17 Best Guitar Stands for Acoustic & Electric Guitars in 2018

When we talk about the best guitar stands and hangers, the choices are many. However, which choice is suited best for you that will require some evaluation of your own needs. If you own a music instrument, you are bound to take care of it and for that you need something quality. There is a lot on offer on the market and it can be a little overwhelming so it is important to know the different types available.

1. AmazonBasics Folding A-Frame Guitar Stand

It is a universal guitar stand perfect for both electric and acoustic guitars. It has an adjustable width with three possible widths to accommodate any size of the guitar easily. From a small kid's guitar to a banjo, this thing is capable of firmly holding all. The non-slip rubber feet make it stand firm on the ground so it does not move even if the guitar is quite heavy. Even when you move it while the guitar is on it there will not be any marks on the floor or noise.

You have absolutely nothing to worry about when you keep your precious instrument on it as with its softly padded arms the guitar gets gentle support and does not put any scratches. And the top part is it is super affordable and therefore has great value for money.

Why We Liked It - It can be set up pretty quickly as there is no assembly required. All you got to do is unfold it and adjust the width you want. This makes it quite portable too so you can take it wherever you want to go.

2. Fender Mini Acoustic Guitar Stand

This is a great compact stand for keeping your guitar. It is perfect for those who carry their guitar a lot. It will easily fit most standard sized guitars and you can also put it in most gig bags. Wherever you take it you can unfold it in seconds and securely keep your instrument on it.

Whether you have a hollow body - view our post here - or solid body basses or electrics, it can easily hold it. It is made from a durable material so it should last long enough. They are so cheap if you have a big guitar collection you can buy one for each.

Why We Liked It - It is simple and small which is what a lot of guitarists are looking for. Despite the small size, it has the ability and construction to withstand even a heavy weighted item. It can make a perfect gift for a newbie guitarist.

3. Hercules GS415B A/G Guitar Stand Fold Neck

Hercules Stands produce high-quality stands that have bold construction and sleek design. It has the latest auto grab system yoke that can easily be folded and packed in. A lot of people refrain from stands thinking it will damage the guitar by putting scratches on it. This stand, however, is designed keeping that fear in mind. All the touch points have been fixed with Specially Formulated Foam (SFF) to provide a soft and non-scratching touch. The height is adjustable with the soft grip height adjuster with the height range being 33.6” to 42.3”.

It can withstand a weight up to 15 kg (33 pounds).  This means that you can put most guitars on it. Looking for a new high end electric guitar on a budget? Try this review! Its own weight is quite light to weighing only 3.7 pounds. Since it has a lean back, even if you were to hit the stand accidentally it will not fall or swivel.

Why We Liked It - It is a very modern looking stand with a minimal design that looks good too while doing the job effectively. Working with it is quick too as you can lock the guitar in a snap and unlock it too.

4. On Stage GS7465 Pro A-Frame Guitar Stand

This is an innovative frame guitar stand that was designed keeping in mind convenience as the end goal. And that is exactly what you get when you use it. It is a one of a kind design that utilizes one handed operation. The construction is rigid and sturdy so no part would come loose. It features heavy duty square tubing and velveteen rubber to provide ultra smooth contact points.

The lower yokes are stepped and are able to hold most acoustic electric instruments firmly in place. When you are traveling you fit the upper yoke between the legs to easily store it. The upper yoke is their patented Flip it design and increases its portability. The height can be adjusted between 18.5 inches and 26.25 inches. It is finished with a black powder coating to make it durable.

Why We Liked It - It is one of those frames that you would want to buy at first glance. It is super stylish in looks and would be a great addition to your room or studio. A mix of affordability and innovation, the Pro Flip it Frame is a must have for any guitarist.

5. Ultimate Support GS-100 Guitar Standd

This stand holds the guitar by the headstock and there is no assembly required for it. You have guitar pick slot storage on top. If you have a long bass then this is the most suitable for you because it has a generous adjustable height that can go up to 45.5 inches. You can easily fold it down to a size of 22 by 3.5 inches so as to easily fit in a case.

It is all one piece so there is no fear of a part coming loose. The body will lie on a cushioned padding so no chance of affecting the finish of the guitar's body. Even though it is secure enough, there is an additional strap to make things further secure and firm. There is a patented leg-locking system that also aids its firm grip on the ground and of the guitar.

