9 Best Trumpet Cases in 2023

We all need sensible storage for our pride and joy, so join us as we review the best trumpet cases on the market to keep your horn safe.

We have chosen a range of cases, some hardier than others to cater to a range of players. Some of you need a lightweight portable option for carrying to band practice and others might need something more secure to fly with.

We have gathered a good variety of both for comparison and looked at your FAQ's to help provide a useful buyers guide. Of course, you are going to need to keep your personal needs in mind whilst you browse but we think we have you covered. So let's begin.

At a glance: Our top 3 picks

Our team's top 3 recommendations
Best Overall

Guardian CW-041-TP

  • Rectangular hard-case.
  • Quality clasps and handle.
  • Optional carry-strap.
  • Internal storage.

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Premium Quality

Torpedo Bag Classic

  • Rectangular hard-case.
  • Quality clasps and handle.
  • Optional carry-strap.
  • Internal storage.

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Great value

Flexzion Senior

  • Rectangular hard-case.
  • Quality clasps and handle.
  • Optional carry-strap.
  • Internal storage.

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1. Guardian CW-041-TP

Guardian CW-041-TP

The Guardian case is an aptly named product as it will do its darnedest to keep your trumpet safe-guarded.

It is a pretty standard hard-case with a rectangular design. It is made from a strong ABS plastic which provides a good shell in-case of bumps. It is pretty lightweight as far as a larger case goes and has a decent carry-strap which is detachable so you can use the handle or wear the strap.

The exterior has a strong aluminum valance to help keep it sealed and the clasps are strong and stay shut. The interior has a polystyrene form that fits the majority of traditional trumpet brands with a few degrees of wiggle-room.

It is covered in a black velour that is soft against the brass and has an internal compartment to keep your accessories stored away.

+ Rectangular hard-case.
+ Quality clasps and handle.
+ Optional carry-strap.
+ Internal storage.

Why We Liked It - It is a fair example of a good low-end hard-case. It has a traditional design, offers flexibility in terms of portability and has space for all of your accessories within.

2. Torpedo Bag Classic

Torpedo Bag Classic

The torpedo bag is another popular option, a little different from some of the more traditional cases on the market but a sensible solution for those who have to cycle to high-school or college.

It is a soft case, with a cylindrical, back-pack style design. It sits comfortably on your back but can also be carried like a holdall if you prefer. It holds your trumpet upright with the bell at the bottom this weight distribution make sit easy to carry about.

There is plenty of space and it has extra zipped compartments for keeping your mute, cleaning equipment and sheet music in.

The entire thing has a generous layer of padding to help keep your instrument safe from knocks. It is on the expensive side for a soft-case but it is one of the best on the market. It has industry-leading metal fixtures and zippers and is made from denier ballistic nylon with 3 inches of foam support and a sturdy bottom.

+ Heavy-duty soft-case.
+ Optional zip-on mute bag.
+ Premium quality fabricating.
+ Perfect for cycling.

Why We Liked It - Top-quality soft-case with a back-packer design that makes it easy to sport and is perfect for those who cycle. We like the detachable accessories bag because then you only have to take exactly what you need with you which means you get to ditch the unnecessary weight whenever you can.

3. Flexzion Senior

Next-up the Flexion Senior which is sort of the cheap and cheerful version of the torpedo bag. It has a very similar cylinder-like design and is well-manufactured, though the fixtures used don't come with quite such acclaim. It provides a great affordable alternative.

It is a softly cushioned bag, with 2 small zipped, side-pockets for valve oil and smaller accessories. You could store your mute in the bell itself because there is space inside the main compartment.

It has strong leather reinforcements where the zips meet to stop them from sliding undone if the weight happens to shift.

It is well-sewn and has good gripped handles and D-ring fittings so you can add a clip-on style carry-strap should you prefer.

+ Thick soft padding.
+ Storage pockets.
+ Cheap alternative.

Why We Liked It - It is a good-quality soft-case solution, that is less of a hassle to haul-about. It isn't as heavy-duty as the premium models on the market but it is far more accessibly priced an ideal for students who have to take a practice instrument on their walk to school.

