Best Multi Effects Pedal of 2018

Guitar effects pedal provide users with many functionalities but the next level invention (known as “Multi Effects Pedals”) has just revolutionized the game. Different controls, modes, effects and all the advanced features are mashed up into a one multifarious reverberations pedals.

Starting everything from scratch, a multi-effects device is a soul electronics effects pedals that contains many electronic effects. Also known as Multi-FX, this device allows users to preset various combinations of effects so that they have the access in one go. If you play Metal, and only looking for a Distortion Pedal - click here.

Intro aside, at present, various manufacturers have developed attractive looking multi-effects pedals and claim that their product is great. Searching a whole lot of pedals for picking one out of them can be devastating as every other product mark itself as the king of.

We are no heroes nor we manufacture something but our job is to test the product. After searching forums, reading customer reviews and talking one on one with the experts we have shortlisted some great multifarious reverberations pedals. If you're looking at delaying sound, you may wish to look at a pedal with a delay effect.

Our shortlist contains the top 11 multi-effects pedals that one can pick without any further consideration. So let us dive deep into the pool of multifarious reverberations device and see that what they have got.

Here is Our Review of the Top 10 Multi Effects Pedals for 2018 :

At a glance: Our top 3 picks
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Boss ME-80 Multi-Effects Pedal Boss GT-100 Guitar Multi-Effects Music Pedals Behringer Digital Multi-Fx Fx600 Multi-Effects Pedal
  • Multi-effects are accessible via a simple knob-based interface.
  • Massive selection of top effects.
  • Eight multifunction footswitches and expression pedal.
  • Advanced COSM amps provide near-heard tones.
  • Two LCD displays for easy access.
  • A/B Channel divider function.
  • 3 years of warranty means that you are backed up by the masters themselves.
  • 24-bit high-resolution stereo reverberation.
  • 2 additional parameter controls for adjusting different functions.
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1. Boss ME-80 Multi-Effects Pedal

BOSS Audio ME 80

Number one on our review list is a product of Boss. Roland Corporation is serving the music industry since ages. Boss is the division of Roland Corporation which is known for delivering some exceptional guitars and bass reverberation device.
Boss products are all about playing rather than spending most of the time tweaking the new instrument.

With same consistency, Boss has introduced something for putting the multifarious reverberations device to a whole new level.

ME-80 by Boss master the game of putting great tones in one easy to use package. This very multifarious reverberations device is compact, battery powered and mashed up with a versatile selection of Boss amps and reverberation making it the ideal partner for guitarists.

Dialing legendary sounds is now backed up by the friendly knob based interface which makes it easy even for the beginners. Similarly, calling complex multi-effects setups is now made flexible, thanks to the easily selectable sound modes.

Old footswitches weren’t efficient enough while playing on the stage but things are now changed. ME-80 features unique footswitches that deliver twice the control while reverberation switching, patch selection and real-time sound shaping.

ME-80 pack all the goods that is why no matter what you play it is easy to craft your own sound with a variety of built-in effects. Mod effects, pitch shifters, delays and much more is combined inside ME-80 and you are just some options away!

Boss’s deal breaking innovation of multi dimensional processing have the capabilities of unique, spacious ambiance of Tera Echo and distinctive tone-shaping possibilities of overtone making it perfect for all.

ME-80 has it all that one can count on in a proper yet organized manner. Eight logical categories of effects are lined up straight and seven other categories that contain multiple reverberation are easy to access so that everyone feels like home.

Dealbreaker is that we call ME-80 by Boss. Here's a little more to the review.


+ Multi-effects are accessible via a simple knob-based interface.

+ Massive selection of top effects.

+ Eight multifunction footswitches and expression pedal.

Why We Liked It - Innovate or renovate, you decide the use of this multifarious reverberations device. With dial up tones for easy access, USB audio/MIDI built-in interface and eight simultaneous reverberation category Boss makes sure that you don't miss any features.

2. Boss GT-100 Guitar Multi-Effects Music Pedals


One can title Boss as the “Master of All” due to its rich history of excellence. At Boss, every day is a new hope of some innovation and for over 30 years the corporation has proved it. From multi-effects device to rhythm machines Boss manufactures easy to use musical products that one can use to bring a change.

