Top 10 Best Electric Guitars of 2017

Buying a guitar should be included in one of the most important investments in a persons life because the detail that goes into it certainly requires a lot of research beforehand. While styles and models differ, the working principles are the same. Which is why Music Critic reviewed the top models and brands just for you!

Nevertheless, for your sound to be absolutely pure and of high quality, you need the guitar with the best features. You also need to take into account what your need is and what your skill level is. When you have all the details about the guitar you will find it easier to choose the best one for yourself. Here is everything you need to know

1. Fender Classic Series 72 Telecaster Deluxe Electric Guitar

1. Fender Classic Series 72 Telecaster Deluxe

When talking about a guitar and not talking about Fender, this is being so unjust. Fender is one of the pioneers in guitar production; it has been there for a very long time now and has been producing some of the most top line guitars of the world.

The Fender Classic Series 72 Telecaster Deluxe Electric Guitar is another masterpiece by Fender. The black colored Guitar has some amazing looks; it comes with humbucking pickups i.e. wide range. The wide range pickups actually enable the guitar to be more rock oriented. It comes with a deluxe gig bag so that you can carry it along with you quite safely.


+ The looks of the guitar are just astonishing; especially for the rock lovers, it is just a revelation. It brings back the memories of the classic rock guitars of the 70s.

+ It is best for playing the late 70s rock tunes. The sound that you get from a Fender Classic Series 72 Telecaster Deluxe Electric Guitar will take you to the classic rock era of the 70s.

+ The price of this guitar is also quite amazing, a price tag you will not find on many guitars of the same sort.

Why We Liked It –Hey, rock lovers do not be late in getting your hands at Fender Classic Series 72 Telecaster Deluxe Electric Guitar; you might not want to miss it. Everything about this instrument is perfect, no matter if youre playing it in a closed environment or open, the sound you will get is amazing.

2. Gibson Les Paul Faded T 2017 Electric Guitar

2. Gibson Les Paul Faded T

The Gibson Les Paul Faded T 2017 Electric Guitar another masterpiece from Gibson, this guitar is a complete mixture of the modern and vintage era. When talking about the feel of the guitar you have the 490R and 490T humbuckers and the fret count is 22 making it really easy for bending.

You’ll also need a guitar cable, click here for our top picks.

The nickel hardware of the Gibson Les Paul Faded T 2017 Electric Guitar gives it a traditional yesteryear look. The neck of this guitar is a slim-taper one, making it all easy and fast to play. The Gibson Les Paul is quite light in weight, which enhances the level of comfort and resonance as well.


+ The looks of the Gibson Les Paul Faded T 2017 Electric Guitar are just out of this world, the blend of modernity with tradition makes it a complete standout performer.

+ The sound quality of this guitar is what makes it better than the rest. A complete rock guitar.

+ The guitar comes in with a padded gig bag making it safer to carry along.

Why We Liked It –Although the Gibson Les Paul Faded T 2017 Electric Guitar is a fairly expensive guitar but when you look at the features and the perks it has on offer, you instantly realize that you are getting complete value for your money.

3. PRS S2 Custom 24 Solid-Body Electric Guitar

3. PRS S2 Custom 24 Solid-Body

The PRS S2 Custom 24 Solid-Body Electric Guitar is a serious music instrument crafted to give you the feel and the playability you always dreamt of. This guitar has all what you need from a pretty high priced electric guitar.

Wood is the essential component of any guitar which controls the quality of the sound produced by it. The PRS S2 Custom 24 comprises of all the perfect wood types to make it sound the best. The top is made out of maple, the back and neck of the PRS S2 Custom are all Mahogany and then rosewood is used in the fretboards.


+ The look of the guitar is really important and you never would want to play guitar that looks odd but with the PRS S2 Custom 24 Solid-Body Electric Guitar you can be rest assured that nothing of this sort will happen to you.

+ With the neck of the guitar being regular it makes it just too easy to be played or in other words, it can be stated that because of the neck shape the playability of the guitar is enhanced.

