Fender Bassbreaker 15 Review

To produce the richest tone out of your electric guitar, then a tube amplifier is mandatory. The Bassbreaker 15 by Fender has been described as ‘a box of tones’, and, as you’d expect from Fender, the quality and range of tone that it offers is something special. The amplifier has two EL84 tubes inside it, which means that you can get really forceful, fiery midrange sounds out of it, and, of course, as with every tube amp, you get that characteristic tube warmth.

This is a five-star amplifier, produced by one of the most admired manufacturers in the music world. At 15 watts, it is incredibly versatile, as it will give you enough power for band rehearsals, but it will also suit playing at home. If you’re looking for a guitar amp to record on, then it is ideal too. It is possible to mute the internal speaker so that you can then just use the XLR out, which allows for silent use.

No guitarist wants to become limited by their amplifier. There’s nothing to worry about with that when you have the Bassbreaker 15. The three different gain stages mean that you can achieve anything from flawless, clean sounds, through to grungy distortion, all the way to heavy metal tones. The hall reverb is luxurious and lush sounding, and just one great feature of this excellent amplifier.

Fender Bassbreaker 15

Fender Bassbreaker 15

Key Features

This mid-range guitar amplifier from Fender comes loaded with lots of extras that exemplify its quality and value for money. Here are the key features of the Fender Bassbreaker 15:

Structure Switch: This allows you to easily switch between three different flavors of tone.

Tube Circuitry: The tube gives you a deliciously warm, rich tone that will define your sound, just like Fender’s tube amps have done for thousands of other guitarists.

Effects Loop: This can be used for outboard effects.

15-watts of Power: Enough for jamming with your band, and also perfect for practicing at home, or recording in the studio.

XLR Line Output: This can be used for hooking up to recording equipment, or to a speaker system.

Celestion V-Type Speaker: The v-type gives you a vintage sound with a modern twist, that is both open and airy.

Flashing Pilot Light: This useful feature will indicate that a speaker is disabled, which is ideal for silent recording.


+ It is a full tube amplifier, which means incomparable tone with huge scope and range for creating distinctive sounds, regardless of genre.
+ The XLR out means that the Fender Bassbeaker 15 is well-suited to the recording studio.
+ It offers enough range for guitarists who use drive pedals when playing lead riffs.
+ It is capable of producing aggressive tone, despite being a very small tube amp.


- The sound can occasionally be a little ‘boomy’, but this can be counteracted with some determined fiddling with the knobs.

- At 15 watts, it isn’t the most powerful amplifier available. Then again, while it won’t be suitable for a big gig, it is perfect for rehearsing, practicing at home, or even recording. And if you turn the high gain right the way up, then you’ll find out just how loud this amp can go.

Who Is It Suitable For?

The versatility of this amplifier means that it is suitable for a huge range of guitarists. Whatever your style is, you’ll find the Bassbreaker 15 a useful accomplice. The mid-range price means that it could be suited to beginners looking for their first full tube amplifier, or more seasoned players, who are looking for a high-quality amplifier for practicing on at home, or for in the recording studio.

Why We Like It

It’s hard not to love the gorgeous tone that the Fender Bassbreaker 15 offers. And it doesn’t just simply offer the tone, but a huge range of tones. Versatility is the greatest characteristic of this amplifier. That means that you can be confident that your playing will sound great when you use it for recording purposes. It doesn’t matter if you’re a heavy metal guitarist seeking the angriest, most aggressive tone, or a funk guitarist who requires clean, reverb-rich tone, then you’ll love the Bassbreaker 15.

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