4. Gator GL-TRUMPET-A Lightweight

Gator GL-TRUMPET-A Lightweight

Gator has made a great name for themselves as a quality case manufacturer. Their cases are so renowned that we have decided to include 2 different models in today's selections to showcase to you. The first one is an impeccably machined soft-option with a form-fitting EPS foam center, the second is a low-cost hard-case.

The fitted foam helps keep your trumpet held in position for much better protection that some soft-cases can offer. It is covered in a presentable velour.

It has strong-quality fittings the zips feature wide rings so you can add a padlock if you have to leave your trumpet out of your sight.

It has comfy handles that Velcro together to make them better-portable and it has an optional Shoulder-strap which clips to the D-rings. It has an exterior accessory pocket and a mouthpiece pouch. It is fitted with rubber feet that also act as shock protection should the case fall.

+ Very well-made.
+ EPS foam interior.
+ Comfy interlocking handles and an optional strap.

Why We Liked It - It is a reasonably priced light-weight soft-case that fits its insides snugly around your trumpet to give it better protection.

5. Protec IPAC TRIPLE With Wheels

Protec IPAC TRIPLE With Wheels

The IPAC triple is ideal for those with a lot of trumpet travel in mind and those with a lot of trumpets too! It is extremely well-made and features space for three instruments to sits snugly inside with formed protection.

It is obviously a bit of a heavier weight than some, but the design cleverly incorporates wheels to save you some sweat when having to lug it about. The wheels have a retractable handle to pull them with but the case also comes with an optional carry-strap.

The inside has a modular design so you can tailor the placement of the blocks to what suits you best. This also means you can put some other horn instruments in if you play a range.

It has a complimentary pocket-organizer for sheet music pens and accessories. Adequate space for mutes and cleaning kits and is made from 1680 ballistic nylon which keeps it moisture repellent and high-quality in terms of tensile strength.

+ Triple case.
+ Wheels.
+ High-quality materials.
+ Modular-system of internal parts.

Why We Liked It - It isn't cheap but it is great quality and perfect for longer journeys and saves you having to carry three separate cases for 3 separate trumpets around.

6. Protec Contoured PRO PAC PB301CT

Protec Contoured PRO PAC PB301CT

The PROPAC from Protec is a contoured style It is a soft/hard-case by which we mean despite the soft-case appearance it has a molded wooden exoskeleton.

Choosing a contoured design gives it a more compact form and takes away some of the excess, unused space granting it a much lighter weight comparably. The wooden forming is sturdy and robust enough to keep your trumpet protected from accidents. it absorbs the shocks and is extremely resilient but light-weight.

The metal hardware used in its build is all very high-strength and the stitching is strongly over machined in a triple-protection manner.

It has plenty of storage space and a quality handle and once again has an optional carry-strap.

+ Durable soft case with the strength of a hard-case.
+ High-quality, extra-strength machine-stitching.
+ Wooden shell.

Why We Liked It - It is a very strong carry-case that has a compact, contoured design and is lightweight enough to carry in person despite its sturdy wooden shell.

7. SKB Rectangular

SKB Rectangular

SKB is another great manufacturer, this is one of their simpler options soft-cases which is competitively priced. It has an extra outside pocket, so you can keep hold of all your smaller accessories with your instrument making them less likely to get lost in transit.

It is a good quality case, well-made with a plush, beautiful blue interior. It is EPS foam molded to your trumpets shape. It has a space for a straight mute and cleaning equipment.

It harbors molded-in bumpers to shock-absorb and provides great protection for your instrument. The handles are strong and can be interlocked to make carry for comfortable for your hands. All the hard-ware has reinforced backing-plates and the zips are high-quality as well.

+ Well-designed.
+ Plush molded foam interior.
+ Shock-absorbent bumpers.

Why We Liked It - It is another hardy soft-case option to consider, we love the molded interior and it provides good additional storage too.

8. Tosnail 15mm Padded

Tosnail 15mm Padded

Now for another holdall-style option which is beautifully cushioned from Tosnail. It is a sensible compact solution for those who have to take their instruments with them but don't have a lot of cash to spend.

It is cylindrical to eliminate any wasted space. It has very strong handles and the stitched edges are reinforced at every seam. It is machined from a waterproof, string fabric and has double zippers for easy retrieval. It can be carried by hand or over the shoulder.