Why We Liked It –The design, the top, the back and neck and then with all these features you also have great sound quality, there is no reason for you not to go for the PRS S2 Custom 24 Solid-Body Electric Guitar at an instant.

4. Fender American Special Telecaster Electric

4. Fender American Special Telecaster

From the very day you see a guitar in your favorite rockstars hand; you have a dream of getting one for yourself as well. The telecaster is just about every rock lovers dream guitar. Fender is a company that produces a lot of great quality telecasters.

The Fender American Special Telecaster Electric is also among the list of great guitars manufactured by Fender. The guitar comes in with two Texas Special Tele pickups that actually enable it to produce some pretty diversified music like country, blues rock or pop. The radius of the fretboard is 9.5 inch, the fret size is jumbo so that the string bending is easily done. The Satin-finish maple neck of the telecaster gives it quite a modern look.


+ The easy to play feel with modern American look of the Fender American Special Telecaster Electric guitar makes it better than the rest.

+ As you can expect from any telecaster the sound quality to be just perfect, the Fender American Special Telecaster Electric is no different.

+ Comes along with a deluxe gig bag for some extra protection.

Why We Liked It –The Fender American Special Telecaster Electric guitar is a complete charm to have in your jam room or when you are getting out to perform in a gig or a concert

5. Gibson Flying V Pro 2016 T Powered Guitar

5. Gibson Flying V Pro 2016 T

When you develop an interest in a guitar by seeing your favorite rock star performing in front of you, this is the time you decide that you want to get your hands on the guitar and produce some breathtaking riffs. This is only possible if you get your hands on the right guitar.

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The Gibson Flying V Pro 2016 T Powered Guitar is just about the perfect guitar for you, made by one of the pioneers in guitar manufacturing, this guitar can satisfy all your needs of the quality music. The Gibson Flying comes in with a Mahogany neck and body, the body style of this guitar is a classic angular offset one. The fingerboard is all rosewood.


+ A traditional and a classy look is what you expect from a Gibson and that is exactly what it delivers with this instrument.

+ The playability of the guitar is perfect and that is due to the smooth neck of this guitar.

+ It is capable of producing top quality rock music, even if some tunes are pretty demanding this guitar would not disappoint at all.

Why We Liked It –When you look at the perfection with which this instrument is made and then the price tag it has it sounds just too good to be true.

6. Schecter Hellraiser C-1 Electric Guitar

6. Schecter Hellraiser C-1

When going for a guitar the noticeable factors are how it looks and the quality of sound that it is going to produce. Whether the guitar is able to produce some versatile tones or is just a pale one. There are a number of guitars available in the market to choose from but everyone wants to select the best one that satisfies his or her needs in a perfect manner.

One amazing guitar is the Schecter Hellraiser C-1 Electric Guitar which is available in three colors that are black beach and white, so you can select the best one according to your personal preference. This guitar comes in with Set-Neck with ultra-access; the top of the guitar is a maple one while the body is Mahogany. When talking about the pickups these are 81TW/89 EMG Active.


+ It is very important for a guitar to look beautiful when in your hands and this guitar actually is one piece of beauty which looks and feels good.

+ Because of tits smooth neck, the playability of the guitar is just about perfect and easily playable by even young kids.

+ If you are talking about the value of money the worth of this guitar is way more than what it really costs.

Why We Liked It –The Schecter Hellraiser C-1 Electric Guitar is worth every penny of the money that you spent on it. It is a complete guitar with killer looks.

7. Epiphone Les Paul STANDARD Electric Guitar

7. Epiphone Les Paul STANDARD

If you are playing guitar and you do not find yourself in the right groove there is no point in playing. Guitar playing is an art which is mastered by a lot of practice that too for a very long period of time. Now consider yourself standing in front of a crowd and performing and your guitar lets you down by making fuzzy sounds every now and then, for sure you never want to be in this situation.

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The right selection of the guitar is really important, but there are a number of guitars to choose from and the Epiphone Les Paul STANDARD Electric Guitar is one among them. The guitar sounds perfect and also has the looks to die for. This guitar comes in quite a few colors so you can select the one you like. Some of the specifications of this guitar are the pickups of this guitar are Alnico Classic Humbucker, when talking about the freboard it is complete rosewood and the top and body are Mahogany.


