go for you.

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