10 Best USB Camcorders in 2023

Do you want to know what the very best USB camcorders are? If you do, then you’ll be aware that a USB camcorder is a really amazing piece of equipment. You can capture high-quality, high-definition videos and photos with them, and then easily upload them to your computer.

They will also be portable, easy to stow, and won’t break in a hurry either. The battery life will be long enough so that you don’t need to get caught short while you’re outside recording videos, but it will also have the option for you to use the USB camcorder while you’re charging it too.

To make sure that you choose the right one, then consider this list of the best USB camcorders, as well as the buyer’s guide and breakdown that follows which will tell you about all the amazing features you can find on the best USB camcorders.

At a glance: Our top 3 picks

Our team's top 3 recommendations
Best Overall

SOSUN Video Camera Camcorder HD 1080P

  • 2 ½ hours of recording time
  • 1080p video resolution
  • 24.0 megapixels for images
  • High-quality LCD screen
  • Pause function

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Premium Quality

APEMAN Action Camera 4K 20MP

  • 2 ½ hours of recording time
  • 1080p video resolution
  • 24.0 megapixels for images
  • High-quality LCD screen
  • Pause function

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Great value

Ordro 4K Camcorder, ORDRO AC3 Ultra HD Video

  • 2 ½ hours of recording time
  • 1080p video resolution
  • 24.0 megapixels for images
  • High-quality LCD screen
  • Pause function

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1. SOSUN Video Camera Camcorder HD 1080P

SOSUN Video Camera Camcorder HD 1080P

Offering users a whopping 2 ½ hours of maximum recording time after a full 8-hour charge, this is a fantastic USB camcorder that comes at a very affordable price. It captures high-definition, 1080p resolution video, and if you want to take photos with it, then the resolution ratio is 24.0 megapixels.

The format for videos is AVI 3.0, and photos are captured in the jpeg format. It has an amazing 16x digital zoom, so you can get some excellent close-ups. And it has a great LCD screen so that you can instantly see what you’re recording.

+ 2 ½ hours of recording time
+ 1080p video resolution
+ 24.0 megapixels for images
+ High-quality LCD screen
+ Pause function

Why We Liked It - This is one of the best USB camcorders around because it offers incredibly high-resolution pictures and videos, while also coming at a price that won’t break the bank.

2. APEMAN Action Camera 4K 20MP

APEMAN Action Camera 4K 20MP

If you’re looking for one of the best USB camcorders for capturing 4k UHD video, then this Apeman camcorder has to be considered. It also offers 20-megapixel images. And it has an anti-shaking feature built into it, so if you’re recording sports, you can be certain the image will be perfectly clear.

Another great feature of this USB camcorder is that it is waterproof up to 40metres, so you can take it on a diving trip, as it also has a specific diving mode for this purpose, as well as a car mode, if you wish to use it in your car.

+ Anti-shaking feature
+ 4K UHD video
+ Ideal for action sports or in the car
+ Motion detection
+ Waterproof

Why We Liked It - If you’re looking for a USB camcorder for recording underwater, in your car, or while doing any sort of sport, then this has to be one of the best USB camcorders for you.

3. Ordro 4K Camcorder, ORDRO AC3 Ultra HD Video

Ordro 4K Camcorder, ORDRO AC3 Ultra HD Video

This USB camcorder has a hot shoe as part of it, meaning that the external ODRO CM520 microphone can be attached to it, which ensures excellent sound, especially as it includes NCR noise-canceling technology. You can also use the hot shoe for an LED light.

It captures incredibly clear 4K UHD video. And you can record at night thanks to the IR night vision. It also has a wide lens function. You can use it as a webcam, and it is supported for zoom while using this function. It also offers 30x digital zoom when recording HD video.

+ Hot shoe and noise-canceling microphone
+ 30x digital zoom
+ Includes remote control
+ IR night vision
+ LCD touchscreen

Why We Liked It - This is one of the best USB camcorders because of the amazing sound quality that the excellent external microphone offers when connected thanks to the hot shoe.

4. Sony 4K HD Video Recording FDRAX33

Sony 4K HD Video Recording FDRAX33

Sony is a manufacturer of electrical equipment you can trust. It has produced one of the best USB camcorders on the market with this one. Not only does it offer outstanding 4K UHD video and 20.6-megapixel picture capturing, but it also has one of the best night modes around, which will allow you to record in almost pitch darkness because of its infrared light.

It is also a very light USB camcorder and very small too, so it fits easily in your hand. The microphone also allows for recording 5.1 surround sound. You can shoot XAVC S3, AVCHD, and MP4 codecs.

+ Outstanding night mode
+ 20.6-megapixel photos
+ 4K video
+ Lightweight
+ Steady Shot image stabilization

Why We Liked It - If you’re looking for one of the best USB camcorders for recording at night, then this camcorder is for you, as the night mode offers outstanding image capturing even in pitch-black darkness.

5. Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder

Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder

The 57x advanced zoom offered by this Canon camcorder means that you can record high-quality video from great distances, allowing you to allow the action to unfold before you, without needing to get so close as to disturb it, and that makes it ideal for wedding ceremonies or sports events.

The Zoom Framing Assistant will also help you focus on your subject even at great distances. Canon’s SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer ensures that shaking won’t ruin a 1080/60p video, which can be instantly recorded to an SD card. The camcorder is so small it fits in the palm of your hand.

+ 57x advanced zoom
+ Zoom Framing Assistant
+ SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer
+ Slow and fast motion recording
+ Tiny, portable size

Why We Liked It - This is on of the best USB cameras simply because of the outstanding 57x advanced zoom function combined with the Zoom Framing Assistant as it is perfect for capturing video from distance, which is ideal for sporting events or wedding ceremonies.

6. AiTechny Video Camera 4K Camcorder

AiTechny Video Camera 4K Camcorder

This USB camcorder has a Wi-Fi function so that you can download an app to your smart device and then use it as a remote for the camera. It offers 4K capturing, so you can get truly beautiful video footage. It also works as a webcam, and it has a PC mode specifically for this purpose.

For photos then you get crystal clear 48.0-megapixel quality. You can record in darkness thanks to the IR night vision. It has an external microphone, as well as a hot shoe for connecting it, and you can also attach an LED fill light which has 6000-6500k color.

+ LED fill light
+ External microphone
+ 48.0-megapixel image capturing
+ PC mode for webcam use
+ Wi-fi function for connecting smart devices

Why We Liked It - The ability to capture 48.0-megapixel images is a huge plus, making this one of the best USB camcorders on the market.

7.Sony HDR-CX405/B Handycam HD

Sony HDR-CX405/B Handycam HD

This is another great USB camcorder from Sony. It captures full-HD 1080p resolution footage which is the same quality as you find when watching films in the cinema. You have the choice of recording in MP4 or AVCHD codecs.

It has an Exmor R CMOS sensor, which will enhance the image, so that dim light won’t ruin it, and it also has SteadyShot stabilization to make sure that shaking doesn’t damage your footage too. It has a Carl Zeiss zoom lens, and it offers 30x zoom capabilities too. You can easily connect it to your computer with the 2.0 USB cable.

+ Records in dim light
+ SteadyShot stabilization
+ Face recognition
+ 2.7” LCD display
+ 30x optical zoom

Why We Liked It - What makes this one of the best USB camcorders is simply the quality of video that you can capture with it which resembles what you see on your cinema screen.

8. CofunKool Video Camera Camcorder

CofunKool Video Camera Camcorder

This affordable USB camcorder comes with lots of useful extras, such as an external, noise-canceling microphone, a remote control, and a mini-tripod. You can also attach a wide-angle lens to it so that you can capture an amazing wide view of up to 118 degrees.

The camera is also loaded with great features, including 16x digital zoom, face recognition mode, beauty function, and a built-in fill light. It has an IR night vision function too. If you like the idea of capturing slow-motion footage in 1080p HD quality, then this is one of the best USB camcorders for you.

+ Slow motion function
+ Tripod
+ Noise-canceling external microphone
+ Wide-angle lens
+ Beauty mode

Why We Liked It - This is a great USB camcorder that is loaded with handy features and comes with some brilliant extras, all at a very reasonable price.

9. Actitop Video Camcorder,ACTITOP 1080P FHD

Actitop Video Camcorder,ACTITOP 1080P FHD

This is one of the best USB camcorders for people looking for a user-friendly, affordable camcorder to learn how to record video on. The quality of the video is anything but entry-level, however, as it is 1080 full-HD, and for photos, it offers 24 megapixels of quality.

You get an hour of video recording time from a fully charged battery, but it comes with two lithium batteries, meaning that you will have ample recording time, as long as you remember to pack the second battery. It comes with a handy remote control. And it also has in-built face recognition.

+ Remote control
+ Great value-for-money
+ 1080 full-HD video capturing
+ 24 megapixels for still images
+ Two rechargeable batteries

Why We Liked It - It’s one of the best USB camcorders in the entry-level category, as you get outstanding video and still photo quality at an affordable price, as well as the camcorder being easy to use.

10. Panasonic Full HD Camcorder HC-V180K

Panasonic Full HD Camcorder HC-V180K

This USB camcorder from Panasonic has some amazing filter effect, such as the 8mm, silent movie, and time-lapse recording effects. But it is more than nifty effects. It offers crystal clear full-HD 1080p recording for videos.

It also captures fantastic sound, because of the two-channel zoom microphone which is effective even from long distances. It has an intelligent zoom of 90x and also a 50x optical zoom advantage. It has a Level Shot Function so that it will correct any tilting of the camera, so you get a perfectly leveled shot, even if you’re out climbing hills or out skiing.