+ The sound quality of this guitar is just about picture perfect

+ The looks that it gets from the crafty finish are that of a complete rock star guitar

+ Comes in with a hard case.

Why We Liked It –All in all, this guitar is a complete heartthrob with some serious looks and a great sound quality.

8. Fender Modern Player Tele Plus Powered Guitar

Fender Modern Player Tele Plus

When people learn to pay a guitar they start it with an acoustic guitar and after some years of practice, they come to an electric guitar. At this time it is really important to select the best guitar that suits your playing style and requirements.

The acoustic guitars are intended for general playing but the electric guitars make the playing a bit more specific. So it is really important to do your homework before going for any electric guitar. One such guitar that you can go for is the Fender Modern Player Tele Plus Powered Guitar, this model comes in with a 9.5-inch radius of the fretboard and accompanied by 22 jumbo frets hence enhancing the speed. Because of the humbucking bridge pickup, Tele single-coil neck pickup and the start middle pickup this guitar is capable of producing some very versatile tones.


+ The finish of this guitar gives it some very nice looks.

+ Because of the radius of the fretbaord and the neck being smooth the playability of the guitar is really awesome.

+ The weight of this guitar is just about perfect which is really good because you do not want to tire yourself out after a practice session by having a lot of weight on your shoulders.

Why We Liked It –A complete value for money when talking about the Fender Modern Player Tele Plus Powered Guitar so get your hand on it before it is too late.

9. Ibanez RG450DX RG Series Electric Guitar

9. Ibanez RG450DX RG Series

Ibanez is a Japanese company which is well renowned for producing some top quality electric guitars. The Ibanez RG450DX RG Series Electric Guitar is another example of its genius. The guitar with its blue attractive color and Sharktooth inlay makes it quite an eye catcher.

This guitar comes in with a Mahogany neck and body, while the top is all maple, rosewood is used in making of the fretboard and the fret size is jumbo, the middle pickup is Quantum (S)


+ Because of the shape of the neck which is just a signature of the Ibanez the playing becomes a lot smooth and really fast at the same time.

+ The sound of the pickup also is quite amazing; it has on offer quite versatile notes so that any style of music can be played on this guitar.

+ The action of the guitar is pretty light so it makes it a lot easier to play.

+ The smooth finishing and the looks of this guitar with the Mahogany neck and body make it far superior from the rest.

Why We Liked It –The Ibanez RG450DX RG Series Electric Guitar is one guitar that will not disappoint you and will be quite satisfied with the performance and the looks of this guitar.

10. Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V Guitar

Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V

Yamaha is well known for producing some magical electric guitars over the years. This company has a history of producing some great electric guitars and in the recent times as well it has not disappointed its consumers.

The Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V Guitar is another great electric guitar by Yamaha. The guitar has a solid alder body with bolt-on neck that is made out of maple; the fingerboard of the guitar is made out of rosewood. This guitar has separate volume and tone controls with three pickups and five positions and therefore it is capable of producing some versatile tones like rock and jazz. This guitar is available in a number of colors so you can choose the best one according to your liking.


+ Since the neck is a maple one, therefore, the quality of the sound that this guitar produces is quite good.

+ With the five switches, you are entitled to have some pretty diversified music tones.

+ The price tag that comes along with this guitar is just amazing; you would not find many guitars having so much on offer with the same price tag.

Why We Liked It –The Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V Guitar is a complete charmer to have alongside you when you are getting out on a small gig.

Electric Guitars Buyers Guide

Body Types in Electric Guitars

There are three types of electric guitar bodies:

Solid Body

This is the most commonly found body and is basically a simple and solid slab of wood. These range from simple ones with single pickups to more detail ones with multiple pickups. They are less resonant but regardless the tonewoods do have influence over the sound.

Hollow Body

These guitars have more of a hollow body much like that of acoustic guitars. For this reason, the sound is more resonant than a solid body. They are usually prone to feedback and have an archtop. Since it has a deeper and fuller tone, it is best for jazz.

Semi-hollow body.