GT-100 guitar multifarious reverberations music device by Boss stands high in its league. Version 2 update of this device is now more powerful and reliable serving users with a lot of new and redefined features so one can challenge the boundaries.

State of the art MDP reverberation, an acoustic guitar simulator, two new amps and an improved rotary style makes up the GT-100 an option that one cannot afford to ignore.
Have you ever wanted to connect your guitar to a computer software for jamming in a whole new style? Well, a Guitar-to-MIDI function on board allows you to connect your guitar and let you enjoy the whole new experience.

Next-generation CMOS processor featured in GT-100 enters a new era of control over tone. Revamping the classic vintage amps and how they work this device also excels the command of unlocking new tones.

Wiring up yourself with hard to access features is not a pro tip that anyone would give. This multifarious reverberations device provides fast and easy access via dual-LCD and eight knob user interface so that your experience remains easy and professional.

Controlling multiple parameters at once opens a new dimension for players. GT-100 features an Accel step that simultaneously controls all parameters to give you the experience of your life.

Here's a little more to the review.

+ Advanced COSM amps provide near-heard tones.

+ Two LCD displays for easy access.

+ A/B Channel divider function.

Why We Liked It - With easy yet intuitive user interface, accel pedals for simultaneously controlling multiple reverberation and access to boss tone studio this multifarious reverberations device is here to make wonders.

3. Behringer Digital Multi-Fx Fx600 Multi-Effects Pedal

Behringer FX600

This trademark was brought into act by Uli Behringer who loved music. From the age of four Uli’s mother taught him to play piano and who would have known that this guy will make history.

The passion of music was growing in Uli’s heart day by day that he constructed a full fledged synthesizer (UB-1) at the age of 16. Days passed and that passion took Behringer to built one of the largest and most successful pro-audio company in the world.

Behringer manufacturers pretty much every music component but they are just above the competition when it comes to building a multi-effects device.

FX-600 by Behringer comes in straight when you need a whole library of effects in a small form factor. Power, studio grade sound, stereo processing and all that chunk is now available in an ultra affordable yet small device. This device features a 24-bit high-resolution stereo FX engine that showcases a variety of reverberation.

This multifarious reverberations device bring all that shine of studio in a single compact box. Now you have state of the art processors like flanger (click here for flange pedals), chorus, phaser, delay, tremolo and pitch shifter in your bare hands. Apart from such features you also get some mind-blowing back up of 24-bit/40 kHz resolution that turns your jamming into a soulful experience.

Dedicated FX knob has 6 effects that you can choose from. Moreover, you can fine tune them via the two parameters to hear the greatest possible output. Similarly, for keeping things professional the level control shows you that how much the sound is mixed with the original signal. Here's a little more to the review.

+ 3 years of warranty means that you are backed up by the masters themselves.

+ 24-bit high-resolution stereo reverberation.

+ 2 additional parameter controls for adjusting different functions.

Why We Liked It - All you need is an FX-600 by Behringer to tailor your output. With 24-bit high-resolution stereo effects, 3 years of warranty and trust of years this multifarious reverberations device has some serious potential.

4. DigiTech RP55 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor

DigiTech RP55

When your creative mind starts to flow out some never matched ideas you need a perfect partner to execute that out. Since 1984, DigiTech has been specializing the art of looking beyond the traditional instrument setup so that every day a new experiment takes place.

From guitar reverberation device to audio instruments DigiTech manufactures it all so that when something out of this world strikes your mind you can dive deep inside the possibilities.

To take your game of multifarious reverberations processing to a whole new level DigiTech has developed something interesting. RP55 is a guitar multifarious reverberations processor that promises to break the boundaries of music.

To set out unimagined possibilities of carving tones this device is equipped with 11 Amp models and 20 studio quality reverberations(up to 8 can be used at once) so that your performance can be set out as an example.

Getting used to a new guitar multifarious reverberations processor is hard as it features whole new options that are difficult to master at once. Thanks to the company, in RP55 you can just simply dial up your choice of amps and presets that you want to include without going deep into the ocean of settings.

Putting studio-class effects and amps into a small box is not a challenge that everyone can take. RP55 by DigiTech uses Audio DNA DSP chip that produces studio-grade effects and amps that one need to professionalize its performance.

While connecting inputs and outputs, usually frequency response lacks but thanks to 24-bit A/D/A conversion you get flawless connection no matter how many inputs and outputs you connect. Here's a little more to the review.