+ Lots of great filter effects
+ Full-HD 1080p video capturing
+ 90x intelligent zoom and 50x optical zoom
+ Level Shot Function
+ Two-channel microphone

Why We Liked It - This is a wonderful USB camcorder that does everything right, whether that is capturing excellent audio or video from a distance, or its ability to compensate for irregular angles by leveling the image.

USB Camcorders Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a USB camcorder is something that requires some pre-thought. After all, there are a lot of similarly priced USB camcorders on the market which will offer you varying quality in video capturing and still images.

They will also offer you very different features, including filters, effects, and technology to compensate for dim light or crooked angles. To make sure that you invest your money in one of the very best USB camcorders on the market, then read this buyer’s guide which will explain all the important features on a USB camcorder to look out for.

Video Quality

Modern USB camcorders will usually offer you two different types of quality when recording video footage. Your choice will be between full-HD 1080p or 4K ultra-HD. Of course, you can assume correctly that 4K is clearer and of better quality, but that doesn’t mean that it is always a better choice to go for a 4K camcorder over a full-HD 1080p one.

That’s simply because 1080p is still extremely high-resolution and if you have an HD television or computer, then 4K will be obsolete, as it requires a 4K television to appreciate the quality, something that far fewer people have invested in compared to HD televisions or computers. If the camera offers 4K or 1080p, then you won’t be disappointed.

Image Quality

The quality of still images will be defined by the megapixel number. On the best USB camcorders, you’ll most likely find them offering between 20.0 to 48.0 megapixels. Anything in this range will offer you crystal clear images.


Audio is just as important as the video quality if you’re recording moving images, that’s why it’s recommended to choose a USB camcorder that either has a hot shoe, so that an external, noise-canceling microphone can be attached to the camcorder, which will offer you high-quality audio, or, your second option, is to make sure the USB camcorder has a two-channel microphone, which offers you great quality sound too.

Night Vision

If you want to capture images or videos in dim light or complete darkness, then it is imperative that you select a USB camcorder that has night vision technology. This technology relies upon infrared lighting so that you can get crystal clear images even in pitch-black darkness.

Battery Life

Camcorders rely upon rechargeable batteries unless they are plugged directly into mains electricity, which is difficult to do when shooting outside. In general, you will get about an hour of video recording from a single lithium battery, but this is not a hard-and-fast rule.

It is possible, of course, to purchase replacement batteries, so that you can have one in reserve if the battery runs out while you’re out, but it is also possible to choose a USB camcorder that already comes with two rechargeable batteries as standard, something that must be considered if you are looking for a budget USB camcorder and want to keep costs down. The charging time that the battery requires also varies, but expect to charge a single battery for up to eight hours for it to be fully charged.

Extra Features

A lot of the best USB camcorders have some excellent features built into them.

The most common extra feature is an optical or digital zoom. This is ideal for filming from distances, as you don’t need to disturb the action by putting a camera in the face of who you are recording but can get high-quality footage from a distance.

Another feature of the best USB camcorders is a form of technology that will stabilize the image even when the camcorder is shaking. We’ve all watched footage captured by 1980s camcorders whether the image is constantly shaking. This is averted thanks to modern technology that will compensate from shaking, even if the person holding the camcorder is in movement.

Waterproofing is another brilliant feature that you’ll find on some of the best USB camcorders. Not only does it mean that you don’t have to stop filming in the rain, but you can also take your camcorder underwater, meaning you can get great footage of your children learning to swim.

What is the benefit of face detection in a USB camcorder?

A normal auto-focus is indiscriminative, which means that if you’re recording your child playing soccer, and they move in and out of the frame, forwards and backward, then they will constantly be going in and out of focus.

With face detection, though, they will always be in focus, despite them moving around. This is a great feature if you’ve got kids, as you’ll be able to record them during activities and still get HD resolution footage of them at all times.

Can I use a USB camcorder as a webcam?

Yes, a lot of the best USB camcorders can be plugged in via a USB cable into your computer so that they can be used as a webcam. They will usually have a feature named “Computer Mode” or a variation on this so that the camcorder will be more effective as a webcam. Remote controls often come with the best USB camcorders too, so you can control zoom, without needing to make the adjustments on the camera.

Expert Tip

There’s no denying that 4K resolution is clearer and of a higher quality than 1080p resolution. But don’t get too focused on these numbers. The best USB camcorders that record in 1080p resolution will actually be a far better investment than a 4K camera that has fewer features. 1080p offers cinema-quality footage, so you won’t be disappointed about filming in it.

Did you know?

The word camcorder has very simple origins. The first part of the word is taken from “camera” and the second part from “video recorder” that’s because a camcorder will let you both take photos and record videos.


The best USB camcorders will allow you to record in either 4K or 1080p, as well as to take high-resolution images that are of a minimum of 20-megapixels in resolution. They will also have a high-quality, noise-canceling microphone, perhaps that is external for better sound recording.

They will also have great features to make sure that you don’t get shaky footage and can also record when your subject is in motion while keeping them in focus. Night vision is also a very handy added feature. And an optical zoom combined with a wide-angle allows for capturing video or images from distance.

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