Roland SPD-SX Sampling Percussion Pad Review

The Roland SPD-SX is a percussion sampling pad. It features 100 kits, 20 polyphony voices, and has an internal memory of 4GB. It offers 21 master effects, 20 kit effects, and has an EQ. The Roland SPD-SX weighs 5lbs 9oz and has dimensions of 3.75” x 14.37” x 13.06”.

Roland Spd Sx

Roland Spd Sx

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If you’re a percussionist, DJ, keyboardist, or producer, then you’ll know that a sampling percussion pad is an essential piece of kit that should be integrated into your arsenal for use in the studio or for live performances.

When it comes to sampling pads, then the Roland SPD-SX is one of the most loved on the market. It manages to perfectly combine usability with advanced features, making it a popular product with musicians of all different skill levels.

What’s so good about the Roland SPD-SX? There are many answers to that question. To begin, then you simply need to look at its set up. It has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible.

In terms of visibility, it has a backlit LCD screen and the sample pads have LED indicators and red-light dividers so that you can use the Roland SPD-SX during performances in dimly lit venues and still be able to see exactly where the pads are. The LEDs will also remain lit after striking them so that you’ll know exactly which pads are in use and which aren’t.

Usability is a great feature, but with a sampling pad, then it is how it plays that really matters. The rubber pads are intuitive and are velocity-sensitive. This basically means that you’re ensured precision. There’s no need to worry about the Roland SPD-SX misfiring or not recognizing your drumstick while you’re in mid-flow. You get a good response every time.

Of course, onboard effects matter when it comes to a percussion sampling pad. The Roland SPD-SX features one master unit and two assignable units. The master unit is what you’ll use when performing live. Overall, there are 21 master effects, as well as 20 kit effects per unit.

When you purchase the SPD-SX, then you also get the software that you’ll need to work with it. This is Roland’s Wave Manager software. It is as easy to use as the sampling percussion pad itself.

You can use it to import audio files from your computer via a USB connection, as well as to assign the samples to the different pads, and you can also organize your samples easily too.

Overall, the Roland SPD-SX is a dream to work with. In fact, the Roland SPD-SX is so intuitive and functional that you’ll find that it does a lot of work for you. The intuitive pads offer an incredible response, meaning that perfectionists will be over the mood with just how accurate and precise that it is. Despite the sensitivity of the pads, this is not a fragile unit, and it will stand up to a lot of usages, whether that’s on the stage, in the studio, or both.


+ The Roland SPD-SX is intuitive, user-friendly, and built for precision. It is a piece of equipment that can be relied upon. This means that it is a versatile piece of kit that can be used in the studio, on stage, or at home.

+ This sampling pad doesn’t just offer accuracy, but also it is highly durable. When investing in a percussion sampling pad, then you want to be sure that it’s going to last, and that’s certainly true with the Roland SPD-SX. It’s a solid investment.

+ The Wave Manager software that comes with the Roland SPD-SX is incredibly easy to use and it works in perfect unison with the sampling pad. It is very simple to organize your samples, as well as to assign them to each of the pads.

+ The LCD backlit screen and the LED lights on the pads themselves also enhance the usability of the sample pad and make it ideal for live performances, as you’ll be able to see exactly what you’re doing, even in low light.


- This is one of the most popular percussion sampling pads in the world for a reason. It is hard to find a con for it. But the price is the only thing that causes a buyer any hesitation. Then again, the Roland SPD-SX is a premium piece of equipment that is built to last, so if you’re a serious musician then it is well worth the investment.

Why We Like It

The Roland SPD-SX is an advance percussion sampling pad that has been designed with musicians in mind. It is very easy to use, offers precision and accuracy when the pads are struck, and provides excellent visibility thanks to a backlit LCD screen and LEDs on the pads themselves.

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