This can be considered a bridge between the solid and hollow body as they are essentially hollow but have a solid wood center to give more sustain and cut back on feedback commonly found in hollow guitars. This is particularly a favorite for blues players because of the resonant side with increased sustain. They are rather multi-style as they can be played for jazz to rock.


For an electric guitar, pick up is probably the most important feature as it determines the sound. The most common pickup you will find in the guitars is the single coil pickup. It is composed of a single magnet with a fine wire wrapped which catches the vibrations from the strings and changes them into an electrical signal. These pickups produce a more crisp sound so if you want such a sound this pickup is the best for you. However, a lot of guitarists do not prefer these as they produce a humming sound and are vulnerable to interference. Nevertheless, many still use them for their bright sound.

Humbuckers are found on most quality guitars and are designed to avoid the humming. They also have some other characteristics that single coil pickups do not have. This is essentially two single coils joined together with polarities facing in opposite directions. They produce rather thicker and louder sound as compared with a single coil. These are particularly great for rock and jazz guitarists.

There is a third one as well which is not as common as the other two, the piezo pickup. They are crystalline sensors found in the saddle of the guitar. These are good for giving the sound an acoustic effect because they use mechanical vibration instead of magnetic. You can include magnetic pickups as well to give it more versatility.

Active Pickups

Some electric guitars even have active pickups with batteries and preamp. This usually provides more control over the sound with filters and equalization. They usually have higher output and a cleaner and clearer sound. However, on most guitars, you will only find passive pickups.

Guitar Neck

The neck has a lot to do with the sound mainly because it has a lot to do with the guitarists comfort. It houses the fretboard and the headstock which has the tuners. The commonly found neck woods are:

Maple: This is dense and strong great for a bright sound with sustain.

Mahogany: This is warmer and usually found on acoustic guitars.

The neck affects the playability of the guitar and if it is not comfortable for the player the sound would get affected. The important consideration here is the width and depth of the neck. It should commensurate to the players hands size. As a general principle, players with smaller hands should go for a shallower neck while those with bigger hands can go for the wider ones.

There are three types of necks:

Bolt on: This neck is bolted on the body and is great if you want to make customization. It is usually seen on cheaper guitars. This type of construction has less resonant sound and less sustain. However, it is easy to replace them so your guitar would stay new.

Set necks: These guitars have necks glued to the body and then fastened by clamping so the glue dries. This is much more stable and has better sustain and resonance. However, it is hard to repair them.

Neck through: It is a laminated neck and has wings and fins glued to it. This has the highest sustain out of all. Repairing it is difficult but it would hardly require repairing or replacement. If you are looking for a lot of resonance then this is the one for you.

Neck Profiles

This is all about personal preference as to which one fits you best. You can say that electric guitars have been more experimental in this area providing profiles for guitarists specific needs. The C shape remains common but an oval kind is also getting popular. The U-profile found on Fender guitar has been favored by many guitarists. Some even like the V profile because it is more comfortable for them. Study these profiles and see which one should suit your hand size the best. It should be easy for you to move from fret to fret.

Scale Lengths

Essentially, all electric guitars are small scale only. Longer scales have tighter tension and a brighter shimmer. Shorter, on the other hand, have less tension so you can bend strings. The 24.75-inch scale like that on Gibson or fenders 25.5 are all short scale. This sort of design allows the tones to be warmer and enhances the playability of the guitar.


There is a common conception that on electric guitars the sound is all about the pickup and the wood does not really have to do anything with it. Au contraire, it affects the sound significantly through the resonance of the vibration of strings. So knowing the tonewood in the guitar is important.


Mahogany is a soft wood found on many high-quality guitars in both body and neck. It is not found in fretboard or bridges because it is not that hard. This tonewood is quite resonant and is mostly found on bass guitars. It has a rich tone and very good sustain.


This is the most common type of wood and mostly found in the neck. It is a lot more detailed and has a bright tone. It is also used for lamination on some expensive guitars. It is also used for top wood on archtops and fretboards because of its hardness.

Alder and Ash

Alder and ash have similar characteristics as they are both highly resonant. They are used in solid body guitars for this very reason. Ash is a light colored one and found mostly on high-end guitars.