+ 20 studio quality effects that can be used 8 at once.

+ LCD display that is easy to read.

+ 24-bit analog digital converters that eliminate lacking in frequency response.

Why We Liked It - RP55 is an absolute solution for people who are looking for a great multifarious reverberations pedal. With built-in chromatic tuner, 20 studio quality effects and built-in drum machine this device is a serious contender.

5. Zoom G1Xon Guitar Effects Pedal

Zoom G1Xon

Since 1983 Zoom corporation is spending a great deal of time with the audio industry. Building new ideas and carrying them forward is what Zoom loves to do so that a user can design wonders.

From manufacturing recording devices to multi-effects processors this company is dominating the league for over thirty years. Zoom has set a reputation for manufacturing innovative yet affordable audio products that one can count on to make history.

G1Xon comes right in when you need to give your performance that extra touch of professionalism. With this device you get 100 great-sounding multifarious reverberations, increasing overdrive (click for overdrive pedals), changing volume, addition of wah pedal effect or other filtering and a built-in expression device to make your guitar skills shine brightly.

A single pedal doesn't feature so many great-sounding effects like G1Xon by Zoom. This device provides eighty different type of reverberations that are organized into hundred patches so you can choose them efficiently. Distortion, Tremolo, ring modulator, you name it and this piece of tech has it!

Selecting and editing onboard reverberations is good but what about the next level? This device enables you to use up to 5 effects simultaneously in any order you like. Creating rich and versatile sound manipulations is just made easy with the G1Xon by Zoom.

Analysing the notes you are playing heads an important role while you are performing. The built-in chromatic tuner in these pedals show you the live feed of your notes whether they are sharp, flat or dead. Similarly, one can bypass the currently selected sound fx for maintaining a pure sound when tuning or completely mute the signal for a uniform silence. Here's a little more to the review.

+ A choice of 100 reverberations with 5 pedals controlled reverberations.

+ Simultaneously use up to 5 effects in any order.

+ A total of 100 memory locations for storing user created patches.

Why We Liked It - One of the most sublime solutions of a multifarious reverberations device is G1Xon by Zoom. With onboard chromatic tuner, auto saving function and 68 built-in rhythm patterns this device stands out to be amongst the top multifarious reverberations pedal.

6. NUX MG-100 Electric Guitar Multi-Effects Processor

NUX MG 100

Since 2006 NUX is creating accessories for guitarists that will help them to cultivate the true quality out of their skills. Whether you are a jazz player or the one who like pop NUX has got everything from analog to digital products to satisfy your needs.

MG-100 by NUX comes right in when a person needs the professional effects processing device. In a small package, you get affordable yet feature full device that will help you to maximize your boundaries.

Apart from various options of tones people like the compact design that MG-100 hold under its belt. MG-100 was built to be tough, its outer casing and footswitches are made up of hard material which makes it handle every torture you throw at it.

When it comes to the combination of tones, MG-100 offer unlimited music style thanks to the high-quality modulation effects and drive. Similarly, you also get real sound drum patterns in different style and loop functions which help you to boost your capabilities, much like a loop pedal used individually.
MG-100 is as easy as you like. Here's a little more to the review.

+ 13 classic amp models provided by Cherub’s TS/AC technology.

+ A total of 58 effects.

+ Quick preset switching.

Why We Liked It - With Built-in drum machine, a total of 58 effects and 11 cabinet models this device has everything that one needs to create history.

7. Digitech TRIO Electric Guitar Multi-Effect Band Creator Pedal

Digitech TRIO

Digitech was born with the passion of developing high-quality DSP based audio products at an affordable price range. For those who have the determination to output something out of this world then DigiTech helps them to reach their destination.

TRIO by DigiTech is one of the electric guitar multifarious reverberations band creator pedals that takes the whole game to a completely new level. This device carefully listens to the way you play and now the magic happens that this box automatically generates bass and drum parts that much your song. So can your good old-fashioned device box do that?

To output wonders one just need to plug his/her guitar to TRIO press the footswitch to teach TRIO your chords and rhythm, now wait for a second and press the footswitch again to start playing in your own style.

No matter what you play, this box has seven music genres to choose from and up to twelve song styles for each genre which makes your experience worthwhile.

Apart from providing you with versatility, this box can learn up to three different song parts which can be recalled when you need it the most.