Why We Liked It - You can easily pick up and put back the guitar by the headstock and it rests smoothly. There are little things that make it all the more functional like guitar pick slots. If you want to get something that is handy then this is it.

6. Musician's Gear Electric, Acoustic Guitar Stand

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If you are looking for a stand that is truly lightweight then look no more as the Gear Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitar Stand by Musician weighs a mere 1.8 pounds. Even with the light weight, it has enough sturdiness to hold most guitars. The steel tubing in all its black polished glory is strong enough to accommodate both acoustic, bass and electric music products. There is a soft rubber strap and rubber non-slip feet to keep things further secure.

In addition to its weight, the other thing that makes it super portable is its easily foldable tripod legs. Whether you are going for practice or playing at a gig you can easily fix it in a case.

Why We Liked It - It is yet another product with a minimalistic design and ability to provide both strength and convenience. It is also very affordable so you can buy more than one too should you have more instruments.

7. String Swing CC01K-C Guitar Wall Mount

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This wall mounted guitar keeper is a great alternative to a stand if you are not in need of portability in particular. The wood used is premium quality pure American wood with unique wood grain. It has a long lasting guarantee by the manufacturer so you do not have to worry about replacing it soon. The yoke pivot is suitable for most headstocks. However, it is not really great for classical electric and bass instruments. All you have to do is mount it to the wall and the hardware for that is included in the price.

The padding provides necessary smoothness to spare any scratches. The yoke is two inches wide so good for most wooden heads. The guitar remains 5.5 inches away from the wall so you do not have to worry about the guitar touching the wall. It is a simple and affordable solution to storing your instrument safely when it is not in use.

Why We Liked It - It proposes a good solution for those who have limited space for keeping a stand. College students living in dorm rooms would especially love this mounting holder. It is made in America so there is no doubt about its quality and durability.

8. Top Stage JX15-NA Studio Guitar Hanger

Top Stage Guitar Hanger is a strong wooden and plastic drywall mount that can be used to hang any sort of guitar. It can withstand a weight of up to 50 pounds which means that you can hang most models easily. The base is made out of solid wood to give the necessary strength. The mounting hardware like screws is included in the price. Speaking of the price, it is the most affordable guitar hanger you can find out there.

If you do not want to spend a lot on an accessory you should buy this one. The opening is only 2 and a quarter inches so you probably cannot fit in a headstock of a classical guitar. Nonetheless, it is a viable solution for those who want convenience and affordability.

Why We Liked It - This is yet another product that is space efficient and therefore works out for those with limited space for hanging a guitar. This is also great for décor because your guitar can look quite ornamental hanging on the wall.

9. Top Stage GraK-Q4 Guitar Hangers

This is a plastic guitar wall mount hanger for hanging most guitars. The support arms have a necessary rubber coating to not damage the neck of the guitar and come in a pack of 4. So you can hang 4 music instruments per pack purchased. The opening of the arms is 2 inches wide so most new music accessories should hang easily.

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It is very easy to put on to a wall and anyone can do it as the screws are included. All you have to do is drill the holes on the wall and fix the new product in. It will not take more than five minutes and you will have yourself a secure solaution for hanging your guitar.

Why We Liked It - It is very light yet strong enough to hold tight the guitar. It would look good on any wall be it wooden or concrete. Those looking for something minimal and inconspicuous should go for this one.

10. Musician's Gear Triple Guitar Stand

This stand provides the perfect solution for someone with many guitars because you can hang three on one stand. The arms and yokes have very soft padding to protect the finish of your electric or bass instruments. The overall built is made sturdy with neoprene tubing but kept light so you can move it from one place to another without much labor.

There is locking straps on the yokes to make thing further secure. Even if you were to push the stand, it is so stable that your guitar will not fall. The height is adjustable so you can easily fix most guitars be it electric or acoustic.

Why We Liked It - It is an affordable, reliable and smart solution for those who have more than one guitar to hang. You get a stand for three of them for the price of one. It looks great too as part of your room or studio and would be easy to carry.