The interior has 15mm padding around the edges which will suffice but we suggest perhaps cutting some foam of your own to keep your instrument still inside.

+ Waterproof soft case.
+ Strong handles.
+ Very cheap.

Why We Liked It - It is a budget-friendly compact option, well-made for a low-end product. Strong in all the right places. It isn't the best on the market but is perhaps something you could modify in a pinch if funds are low as it doesn't offer much in the way of cushioning.



Our final listing is our second Gator Case option it is a hard option that is remarkably well-made. It is a hard-exterior, lockable trumpet case perfect for the long-haul.

It has a typical rectangular shape which makes it ideal for stacking with other instruments. It has a strong outer shell made from ABS plastic. It features an aluminum valance and the latches are very strong and chrome plated.

It is very affordably priced, one of the more budget-friendly hard-cases on the market and much better quality in terms of the lockable latches.

The handle is very strong and well-mounted, It has been through-bolted to make sure it is rugged enough for rough-handling.

The inside is decked out with a plush velour-covered EPS foam that is formed to fit around the curves of your instrument. it is surprisingly lightweight and gives sufficient protection to your trumpet during transit.

+ Rugged construction.
+ Plush form-fitting interior
+ Lockable latches.

Why We Liked It - It is a great lockable option that won't break the bank, It is well-manufactured and provides the right amount of protection.

Trumpet Case Buyers Guide

Are Cheap Trumpet Cases Worth Buying?

A cheaper trumpet case may not be manufactured from top-quality materials. Even if the material itself matches it may be less dense or a lower-grading.

This means they won't ever be as good as a more expensive model. That said any case is better than no case at all and depending on your requirements a cheaper one will suffice if you have no other option.

If you are a hobbyist rather than a professional then the protection you need becomes a lot less crucial but if you are a gigging musician you need to consider your case more carefully.

As our introduction mentioned, you might want a portable soft-case solution if you have to carry your trumpet around yourself. There are soft-cases which are built with a hardened top and bottom slipped inside the covering to help give some sort of additional durability and protection.

If you are traveling further-afield then we can't stress enough how important a suitable case really is. Some airlines won't actually allow you to travel with your instrument as hand luggage.

If you have to put it in the hold then it will need far more heavy-duty protection. You will also probably want to consider the latches more carefully. Some companies have strict guidelines when it comes to how your instrument is stored.

In this case, we recommend investing a lot more as a cheaper case just isn't going to hold-up. If your luggage is going in the hold think about lockable latches or padlocks.

Trumpet Case With Wheels For Traveling

If you are going to be frequenting the airport, then it goes without saying that a hardy case is going to be heavy. So it is well worth thinking about a set of wheels.

There are a few great wheeled instrument flight-cases available online and we have included the triple trumpet soft case on wheels from Protec in our reviews today.

If you need a singular option Protect make a wheeled version with space for 1,2,3 or 4 trumpets. Their modular nature also means they can be customized for those who play a range of horn instruments or may want to expand on their collection in the future. They are a sound investment.

For flights, a wheeled option really does make life so much easier and they are definitely worth the higher price-tag in our minds.

Can I Get A Lockable Trumpet Case?

Yes, as you will have seen from The Gator model we ended with. There are several other lockable options too and for longer-hauls it is advisable, so give them a good look.


A decent storage case for keeping your trumpet safely tucked away is never a bad idea. If you are a gigging musician then it really shouldn't be overlooked or bought in a hurry.

There are a tonne available online and whether you need a softy or hard one, you won't be short of choice.

Cheaper made models will never compete with a higher-end fabrication but we hope our guide will have highlighted how important that is to you. In a pinch, a cheap and cheerful case will do, so long as your requirements aren't more demanding.

Horns can get quite easily damaged despite their metallic nature and hardy exteriors. They all age over time as well, so keep yours out of the elements and away from harm. As ever, we hope our suggestions will have shed some light and spurred you to purchase some protection for your trumpet.

Expert Tip

Gator makes many different solutions, we have chosen 2 here today because we didn't want them to dominate our listings but there are more to browse, so get googling.

Did you Know

Some flight companies have a max payout for lost or damaged luggage which is pretty low when compared with the cost of a decent instrument it might be wise to fly with a cheaper trumpet.

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