TRIO by DigiTech is making life easy for guitarists who actually dream to touch the sky. Here's a little more to the review.

+ Seven music genres with twelve song styles per genre.

+ TRIO can learn up to three different part of songs so you can recall it whenever you need it the most.

+ Hands-free control using an FS3X footswitch.

Why We Liked It - With a lot of features to talk on TRIO by DigiTech is an absolute banger for the budget. People who want to get their hands on the authentic products trust DigiTech.

8. NUX MFX-10 Modeling Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

NUX MFX-10 Modeling

NUX excels the department of manufacturing multifarious reverberations device while providing all the goods in an affordable price range.

They call it the beast, MFX-10 by NUX is a gigantic feature-full multifarious reverberations device that guitarists love to play with.

When you invest your money in MFX-10 you get 55 models with it and 8 can be used simultaneously for tailoring the cleanest output possible. Similarly, inside this box, you also get to experience 19 classic amps and device modes so you can get all the goods packed in one exclusive box.

MFX-10 provides a total of 72 presets, 36 factories and 36 user presets that allow users to store and use a lot of sets. Similarly, users also get to experience a built-in drum machine with CD quality to add some more trauma to the effects.

NUX MFX-10 is all about providing customers with a perfect multifarious reverberations device partner that they can blindly trust on.
Here's a little more to the review.

+ 32-Bit new generation DSP.

+ AD/DA 24 bit / 48kHz high-performance converters.

+ 20 seconds phrase looper.

Why We Liked It - Jotting the goods of a typical multifarious reverberations device gives you the output of MFX-10 by NUX. With 19 classic amp and different pedals modes, built-in drum machine and big backlit TFT display this device out stand many contenders.

9. Line 6 POD HD500X Floor Multi-Effects Pedal

Line HD500X

POD HD500X by Line 6 is the ultimate solution for guitarists who want to define themselves in front of the whole world. With world-class amps and reverberations, this device also ensures that you get a sounding unlike anything else.

DSP power is the soul of multifarious reverberations device that gives users new innovation heights while you are creating the next stunner. Similarly, sonic depth, character and touch nuance provided by the HD technology help users to get even more control over the sound.

Giving you the vintage vibes along with modern sound manipulations each HD amp featured in the HD500X delivers incredible sonic depth, character, and touch nuance. Similarly, one can also set the tone and dynamic response of each amp with provided parameters like bias, sag etc.

Taking your sound to a whole new level needs a bunch of highly decorated effects. HD500X gives you up to 100 studio stomp effects so that you can output a unique sound ever created. Similarly, one can simultaneously match up to 8 effects in any order to discover a completely new sound creating experience.

HD500X by Line 6 excels the art of multifarious reverberations pedal. Here's a little more to the review.

+ A world-class collection of amps.

+ Backlit footswitches for easy yet simple operation.

+ More than 100 studio grade effects.

Why We Liked It - With more than 100 studio effects, stereo FX loop and a lot of features these pedals have made the competition harder.

10. Boss ME-50B Bass Multiple Effects

ME 50B

ME-50B by Boss is a dream come true for players who like to think of going beyond the limits. All that legendary bass effects are available in a rugged floor unit that comes in with easy pedal-style control.

Hassle-less reach to powerful reverberations is now possible in the ME-50B. Just like other boss guitar orientated products, this device has finest multi-effects that are put into a convenient floor processor so that you can forget about those typical menus and concentrate where it matters the most.

Compression and EQ are the soul fundamentals for providing a good bass tone. To achieve the quality bass tone this device features two dedicated sections for these essential reverberations so that you don’t have to compromise.

A lot has to be discussed about ME-50B but believe us that we are short of words for this exceptional innovation. Here's a little more to the review.

+ Sound on Sound recording.

+ The solid metal case that can face absolutely any torture.

+ Dedicated knobs for each fx section.

Why We Liked It - With innovative sound hold function, killer COSM compressor and easy tone effects these pedals are capable of doing loads.

Best Multi Effects Pedal Buyers Guide

Back in the days, a multifarious reverberations device was marked as the jack of all trades and master of none but in present, the routine has upgraded. Multifarious reverberations device was designed for a one stop shop solution for guitarists so that they can find all the ingredients at one place.

Growing capabilities and innovations in the DSP sector has now made possible that a multifarious reverberations device can output every titbitt.