Ebony can be found on fretboards of some of the most expensive guitar models. It is quite hard and dense and is black.


Rosewood is the most commonly used wood for fretboards. It is harder than mahogany and comes in a variety of shades. If used in the body, the guitar gets quite heavy.

Number of Frets

On most electric guitars the fretboard has 22 frets. Some even have 24 frets where you can get a full octave above of the 12 fret. The fretboard wood also holds importance here as it has to be hard. Rosewood is the most commonly used one and suitable for almost anyone.

Tuning Machines

Tuners or tuning machines are located on the headstock and are used to adjust string tension. These have to be high quality and protected from rusting or corrosion. You will find tuners on good quality guitars chrome plated. Some tuners are lockable at the nut and bridge. This works out great for stability as you get a more stable sound.


For many guitarists, the deal is sound and that is quite important indeed. The guitar you choose should have support for the style you are going for. There is no direct formula to it as every little detail affects the sound. You need to get a guitar that is best for your playing styles like the tonewood, pickups, and strings. Some guitars may look great and may be a great price, but they might not really be great sounding.


The prices of the electric guitars vary greatly but generally, you can find good quality guitars over $100. Guitars with more options and features would then start to cause more than $100. And those that are high end start off at $500 and can even go upwards of $1000. It all depends on your budget and need at the end of the day. The high ends ones are usually made from top quality woods and have propriety hardware from the best makers.

Great Value

Gibson Paul Faded When looking for your moneys top worth, check out Gibson Les Paul Faded T 2017. First off, it is a remarkable looking piece of art and to get it in this range is an opportunity to grab. Les Paul has been a popular electric guitar for a long time and the 2017 model is no different.

It has 490R and 490T humbuckers and a slim-tapper neck profile to provide convenience and comfort to the players. It is quite versatile in terms of sound.

If you so happen to like the worn out look in things then the faded gloss on this one would win your heart. For all these qualities, it has the highest value for money and would last quite long.

Electric Guitar for Beginners

When buying an electric guitar for a newbie, you need to take into account their music taste. You can know about it by following their favorite guitarists. Another important consideration for a beginner level guitarist would be the size of the guitar. A bigger neck would be uncomfortable for them and they will not be able to learn properly. It should be comfortable and tuned.

For a beginner level guitarist, buying an expensive guitar is probably not the best idea. Such a player should go for a decent quality guitar which necessarily does not have to be from a good name brand. It should have good pickups, high-quality strings and the tonewood that suits the style they aspire to excel at.

For those who have some playing skills, getting a high quality and the expensive guitar is fine so long as they get the right kind. For all these reasons, studying the ins and outs of electric guitars is important for both novice and experienced players. As the level of skills advance, so should the quality of the guitar and that means a bigger price tag.

Top Pick

Fender Classic TelecasterFinding the best electric guitar can honestly be mind boggling at times because of the many choices.

But if you choose to stick to the important features and want to go for the highest quality one, then this is our top pick: Fender Classic Series 72 Telecaster Deluxe Electric Guitar, Maple Fingerboard.

It has all the parts that work together to produce the most beautiful sound you could here.

Since its Fender, the quality is undoubtedly high whether you take into account the humbuckers or the Strat headstock.

It is based on the Classic series 72 and has that 70s rock vibe to it. The C-shaped neck together with the alder body looks absolutely stunning.

Premium Choice

Fender American Special Telecaster FingerboardIf you are not bound by money and just want something truly awesome, then go for Fender American Special Telecaster, Maple Fingerboard, and Vintage Blonde.

It is made from premium quality materials including the Texas Special tele pickups. It is great for both classic and contemporary tones.

The look is absolutely stunning with a satin finish and choices of blonde, blue and sunburst. It has jumbo frets that are accessible and playable.

It would not be wrong to call it one of Fenders biggest masterpieces. Moreover, you have a deluxe Fender gig bag to go with it.

Can Electric guitars be used for learning purpose?

