Bose L1 Pro8 Portable Line Array System Review


Designed for intimate venues, the Bose L1 Pro8 portable line array system is a superb PA system for singers, DJs, and public speakers.

As with all Bose L1 series models, this PA system features Bose’s innovative line array system, which consists of 8 articulated 2” neodymium drivers. This system creates a balanced, uniform sound without any distortion or echo, reaching every spot inside a small to medium venue.

Bose products are renowned for their flawless, immaculate sound quality. The Bose L1 Pro8 delivers this crystal-clear sound quality too.

Overall, it’s a lightweight, portable PA system that offers exceptional sound quality, wide sound distribution, and simple use.

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About the Bose L1 Pro8

Bose L1 Pro8 Portable

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Key Features

Let’s look at the most important features of the Bose L1 Pro8 portable line array system.

Line Array Design: The 8-speaker line array design allows for 180-degree horizontal sound dispersion and 40-degree vertical coverage. This allows audience members to hear the sound clearly regardless of their location in the venue.

Integrated Subwoofer: Offering low notes down to 45Hz, the integrated bass module features a unique RaceTrack driver that has dimensions of 7” by 13”.

In-Built Mixer: Built into the Bose L1 Pro8 is a user-friendly mixer that includes several pre-sets.

Wireless Control: The PA system includes Bluetooth technology so that you can connect your phone to it and control it via the L1 Mix app.

Portable: The whole PA system combined weighs approximately 40lbs. Together, it can be easily carried to a venue and won’t take up much room in your van or the trunk of your car.


+ It packs a huge punch. Considering its small size, it produces enough power for an intimate, small to medium-sized venue. The line array design also ensures that the whole audience has a quality listening experience, as the sound is evenly distributed.

+The small size and weight of just 40lbs make it highly portable. For touring speakers, singers, or musicians, then this is a great feature. It’s also simple to set up, and the mixer can be controlled easily.

+ As with all Bose speakers, this one delivers stunning sound quality. The integrated subwoofer also ensures that the sound has depth and power on the low-end, something that many PA systems are lacking.


- The Bose L1 Pro8 doesn’t have any cons in terms of the product. But it might be priced a little high for some people. Then again, when the quality is taken into account, it still offers great value-for-money.

Who Is It Suitable For?

It’s a PA system that’s well-suited to venues that are small to medium in size. Think coffee shops or cafes for an idea of the size.

The quality makes it a good choice for singers, preachers, politicians, public speakers, and DJs.

Why We Like It

It’s a superb, portable PA system that features an innovative line array design, which allows for uniform, wide sound coverage.

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