The debate among guitarists is very common that should one use a multifarious reverberations device or not. In this article, we’ll take you step by step to the conclusion so that you can decide what's favorable.    

Keep up alongside and you’ll get a fair idea of what you are going to get in a multifarious reverberations pedal.

Let us start everything from scratch so that you can pick the finest multifarious reverberations device according to your needs!

What is a multifarious reverberations device?

Also known as a multi-fx device, multi-effects device gather all the digital models of various vintage processors in one standalone package. This device allows players to use preset combinations of different effects in one go.

A multi-effects device has it all, ranging from distortion to chorus effects one can pick any and also use other sound manipulations simultaneously. For remembering a specific loop some high-end multi-effects device include looper functions so that you don’t have to invest especially for a looper device.

multi-effects pedals are available in a variety of ranges, from 2 stomp boxes built into one package to more than 10 pedals built into a nutshell users get a wide range of stomp boxes choice at one stop.

So now we know that what differs a multi-effects device from a typical pedalboard lets us move forward and discuss some insights.

Pros and Cons of a multi effects device   

Multi FXAffordable

You get a lot of effects in a multi-effects device under an affordable price range. Buying separate stomp boxes for applying different effects is a foolish act. With a multi-effects device, you get a whole lot of vintage yet new effects in one package.

While a multi-effects device offers some serious likings a stompbox only contain a few effects with only a small amount of difference in both options.

Variety of Options

It's okay if you are looking for a single effect that will aid your performance but what about the people who are experimenting on the daily basis? In a multi-effects device, you get more than what you actually ask for.

A lot of option allow users to mash-up different reverberation to create something that was impossible with a simple stomp box.

Space Saver

Think of around 20 stomp boxes gathered at one device board, would it look nice? Absolutely not, a bunch of cables would be going here and there making both the appearance and feel lack.

On the other side of story, a multi-effects device gather all the goods in one neat looking package with only one patch cord connecting your guitar rather than a whole lot of cables going around. 


Creating presets for your performance can be a lot handy rather than constantly changing pedals as you play your songs.

You can simply use the patch option for using different reverberations in split-seconds without any hassle of switching to different stomp boxes.



Yes! Your multi-effects device can go rogue in the middle of your performance when you need to pump up the audience.

It's good to get a whole lot of effects but what if your device dies in the middle? Some poorly built multi-effects pedalboard can leave your side anytime.

Just be sure to pick that customers recommend!

Digital cannot replace analog

Ask from the professionals around you that “can a digital sound replace the authenticity of analog sounds?” The answer would be no as one can’t match digital zeros and ones with analog system.

multi-effects device revamps the effects from various stomp boxes in a digital format and as we all know that re-creating anything falls short from the original.

We don’t say that digitally created effects will ruin your experience but the old analog ones will never shine that greatly.

Hard to tweak

Reaching a stomp box to tweak some settings take no time and experience but if you have just bought a new multi-effects device we can’t predict anything.

multi-effects device have a variety of effects built into one package that makes tweaking every single effect a little hard. We are not saying that it's impossible but the newbies will surely face many difficulties.

After analyzing the pros and cons let us look forward and see that which modular effects your multi-effects device must include!

What are Modulation effects?

Basically, a modulation sound copies the soul signal and alter it then it blends the altered signal into the original signal for creating the sound required. A lot is going behind modulation effects but let us see some important ones that you might want to have in your multi-effects device.


Have you ever experienced volume up and down rapidly just after the note hit? That modulation is known as tremolo (or in some cases vibrato). This effect alters the volume signal at a preset interval within a preset range.

Speed and depth are the two controls that you get with tremolo. For changing the volume fluctuations one will use the speed knob while depth control allows a user to control the tremolo fluctuation from loud to soft. 

Since the rock era tremolo has been around to give guitarists a feel of their life. If you are all about that rock then make sure to check if your multi-effects device includes a tremolo or not.


Duplicating the original waveform of a guitar’s output and shifting one wave out of phase with other is all that this modulation effect does. Also known as phase shifters, they blend both waves together through an oscillating circuit which results in waves moving in and out making a “whooshing” effect.

The 1970s and 1980s were eras in which the phase shifters were used to rock the stage. So do you wanna dwell that vintage sounding in your performance?