11. Hercules GS432B A/G Tri Guitar Stand

This stand from Hercules is designed to hold three guitars with three auto folding system grips. There are folding back rests too. The grip is soft thanks to the specially formulated foam that ensures that the finish of your guitar stays protected.  It is a little expensive but definitely good value for money when you take into account its capacity. It is good for home use as well as professional studios because it is very sturdy and innovative.

The height range is 35.6 inches to 44.5 inches which is more than enough to hang most guitars. The thing weighs just 6.5 pounds so you should not have much trouble carrying it.

Why We Liked It - Hercules is a name of quality when it comes to frame stands and that is exactly where this particular model truly excels. It is a professional looking stand that is designed to be secure, convenient and long lasting. It is perfect for those guitarists that love their instruments and only want something top quality.

12. On Stage GS7221BD Double Guitar Stand

This double guitar stand is not only great when you need greater capacity but is also very portable. The upper yokes can easily bend or flip up and stored safely in a case when you need to travel with it. The lower yolks do the same. The height can be adjusted between 19 inches and 33 inches which is pretty decent for most modern guitars. The ends have nonslip rubber caps that provide extra protection and firmness needed when you are using it for something as precious as your own guitars. The

thing you can use it for literally any kind of guitar like acoustic, electric, classical or banjo.

Why We Liked It - It is a product that is designed with the moving guitarist in mind. When you move a lot you need something that is not a hassle to carry. With its flappable yokes, you can just pack it in within seconds. Since it is a double stand you get to hang two stringed instruments so when traveling you only need one stand for two.

13. On-Stage GS7355 Hang-It Triple Guitar Stand

This is On-Stage's take on the triple stand and it would not be wrong to say it is triple the quality and convenience. Much like the double guitar stand, it is also designed to provide an easy and portable solution to mobile players. The tubing has velveteen rubber to save your guitar from any scratches. The legs are made from solid steel which makes it very secure for hanging heavy pieces.

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This is good because you will be hanging three of these and not just one. It is strong enough to withstand the combined weight of three. So if you think your music instruments are quite heavy, this should be your choice. The height can be adjusted between 36 to 42 inches so it is suitable for big guitars.

Why We Liked It - It is strong but also quite portable. The tripod stand can be folded to carry on journey or tours. The ends have non-slip rubber caps which may seem like a small addition but are quite essential to do the job right. Whether you are a newbie or a professional, anyone can use these.

14. Hercules GS525B 5-Piece Guitar Rack

For studios, just a stand would probably not be the top

option because then you will need a lot of them. A rack, however, is a great solution to house many guitars in one place. The Hercules Rack allows you to hang up to 5 guitars. Like other Hercules stands, it has specially formulated foam that covers all touch points so your guitars stay blemish less.

It is great for stage too where you need to use multiple guitars. It is good for any type of guitar because the yolk can be adjusted. It is an all one piece design so you do have to assemble or break it down when transporting. It is sturdy enough to withstand a lot of weight.

Why We Liked It - It is a professional quality rack that is great for studios or stages. However, it is good for home use also if you have a lot of guitars. You do have to buy a separate stand for each and all your instruments stay in one place.

15. Fender 5 Guitar Multi-Stand

This multi-stand can house five Fenders and places them at your convenience whether on stage or in the studio. It has quite simple structure and the best part is it folds conveniently. The tubes are made from steel which provides enough strength to the overall structure and allows it to withstand heavy weighted guitars. It can house electric, acoustic and bass guitars without putting any scratches because of soft foam padding.

It weighs only 7.1 pounds so you can just fold it and carry anywhere you like. Provided it holds five accessories, it still manages to take as less space as possible by keeping the guitars at short distances.

Why We Liked It - Those who like minimalistic things would love this stand for keeping their guitar collection. This rack is an affordable solution for buying multiple stands separately. The finish is quite professional since most studios use such racks.

16. Mugig Wooden Guitar Stand

Now here is something simple yet fun to house your guitar on. This stand has two Y-shaped arms that are perpendicular to each other and the guitar sits on them. It is a sheer beauty made from high-quality rosewood. There is anti-slip padding on the cradle to provide the necessary protection. It can be placed anywhere in your house or studio. It is minimal and looks absolutely stunning.

If you are very particular about the décor of the studio then this is the thing you need. You can assemble it in under a minute and since it is lightweight you can carry it easily too. The edges have been smoothed out to provide softness. It is great for most Fenders but is not recommended for very heavy bass guitars.