The answer to this question is a pretty easy one but most of the people do not know the right answer. Let me first answer the question then will tell you in detail the logic behind it. Yes, an electric guitar can be used for learning purpose as well.

When anyone develops a thing for a guitar by witnessing Santana perform in front of a jam-packed audience at The Madison Square Garden, the next thing they want to do is pick up that guitar and produce some breathtaking riffs and make the audience go bizarre as Santana did.

But it is not a walk in the park to play any instrument; it takes years of practice and a lot of hard work to be able to play any instrument with perfection, do not forget the person you idolized is just a genius at what he does i.e. playing guitar off course.

Now when you are about to learn a how to play guitar there arises a doubt in your mind whether to learn playing on an acoustic guitar or an electric one. Most of the people have this misconception in their minds that guitar can only be learned through an acoustic one but such is not the case. It is just a matter of your personal preference that what you like whether an acoustic or an electric guitar. In fact, it is fairly easy to play an electric guitar than an acoustic because the strings of an electric guitar are fairly thin as compared to that of an acoustic guitar so for a beginner, it becomes really easy to play. The electric guitars have slimmer neck when compared to the acoustic guitars hence for those people who have short hands the electric guitars are a preferred choice.

While on the other hand if you talk about the acoustic guitars they are less expensive as compared to the electric ones and also the fact that they do not require any extra equipment to work with make them a preferred choice for the beginner. Another factor that compels people to often go for an acoustic guitar, when they are in their learning phase or just starting to learn is because the transition from an acoustic guitar is easier than vice versa and this is because of the difference in strings of the two.

Therefore it can be stated that it is just a matter of personal preference whether to go for an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar as a beginner. Some people find it really easy to start with the acoustic guitar while the others may find the electric ones to be more user-friendly.

Can an electric guitar be played without an Amplifier?

Well if you are talking in technical terms the answer is No. The electric guitar cannot be played without an amplifier, which is off course technically. There is no point in playing an electric guitar without an amplifier because the sound that you will get from an electric guitar without being plugged in an amplifier is going to be the same as that of an acoustic guitar.

Although there are hard body electric guitars available in the market that can be played without an amplifier, in fact, some people find it a really good practice to check the quality of the sound that the guitar has on offer without plugging them into an amplifier. People believe that in order to find out about the sustain of the guitar it should for sure be a practice.

There are some semi-acoustic guitars available in the market that can be played with and without an amplifier and as the name suggest, when plugged into the amplifier they become electric guitars and when the amplifier is removed they are simply acoustic.

Hence technically speaking a true electric guitar cannot be played without an amplifier, although people do so but it is not meant for playing.

Can you use a Capo with an electric guitar?

Yes for sure you can use a Capo with an electric guitar. Whether the guitar is an acoustic guitar or an electric one the basics of both the guitars are the same. When playing any guitar i.e. acoustic or an electric the pressure with which you press the string at the fretboard determines the pitch of the sound. For even higher pitches, you may want to check out some top quality ukuleles.

There are quite a few advantages of playing guitar whether an acoustic or electric one with the Capo on the fretbaord. The Capo is used for making the length of the strings on the fingerboard equivalent to each other. This actually makes the guitar sound a bit better or a bit higher than it would do if you are playing it with open strings.

The guitarist also uses the Capo to make the tone of the guitar brighter than it actually is, if the capo is placed really high on the neck of the guitar it enables its sound to be brighter. There is one more advantage of using a capo with your guitar and that is when you place the capo higher at the neck of the guitar it brings all the strings quite close to one another and hence there is not much need of searching of the hand. If you are playing a song that requires a lot of stretching of the hand a capo can come in handy.

Therefore A capo can for sure be with any guitar whether it is an acoustic or an electric guitar because the basics of playing the guitar remain the same regardless of its type i.e. acoustic or electric.

Which Amp is best for an electric guitar?

How your electric guitar is going to sound is highly dependent upon the amp it is used with. An amp that is really cheap and does not perform that well may ruin the sound of your guitar, regardless of how good or expensive your guitar may be. Therefore choosing the best amp that actually fits in perfectly with your guitar is really important.