Guitar Flanger PedalPutting your thumb repeatedly on a tape recorder reel for outputting a dry signal alongside the original output is what the flanger pedal does amazingly. Flanger has a depth setting that allows you to tweak the intensity of the flanger and a rate control that adjusts the cycles per assigned speed.

Basically, flanging outputs a thick or spacey feel to the tone. Such capabilities make flanger amongst the most important sound manipulation that one should look for!


Ever experienced multiple voices sounding same notes? That is actually what chorus effect does! This alters the duplicated signal in a more nuanced way for keeping up the original input.

Chorus effects feel like same signals passing through two different amps with a slight delay in between them. For thickening up the output of guitars, chorus sound does a great job (click here to see our review of the best Chorus Pedals online).

So if one wants to fatten up the tone of their guitars he/she should look for a chorus sound manipulation in their multi-effects device.

Now let us move on to the next part of the pecking order!

What are time-based effects and do you need them? 

Time-based effects don’t interfere inside the waveforms but hold one back by allowing the other signal to pass first. One can control the delay in time and the amount of signal that is affected by a level control.


The distance between the record and playback heads on typical tape recorders matches the mechanism of delay. In theory, this effect mirrors the original signal and repeats it after the original sound has passed on.

One can use delay as an echo sound by repeating the delay over and over again. Users can set the time delay in between repetitions to create a unique sound.


One can title reverb as a more precise form of delay as it features natural echo effects of a variety of spaces. Various amps do include reverb effects but professional guitarists prefer to have a standalone reverb device to properly program the signals.

Reverb is a great tool to add a variety of spaces sounding in your signals. So if you are looking to add a hall like sound in your performance make sure that your multi-effects device features reverb effects.


A long delay in your sound is known as echo. Although it is a natural effect, it is only exclusive to large open spaces like hall etc.

When you shout out loud in a gigantic hall you hear your sound bouncing back. It is fun to play around with Echo, but guitarists use it to render back the sound that they have just played.

One can set the period between the playbacks, level and the rate of notes until they become quieter and leave out altogether.

Do you need a separate echo in your performance or you’ll use the delay for producing the echo?

Have you ever noticed the need of playing a music phrase again and again? If that is the case with you then you might look for a looper function in your multi-effects device.

What is looping?

Looping functionality allow users to record a specific phrase or part to play it back repeatedly whenever they want. One can record more loops and lay them over the previous one but it depends upon your multi-effects device.

This feature allows users to repeatedly play a recorded loop like a base music and add topping over it in real time (click here to see our full review on Looper Pedals). Setting up a one-man band wasn’t that easy in past!

Looping function allows beginners to set up their own musical ideas without needing anyone else.

While buying your multi-effect device be sure to check that it features a looping function along with a reasonable recording time.

After going thoroughly through this article one can easily pick the coolest device as per their needs.

Professionals might get a good idea of what they are going to get but what about others? People who want to follow the experts can choose any three products that we are going to review below.

Hold up! How were you guys able to identify that what's the right fit for us? By reviewing a lot of feedback from customers we were able to hand pick the the coolest amongst the lot for you!

1- Top PickBOSS-Audio-ME-80

The product listed in this very section has won hearts of majority. Regardless of any filter, this device has topped the chart!

Boss is known for providing customers with the fittest solution possible to take their talent to a whole new level. With same determination and consistency boss has developed something that guitarists will love.

Put your hands together for the ME-80 multi-effect device by Boss. Compactness, feasibility and a diverse selection of boss amps/effects are packed into one device called ME-80!

Yeah! You heard it right, this thing is versatile! No matter what you play, whether it is jazz, blues or rock it's so freaking easy to craft out your own sound with a wide range of effects built into this machine. Wah, mod effects, delays, you name it and this device has it all at its fingertips.

Tone shaping possibilities of overtone and spacious ambiance of Tera Echo is now gone all versatile, thanks to the Boss’ flagship multi dimensional processing technology. Apart from those vintage options, the updated COSM preamps in this pedalboard include new additions like crunch and metal (for Metal Style players - see our review on the best Noise Gate pedals).   

From controlling parameters to FX the onboard expression pedalboard can be used to do it all, you just need to specify the job and it's ready to rock your experience.