Why We Liked It - It is a simply beautiful stand that does the job well and looks fantastic. For those who want something different, this should be the ultimate choice because it is both innovative and convenient. Also, it is highly durable as it is made using strong materials.

17. So There Handmade Wooden Guitar Stand

If you are looking for something ultra stylish then this handcrafted solid black walnut wood stand is what you need. It is a great alternative to steel and plastic tubed stands and uses premier quality wood. The American made swing cradle is perfect for nitro finished guitars.

It will go well with the other wooden furniture in your house or studio. The height available is 38 inches which is ample for hanging most guitars. The best part is it only takes a minute to assemble it with a screwdriver so anyone can do it.

Why We Liked It - It comes in a wide range of colors like cherry, walnut, black. Usually, with stands, you do not have a lot of color choices so for those who love colors, this provides a little bit room to play around and have something to match the overall décor.

Useful Item Guide

Types of Stands For Guitars

1. A Frame Stands

The A Frames as the name suggests are shaped like the letter A and have two legs. These are used for placing a single guitar and usually have rubber tubing so that the stand does not slide with the weight of the guitar. The bottom of the stand supports the body of the guitar and occasionally there is neck support as well to improve the overall support. In such a stand the guitar is even more secured and does not move. If you need to keep the guitar in a room where there is a lot of movement then find the stand with a neck support too.

2. Tubular Stands

These are also called tripod stands and have three tubular legs. They are also the most common and beginners usually get these as they are cheap too. You might need to assemble them first and they are a little less portable. However, newer tubular stands are being added with flappable or bendable yokes so that the stand is easy to carry or store. They are stable enough to withstand heavy weighted instruments but generally take more floor space. The material used is usually steel.

3. Wall Hanging Stands

For those who do not want the guitar on the floor can try a wall hanger for their instrument. This is just like any other hanger where you hang your clothes. It is mounted on wall with screws and has arms/yokes for holding the headstock or neck of the guitar. The guitar takes wall space only which is generously available in every home.

The base is usually wooden but there are plastic options as well. It is clearly the easiest and cheapest option for hanging your guitar. A lot of people prefer these over stands because they look decorative too. And obviously it is space efficient as well so those who are a little short on floor space can utilize this wall mount option. Make sure to check the max weight it can withstand and use high quality screws which usually come with the product.

4. Premium Stands

This is not exactly a type of guitar stand, however, it is so good in terms of quality and portability that it should be considered one of a kind. These are produced by Hercules and Ultimate which are famous for their stands. These are similar to tripod stands but instead two pronged cradle they have a support yoke/arm for the neck of the guitar and the legs support the body. This is a lot more stable than traditional stands and the highlight is that it can give a longer height. This means that if you have a very long guitar you can utilize this stand. It is high quality and therefore perfect for professional use in studios and on stage.

5. Multi Guitar Stands

These stands can accommodate more than one guitar. Multi guitar stands usually can keep two or three stands. The basic advantage is that you can keep more guitars and it saves you a lot floor space. These are similar to tubular stands and essentially have the same components. It is a good solution for those who have a lot of guitars and are less on floor space.

6. Guitar Racks

This is pretty self-explanatory as it is a rack where you can keep multiple guitars usually up to ten. It is good on space and portable too as these can often be folded. It is obviously the top choice for studios and bands on the move. These usually keep guitars very close to each other but have essential padding to provide protection.


Guitar stands are made using steel, wood or plastic. Steel and wooden are sturdy ones that have long life. Plastic on the other hand is not that strong or safe for the finish of your guitar. Metal too is not good for all finishes. For instance, nitrocellulose finish guitars should be used with wooden stands because metal or plastic can ruin the finish. However, you still can use these stands provided the material does not make contact with the body. For this finish the stands are usually labeled as nitro safe.


Guitar stands are usually not that expensive and you can find a decent quality single stand or wall mount in under $20. However, there are some from high end brands that can cost a little more. Multi stand and racks cost more but these still are a bargain because you essentially get one stand for multiple guitars saving you money and space.

Buying from a good brand means you pay a bit more but in return you get high quality. Some of the well-known brands are Hercules and On-Stage. Stagline guitar stands are also very popular among guitarists all around the world.

