Roland JC-20

Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus Stereo Combo Amp Review

The Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus Stereo Combo amp is a classic, acclaimed stereo amplifier with one of the best sounding chorus effects in the world. It is a 2x60 watt amp with dual 12" speakers, each with a 60-watt amplifier ...
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Marshall Code 50 Amp

Marshall Code 50 Digital Combo Amp Review

The Marshall Code 50 Digital Combo Amp is a technological mammoth of a guitar amp. It's packed with amp models and effects for any style of music and guitar player. It's a relatively compact 50-watt amplifier, suitable for gigs, studio ...
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Fender Super Champ X2 Amp

Fender X2 15-watt Tube Combo Amp

The Fender Super Champ X2 is a 15-watt all-tube guitar combo amplifier. It has two channels with 16 different voice settings for various amp tones, ranging from classic Tweed to modern metal. It also has 14 effects to choose from, ...
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Yamaha Thr10

Yamaha THR10 Modeling Combo Amp Review

The Yamaha THR10 2 is a 20-watt modeling amplifier which is suitable for electric, acoustic, and bass guitars. It has a ton of features and effects that make it a one-stop-shop for guitar players. It is compact and portable, with ...
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Marshall Amp

The Best Heads for a Marshall Half Stack

If you're looking for a new decent command center to build yourself a half stack then cash can be an issue, but, we've gathered the best heads for a Marshall half stack setup to show you exactly what's available. As ...
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Marshall Dsl40Cr 40 Watt

Marshall DSL40CR 40-Watt Tube Combo Review

The Marshall DSL40CR is a fully tube-powered amp with a 12-inch speaker, 2-channels, 40-watts of power, resonance, and presence control. It has a classic 1960s style cabinet and gold paneling on the front, just like any vintage Marshall amp. It ...
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Person playing guitar with amp

7 Best Bass Amp Combos in 2022

When it comes to easy-access, you probably ought to opt for a combo. If that's the case, then you are in luck because we've found some hot candidates that could be considered the best bass amps on the block. A ...
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Marshall Jcm800

Marshall JCM800 2203X 100-Watt Tube Head Review

The Marshall JCM800 2202X is the head that spawned the birth of hard rock. It boasts incredible tone and power that can be heard all the way from the cheap seats in the back. The JCM800 is a simple, on-channel ...
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10 Best Bass Amps in 2022

Before you shell out on a new practice amplifier online, you might find today's article a good read, we have flung together a comparative review of some of the best-sellers to find a front-runner for the best bass amp title ...
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Orange Micro Terror

Orange Micro Terror Amplifier Head Review

If you want to get the best out of your amplifier you are going to need to get yourself a great amp head. The problem with the majority is the more they have to offer the more money you are ...
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Vox MV50

Vox MV50 AC 50-Watt Hybrid Tube Head Review

The leap from analog to digital is ever prevalent in the minds of manufacturers of music equipment. This means we see some fantastic hybrid amp heads emerge. As with all modern consumer electronics, circuitry and enclosures are getting smaller and ...
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Subwoofer Amp

8 Best Subwoofer Amps in 2022

This week we're on the hunt for a decent mono-block option to award the title of best subwoofer amp for those who like their audio and bass loud. If you're looking to install a subwoofer, especially if it's in your ...
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Close up of black amp for guitar

7 Best Bass Amps Under $300 in 2022

Finding the perfect small bass amp has been something of a difficult task in the past. How do you find a bass combo amp that has the punch to make it through a low volume rehearsal, while also being quiet ...
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Vox AMp and Electric Guitar

Vox AC30 C2 Tube Amp Review

The Vox AC30 C2 electric guitar tube amplifier offers 30-watts of power. There are two 12-inch Celestion G12M Greenback speakers inside the amplifier, and it has in-built reverb and tremolo effects. Vox AC30 C2 Check Sweetwater Price Summary Every electric ...
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Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

Hot Rod Delux IV Review

Having played around the world on stages for small crowds to festival gigs, we know it can be daunting to show up a gig and not know what the backline situation will be like. Luckily, one amp shows up more ...
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Woman playing guitar with Amp

Microcubegx Roland Micro Cube Gx Review

The majority of mini amps are nothing more than a traveling companion. Most people buy them with a "that'll do" attitude. They're cheap and cheerful because no-one's going to use them to perform for an audience. The Roland Micro Cube, ...
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Bose PackLite A1 Power Amplifier

Bose PackLite A1 Power Amplifier Review

Summary As any DJ will tell you, having the right power amplifier is important for getting people to stay on the dancefloor all night. It’s essential for creating a powerful, thumping low-end that does justice to your bass modules. But ...
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Fender Mustang I V2

Fender Mustang I V2 Modeling Combo Amp Review

Nowadays, it can be a challenge trying to figure out which amp is the best one for you. There are so many out there to choose from, and so many different types, that the overall amount of choice can leave ...
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Vox Ac4

Vox AC4 4-Watt Combo Amp Review

The Vox AC4 4-watt combo amp is a compact-sized tube amp that is great for home studio use. It's tiny and light, yet packs a good amount of punch and tone from the power and preamp tubes. The speaker is ...
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