To cut off the hardship of complicated options the ME-80 by Boss comes in with a simple yet intuitive design. Firstly, the effects are organized into eight logical categories that can be turned on at the same time. Secondly, seven categories contain a variety of multiple effects with a dedicated knob for selecting a specific type and adjusting it with given parameters.

ME-80 features a USB port for connecting your computer and directly capture the output to record pro tones. Similarly, one can also monitor the pedal’s effects sound while recording an unprocessed signal into a DAW track.

This pedalboard by Boss is mastering the game of multi-effect device. With eight simultaneous effects categories, dial up tones and updated COSM amps give you the guitaring experience of your life.

2- Premium Choice

When it comes to picking the most prime product our staff does not hold up by the price barrier. Our premium choice of the day would be the one that every guitarist loves to play with.


Boss is the king of audio industry due to the rich history it has provided. Years of experience and hard work defines the company.

multi-effect device are available in the market but what if you are just switching from an easy to use stompbox? Well don’t worry as the ME-70 by boss is a multi-effect device that is as easy as a stompbox.

Alongside COSM amp models and effects this pedal unit also features a new COSM preamp section that is derived from Boss’s GT-10. All that functionality means that you are backed up by the finest ingredients.    

Although this multi-effect device is powerful and featureful, it doesn't mean that you’ll have to face those awkward manual reading moments. ME-70 is like a simple stomp box, each effect section has knob-based controls which makes it easy to dial tones. Similarly, whenever you need to add any effect just kick press on one of the four footswitches to blaze up the game. 

Guitarists love looping functionality as playing the base tune in real-time is such a headache. ME-70 delay section features phrase looper that can record a loop of up to 38 seconds so you can play it over and over again anytime you want. Amazing your audience with versatile ideas is now made easy with this phrase looper.

Pump up some soul into your performance with built-in expression pedal. Select one of the six-programmed controls, push down the foot and make your audience feel the professionality in you! 

ME-70 is a multi-effects pedalboard that you can count on to output wonders. With 38 seconds of loop recording time, up to 6 pre-programmed pedal controls and a lot of features gives this pedalboard a head start in its league.

3- Great Value

Behringer-FX600A product that holds great value suggests that it proves every single penny spent on it! The multi-effects pedal reviewed in this section has surely won hearts of many!

From the age of four, Uli Behringer was into audio products and who would have thought that this guy will construct his own trademark. Although this company manufactures pretty much every audio product, pedals are their specialty.

FX-600 by Behringer is the alternative for people who want all the goods of a multi-effects pedal in one small device. Power, studio grade sound, and stereo effects processing are now available in an easy to use package!

Flanger, chorus, phaser, delay and many other FX processors are now in your bare hand with studio like quality. Similarly, 24-bit/40kHz resolution of this pedalboard turns your performance in a never before experience.

A dedicated FX knob on FX-600 helps you to pick 6 effects efficiently and to fine-tune selected effects just use the two parameters. Similarly, a built-in level control shows you that how much sound manipulation is mixed with the original sound so you can get a clear idea about the output.

It was never that easy to put a full studio experience within an affordable price range. With three years of warranty, state of the art studio processors and 24-bit high-resolution effects FX-600 can surely pump up your performance to a whole new level!


1- What is a multi-effects pedal and what it does?

Multi means more than one so a multi-effects pedal has more than one effect built into a single package. You can think of a multi-effects pedal like multiple stomp boxes stored in a single device.

A multi-effects device is a cost-effective device that includes many effects of various stomp boxes in one stop shop solution. Just connect your guitar and you have a variety of effects to try including both vintage and new.

On the whole, a multi-fx device give you a taste of many effects in one package.

Now moving on to the second part of the question, it provides the same functionality like a traditional stompbox. Just connect your guitar and try the various effects available for outputting a great combination.

2- Are multi-fx devices upgradeable?

Absolutely not! multi-fx device include many digital effects on one single board with pre amps and other functionality, you can just connect a guitar and try the features that are available.

Basically, a multi-fx device is a hardware that comes pre-installed with a variety of effects. One can only use it rather than modifying the effects installed in it.

3- Are multi effects pedal reliable?

Out of reviewing many customer feedbacks, we noticed that only a few reported against their purchase. We are not saying that they are playing around but the possibilities of an unreliable pedalboard are almost null.

Note that only invest in a multi-effects pedal that is renowned by the customers because as the quotation goes that customer is always right”!

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