There are quite a few amps available in the market today and choosing the best amp is a really difficult task when you have so many options available at your disposal. So there are some factors that you should keep in mind before going for an amp. These features are as under.

  • Always test the Amp along with your own instrument

It is highly recommended that whenever you are going to buy an amp you should take along your own instruments with you because the instrument provided by the shop owner you are buying the amp from may sound extremely good but when you connect your own instrument with it you find it a complete different story. Therefore it is advisable to check the amp with your own instrument.

  • Tube Solid State or digital

Although this is a matter of personal preference but the tube solid amps deliver a much-refined sound as compared to the sound of the digital amps, at least this is what most of the top guitar players say. But if you are looking to cut your cost the digital amps may be the right choice for you.

  • Size of the amp

You have to be very peculiar about this fact that where you are playing. Having a 100-watt amp in a small studio apartment is just asking for too much trouble from the neighbors, you might even go behind bars for doing such a thing. Similarly, if you are performing in an open air environment and your amp is just 10-watt you will just ruin it for yourself. Therefore the selection of the size of an amp is completely dependent upon the location where it is going to be used.

  • Tone and Volume

There are knobs to control the tone and volume given by the amp; therefore it is highly important that you should be at the utmost of ease at adjusting these knobs really fast because it becomes a hassle if takes a huge amount of time to adjust these tone and volume levels according to your requirements.

  • The Speakers

The speakers are an essential component of an amp, because the strum of the string that goes into the amp and comes out from the speaker and then only you are able to hear it, therefore the right selection of the speakers is highly important.

The size of the speakers should be given the same consideration as was given to the size of the amp.

Did the Beatles Use the electric guitar?

Yes, The Beatles used the electric guitar, the band was formed in the year 1960 and at that time the electric guitars were not that common but even at that time, they used somewhat of an electric guitar. The two guitarist of the band John Lennon and George Harrison both used an acoustic guitar that was Gibson J-160E, which just at the fretboards base had an electric pickup.

It was at a later stage that both the guitarists of the band i.e. John Lennon and George Harrison took on the complete electric guitars and these were Casinos by Epiphone.

The Beatles was a rock and roll band, and when you are talking about rock and roll, you just cannot consider or imagine it without electric guitars. The Beatles was a great rock band that broke up in the ear 1970. There are a lot of instruments especially a number of guitars which are named after the members of the group.

There is absolutely no doubt that The Beatles used the electric guitar. Oh! Come on, they were a rock band what else do you expect them to use.

Who invented the electric guitar?

From the very early stages of mankind or even from the very existence of mankind music has been there. The forms and the instruments keep on changing but music has been there from the word go. Even the earliest of the mankind who use to live in small groups or tribes use to have music as a part of their celebrations, they used to sing and dance on the tunes to celebrate and make the event more cheerful.

If you observe closely you come to a conclusion that everything and everyone in this world has rhythm and where there is rhythm there is music.

It was the 20th century when the technology really started to flourish and its impact was imminent in every aspect of life, music and musical instruments were no exception. This was the time when new sophisticated and technically advanced instruments were introduced. This era can be termed as the era of the electric guitar.

Great artist like Les Paul, Eric Clapton, Slash and many other were found doing their thing with the electric guitar in the 60s and the 70s.

Who invented an electric guitar is a question that comes in the minds of many people who follow the music and especially the list of people mentioned above. Many people think that it was Les Paul who invented the first electric guitar but it is just so not true.

There has been a never ending debate as to who invented the first electric guitar? There are varied opinions in this matter. Arguably there were two people named George Beauchamp and Adolph Rickenbacker with the earlier being a musician and the letter being an electrical engineer. It was the year 1932 in which these two came up with a proper electric guitar. The credit goes to these two for making the first amplifiable electric guitars.

The fact of who exactly invented the first electric guitar is not so clear because there have been attempts to create an electric guitar way before it was first invented, but the names of George Beauchamp and Adolph Rickenbacker will always be remembered as the pioneers if not the inventors of the first electric guitars. It is surely because of these two geniuses that we witnessed such great riffs by Slash.

So there you have it, our top pics of the best electric guitars of 2017.

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