Protection through Padding

Essentially all the stands have padding to protect the finish of the guitar. This is important especially when you have an expensive instrument. Some materials as discussed before can damage the finish of the guitar so it is important that you know if the material is good and that there is padding on all touch points. The padding is usually of foam or rubber and should be thick enough.

Size and Weight

Each stand has weight limit and size specified so you know if it is appropriate for your guitar. Some have smaller height range where some big instruments like classical ones cannot be fitted. So make sure you check out the measurements before purchasing. A stand with a maximum height above 40 is good enough for most. Those especially wall mount hangers that grab the headstock or neck should be measured too so that to ensure your guitar's headstock or neck fits well.

Are Guitar Stands Bad For Your Guitar?

The simple answer to that is that it depends on the stand and the type of guitar. Most stands are harmless for most. However, depending on the material some stands may not be best for the type of guitar you have. These stands are quite stable and sturdy so there is little chance of the guitar falling off. Even if you were to give it a little push or move it, some are so stable that the guitar would not slip or fall.
The only chance of damage is with the contact points of the body of the guitar. For this reason, you will see that these stands universally have padding of soft foam or rubber to provide protection. Nonetheless, it is important to see if the material of the stand if adequate for the make of the guitar. This is particularly important for nitro finish guitars. Such guitars should only be placed on a wooden stand because other materials like steel can ruin the finish.
Guitar stand is a good and secure way for storing your guitar. It makes it easier to place it in a safe place rather than just place it on the floor or with the wall where someone could tip it over or step on it. Stands are present in studios and stages for this particular reason so it is easy to switch between guitars. If you are a guitarist you naturally love your instrument and want to protect it so stands provide an easy solution for that.

Can You Use a Guitar Stand For a Banjo?

Yes, you can use a guitar stand for a banjo. However, not all stands are great for placing a banjo. You can use A frame stands for banjos as well as the regular tubular frames. Premium frames also can be suitable for a banjo as they have a very long height limit. You have to ensure that the stand you are getting is good for banjo by checking the weight limit and height range. Most products have this mentioned in product details whether they are good for all guitars or just some particular kinds.
Banjos need the same kind of protection and storage as do the guitars. So these stands provide a viable solution to placing them nicely. You can use a stand or a wall mount hanger although the former would be best suited as it can withstand a lot heavy products. Those with extra support for neck would be best suited for keeping a banjo.

How Much Do Guitar Stands Cost?

Guitar stands are quite affordable and price often depends on the brand. If you are buying a rack or multi guitar stands be prepared to pay a little more. Single stands are not pricey at all and most decent quality ones cost under $50. In fact, you can easily buy one from a well-known brand in under $20.
As compared with stands, wall mount hanger for guitars is even cheaper and cost less than $10. These are made with high quality wooden base that is usually American. For those who are short on space and money should go for this option as it does the same job but takes no floor space and obviously costs less.
Those stands that come from high-end brands cost a little more. But when you pay more you get something strong and high quality that would last long. These are designed this way because usually professional players and studios use them and they need something truly high quality.

Are These Guitar Stands Portable?

Yes, most of them are designed to be very convenient for storing and carrying. You can flip or bend the arms or yokes and the thing just shrinks in size to easily fit into a case. However, some are less portable than others like some tubular stands. In comparison, A frame stands and premier stands are a lot more easy to transport. Multi guitar stands and racks are also very portable. Those big racks that can house five to ten instruments can easily be flipped and carried anywhere.
This is essential for players because they need these during practice or when they are on stage. If you think you are going to have to carry it along you a lot, be sure to check out how much it measures when folded. This will also tell you if you can pack it easily and take it with you on your travels.
Part of the portability function is its weight. It should be very light too but yet strong enough in making to withstand the weight of the guitar. If it is light it gets easier to carry it in your arms or put it in a case.

Do I Have To Assemble The Guitar Stand?

Some stands do require a little assembly that takes merely few minutes and does require any tools. These usually consist of one piece so there is not much assembly to begin with. However, you do need to fix wall hangers with screws that are accompanied with the hanger. That too is very easy to accomplish and should not take much time. With most stands all you will have to do is unfold them and they will be ready to use in under a minute. This is what makes them so convenient and portable.

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